August 26th, 2011

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If this were a real last name, how would you pronounce Aquinnah"? (This is part of a character I'm working on)

AHqueenah (emphasis on first syllable)
AhQUEEnah (emphasis on second syllable with no break before third)
AHkeenah (emphasis on first syllable)
AhKEEnah (emphasis on second syllable)
AHkynah (emphasis on first syllable)
AhKYEnah (emphasis on second syllable)
Other - leave in comments
I don't care

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I gave my landlord a cheque for $485 rent on August !st. I checked my account online a week or so ago and noticed it hadn't been deposited yet, I then checked my voicemail (because I hadn't been using my phone for a few days and could have missed a call) and there was no call/message from the landlord.
I checked my account yesterday, and realized it still hadn't been deposited. The landlord has not phoned me to say he's lost the cheque. He has my number, and my mother's phone number (in case of emergency)
I'm kinda pissed.
What should I do? should I phone him? or just make sure I have the money to cover it in my account talk to him about it when I get back in a week and a bit?

DKDC/ - What are you looking foward to? Next weekend is Bumbershoot, I'm going with my boyfriend. YAY

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am i being too uppity/precious/spoiled wanting to drop my french class and find a history class or something since they changed the days it's on and now it's during trivia?

normally these things wouldn't be a big deal but it's the only time i get to see my friends.

I need new free games

I love capitalist games. You know, the sort where you do something to get money, and use the money to get more money. I've enjoyed Motherload and Insaniquarium. I need new ones. What are other some good free or freemium games like that?

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i didn't eat meat (vegetarian, if you like) until a few days ago when i tried it again. i don't really like chicken, still, but i'm willing to try anything. i love food and i really want to now try a huge variety of things.

so, can you recommend me your favourite meat dishes? i'm no chef, so quick and easy, please! what are your absolute favourites? what is something i have been missing out on, in your opinion? what recipes should i definitely try out?

i have never cooked meat or a meat dish for myself, ever, so even the most basic things are completely new to me.

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My gynecologist said I had to see a cardiologist and gave me a list of doctors who took my insurance. When I made the appointment I asked if I needed a referral, they said no.

I had an appointment, went, and now have two more. They just canceled those and said that I needed a referral and they're not sure they can backdate it so I might have to pay for that first visit.

The woman at the gyno pretty much yelled at me and said I should "know my own insurance".

Am I totally to blame for this?
How do you find this stuff out if you've never been to that doctor before?
When you call your insurance company, do they ever actually answer your questions? Because mine never does.

annnnd what the hell would you do in this situation?

Satan's Surrogate

Poll #1773039 Hypothetical for the ladies

One day you receive a phone call. "Is this (insert your name), born on (insert birthdate)? We have a job prospect for you". They go on to explain they're agents of a particular religion, which sounds to you like a fringe Devil-worshipping cult. They explain that in their beliefs, the 'Unholy one' is destined to be born on your very birthday, and he can only be carried to term by someone who shares the same birthday. If you agree to do this thing, there's $100,000 in it for you. You'll get impregnated (in vitro) with the High Priest's semen at a carefully chosen date where you give birth on your very birthday. After that, people from the cult will show up and take the baby away. You will never see it again. Once your services are concluded, they will have no more dealings with you, so there's no fear of future Devil nonsense. When asked how they found you, they just enigmatically say they have members working for various levels of government. Will you do it?


Edit: Make it $500,000 instead of $100,000
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If you have a friend who never responds to your invitations, how long does it take before you stop contacting them at all?

If you have a dog, do you take it for walks?
How often?
How are they to walk?

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I haven't bought any new clothes in awhile but I want to add a few more pieces to my wardrobe for fall. I know I need like 2 pairs of jeans because I only have one pair that currently fits me right. I'm thinking of playing 'What Not To Wear', but instead of spending $5000, I'm looking to spend $200 or less on a few pieces that can be mixed and matched to be casual enough to wear to school but still look nice enough to wear out to dinner or go out on the weekends. I want stuff that could be worn in different ways without people saying 'oh wow, she wore that shirt 3 times this week already'. I need some recommendations!

If you had $200 to spend on a mix and match wardrobe, what would you buy? Links/pics are greatly appreciated!

If you're in college, what classes are you taking this fall?
History of Motion Pictures
History of American Sport
The World Since 1945
The Holocaust
just a bill
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Give me job advice plz

This afternoon I received a job offer from a place approximately 20 miles from my house. It pays approximately $20/hr including benefits, but it's a dead-end job that I would be bored to death doing (transcription). It would be great to have job stability and an income higher than what I'm used to making. However, I'm way overqualified for this position. I have a masters in Criminal Justice and am looking to work in CJ or Education (which I also have dabbled in). I'm afraid that by accepting this position, I would be setting myself way back and might never be able to get a job in either of my fields. In the meantime, I do have a bunch of part-time jobs pieced together so that I'm working full-time, but I make less money and don't have any benefits, but I do have the flexibility of being able to take time off to look for a job in my field with this setup.

What do you think, TQC?

EDIT: For what it's worth, all of my part-time jobs are in education and I'd hate to give up something relevant for something irrelevant. Also, I'd have to buy a car for this job since right now I rely on public transportation and don't really want to spend 90 minutes each way on the bus.
Genghis Kong

My rod and my staff, they comfort me

I just got this email that says it can increase my penis size by 12 INCHES in just 5 minutes!!!!!!! Wow, right? The price is steep, but there's various payment methods: cash in small bills, credit card, or mail them my wallet and they'll mail back what they don't need. Definitely eager to please.They have new technology that no one else does: a dick-enhancing ray gun. Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Billy Mays were designing it, so it must be good. How should I pay for it?

Small bills
Credit card
Mail in my wallet
Um...this sounds sketchy to me. It was all believable up til the Stephen Hawking part. Why does he want a big dick?

There's a bonus offer: if I order in the next 5 minutes, they'll give me TWICE the merchandise if I just double my payment. Wow, right?

Wow. Like you said. What is this, a utopia we're living in?
Pfft. It'll probably be just as effective as the Sham-Wow
Sounds pretty iffy to me. You're just throwing your money away
You should have held out for 3x the product for just triple the payment. That's a good deal
Sucker. Everybody knows that, like Spiderman, you have to be bitten by a radioactive penis in order to get bigger

What can I do with a foot and a half of sausage?

Have sex with WNBA players (they're the only ones left)
Cockslap my death
Put a targeting scope on it so I can aim it better. It has to travel a further distance now
Use it as a perch for all the neighborhood birds
Horse porn
Strap an umbrella to it on those rainy days for hand-free movement
Churn butter. Why should only the Amish have fun?
Hold impromptu limbo contests on the street
Be my own 'three-legged race' applicant
Mount my cell phone on it for hands-free phone use
Ring doorbells when my hands are full
Carry a baker's dozen of donuts without having to use the box. Yay, environment
Go fishing. I can use 2 fishing lines now
Start preparations for a 24" penis
Misc ♣ Ganesh~
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TQC, if you own a laptop, what kind do you own? Do you like it?

Obviously I'm asking because I'm thinking of buying one, so feel free to be as specific as you want.
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i'm on long island, about 5 miles from the beach. how bad am i gonna die?

i can't decide whether to panic that my parents aren't taking this seriously or to just take a klonopin and try to pretend its not happening. the imminent loss of power/internet/sanity is the worst part. what else should i do?

(but on the bright side i'm probably/definitely not going to work in the city monday!)

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The Ipad.... worth it or stupid?

I can get a refurbished original Ipad with the most memory/all the bells and whistles for the same price as the base model Ipad2.

Any good/bad experiences to share?

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What do you do when someone you love keeps saying that they're 'fat'?
(even if they've gain a few pounds, but nothing major, and are still convinced they can wear their old jeans, even if they give them muffin tops.)

I was told the other day that the male ego needs stroked.
How does one go about this? (non-sexually)

Adopting an adult cat

I'd like to adopt a cat soon. I haven't lived with a cat in many years, but at last I have no landlord to forbid pets, so I can, so I will.

I expect I'll get an adult, and either from a local shelter or from one of the pitiful offers on my local freecycle. If I go the freecycle route, what questions should I ask? Would it be fair to ask for an introduction to the vet that's cared for the cat and a copy of vet records?

FYI: This will be an indoor-only cat. I'm not particularly seeking a declawed cat, and I wouldn't declaw a cat, but if the cat is already declawed that won't be an issue. Household consists of a 14 year old boy, and two adult men. No other pets.

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If you were quitting a job where you've only worked for 4 days, how would you word that to your boss? Would you even bother giving 2 weeks' notice (if you're not planning to use them as a reference or anything)?

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I just spent several minute digging a GIANT (HUGE! OMG TREMENDOUS) eye lash out of my eye. LIKE ACTUALLY DIGGIN' IN THERE.

What was your last horrible/ridiculous/gross bodily moment?

Should I use my Hello Kitty duct tape to prepare for the hurricane that is no doubt going to kill me?
Should my friends and I get drunk tomorrow night and ride out the storm or just stay sober and play board games?

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How do you prefer your breakfast?


Do you have any American Indian in your ancestry?


Do you mind being a bit dirty?



TQC, have any of you had to fight your past employers on an unemployment claim? Did you win?

My husband was told in April that he would be laid off "this summer." In early July they told him it would be August 17th. Less than 2 weeks before that date, they sent out a mass email saying they would be keeping a small number of people on for longer, and to let HR know if you were interested. His job was soul sucking, mandatory overtime, they lied about what his hours would be, etc etc so he had no interest in staying on longer. Last Wednesday was his last day and he filed for unemployment immediately. Today we got a letter saying his employer claims he "voluntarily quit."

I think this is BS but I am obviously a biased source. We are just going to be kind of financially screwed without his unemployment. I was wondering if anyone else had issues like this and could tell me if there is any chance of us beating his evil ex-company. Neither of us has dealt with unemployment before. Uggggggggh. Thanks for any help, TQC!