August 25th, 2011

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Should the government subsidize the arts (e.g. theater, museums, music, etc.)? Why?

This question is inspired by the fact the a science center nearby my house charges ~$15 to get in. The museum is located in a poorer area and it seems unfair to me that intercity school children probably can't afford to go to it.

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Which do you think is the most attractive version of yourself (ETA: that you have of yourself; i.e you think you're overweight but are pleasantly surprised when you look in the mirror); the one you see in the mirror, the one you see in photographs, or the image you have of yourself in your head?

Do you think there is such a thing as being photogenic, or were they just attractive/unattractive to begin with?

Looking for some advice

So this kid I work with. He's a total asshole. I've had to put up with his bullshit for the last year. He wants what he wants, he doesn't do anything when he's at work, I always clean up his shit, and he wants hours, but only when it's convienient for him.

So our third receptionist just got fired and I called him to ask if he could cover her hours, and he said no, because it didn't fit into his schedule (he's only working one FUCKING day a week btw) and I said I was covering her other hours, on top of mine WITH two jobs and school (he has one job and is only taking two classes. One of which is online) and he said he wanted one of my days instead.
Trying to explain that he is an idiot and that's not going to happen, I was interupted by him saying "why are you being so Jewish about the hours?" While he knows full well that I AM Jewish, and I'm trying to buy a car.

TQC: Do I now PLEASE have permission to beat the shit out of this little asswipe?

Don't know/Couldn't care less: How do you organize your socks and underwear? drawer, basket, cabinet, ect.

EDIT: We just hired his older brother, who is actually really sweet, and I'm training him, and I complain about this dickwad all the time and his brother agrees with me. It makes me so happy :)
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What is your spirit animal?
a snake, although I wish it was a rabbit

What are some of your favorite words?
gingerly, ubiquitous, shalom

If you could, at the snap of a finger, learn a new language, what would it be?
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What kind of pencil/pen holder do you have on your desk or work surface?

What's in there besides writing instruments?

What kind of scrap paper do you keep around for lists or jottings?

Do you like to write on paper that has been made into a scroll form?

ETA: pics would be cool if you are so inclined

Mix bag

Do you have a separate room for your desk?
What would your ideal office space look like? (pictures please?)

Do any of you guys do scrapbooking? Any tips for that?

if you don't give a shit at all:

How's your luck? Please tell me about it with details.

For example, on a recent date, both of my shoes broke.
This was followed closely by an attack by a bird-sized moth.
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Farmers market

Should I go to the farmers market this afternoon? Will there be anything good this late in the season? I live in Des Moines, Iowa, if that makes any difference.

I already have 2 pears, 1 peach, 2 plums and some strawberries in my fridge, so I think I'm good on the fruit. What else is there?

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If you were to sit through someone's presentation about their study abroad experience, what would you want to know? The personal study abroad experience or a general overview about study abroad? Be as specific as possible, if you can.

I have to present to other students to fulfill my study abroad scholarship follow-up project requirement. I'm not quite sure what to put in my presentation.

DK;DC - What have you eaten so far today?
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if you had your own website (not lj/blog/facebook but a domain+server type deal) for free and you magically knew all sorts of html/javascript, what would you put on it? would it be professional or personal? or topic based? what would you call it?

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1. If there was a TQC meetup in the front of my house, where members would gather together and wash my car, would you attend? The 'TQC CLEAN FOURCORNERS' CAR' meetup?

2. If you don't show up, is it because you're a godless pinko socialist who hates America?

3. Refreshments may include alcohol-free moonshine, 'mystery meat' hors d'oeuvres, and all the ice cubes you can handle. What am I forgetting?

4. What does your carwashing outfit consist of?

5. How many state lines would you cross to attend such a festive meetup?

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So I have to make tarp layout for my great grandmother's death anniversary (which is tomorrow; oh noes).Can you point me to a good collage maker freeware? Solved with primitive means. Ugh.

When was the last time you felt pressured by your family?
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So TCQ, if you recall my post from yesterday, I did break up with him. It was amicable and we agreed that occasionally sleeping together is still an option. Lol. Especially at my sister's wedding.

Anyway, this has fully sparked my interest in finally going to university. I graduated highschool in 2006. Taking a year off led to a string of jobs and a lack of motivation to think about school and learning.

Did you go to university or college straight out of highschool? What are you taking/did you take? Was that the right choice for you?

If not right out of highschool, how long did you wait?

I feel really good about taking my time to make this decision and be really serious about furthering my education instead of just flunking classes I wasn't motivated to complete because I felt forced to go.
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Let's say for whatever reason you're being forced to completely change your name. First, middle, and last (just for kicks). Maybe you're entering some sort of witness protection program or something like that. Whatever. Fortunately, you get to choose your own new name. What do you choose? How do you choose it? Do you pick something with family significance, something you just really like, or maybe something close to your given name?

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Poll #1772599 ketchup!

which of the following do you eat ketchup on/with?

french fries
mashed potatoes
scrambled eggs
hot dogs
chicken nuggets
other meat
grilled cheese sandwiches
other sandwiches
mac and cheese
some type(s) of vegetable

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The last person you dated: how would you consider them?

A smart feller (bright)
A fart smeller (not so bright)

You date someone for 6 months. It doesn't work out, and you break up. It's unamicable. Feelings are hurt. What would bother you the most if you bump into them at the supermarket a couple weeks later?

Your ex is wearing dirty sweats and a t-shirt. They look unkempt, with this hollow 'don't care about life anymore' look in their eyes. They've obviously reached rock bottom
A highly attractive, very sexy model type is on your ex's arm. They're laughing and looking cute together. When he/she sees you, merely nods their head up in acknowledgement before walking away
Your ex is holding hands with one of your friends. Not a really good friend.
Your ex is holding hands with someone of the same sex (or opposite sex, if you're gay). You've obviously turned them gay (or straight, if you're gay)
Your ex is holding hands with their ex; the one they swore they were over, who meant nothing to them anymore, whose 'mere voice annoyed them now'
Your ex keeps scratching his/her crotch. You overhear them ask the pharmacist if the store carries anything stronger than Penicillin
Your ex looks pregnant
Your ex has a neck tattoo of your name. He/she doesn't appear to see you

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Do you and your roommate/SO have different preferences in toothtaste?

laundry soap?
mayo/miricle whip?

Do you buy 2 different things one that makes the other person happy and something that makes you happy? Or just get something you both can agree on if there is something?

Also, what are your favorite brands to buy?

In my house

Toothpaste is always Colgate whitening
Laundry soap was Gain Apple Mango it's Purex something or other
We have both mayo and Miricle Whip in the fridge
We have spray butter, margerine and sweet cream butter unsalted
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What sorts of attitudes, values, or behaviors are associated with the place where you live? (This can be rural versus urban versus suburban or east coast versus west coast or whatever else you can think of.)

What do you think is the best thing about the place where you live?
What do you think is the worst?

What type of location or environment would you never, ever be willing to live in?
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do you have any cavities in your teeth?
have you ever had braces? how old were/are you?
do you need a night guard?
have you had your wisdom teeth removed?
when's the last time you went to the dentist? are you due for a visit?

Name that building!

Speaking of local names for things... what do you call a large multi-story concrete building that is meant for short-term storage of automobiles?

I know what I'm used to calling them, but now that I've moved to Western Michigan I've discovered that the people here call them something different.


on driving cats around

So I'm moving from TN to MA, and it's an 18ish-hour drive that needs to be split between two basically full days of driving 9-10 hours. I'm taking my very active cat on this drive with me, and he will have a pen to himself in which he can stand up, turn around, and stretch, but not much else. I think being cooped up for two days will make him pretty disgruntled. Should I go to the vet and get him a sedative, or should he just man up and take it like the rest of us? Do you have any experiences either way?
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Do you need to do laundry?

Yes, I'm on my last-chance undies. :/

DK;DC;Don't do laundry: What was/is the most recent song you had stuck in your head?

Reach Out for the Sunrise - Duran Duran, except it's a version my school's show choir did last year. :)

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Am I gonna die? I accidentally took another dose of my medications. I realized it within minutes and I think I threw most of it up. Have you ever done such a thing?

ETA: Advice Nurse had me call Poison Control and they said I should be fine since it wasn't considered a large quantity. And the rest of the day might be rough but most likely won't die. I didn't wanna die before today's Big Brother eviction. Phew.

Now I'm gonna eat macaroons.
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Folks, I'm kind of bored. Do you want to play a game?

Reply to this post listing a category. It could be anything from entertainment (movies, music, television programs, etcetera) to culture (architectural styles, painters, fashion designers, etcetera) to food (ethnic cuisine, Food Network chef, tea brand, etcetera). Anything goes. After you've done that, peruse the comments and respond with your top pick in that category. Your very favorite of whatever it is.

And... go?

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Where the hell am I going to find orange football socks by tomorrow night? I live 30 miles outside of Atlanta and only willing to travel 15 miles out of my area.

I've checked online at Hibbet and Dick's and I'm coming up empty.

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I did home healthcare and dog sitting for my roommates uncle and his g/f while they went away to Florida for 10 days.

I have asked 2 times already for the money they own me for doing this and both times I was given an excuse on why they didn't have the money.

Well, in about 20 minutes i'm going over there with my roommate and am not sure if I should bring it up or see if they bring it up.

How should I handle this?
What would you do ?

Gateway sins

Some have argued that pot and booze are gateway substances, escalating into hard drug usage. But what else are gateway activities? I need your help, TQC. Tell me what the following seemingly harmless activities will ultimately lead to without a timely intervention.

Serious and non-serious answers both welcome

1. Picking your nose

2. Getting handjobs

3. Giving handjobs

4. Eating paste in kindergarten

5. Pinning butterflies in collective cases

6. Teasing the monkeys in cages at the zoo

7. Making fart sounds with your armpit

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Does anyone else ever experience this?

Sometimes I get this really weak feeling. It starts out just feeling sort of tired, then I lose all my energy. It feels like I haven't eaten in days. I have to sit down, and even lifting my arms is tiring. From the beginning until it hits full on is about 10-15 minutes, then I can barely move without shaking like crazy for about 20 minutes to 1/2 hour.

I've told my doctor, and she didn't seem too concerned. If it matters, I'm also anemic, but I take iron pills.

Also, I don't think eating has anything to do with it. It's happened after a meal and it's happened when I haven't eaten, also.
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Okay, I don't get it. Whenever my friends see a hot guy, they always mention his ass. Always. They always comment on how hot it is or isn't and I'm just sitting there like, "Yep. It's an ass. Who cares?"

Am I the only one who just doesn't get the appeal of asses?

Can someone explain the appeal?

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TQC, today I went to the pharmacy to get a prescription for HBC (Generess, if you want to know) and was told that none of the wholesalers have it. I am *not* pleased. I'm going to call my doctor tomorrow and ask him what I should do because he gave me a sample pack, so it's in my system. I have an extra NuvaRing that I could use in the meantime, but I don't know if I should mix birth controls like that (although I've been off the Generesse for about a week now). Have you ever gone to fill a prescription and not been able to get it? How long did it take to acquire it?

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What are some ways to make moving less stressful?

When is the last time you moved and why?


Im going to be moving sometime within the next 6 months in order to continue being a nanny to the two kids I have been with for the past year, their mom got a job in Indianapolis which is about 2 hours away from where we are now and wants me to move with her/shes financing it for us.

Moving always stresses me out though :( I hate packing/unpacking and I will have a baby of my own to move with as well.


The last time I moved it was from Florida to Indiana (where I am now) and it was no fun at all!
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I recently moved from San Francisco, CA to the deep American south, where the temperature has been averaging in the mid to high 90's. In San Francisco, the average temperature, year round, is about 65 degrees.

Since moving down here, I have not been able to get much rest. It gets so warm at night that I have trouble sleeping. I'm living in a one bedroom that has a window A/C unit and it's not enough. I'm seriously sitting next about a foot away from it and it's on full blast and I'm still sweating. I'm broke right now and can't afford another A/C unit.

I'm starting to reach a breaking point. I cannot sleep. It's too fucking hot. I sleep practically naked and with no sheets. What are some other ways I can keep cool so I can get some fucking rest? Or should I just bite the bullet and buy another A/C unit?
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This has been bugging me for awhile

So I'm in a 'it's complicated' with this guy (trying to figure things out even though we love each other--this has been going on for months now.) and am friends with his sister on Facebook. I messaged her about something and we got to talking about my relationship with him. She was like awww, well he does a lot for you that he doesn't normally do, just saying....and then when I asked her about it she changed the topic. TQC, WHAT THE HELL DOES SHE MEAN? He hasn't done anything out of the ordinary that I've noticed so what do you think she is talking about?

dk/dc: Who's going home on Big Brother tonight?

Computer Help?

My friend just called me and said she can't logon to her new Dell laptop because she gets an error message that says "The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded."

Has anybody had this problem before?
What'd you do to fix it?

I've Googled it, but it looks too complicated to explain to her over the phone since she's not the best with computers. :/ I was just wondering if there was any other to fix it or if anybody had a personal experience with this. Thanks in advance for any help.
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Do you wear jewelry? Do you own a lot of jewelry? What kind of jewelry is it? Expensive stuff? Mostly costume? Do you wear all sorts of different pieces regularly, or only a few special pieces? Is there a piece that you never take off, and why not? Are you almost always wearing jewelry or do you hardly ever wear it?

Do you often wear rings, bracelets and earrings all together or do you only wear one or two of them at a time? How much is too much for you?

How about for guys? What kinds of jewelry work for them? Are there any types of jewelry you don't like on men?

For me: I don't wear jewelry most of the time, but if I'm going out somewhere, I do have a few pieces I like to wear. Most of my jewelry consists of chunky silver pieces, but I also have some gold bracelets and necklaces from my mom that I really like, and a couple of costume pieces too. I find it gets in my way a bit so I don't normally wear it, and I haven't found anything I love enough to never take off.

My boyfriend has only a ring I gave him for Christmas one year and an earring, which I don't like, personally. He wears them both all the time; I don't think he can even get the ring off anymore!
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let's say you bought a domain a few years ago. you now have no use for it, but you're still paying for it. what do you want to do with the domain?

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TQC, I like a boy around the same age as me who goes to my local gym. I've never spoken to him before, but he has smiled at me on occasion.

How should I initiate conversation with him without seeming creepy? Would you speak to a stranger you found attractive in a public place?