August 28th, 2011

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When people travel rivers (or, I guess land too) that are not mapped, how can they tell how far they have gone? I'm talking about in maybe the 1700s or earlier. How would they know to write in their journal that they traveled 18 miles up the river, for example?
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So, it's summer, and apparently that means there's sun (at least in the northern hemisphere).

Can you tell the time by the sun? Do you ever use the sun to tell the time?

I don't have a clock in my bedroom, but I have a south-facing window and a well-placed chimney stack that I use as a sundial. Do you do anything similar?
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Thanks to a certain post (it is locked), I've been flipping around Wikipedia looking at various murders and unsolved cases.

After reading about the Lipstick Murders, do you believe William Heirens is guilty? What other murders and cases do you know of that have uncertain and possibly falsified evidence that you find interesting and will share?

How about any kidnappings or such that you would like to share?

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What kind of desk do you have? What do you like about it? Dislike about it?

My husband wants one of those huge L-shaped executive desks, but I can't justify a desk that big & expensive when 1) we move, on average, once a year 2) our offices are rather small and his has the fold out bed in it 3) he doesn't have an income and 4) he doesn't work from home or anything- a regular desk would hold all of his stuff just fine.

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Does anyone here have super long hair? Like about waist length or longer? How do you grow it as fast as possible and keep it in top condition?

 I've been trying to grow out my hair since I got a shoulder-length cut about three years ago and it's maybe four inches from my waist at this point but I want it longer!  Just looking for tips :)
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Do you think the current public education system does a disservice to its students when it comes to reading?

I'm in a literature course this semester where a handful of people are extremely vocal about their hatred for reading and how "boring, outdated, and irrelevant" books are to their lives. It's clear they've gotten this impression from the literature they were forced to study in junior high and high school. So what do you think? Does the current literary canon do a disservice to those who use the books they read in school as a gauge for all literature out there?

If you were to rewrite the high school English curriculum, what works of literature would you throw out and what works would you add in as mandatory reading?

Do you want to tell me any other ways that you think the public school system is failing us all?
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Were you a part of any clubs when you were a kid? Did you wish you were?

I want to enrol my son in some something, because I think it might help him make friends. What would you have wanted to do most when you were five? The top choices at the moment are Akido, Scouts, and Nippers (Junior Surf Lifesaving).

Terminal 5, NY


I will go to the Beirut shows in NY in September. They are at Terminal 5. Doors are 7pm.
Anyone familiar with Terminal 5? How long before 7pm should I be there to REALLY make sure I get a front row spot on the first floor? I'm really short and otherwise won't see a thing.

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What would look less ridiculous with a pair of hot pink capris, a black and white leopard spot printed tank top or a plain black cami top?



When was the last time you threw up and what was it?

I made eggnog last night and failed to realize the milk had gone bad...I spent last night in the bathroom :(

Looking For Some Interesting Books

...On biology, mythology, or astronomy. I don't need them for class or anything I just want to read up on these three subjects for fun. So, I want something fun yet highly detailed and accurate. Great illustrations are a plus too! Anybody know any good titles?

Also, why was insulin originally taken from pigs and cows and not chimps or apes or whatever? I know pigs are actually quite similar to us but are chimps and apes suppose to be even more similar to us?

Day trips/short trips

Having just returned from my first trip to Europe, I seem to have caught a bit of a travel bug. Or at least a going-somewhere-else-and-doing-things bug. I think that sometime in the next few months when I need a break from work and school I'd like to do some kind of day or weekend trip from NYC.

Where is a good place, preferably reachable by bus or public transport, that is within about 4-5 hours of NYC? Off the beaten path stuff is cool too. I like museums, interesting dining, natural scenery, and cool architecture.

On my list so far are Boston (used to have family here and I miss it), Philadelphia, Providence, Portland (Maine), and possibly somewhere in Vermont. Anything else worth considering?

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my friend and i are turning the vma's into a drinking game. so far all we have is:

2 drinks every time gaga changes clothes
1 drink every time someone thanks god
finish drink for kanye interruptions

lol sent that too early...

question: what else should we add?

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How do you feel about really old or really historically important things being sold at auction instead of being put in a museum?

I HATE it. This was inspired by an old photo album of the last Imperial family of Russia being found in the archives of the Alexander Palace and the Russian government putting it up for auction. Those photos, plus the album itself, are anywhere from 100-150 years old. It'll be such a waste for some rich guy to buy it and toss it in his closet when such an old historical document should be kept in a museum and studied.

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I'm having a crap weekend, my colleague just overslept and didn't open our stall till 2 and I'll probably get the blame (I went home for the night and left him to open). Can you tell me your favourite jokes? I'm stuck in a field so super slow loading times.
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You're traveling through an area with a hot climate (it's usually around 100ºF/38ºC) and you stop at a resting area. You get out, go walk/rest/whatever and ten minutes later, you notice a smoking car that pulled up right next to your car. You're about 15 yards away when you see that the smoking car is now on fire. Seeing as there's less than two feet between your driver's door and the engine on fire, do you try and get into your car and drive it away? WWYD?

Alternatively, what is your preferred climate like?

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In a place that's air-conditioned, but where you don't get to choose the temperature, are you usually comfortable? I'm thinking about public places, office buildings, libraries, stores etc.

in a typical air-conditioned place, you usually feel?

too cold
just right
too hot (not cold enough!)
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random dinner items

What's your latest dinner (or other meal) composed of entirely random stuff you found in your kitchen?

I just ate leftover chicken kebab with some mayonnaise, and then I had a PBJ and a glass of almond milk. It was a truly WTF combo but at least I'm not hungry anymore.

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i don't really know how to word this, but how do you make friends of your choosing?

i have friends/acquaintances but with the exception of a couple i find them kind of dull and don't really care for them outside of party situations. there's nothing inherently wrong with them; they're just not my type of people.

when i make friends, it's usually a result of circumstances/meeting people through others and i'm kinda tired of not being in control of my interpersonal relationships. how do you go about meeting people you have things in common with?

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What's currently bothering you about your home/work/school/whatever?

At work, whenever customers need to get extra soaps or lotions to complete their deals, they ask if I can charge them the amount it would be and pick up the stuff on their way out. lol, no. There's no "add money" button that I can push. I need to scan it!

What's on the agenda for you this week?

Moving out of my apartment. Yaaay three days of cleaning.

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What movies can't you watch because they're too emotional or sad? Provide a summary, please.

Benji: The Hunted - Benji, a dog, adopts some orphaned cougar cubs. He stays out in the woods to raise them even though he wants to go home to his master. One scene gets me every time: A hawk picks up one of the cubs, and you can hear it screaming as it's carried off. At that point I turned the damn movie off. I've never seen the ending.

The Brave Little Toaster - I'm pretty sure the movie is a metaphor for people who want to make their situations better, and how some people want to live better but they can't because they're disabled or sick and have no means to climb up. (I looked it up after typing this, and I was correct! Each character is a metaphor for a type of person.) This movie upset me too much to watch even when I was little.

The Plague Dogs - Two dogs escape from an animal testing lab. One dog was involved in drowning experiments and is afraid of water. The other dog had brain surgery and keeps having seizures and hallucinations. The animal testing was enough to freak me out, but the dog afraid of water did everything he could to protect the smaller dog. They try to survive on their own while the scientists from the lab try to track them down. If you need further information on how horrifying this movie is, it was written by the same guy who wrote Watership Down. Think about that.

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Do you or anyone you know make it a point to smell all of your food before you put it in your mouth? Do you find it strange?
I don't mean like getting a whiff when you're cooking but actually putting food to your nose for a sniff before every bite. My brother does this constantly and I'm curious to know how common it is.

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OK, so I watched "The Simpsons" for the first time in about a decade tonight. It was a repeat, I believe. All the magicians, Martin Landau, and Jack McBrayer. I missed a lot of it because I was making dinner, so .. Over the end credits there was some zany song about peaches. What the hell was that? Was there some peach-related content in the show I missed, or was it a complete left field gag?
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Are you part of fandom? Trekkie? Whovian? Twihard?

Which one? Are you embarrassed of your obsessive love? Or do you proclaim it from the rooftops?

What kind of things do you do to show your love and support?
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I work for 4 hours on Mondays.  
It usually takes me 2 hours to get to work by train.
But, the tropical storm/hurricane that hit NY has delayed/suspended parts of public transit.  The train I take won't be running and the buses I can take are suspended or delayed.   So, I'd probably have to take a cab.  BUT, the cab fare would cost the same amount of money I'd earn for those 4hrs of work.  Not counting the return trip.   So, I would be working for nothing that tomorrow.  Whether or not my job will reimburse me the $160+ cabfare is questionable.

Would you go to work or not?
Steph - always

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When you got your own place, what were the "small things" which you often forgot to buy until you really needed them?
eg. Bug spray, batteries, super glue, matches.

What was the last piece of furniture or homeware you purchased?
Kill Bill - Elle
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I've never sent a fucking fax in my life. How I send it to the attention of somebody? I really don't want to write their name on the front because it's a rental application form; should I send a sheet of paper with "TO THE ATTENTION OF _____ _______" on the front?

What new and exciting crap are you dealing with in your life?