August 20th, 2011

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Regardless of your opinion of the name in general, do prefer Angelica spelled with a 'g' or with a 'j' ?

Would you say your very deep interests are very wide and varied, or more condensed to a few? What interests do you have where it proves difficult to find others who share that interest and want to talk about it?
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I am staying in a hotel tonight before I leave on vacation tomorrow! What is your favorite thing about staying in a hotel? I like the little things of shampoo and ice buckets!
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My neighbor left their old truck playing music all damn night and I can hear it in my apartment. If there was actually someone there listening to it I would have been fine with it this late (it's 3:30am). But since no one is around listening to it (I went exploring) so I called the cops. How stupid am I? Are they going to be mad or happy that their car battery wont be dead?
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What are you craving?

I want a vegan chicken cheesesteak NOW. There's a place that serves them about a 20 minute walk from my house. Should I go get one or is that gross at 9:30 a.m.?
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I followed your suggestions and baked cupcakes for the two best friends of mine throwing my baby shower today. (thanks TQC!)

Now, should I do anything for the people whose house this is being held in? (one of the bff's parents house)? I have 5 hours. Go!

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I'm doing a cancer walk for a foundation that is really important to me-
I posted on Facebook about doing donations but I don't really think it's enough.
Would it be annoying to get a post card in the mail asking to sponsor someone in a walk?
Do you have any other fundraising suggestions?

Do you do any fundraising walks/runs/etc during the year? What for? What was the most you've been able to raise?

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When is the last time you gave into temptation? What was it?

Whens the last time you resisted temptation?


Im having to monitor my blood sugar at home now and I have to stay away from sweets/carbs which is normally not an issue anyway...however my husband brought home oreos...OREOS!!

I had three..


I walked away from the orange juice this morning, GO ME!!

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I broke out in massive blotchy hives this weekend, it blows. what gives you hives?

(and by that I don't mean "what gives people hives", I mean what gives you, personally, hives)

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TQC I need some advice. I'll try and keep it short and sweet.

I'm 19, female, I work in a pub. Two months ago, our managers were away and we had a duty manager on. During this time, a drunk customer reached across the bar, grabbed me by the neck, strangled me and tried to kiss me. I finally managed to pull away, informed my duty manager who 'told him off'. He wasn't thrown out, no one took his drink off and he left in his own sweet time.

When my managers returned, I informed them off the incident. The duty manager had not written it in the incident book, neither had she let them know. My male manager assured me the man would be barred. Fast forward to last night, and I'm on shift when lo and behold, the man is sitting in the middle of the pub. I was informed by another staff member that he is allowed back in now.

I wasn't told he was coming back, this man attacked me. TQC, what can I do? What are my rights?

(sorry for the tl;dr)
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Can I repeat how fucking opportunistic and stupid it is to not only lower the FICA payroll tax in the United States THEN bitch at Congress about supposedly not being able to send out Social Security checks because of the debt ceiling but to also continue TOUTING it after the debt ceiling was raised?

Barack Obama and Centrism, 2012! :)

Ridiculous questions

My dog is getting old and he's just not really so good at waiting during the day to go to the bathroom. He's very considerate and will only pee or poop on a floor mat though.

If I were to buy wee wee pads and put them over the floor mats, do you think he would think he should go to the bathroom in the house or will he still sort of think it's a mat and only use it in an emergency? (hah this question is dumb)

Should I go float in my pool or paint?
What are you up to? What'd you have for lunch?

Mania and Consent

Your acquaintance is eager to have sex with you, and you're willing. But s/he has a history of bipolar illness, and you're concerned that s/he might be in a manic phase right now.

This person is an adult. How do you decide if the person is capable of giving consent? What's the correct ethical path here?

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Should people in the top two income brackets (IE: millionaires and billionaires) have their tax rates increased to help lower US debt?

and if you don't care about US politics..

What's your least favorite ice cream flavor?


Your significant other enjoys looking at the toys each time you two go to the store, and s/he can easily spend 30+ minutes down the toy aisle (to the point where you've finished all of your shopping, and you're just waiting on him/her). You get kind of sick of looking at toys all the time and tell him/her that perhaps you two should make separate trips to the store if s/he's going to spend so much time by the toys.

Is this unreasonable?

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Do you collect things? Can we see pictures of your collection(s) if you have any?


On a completely unrelated note, why do guys take pictures of their penises? Can we philosophize about this?

I mean, I don't know that many chicks who take pictures of their vagoos. At least, I don't think I do.
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okay, see my icon? I made that from an image I found somewhere, because I find these replace-Jesus'-head-with-someone-else icons funny. And I like Bill Hader.

I want to make these for myself using other people's faces but I don't know what the original image is called. I'm guessing something-Sacred Heart but I can't find this specific one (there's a LOT of Sacred Heart paintings out there).  Does anyone know what the unaltered painting is called?

Also: what is your highest Nyan record for Nyan-Cat? Mine's somewhere over 1000 seconds (currently it's almost 1100).

edit* ... is anyone else getting a 503 error when trying to check the community profile page? I had to try 5 times for it to load.

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what kind of business would you open if you could?

i'd love to be a dog groomer, except i have no idea how one just up and starts that without some kind of experience shaving and cutting dog hair

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I want to switch banks. I currently use Wells Fargo and not only have I had issues with them in the past but pretty soon they're going to start charging their clients a $3 fee every time they use their debit card. That said, I really don't know which bank to use. I have experience with Bank of America as well and I'm not sure if I want to go back or not and I most definitely do not want to use Chase. Could any of you suggest another nationwide bank besides those two? NEVERMIND. After googling I found out the $3.00 debit card fee is just a monthly flat fee, not a fee charged each time you use your card

How do you plan on ending your summer?

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Have you felt under the weather lately? My boyfriend and I have and I'm wondering if it's because of the heat or something. I have SAD but that's only in the winter months when the days are short and the clouds block all the sun.

Do you own a pillowpet? Which one? My cat uses my penguin one as a bed.

What color are your shoes today?
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Inspired by the booj

What do you think of chiropractics? Good, bad, quacks, etc.?

My bf's uncle is one and did a realignment for me once and I had a good experience with it. I was having horrible headaches everyday for a few weeks and I could feel that it was stemming from something wrong with my neck. He cracked my neck (or whatever) and my back and I stopped getting the headaches for a few months. So I wouldn't be opposed to paying for one in the future, but I don't have a huge sample size to work off of.

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i'm going to have some extra cash this week and I only have to pay my eletric bill of 50 bucks.

i'm getting

150 for dog sitting.

500 for doing home health care

200 ish from my paycheck.

1800 from selling my car

What should I do with my extra cash?

What would you do with extra cash if you had any?
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Do you think it's better to put purchases on a credit card as long as you can pay it off in full every month or pay with a check/debit card/cash?

Ever have your identity/banking information stolen? What happened?
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I hate Bank of America therefore I am transferring my personal checking and personal savings account over to PNC come Tuesday.

Now, if I have any pending transactions Tuesday, what happens? Can I still close my accounts?