August 29th, 2011

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I was typing up a document on Microsoft Word and the toolbar section (where you can format, review the file, etc) somehow disappeared. The words are there (such as format), but the actual icons/mini screen that used to appear (buttons to bold, italicize, etc) won't pop up unless I click on the header of the particular section.

How do I get this to go back to normal?

I'm exhausted, so idk how clear this is, and I'm apparently incapable of using Google successfully. :(


Apparently my computer has some kind of rootkit thing that won't go away. I've been using Avast and it finds it every time but never seems to actually delete the damn thing. It doesn't find it on Malwarebytes though. It says that the risk is high, but I couldn't really find anything about it on Google.

Are rootkits really harmful?
How should I actually remove this?
Have you experienced these? What did you do about them?
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Every time I use the word "latchkey" around my IRL friends, nobody knows what it means.

Do you know what "latchkey" means? Seems like my interweb friends know what a latchkey kid is, but not my IRL ones. Were you a latchkey kid, TQC?


1. Are you a member of a vulnerable population?

2. What allowance did you receive when you were 14 years old? What did you have to do to earn it? Were there necessities you had to spend your own (allowance) money on?


(Edited to add the second question.)
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What are some odd habits that you've continued based on how your parents did it while you were growing up, that most people you know don't do?

Do you organize your house like how your parents did?

ie. I store medicine in the kitchen cupboard with the dishes. My sister and cousin also do this because both our moms do this because of their mom.. Lol.

Engagement/wedding rings

Sooo, awhile back I told you I suspected my bf/fiance/wtf ever was finally going to buy me a ring/take me to the courthouse

I was totally right but money has been an issue until now.

We/mostly me have narrowed it down to three rings and I needs you guys to help me decide.

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Dk/dc/JEALOUS!!: When grocery shopping do you always return the cart to the little cart stalls or are you a lazy fart who just leaves it where-ever?

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When you see a guy under 40 with a moustache, what do you think about him?

He's gay
He's a redneck
He's a cop
He's a biker
He's sporting it ironically
He's secretly one of those 1920's villains who tie women to railroad tracks, twirling their moustache deviously
All of the above
Nothing much. Is there something bad about moustaches?

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Something I've never known / understood.

With engagement rings, do you have an engagement ring and then a whole new ring as a wedding ring? If so, what do you do with the engagement ring - let it sit in a jewelry box or something? (That's if you don't have those combo rings you wear at once I suppose.) Or do you reuse the engagement ring as the wedding ring?

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Poll #1774058 Keeping up with the stereotype polls

What do you think of a guy with only one earring?

Someone stole his other earring
Vegas stage magician
He's fond of cold beers, light comedies, cocker spaniels, the color blue, Corvettes, live comedy, sports underdogs, and has close ties with his mother. So, nothing much really
He's a pteradactyl
Secretly a killer robot
He's escaped from the 80s via some kind of time machine
You wonder what else is pierced and where he's dangling the other earring
He's a bond villain
Type of guy to have a personalized license plate
Type of guy to have a bus pass
Type of guy who probably rides his horse everywhere
Probably seen every Steven Segal movie ever made
Probably seen every Kate Hudson movie ever made
None of the above. I can draw no conclusion from this poll whatsoever except that he's male and even then, just appears to be male

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Okay, so I'm a refugee from the hurricane. I've been staying with my sister while the power has been out all over my coastal city for days, but, really long story short, she's telling me that my cat and I have to find somewhere else to stay now. I've thought about just going back to my apartment, but after some consideration I've decided that's not a possibility. I have no other family in the state. Would it be really, idk, rude and intrusive of me to ask some of my good friends (that like cats) if I can stay with them for a day or so? How would I go about asking this politely?
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Poll #1774038 Chickeny food

Which of these two would you rather have for dinner tonight?

Chicken chimichangas with home made guacamole, Mexican style rice and steamed cauliflower.
Chicken artichoke and mozzarella sausage with Cannelini beans and fire roasted tomatoes and steamed broccoli.

What are your favorite chicken dishes? Preferably on the healthy side.

playground etiquette

Two kids are using the slide:

One kid is using it the "proper" way and attempting to slide down.
The other kid is walking/lingering up the slide.
Each kid wants to go about his business, but neither is heeding the other really.

Should the kid who is "using it wrong" be forced to move? Should the kid waiting to actually slide down continue to wait because it would be deviant and rude to crash into the other kid?

As a parent do you get involved in this predicament? Or do you let them work it out themselves?

What is your favorite playground apparatus?
As a child, did you ever get pushed down on the playground by some other kid?
What did you do about it?
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Question for parents (or people who remember what their parents did to them): If you/your kid was throwing a tantrum in the store, what would you do?

I'm just curious since we were talking about it @ work. My mom would take me out of the store (if she wasn't busy) until I calmed down.

Does ignoring tantrums really work?

Based on that Skittles commercial

For one day only, you have the MidasSkittles touch. Everything and everyone you touch turns into Skittles, except yourself (you can touch yourself all you want without fear). You can use your power for good (feeding poor kids), for evil (turning certain people into confection), or for sheer merriment (turning that annoying neighbor's front tire into candy)

What do you do for the next 24 hours?
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Okay, what the heck is this where people who have just signed up on the day they sent the message (I go to their profile and check) send me a message saying something similar to "Hi, My name is blah blah. I saw your profile on livejournal and thought, hey, you look like a cool person. You can contact me at blah@yahoo/hotmail/"... I mean, I don't care if people want to friend me or send me a message or whatever on livejournal but this is just seems sketchy to me. So, have I really been living under a rock and this is some new trend? Has anybody else been getting this? I got the answer to this... thanks...

DK/DC: I need to put something up on my bedroom walls where I live during the school year. What kind of stuff/pictures do you have up on your walls? (I have painters tape so I can put just about anything)...
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Anything making you angry?

My bf has been gone for 2 days with his friends, earlier today he calls and says he's coming home and one of his "friends" he basically wants to murder. I am not a fan of his friends because when they come over (these three in particular, whom are here now) they make themselves at home. I'm not saying you have to ask to go to the bathroom, but I'm watching tv and they basically turn the channel when I go to the bathroom, our bed is in the livingroom and they lay on it and fucking ugh and gross and in my spot and I just want to be like "I don't want to lay on you when I'm falling asleep, so gtfo my bed" And they talk about omg how cool drugs omg. And I get that back in high school, talking about drugs makes you cool, but you're fucking thirty. I just want to do my bf and I'm sick of these fools.

Do you have any funny stories or gifs?
Muh Life.


I found a $100 check while organizing paperwork. This is a sign that my organizational deed should be furthered by buying a new filing cabinet, right? (I have other bills tho) What's the largest amount of money you've found in your own home?

Do you enjoy DIYing? What's your favorite website/blog/whatev for projects? Have you ever built anything from scratch?

If you're in school: What are you classes this semester?
If not: What do you do?

Should I save for a refurb Dyson to clean houses? I have one already but I'm not going to use it in other people's homes and we bought it new- are refurbs glitchy?

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A terrible fire starts in your city, that destroys 3 square blocks' worth of businesses. The shop owners want justice. Apparently, someone drove their car into a a powerline, causing a chain reaction of damage. The authorities believe it's intentional and possibly a terrorist attack and are offering $100,000 for any knowledge of this car. They show the film footage. You can't see the plates (which were destroyed), but HOLY SHIT, you know that car. It's your friend's car! You call up your friend, who's sobbing and saying how it was an accident. Within the hour, the authorities are pressured to raise the amount to $200,000 for any knowledge on the owner of this car. You think, if it's accidental, nothing may happen to your friend. Or they may pin her with some minor crimes like fleeing a crime scene or something. Or they may try and pin her as a terrorist, but you don't think there's enough there to merit such a charge. Who knows. That 200k is still sitting there, and you know whose car it is and the city is all riled up, craving justice.

What do you do?

Nothing. I will not turn my friend in
Call in and report my friend and claim the reward. I'm sure someone else will identify the car in time so I may as well get paid
Call up the police, but say you'll only cough up your friend if they add on another $50,000
Make up a bullshit story about how you saw an angry skinhead leaving the scene. You may get your money AND throw the authorities off your friend's trail
Report my friend, but refuse to take the money. It's the right thing to do
Not turn my friend in, but I'll let her know that she owes you big. You can call in a favor now for whatever
Not only do I not report her, but I help her get out of town. Help her evade the authorities
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I have to take a few days and not spend any money. I'm fine with this, and am actually not too interested in socializing right now, because once the Fall semester starts, my life is going to be non-stop people. But I'd like to be productive/not feel like I'm wasting time just waiting for September.

What would you do with 2.5 days to blow? e.g. what sorts of short projects? (creative stuff gets extra points, and you can always give me book recommendations even if my question has zero to do with books)

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I ordered some makeup online (a bottle of foundation - Makeup Forever HD for those wondering) and when it arrived today, I opened it and there were signs that it had been used. It's kinda hard to explain but when I looked into the pump, there was foundation around the edges which means someone has pumped foundation out of this bottle before. I bought the exact same one (except in the wrong shade) from Sephora last month and inside the pump was completely clean and took a few goes to get any of the product out at first. Does that make sense? Anyway, the point is that I paid for new product and instead received a used one.

If this had happened to you, would you return it for a replacement bottle of foundation?

I'm kinda annoyed that I spent $70 and got a used product. But at the same time, I really need this foundation and don't want to wait another week or two to send it back and receive my replacement. It looks like a majority of the product is in there so maybe I'm overreacting?

DK/DC/feel like answering another question: What's the most recent makeup product you've purchased? Do you like it? Tell us about it.

Dinner ideas please?

I am cooking a normal meat and 3-4 veg sort of meal but I am bored of that style and I want to do something more interesting with the vegies.

Ideas anyone?

I don't really have enough of other stuff for pastas or stir frys

Dr Quinn

Did anyone watch Dr. Quinn when it was on? I remember seeing a couple episodes, but I was a little young. I don't know why, but I kind of want to check it out. Yay or nay?

I like soap type shows, like Sons of Anarchy, Parenthood, BSG, Smallville, etc. Would I like Dr Quinn? Did you?
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If you were to start a video blog, what would you choose for your subject?
Would it be instructional, funny, a diary ... ?

Do you have a favourite vlog or YouTube channel?
Worst Blind Date

baby registry

I was invited to a baby shower and took a look at the registries. All of the items are either really expensive or nothing that I would really pick out for a baby shower gift. Would it be wrong of me to pick something not listed for a gift or should I just stick with what is listed only?

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What would you like to complain about?

Personally? I'm 38 weeks pregnant, my son is scrunched up, head down and totally ready to come out. His head measures 40+ weeks. I'm going to die, y/y?

Moms! Did you have your membranes stripped? If so, did it work?
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Next week I am moving into my own apartment, and I am currently trying to decide what kind of internet to order. I download music only occasionally, and will be watching at least three episodes of TV online each week. I game quite a bit (L4D2, Global Agenda, and HL2: Deathmatch being my current favourites). I don't game every day, but when I do, I can play for several hours at a time. I am not currently in school, but am aiming to go back in January. These are my choices. Which one should I order? $76 is beyond my budget.

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I'm making goodie bags for my son's birthday. His guests will range in age from a little over a year to about 7 years. Here's what I have so far: temporary tattoos, (large, unswallowable) bouncy balls, and crayons. Maybe bubbles. Any other ideas?

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What was the best birthday you had as a kid?
What was the best birthday party you went to as a kid?

My sister is actually letting me decorate and make dessert for my nephew's 3rd birthday but she picked Curious George as the theme. Any decorating or dessert suggestions?!
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Do you eat parts of fruits or vegetables that other people usually don't?

I eat the skin of kiwifruit as well as the middle.

ETA: Ahh, I sort of said that in an unclear way. By the 'middle" I really just meant the inside of the fruit that most people eat. Like, the white bit and the green/yellow bit.
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Would it be an awful horrible idea for me, someone who has never driven stick before, to buy a car with a manual transmission? Is it something I could figure out fairly quickly?

Ow. Ow. Ow.

So, I am in a bad spot right now. I have a bad tooth, it decided to flare up today and now I am in immense pain. Throbbing pain. Searing pain. The whole left side of my face pain. I have taken 10mg Lortab, 800mg ibuprofen, rinsed in warm saltwater, used ice packs, used a heating pad and about a half bottle of liquid Anbesol, all within the last few hours with no relief. I'm going in to the urgent care in the morning. Any suggestions or advice Dr. TQC? THANK YOU!!

ETA: I am waiting until morning because the walk-in urgent-care clinic is closed and my only option is the emergency room. Very expensive and me with no insurance, no money. In fact, now that I think about it, I can't even pick up a prescription if they gave me one, like for an antibiotic. I am screwed. And tomorrow is my birthday. Pretty sorry way to spend a birthday. I hate whining but this time I can't help it.

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I am filling out a college application. For the writing sample it says "Limiting your response to around 300 words, please let us know if there is anything else you feel we should know about you."
What do people generally say for this kind of thing?
What would you talk about for this?

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Will you tell me some creepy/interesting/cool things that have happened to you on Craigslist?

This guy responded to my ad on Craigslist. I didn't want to be too quick to judge so I responded back, without realizing that my full name and phone number was in my signature . Now it wasn't a dating ad but his response was a simple 'Want to txt ;)" complete with the winky face . Im going to get stalked now y/y?

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1) Are there any illnesses in particular that you're afraid of ever suffering from?

I'm probably most afraid of my lungs or any of my internal cavities being infected by mold. lafnsjgjhgbrjklksd

2) If any of you are good at making icons and are bored enough, will you make this image into a 100 x100 icon for me?

the kiddos

witty hamster names?

My just about five year old son got a Hamster on Sunday and wants to name him Hamster. I think we should go a little deeper and name it something else.

So TQC, on this glorious Monday night, do you have any witty hamster name ideas? Keep in mind, its a five year old's pet.

My dad has come up with MC Hamster.