August 21st, 2011


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if you're e-mailing someone for more professional reasons than personal, do you do it at certain times of the day or when you think of it/have time?

i need to e-mail the owner of this bar about the space my group needs on Friday the 2nd at 10 PM, which is prime shenanigans time, and i was about to go do it, but i'm worried it's going to look bad doing it at 11:55 on a Saturday night.

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So...this guy just asked for my number and I gave it to him because he seemed nice enough, but the first thing he texts me after I text him saying it was nice talking to him is 'yeah, it was nice talking to you, too, but how old are you and when is your birthday?'

This is weird, yes? How would you respond?

He wasn't particularly suave, so maybe it's just akwardness?


Never mind. Sorry, but I don't think the first thing you should try talking about with a girl is how you hear 'scorpios are freaky'. Over and out.
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Has anyone else here lately had a bunch of random people, seemingly from Russia, add them as a friend? These journals are all in only Russian, we have no mutual friends... My journal is friends only and it CLEARLY states that you have to ask for me to add you. . . It won't bother me much because I just won't add them back, but it's just weird...
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EDIT: And just ignore what follows later.

If someone likes XYZ, and you find XYZ unattractive, but you possess XYZ; how do you square that with yourself?

(EDIT: should probably ignore all until the question at the next EDIT)

I know there's all sorts of wossnames where people like all sorts of people, and what have you, but I'm having this thing, where someone seems be liking me, and it's giving me pause for thought.

I am not a thin person, not by any means; Someone is liking me very much, with me as a not-thin person; This means they are liking a not-thin person who is me; They are liking a fat person, who is me.

Someone is liking me, and liking the fat person that is me. This is hurting my brain, because I am fat person, and they are liking. How do they like fat person that is me, etc etc?

Backstory finishes and question happens here:

I personally don't find fat attractive. Very much the opposite. I'd go so far as to denigrate fat and call it hideous when it's attached to me. On other people it's just a thing, that they are, and so it goes, but I don't find it attractive. But on me I find it a bit vile. This gives me an issue when someone calls me attractive; they're viewing something as attractive that I view as grim.

So the question tonight is: how do you accept people finding you attractive, when you personally don't find yourself attractive at all? When you actually think about how what they think is good, you think is urgh? Does it make you wonder about their sanity? Does it make you wonder about their motives? What does it make you wonder?

And can you then take them seriously, when they like something that, to your mind, is so clearly not likeable?

(Not sure any of that made sense...)

Speedy EDIT for clarity:
If you find yourself unattractive, but someone else views you as attractive, how do you square that difference of opinion? When they hold that view that you don't agree with, how does that work? Do you find yourself doubting them for liking what, to your mind is bad? Or what?

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My baby hairs are driving me crazy. They are always sticking up. I've been debating whether to buy hair gel or hairspray and finally decided on hairspray. I'm want a hairspray that holds them down without making my hair sticky or stiff, that would the least possible damage to my hair and doesn't have too many chemicals. Any recommendations?

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Do really slow readers annoy you?

We were taking turns at work orientation reading from the papers we had to sign. When it came time for this girl's turn, she read so slowly. It was like a word every 5 seconds. And she had to have a lot of them read aloud for her by someone else. This happened all the time in high school. I'd get in trouble for reading ahead because I couldn't stand keeping track with it.

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for those of you with babies, did you have an official "baby bag" or "diaper bag" for the baby stuff you had to tote around, that was designed for that purpose? Or did you just throw the stuff in any old bag you happened to have around?

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Last night I ran into a new friend of mine(we're coworkers and on the same roller derby team). Shortly into my (somewhat drunk) conversation with her a friend of hers walked up and handed her a cup of ice, and joined in our conversation. I distinctly recalling her friend as someone I had flirted with very briefly and then never saw again. And she remembered me too! Unfortunately before I could put my slick moves on her we got side tracked and I didn't see her for the rest of the night.

I'm seeing my new friend again today. How do I subtly ask if her friend is single? I don't want to look like an ass if they are seeing each other, or get in the way of something if my friend likes her.

DK/DC: How proud of me are you for typing this on my phone?

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Is the 90's X-men cartoon too inappropriate for a 2 year old?

Is it really any more inappropriate than the awfulness that is Wow wow wubbzy?


I have had these kids since Friday morning...I have reached my limit on the amount of utter babble I can watch on Disney....WE ARE WATCHING X-MEN OK!!??

DK/DC/hate kids: What color is your carpeting?

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i need help please dont bash me.
i am a smoker, i recently quit smoking, my life is great but my lungs are not. i fully understand what i have done to myself. im 20 years old and i really actually think there is a possibility that might be literally dying im not fucking around. im scared to death. im to scared to tell anyone. when i go to the doctors they give me inhalers. im sorry if this disturbing to anyone. i dont know what to do with myself really can i just have any advice?

*EDIT*i dont mean at this very moment like it just started happening its been happening for a while and its getting extremely worse.

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if you ever smoked cigarettes and quit, did you act like a crazy person that was totally not yourself and way out control? what did you do to handle it?
did you quit cold turkey or what?
because this is happening to me. i think i need to hide in my room and shut everything off or something. i am freaked out by the way im acting.
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Apparently my body chemistry is changing due to lots of weight loss and other various dramatic health issues. Thanks to this, I'm now 24 years old and basically going through puberty again; with a face full of zits, greasy hair, and my first pair of glasses.

When I really went through puberty I had perfect eyesight and clear skin, so I'm not really sure how to handle all of this. And I'm pretty sure I look like an idiot in glasses.

Will you tell me awkward/silly/sad/whatever stories from when you went through puberty to make me feel better?

Alternatively: The facewash I've always used is now not working. Any recommendations?
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What are some songs you think, in your opinion, everyone knows the words to?

Make individual comments for each song - so don't lump them all into one comment. Then go back and comment on all the songs you don't know!

(eg: someone comments that everyone surely must know the words to "hotel california" - you comment and say "I don't!")

passage from a book, lit majors help!

Does anyone know of a passage from a book, about lovers in a cave(maybe a hole?) and they would be satisfied for the ground to cave in around them, so they would be pushed closer or something? Idk. Its driving me crazy though, and is very important. TQC CAN YOU HELP ME? DO YOU KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT?!

I want to say it has a title similar to all's quiet on the western front? but I can't remember enough of the passage to figure it out :( maybe a farewell to arms?
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It seems like once a week someone asks about dealbreakers- attributes or behaviors that make you completely disinterested in a relationship with a person.

I'm curious, are there anythings that spark an immediate interest for you?
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i have some health issues, and one of the side-effects i have is arthritis. Now i can take strong medication for that, but i am afraid the side-effects for that will make me miserable.

So i was wondering, do any of you know of some simple things that can help with the pain? if it matters, the pain is mostly in my ankles, wrists, hands and recently my lower back.

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What is your most favorite thing to help you organize?

I just bought these mini-bookshelves from Target for like, $13 a piece and they are keeping my office so nice and organized :) I'm going to need a million more when I bring my books home from my classroom, though.

edit! What should I list as my "rules to being a good listener"?
My 7th graders are perhaps struggling with this concept, so I want a visual reminder. I tried googling it but all that turned up are classroom rules saying students should be good listeners. I want to make it concise as possible, but leave little room for loopholes, if possible.
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Let's say it's global thermonuclear war and there are a limited number of spots in the shelter. What can you do that would make you worthwhile to keep around?
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Would you ever get cosmetic surgery?

I want a nose job. Also, throughout high school I really liked Lord of the Rings and I wanted to get my ears pointed. I saved up like $4000 for it, but then I spent it on a flight to Europe instead.

Where do you want to travel to?

Wedding question

Two of my really good friends are getting married a week from today. They have asked me to be the one to officiate over the wedding. I have the whole ceremony written finished except for the part after they kiss and turn to walk up the aisle. I have no idea how to introduce them to the wedding guests. The hang up in the situation is that neither is taking the others last name. They do not like the idea of "I now introduce to you, Mrs. Jane Doe and Mrs. Mary Smith." They also vetoed the Doe Smith family

How do I introduce my friends? Should I introduce them or is the pronouncement and kiss enough?

Also, Mary Smith has a 5 year old daughter, and they're think about walking back up the aisle with her as a family. If they go this way, do I also introduce the daughter? She has her father's last name not her mother's.
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What's some hilarious things you've heard kids say?

My 7-year-old cousin: I think I'm gay.
Me: Why would you think that?
Him: Because I like to play with my sister's E-Z Bake Oven.
My friend's 3-year-old sister: I want a pee-pee like daddy has for Christmas.
My friend: Where should I get that?
3-year-old sister: Wal-Mart.
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So my sister took in her 17 year old niece after she got kicked out by her step-mom (for communicating with her real mom, fwiw). Since then she's been looking for a job. This past weekend she was approached by some lady who had some fliers or something and handed her one telling her "you're the perfect size!" It was an offer to "model clothes in store for $20/hr" she said she can go in any time she wants any hours she wants and get paid to wear clothes, I guess. She said they'd give her clothes to wear and she just had to wear them in the store.

I asked which store and they said some name I had never heard of before and my brother-in-law said it was an "up and coming" store founded in 2006.

I'm feeling iffy about this. It sounds like a "too good to be true" thing... like what you often see on craigslist. Seems odd they'd be walking around a lake in a completely different city to hand out fliers to young girls either wearing shorts or swimsuits and right then and there offer to "pay them $20/hr to come in their store any time they want and just wear clothes."

Has anyone heard of a scam like this? I tried to say something to my sister but she wouldn't hear any of it "they can't rip her off because she's not giving them any money" is all I heard from her.

This just seems weird to me. Any ideas of what they could be trying to pull? Or am I being too skeptical? Any references or anything I could show to my sister would be great if this definitely sounds like a scam or is one you've heard of would be great.

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ACK! Mac owners, I have a stupid question.

So. I was watching a DVD and somehow the little DVD remote/controller dealy that sits on your screen has gone away, to the side of the screen, and now all I can see is the teeny corner and I can't drag it back onto the screen, so I can't use it, which means I can't control volume or so a bunch of other stuff.

How do I get it back on my screen???? I will love you forever if you figure this out.

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last night i got drunk with my coworkers and this was the first time i've seen any of them outside of work. my boss was there too. one of my other coworkers was also pretty drunk and kept hitting on me the whole night.

on a scale of 1-10 how awkward will work be tomorrow?

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Does anyone know if Bellatrix will be a playable character in the Harry Potter Lego years 5-7?

I asume so, since you could play every charcter ever named in the 1-4 game. 


Would you like to wish me happy birthday? :L
they all just want one thing from a girl
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Say you got hurt in the head. Really bad. Which of these would you rather have?

a) retrogade amnesia, where you lose all your memories leading up to your accident (who you are, your past, etc.)


b) anterograde amnesia, where ever since your accident, you can no longer make new memories (think Memento/50 First Dates)?