August 23rd, 2011

Mrrr and are both giving me errors that say "404 Not Found nginx" when I try to access them. All other websites work fine. I'm on a laptop with wifi.

Also, my desktop turns off randomly or doesn't turn on when I push the power button, UNLESS I go around the desk, flip the on/off switch on the power bar, wait a few seconds, then turn it on again. It's a rather old power bar. I'm hoping that's all it is. We just got the desktop on February.


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My 12 year old nephew told my sister that he wants to have sex.

Why are kids so eager to have sex? I never thought about sex with another person in elementary school and I'm only 21, so there's not a huge age gap between my me and my young relatives.

How old were you when you first realized that you actually thought about having sex with another person?

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If you have a pet, what are its favorite toys to play with?

The kitty has a mouse he loves.
My dog has a piece of a stuffed raccoon's tail that he carries around. Or his duck that quacks.

If you have a pet that makes noises, how would you describe those noises?

My cat's meow sounds like he's an old man that smoked a pack a day. Other times he squeaks.
The dog howls really loud. He also makes grunting noises that sound like he's trying to form words.
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Today when I was walking to work, I got whistled at by a guy in a van. Aside from the creep factor, not a big deal. But this was in rush hour traffic, so I would walk past his van, then the light would turn green, he'd pull up ahead of me, and I'd walk past him again when the light turned red. This happened several times and each time he would aggressively whistle, yell, or honk his horn. He was driving a work van with a local phone number printed on the side. Would it have been appropriate for me to call that number and complain?

DK/DC: How uncomfortable does catcalling and whistling make you feel? I can usually ignore it if it just happens once as someone's driving past, but if it's not done and over with, I feel really uncomfortable.
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Angie's List?

I need to hire a structural engineer to tell me the best way to level my house.(Leveling doesn't mean to knock the house down, it means to fix areas that are sagging.)  A couple of people have recommended that I use Angie's List, but I'll have to pay to use it. So, before I sign up, I figured I'd ask the folks here on TQC who have used Angie's List if they think that it's worth the money?

dk/dc - Have you ever had work done on the foundation of your house? Did you get it leveled? What can I learn from your experience?

Would you post a picture of your house or the place that you live in?

Here's a picture of the house that I need to get leveled:

The Good House
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yes another Facebook question

Have you used Facebook to locate an ex ?

Is your info public or private?

I found an ex on there yesterday and we talked on the phone last night. Turns out he was looking for me for a long time and just coulldn't find me because I have most of my info hidden.
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I'm toying with the idea of buying a bike to ride to school instead of driving or taking the bus. I haven't used a bike since I was a wee little thing. After some looking around I'm finding city bikes as little as $80 and others for hundreds of dollars. I see people saying to avoid the cheap ones, but they don't say why. So TQC, what's so bad about them? If all I'm doing is going on paved roads, are they fine?

Do you have any tips for biking in cities with heavy traffic? Are there any rules on where I can park/leave the bike, like if I'm going to a store, if there's no designated area to put a bike?

If you bike regularly, have you ever been in an accident? Do you bike in the winter?

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Which items/affectations would you allow a partner to bring into bed during sex? Anything you don't check is something you'd demand he or she get rid of before climbing into bed

Popsicle (it's a really hot day)
Cowboy hat (Bryce thinks the cowboy hat is pretty sexy)
Socks (his or her feet get cold)
Cape (he has Batman roleplaying fantasies)
Clothespins over his/her nipples (your partner is really into nipple stimulation during sex and takes care of that part him/herself)
Beer hat (filled with water so he/she won't get dehydrated)
T-shirt (your partner is really self conscious about how they look with the shirt off)
Hairnet. Your partner has long hair and doesn't want it falling all over the place when things get frisky
Earbuds, connected to an iPod attached to his/her bicep
Bowl of M&Ms (he/she has it resting on the pillow next to you and frequently reaches over and grabs one during lovemaking)
Sweatband over forehead
Utility belt that contains numerous sexual aids, like lube, condoms, handcuffs, feathers, etc.
I'd tolerate none of these during sex TYVM
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I'm beginning to think I might actually have a cold. How do I treat this in pregnancy friendly ways? I have orange juice, and was already planning to make chicken soup for dinner. Any other suggestions?
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I live 45 minutes away from DC in the state of VA.... we just had an earthquake that shook houses, appliances, etc. I never thought I would EVER see the day and I must say I was TERRIFIED!

What's the scariest natural disaster you've been through?
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Who else in the DC area is having trouble calling people? I have Verizon and I can't seem to call or text anyone. Did the earthquake knock down cell towers somehow?
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What are some weird things you have memorized (maybe not necessarily weird, but out of the ordinary)?

I've got my library card number memorized and I can recite the poem In Flanders Fields word for word.
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When you add a bunch of new friends:

Do you do a little intro post?

Do you feel more obligated to post soon after you add them?

Do you go back and read their old entries to get to know them a little better?
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ipod touch podcast manager

as I mentioned in a previous post, I currently have an iPod touch, but I don't have regular access to a computer that I can sync it with. I'm a podcast junkie, and so far managing podcasts on this thing by itself is not easy. there are two main problems. first, the Touch's native iTunes doesn't allow subscriptions (or if it does I haven't been able to figure out how). now, I've seen a handful of decent-looking podcast management apps that do subscriptions easily, but they all stream, which brings me to my second problem: I don't have wi-fi access 24/7. so can anyone recommend an app that 1) does subscriptions, and 2) downloads for offline listening? thank you

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do countries other than the US use "XING" short for 'crossing' on signs and stuff?
what are some abbreviations that you find odd/ hard to understand?

Inspired by the 'how many fb friends do you have' post from a while ago, how hard is it for you to do friend cuts? How often do you do them, if at all?

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I went to the cardiologist because I was having chest pains. My regular doctor along with the cardio said it could be one of a few things, including just stomach upset.

He wasn't sure if it was stomach problems but he gave me stomach medication to take all the time anyway.
Would you take it?

What's new in your life?
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I want to bake scones. What flavor should I make? I prefer savory over sweet.

What's the last food that you ate where you thought "omg this is AMAZING"?

I had these A+++ cheddar dill scones from this bakery in Kensington, MD.
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there's a scene in maria full of grace where the girl has to practice swallowing large grapes whole in order to prepare for becoming a drug mule, and now i can't eat grapes without thinking of that. are there any scenes in movies etc that have a similar effect on you?