August 30th, 2011


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This is going to be SO vague but I cannot for the life of me figure it out.
There is song that's like "she's a bullet" or shotgun or...something like that, do you know what it is?
Anyway it is about a guy singing to his wife and it is a really slow song. The guy is from another band...maybe Thursday but I am not sure. I heard it years ago and for some reason it is coming back to me and it is driving me crazy.

what can I do ya for?

I just started hostessing at a small breakfast diner with multiple locations. I'm going to start training as a server next weekend. Does anyone in the service industry have any advice on how to be a good server (and make lots of tips)?

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How do you feel about people that update their Facebook statuses with the expensive restaurants they're eating at and whatever expensive things they just bought?

What are the things that people post in their Facebook statuses that annoy you?

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my fiance is stranded in georgia (we live in nj) due to the hurricane. he was supposed to be home sunday and now won't get back until wednesday. what fun things should i surprise him with when he gets home? keep in mind i will be picking him up at the airport, which is three hours away. 

the more ridiculous, the better.
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TQC, what are your current first world problems? I am mad because I'm doing this photo scanning project with hundreds of old family photographs, and our flatbed scanner's drivers don't work with Windows 7 (x64) and I'm going to have to do the entire project (which will take months) on my laptop. What's bothering you?
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For whom do you need to buy/make/acquire Winter Holiday presents? What are your ideas so far? Any gifts already made manifest?

Started Christmas purchasing today. We'll be having our first real, full-sized Christmas tree this year and I bought an angel to put on top. Very exciting, like we're a real live family.
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What CDs/artists would you recommend to just about anybody?

Any that you would only recommend to certain acquaintances/if you already knew someone liked a certain genre/etc?
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so at work we got a shipment of feeder mice in, including babies. but apparently the mom mouse DNW the babies so she well... killed them. i was told to just clean out the cage because it was a massacre and there were no survivors. BUT LO AND BEHOLD! i decided to check each baby and found one still moving just a bit. and they're still alive! yay baby mouse! so we're keeping it as another "store mascot" (along with one which was born without a tail a while ago) AND I GET TO NAME HIM/HER (can't tell the gender yet)

WHAT SHOULD I NAME THIS BABY MOUSE? girl names or boy names, idc... because well, obviously we don't know yet. tail-less mouse is named Georgia, fwiw.

alternatively, what are some good home-design/decor websites? tumblr sites would be A+... and as for style i like weird things. but any type work. i just need many ideas.
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nursing question

i have textbooks and textbooks, but i'm just trying to find online a chart that give acceptable ranges of vital signs for adults and children.

also i need something similar to give me an idea of how those vital signs will change in dehydration and over hydration.

can anybody help me find either of those? my google-fu died :(
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Are there people in TQC you always mistake for someone else, or ones that you get confused with each other? Who are they, and who do you tend to think they are?

Is there anyone on TQC you really really want to get to know better or ask a specific question of? Want to do it right here in the hopes they'll see it and answer?
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What are your definitions of the general synonyms for "attractive"? (hot, cute, sexy, pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, etc)

Which type do you tend to go for?

Do you think they're associated with different "leagues" based on social standards?

If you have a SO, would you describe them as some or all of those terms?

What do you feel you are, based on your definitions?


I think I'm "cute" based on my definitions, and I tend to go for guys others think are "cute" but I find them all around delicious. LOL. Mmmmmm.

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Does this email sound shady to you? I sent a resume in response to a craigslist posting.

"I would like to take this moment to thank you for your response to our Craigslist job posting, as well as inform you that, after reading through your resume, we are interested in discussing this job opportunity with you in person. As of this moment, we have narrowed the field down to 3 potential candidates, yourself being one of them.

I would like to congratulate you in making it to the next step of our hiring process. As part of our company's policy, and to protect our company from liabilities and potential issues, the next step of the hiring process includes getting your credit score checked. Please be aware, that a poor score in no way disqualifies you from the position, but simply helps us to get a better understanding of you, and what we can expect from you as an employee.

So we have arranged a FREE service at for you to obtain your score. Once you have completed this process, please email me the confirmation # ASAP, so we can move forward. Do NOT include your SSN or any private information in any emails. Please perform this step as soon as you can, as we would like to fill the position soon. Once we receive confirmation that you have completed this step, myself or Mr. Levy, our office manager, will get back to you to set up the face to face interview.

Again, thank you for your interest, and I hope to hear from you soon."

Being that it appears they are a debt collection company, I think it sounds legit, but I'm not sure. When I get home to an actual computer, I plan on doing some research.

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V for Vagina

Poll #1774340 Poll for women and men who like other men (so, like 95% of TQC)

Which superhero do you think would be the best in bed?

Superman (faster than a speeding bullet BUT more powerful than a locomotive. Imagine the friction)
Spiderman (his semen is made out of the same thing as his webbing)
Batman (he has to do it in the dark in his secret ID, and his condoms have those little bat wings on them)
Flash (fastest man alive)
Aquaman (probably smells a little like fish, but he can telepathically control his 'swimmers')
Hulk (if he cums too early, he gets mad, turns green and wrecks your bedroom)
Captain America (like him, his sperm are 3x as bulky too and don't deal well with 'oppressive' regimes like condoms)
Green Lantern (makes his condoms using willpower alone, but if the sex is really good, his concentration will wane)
Mr. Fantastic (stretching power. Enough said)
Silver Surfer (naturally sleek and frictionless)
Professor Xavier (can read your mind and knows EXACTLY how to please you in bed. Unfortunately, dead from the waist down)
Toad (small and creepy, but has a 12" tongue)
Wolverine (primal and animalistic. Also covered in bristly hair over most of his body)
Thor (when he orgasms, unconsciously summons lightning bolts to his location)
Black Widow (cause she's Scarlett Johansson)
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Do you get mad when people open things incorrectly?

Someone opened one of our cleaning wipes (furniture polish, to be exact) the wrong way (not by the little thing where you pull them out at and can seal them up), like you'd open a bag of chips, so when I realized it was open the wrong way they were all dried out and basically a waste of money

Do you drink coffee or tea or something else in the mornings?

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When you graduated from college, did you immediately land a job related to your major/ field?

What was your first job after college graduation?

I graduated in May and it's hard finding a job. I've decided to just apply to random places to be able to earn a paycheck and take writing/improv classes at Second City. Hopefully, that'll be my start to my writing for tv/film career.
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Do you think it's still worth it to get a bachelor's degree? Why or why not?

DK/DC: What are some things you do online to take your mind off of things? I'm not having a very good day so far. :/

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My friend just broke up with her boyfriend, and i'm going with her to get a tattoo tomorrow. (It was planned, its not a breakup tattoo).
What can I do to cheer her up, and leave her with happy memories of getting it?

ETA: If you have one, how did you bite the bullet and get your tattoo? Ive had an idea which I really love, and her asking me to go with her was out of the blue, so I feel like I should go for it tomorrow, but i'm overthinking it!
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does anyone here have experience with appleone/temp agencies that feature direct hire (permanent placement)? how was it, how does it all work, etc? i have an interview thursday and i'm not sure if the experience is different than a normal job interview.

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Tell me about your dream wedding? Or if you don't want to get married, then tell me about your ideal living-with-someone situation?

Personally I want a late-summer wedding (like around now), ceremony in a chapel, with the reception at sunset/night outside, in a big white tent, with lots of food and dancing and champagne and a band. Basically like the best dress up party ever.
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Hokay, TQC. I am dying my hair turquoise. I already bleached my hair (volume 20) once, and while it was mostly a light yellow, a few spots were a darker yellow borderline orange. I'm rebleaching it. The first time, I applied it liberally but obviously missed a couple spots, and waited 50 minutes. How long should I wait this time? I'm trying not to totally fry my hair but if I dye it turquoise now, those spots will be evident? I'm thinking 25 minutes this time?

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Have you ever visited a website with mugshots from your local area?

Have you ever voted for mugshot of the day at the Maricopa Sherriffs Office? (

How do you feel about voting for mugshots?

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How did you make your friends in college?

I'm a junior and just about all of my friends have transferred/ don't live on campus/ graduated/ are too busy to hang out . I wish I had a core group of people to hang out with or at least a best friend here besides my boyfriend. I'm busy a lot and doing well at school but I feel like Im really missing out on the "college experience". I guess with two years left I still have a chance, but I'm kind of shy and my school isn't always the most welcoming. It's my first day of classes and Im already feeling like crap.

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My dad's started radiation and is started to get really down about how he's feeling (mostly really fatigued and his gout is pretty awful too). What can I do to make him feel better? I'm already pitching in with housework and hanging out with him when we get home from work.

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You've had a long day at work/class/whatever and you'd like to vent about it to your significant other. S/he is playing a video game when you get home and asks you about your day. Would it bother you if s/he continued to play the video game while you were venting? Assume that s/he is able to pause the game in question.
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so i'm filling out a job application which is in the form of a .pdf document. however, when i email it all of the fields that i typed my information in are blank. am i doing something wrong? anybody have an idea how to fix it? :/

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Do you automatically look down on someone who dislikes their grandparents or outright hates them?

I wouldn't say I hate my grandmother, but I do dislike her and wish I didn't have to spend time with her. Let me share some things...

-She left her three kids to be raised by her mother, and knew her mother was physically abusing them. When my aunt asked her not to leave her with her grandmother, she basically said, "Sorry, she used to hit me too. Just live with it." When my grandpa found out, he kicked both women out of the house for awhile. Grandma asked where she was going to live, and grandpa said, "I don't give a shit!"
-She once stabbed my grandpa in the hand with a knife during an argument. This earned her a punch in the face by her teenage son. She told people her husband hit her. I saw her hit my grandpa several times while he was alive, so she was quite obviously the abusive one.
-When my mother had me, she was unmarried but living with my father. It was an otherwise stable relationship. Grandma had a friend who was raising her grandchild because the father left. Grandma said, "I wish Jeff(my dad) would leave Andrea(my mother) so I could raise Lisa(me)."
-She spread rumors that her sister's husband was sexually abusing his kids because she didn't like him.
-When my grandpa was dying of cancer, she refused to help him to and from the bathroom because she "needed her rest."

This was brought on by my seeing her spit her gum out on a gas station floor today. I told her someone would have to clean that, and she said, "That's what the janitor is paid for."

And people are shocked when they learned I'd rather not spend any time with my grandmother.

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Are there any sizeable things you've lost that you're still wondering where the hell they disappeared to?

I've somehow managed to lose two Punisher t-shirts, the second which I bought to replace the first when I lost that one. I still have no idea what happened to either of them, and it still bugs me when I think about it.