August 24th, 2011

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What would you do if this FML happened to you?

"Today, I got a complaint from my neighbor about a little girl staring at her through my guest bedroom window for the past month. I live alone. And now I'm scared to live in my own house. FML."

I'd probably have to move.
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Do you consider yourself to be more introverted or extroverted?

Introverted people: do you embrace the way you are, or do you wish that you enjoyed social interaction more?

I got invited to go on a camping trip in a few days and although it sounds like a fun and new opportunity, the idea of being surrounded by a large group of people for several days seems not-so-great. Should I go?

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TQC, I am making my boyfriend this for Christmas this year, and obviously need to start now/soon so I have time to finish it. I want to do a combination of inside jokes, things that we'll both understand and appreciate, and quotes about friendship/love/that sappy crap. The person on that site did 60 stars so that one could be opened each week of the year, but I was contemplating doing 365 so he could open one each day. Do you think 365 would be too much? Is there another number that makes sense? I feel like it's either one a day or one a week, nothing else makes sense.

However, on that note, will you tell me a quote that you enjoy that is uplifting, encouraging, beautiful, loving, whatever the hell you want?

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For those of you trying to lose weight...
Do you calorie count? If so, how many a day?
Do you work out? If so, what do you do and how often?
What's your goal?
Have you had any success so far? How much?
What motivates you to keep dieting/exercising/whatever you're doing?
Will you share any tips for others who are trying to lose weight that has helped you?

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How well do you deal with anti climaxes (climaxi?)?

I'm going back to uni after a summer of festivals, and will have a couple of weeks of solid partying when i'm back. I'm worried about when the real work starts again.

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TQC, tell me some stupid things your boss has done?

Inspired by my boss who told me I had training today, drove 40km (75ish miles) to find out the time had changed to two hours later. I call her and all she has to say is "oh, didn't i tell you?".
Now I'm in an area I don't know just wasting time.
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TQC, make life choices for me

Here's the scenerio: My sister and future brother-in-law set me up with their good friend. Things were going amazing for the first 2 months until he told me I'm a horn dog/sex freak/sex addict. Since then, things have been rocky but we're trying to make it work but those comments have really affected me and my attraction towards him.

I understand this is his first serious relationship in several years since a 5 year one that left him heartbroken. He wants to be able to spend quality time together, not just screwing every night.

I've decided that I need something much more physical to satiate me.

I'm 22 and he's 27.

My question is: how do I break up with him gently and when, keeping in mind that my sister's wedding is on September 10 and we're both in the wedding party? Would it be bad to wait until after the wedding? Would it be awkward at the wedding if I did it this week?

He is a very sweet guy, he has an amazing family... but I'm kind of bored. Thinking about this is giving me anxiety.

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Whats got you stressed?

Whats got you happy?


Dealing with fucking idiots who think Im the bad guy for putting animals to sleep while they run around letting their animals breed willy nilly and not caring for them properly....
I unwittingly engaged a PETA fanatic in a debate about kill shelters...GOD HELP ME!!


My blood sugar numbers have all been in the non-diabetic range even without diet change...HA!! TAKE THAT DOCTORS!!

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TQC, have you (or someone you know) undergone radiation treatment for cancer? How did that go? What were the major side effects? My dad just started his radiation treatment today, so I want to be as prepared as I can.
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Fish! And pets!

Fish experts! I have been Googling and cannot quite find the answer to this question (just information about the two separate kinds of fish).

Can I keep a Pygmy Gourami with a Honey Gourami, or will their respective aggressions make it a bad idea?

If it's a bad idea, what other smallish aquatic creature do you think I should get to keep with a Honey Gourami and 5 neon tetras?

If you are like most of the population and DGAF about fish, what was your first childhood pet, and did you like it?

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I asked about this last night and I'm trying to come up with a solution.
I'm supposed to be driving two friends to the Jersey shore tomorrow night. One friend is getting dropped off to stay there and the other friend would be going home with me. Our plan was to leave Sunday but there is a hurricane that is supposed to pretty much be hitting NJ/NY on Sunday.

Now, I'm driving because the two girls are too afraid to drive on a good day.
Knowing this, if you were them, would you be pissed if I still drove down there but came home either Friday night or Saturday afternoon?

I feel guilty for ruining their plans but I'm trying to come up with an alternate.

What's buggin' you? :(

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Where does the whole "adjective!noun" thing come from?

They use it in a certain game fandom a lot to differentiate between the male and female versions of the player character (e.g. male!Hawke), but then I remembered one of my friends who is not in this fandom has always done this. I'm too embarrassed to ask her directly if it is from something (that seems like it would kill the humor maybe?)

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Poll #1772440 Physical shortcomings/idiosyncrisies

Which of these physical defects/fashion statements would you consider to be a big enough dealbreakers on a first date that would disqualify him/her from any further dates? Be honest. Sometimes it's the little things that make us appear to be a little shallow, but we all have our hangups

Lazy eye
Cauliflower ear (he/she used to be a boxer)
Hairlip. it's pretty noticable
Pegleg (amputated at the knee)
Unibrow. It's unapologetically evident, like a large caterpillar
Pierced septum with a thick ring
Long hair, going past their ass. Like down to their mid-thigh
Neck tattoos of Calvin and Hobbes, large scale, on opposite sides of his/her throat. Can't be hidden
Really muscular. Think Hulk Hogan in the 80s or Chyna in the 90s
Really bad acne. Their face is badly pockmarked
Hairy back. He/she bends over to pick up a napkin and you notice their lower back is thick with body hair
Heavy dandruff. They shouldn't have worn a black shirt, and you can see a notable amount of flakes on their shoulders
Bad body odor. Just stinky. You can tell they tried to cover it up with cologne/perfume, but the B.O. won
I wouldn't disqualify someone based on any physical differences alone

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After putting an offer on a house 5 months ago we just found out today that the owner is going to let it go into foreclosure.

The house was a short sale. It got held up when the seller decided to file bankruptcy right in the middle of our deal.

Waiting 5 months to hear an answer and then have her mess it all up has made me irate.

So TQC...what's the last thing that made you HulkSmash mad?

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Does anyone else here drink green smoothies, and become RAVENOUS after drinking them?

I use them to supplement my diet, I don't use them as meal replacements - I'm really slack about eating dark leafy greens otherwise. I use spinach and silverbeet (swiss chard). So I usually have them for morning or afternoon tea, or with my usual full lunch. Regardless of how full I felt before drinking them, as soon as I've finished I feel absolutely famished until I next eat - the feeling is stronger and more maddening than when I'm genuinely hungry!

What the hell? Everything I read talks about how increasing your dark leafy greens helps control hunger. I get a similar, although far less pronounced, effect when I eat apples, so I'm wondering if this is just to do with how my body processes certain fruits and vegetables. Perhaps it's indigestion masquerading as hunger? IDK. :( I think I'll pre-steam my next lot and see if that helps.

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TQC, it is week three of the school year and I have not worn pants yet! How long do you think it'll take for my students to notice I wear dresses every day? (I'm guess either until I wear jeans for dress down day, or never and they'll assume it's because I'm Jewish- they don't know much about Judaism)
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TQC, can you help me? I am currently arguing on Facebook with someone against instituting drug testing to receive benefits. She keeps going on about her tax dollars being used to fund druggie habits.

Can you give me links to documents basically proving her wrong? Because I'm near in tears I'm so frustrated and don't even know where to begin looking.

RAGE/DK/DC: has LJ been wonky for you today?
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I'm taking an "international film" class right now, and one of the people in the class is an idiot. The film we watched for today involves some really graphic dog fighting scenes and there is a lot of violence. Obviously there was a "no animals were harmed in the filming" type warning in the credits.
This guy in the class keeps posting to the discussion board all "BUT WHAT ABOUT THE HUMANS?! The human characters died too!!!11!" and I can't tell if they're making shit up for the sake of getting points for the class or if they are really dumb.

What would you say to this guy?
I'm asking you all because I've been awake for 18 hours and I can hardly keep my eyes open let alone come up with a good way of explaining to him why he's really reaching.

I'll take non-srs answers too.
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If you are from France, could you pls tell me about underwear?

I keep reading all these articles about French women and how they prefer to buy two or three "really good pieces" of clothing rather than 10 crappy little shirts and some jeans from Kohl's, and they just get their five wardrobe items laundered or cleaned and wear them over and over and that's why they're so chic. Similar articles say that French women always, always wear beautiful underwear (bras and underpants, chemises, whatever), even if they're just staying at home watching old reruns and chasing after the kids. Never boring old plain cotton bikinis like American women. I am wondering: Do French women only buy two or three "really good pieces" of underwear? And, I guess, rinse them out in the sink every night, since they're made of silk?

And if they do this, do they do it all month long? Or do they get a legitimate break from always wearing beautiful silk underwear, for that week when they might stain and ruin it? Or if they take a break from it, is that like their guilty little secret, that they're wearing plain boring underwear?

I would love if some actual French women could answer this! It has puzzled me for a while.