August 19th, 2011

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Teach me how to dream

Hey guys,

I've been interested in lucid dreaming for a long time now but I've never really made any progress with it. I'm not so good at remembering my dreams and I haven't made a dream journal yet so that's not helping, but can anybody who is into this stuff help me out with some tips and tricks?

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have you ever gotten into an argument with your SOs friends SO?

what happened?

I went with my roommate/fwb/whateverwearethisweek to his best friends house to watch the pre-season game and "M" (the girlfriend) started talking shit about something that was none of her business and we started arguing over what she had said.

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My best friend and I have the same birthday. My parents are taking us out to an upscale restaurant for dinner and we're staying at a hotel on the beach afterward. My best friend and I have a mutual friend (although neither one of us is close with her). My best friend spoke to her about our plans and asked me if it would be okay if she spent the night at the hotel with us. I like her, so I said that was fine. I told her that I would leave a room key at the front desk for her so she could hang in the hotel while she waited for us to come back from dinner. Earlier tonight, she texted my best friend making comments like "I hope her family doesn't take long to eat/I hope they make dinner quick/I'm sure her parents will take into consideration that I'm waiting and we're all going out after." I didn't invite her to dinner because it is about $75 per person and I'm not going to expect my parents to pay for someone I hardly know and who they've never met. Also, this is a steak house and she's a vegan. Am I in the wrong? Or is she for making us feel like we need to hurry up with dinner so we don't keep her waiting?

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Waxing my own eyebrows: good idea, y/n?
Edit to clarify: I just want to wax the bit in between my eyebrows because I hate plucking that area. I won't be shaping them or anything.

Will you share any grooming horror stories?

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I've got a quick favor to ask. Normally I'd be able to do this on my own, but I can't seem to download my photo editing software on this computer.
Could someone make me an icon (they normally look like this) using the Slytherin base from this site with this quote at the top?

"Dear God, what is it like in your funny little brains? It must be so boring."

Ok real question now, when was the last time you were at a concert? who did you see? was it a good show? if there was an opening act(s), were they good?

I just saw Justin Townes Earle with a group called Shovel and Rope and it was really really good.
Muh Life.
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I need real, no bullshit, advice.

I have a cat I've written about before, she's a 6/7 year old Maine Coon. About a year and a half (maybe more) ago she urinated and defecating on my kitchen counters. Since then, she has religiously defecated outside all litter boxes. We added boxes, we changed litters, we changed the cleaning schedule, and finally I spent almost $400 on a LitterRobot self-cleaning box. Though she continued to urinate in all the litter boxes, she will still defecate either next to one, across the room, downstairs infront of our massive 120g fishtank (which none of the cats ever show interest in) and just now she did so on the kitchen floor. What's more striking is that after defecating in the corner, she went up onto the kitchen counter on the opposite side of the room and urinated all over our microwave, coffee pot, several decanters and down the side of the fridge. We KNOW it was her because neither of the other two cats had urine on their feet, but she did. She also has a weird meow or talk while she goes and I heard her doing so not an hour ago.

At this point, I've been ready to give her up for several months- though my SO has adamantly refused. We made an agreement that if she was to begin urinating outside a box, we would give her up. It took almost 40 minutes to clean up after this mishap and my SO made the decision it was time to find a place for her.

I know she's unadoptable because of her inconsistent bathroom behavior but I don't have the heart to euthanize her. I will forfeit the cost of flying her to any sanctuary in the United States, regardless of where- but I can't find one that will take nonaggressive, unadoptable pets.

Can someone help me find a facility that will not euthanize her, but will also not adopt her out (for risk someone would not care for her either)? I'm heartbroken and I've never had to give up an animal before, but we cannot care for her anymore. Help?
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I've been up about 20 hours and have to drive to school to move in in about five hours. I cannot sleep because it is ridiculously hot. Besides drinking a ton of coffee, what is some stuff I can eat/drink to wake me up so I stay awake long enough to make the two hour drive and unpack which should take about two more hours? I don't mind if I crash out at four in the afternoon or something, but just long enough to get through the day's work?

DK/DC - What was the last book you read?
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dear tee cue sea,

have you ever had a crush on someone, and they had a crush on you, but you have different sexual orientations? if so, wtf did you do? if not, wtf would you do?

please, please gimme a hand here. this is hella frustrating.
Urahara - plotting is what I'm best at

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If you went to school for a two-year program and quit after a year because you didn't want to continue with it, would you put down the year you attended on a resume if the courses you took were relevant to the job?

On the one hand, it might be nice to show you have some experience but on the other, I don't think putting "uncompleted" or something similar on a resume would look very professional... Would it be better to just omit it?
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I know there's a lot of you here from Massachusetts/the Boston area.

I want to go on a day trip this weekend. I'll be by myself and I'd prefer a place I can walk around, browse shops, maybe see something historical, rather than something nature-related. I'll also be by myself, and I'd like to not drive more than 2 hours-ish from Brighton. Any suggestions? I've been to Newport, Providence, Rockport, and a couple other places I can't remember now. Where should I go?

Everyone else: If you were to take a day trip from wherever you live, where would you go?

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1. What kind of attitudes did your parents have about you trying new foods when you were growing up? Did you eat what was in front of you? Were your forced to finish everything on your plate? Did you have to at least try whatever was on your plate? Or, if you didn't like what you were given, were you allowed to have something else?

Talking to some co-workers yesterday, I commented that I wish my mom had made more of an effort to get me to try new foods. If she put spinach on my plate and I didn't want to try it, she'd just shrug and move on. As an adult, I'm more adventurous with food, but I still have some pickiness that I think could have been curbed if I'd been pushed to try more when I was younger.

2. Do any of you have those vinyl wall cling thingies for your houses/apartments/rooms?

Collapse )

We're moving soon and I'm considering getting a few for our new place, but I want to know if they're as easy to apply as they seem. And if they last long, and if they really are easy to remove
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If I agree to take this on (nothing is agreed yet), am I mental?

What did you pay for your wedding cake? What would you consider a fair price/what would you be willing to pay for this? I'll convert it to British currency, just throw rates at me!
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For those of you in Ontario, can you recommend some good camping places? I've never been camping before, and I don't know yet if I want to do a tent in the middle of nowhere or just get a cabin somewhere. Bonus points for a lake or something to swim in. This would be for some fun times with the hubby where we can hopefully have outdoor sex. We're willing to drive a bit, but not beyond the province.

Have you gone camping before? What was it like? What would you do differently next time?

Feel free to share any awesome or horror stories with camping!
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Can we have an interior design post?

What do you wish your space looked like?
What does it looks like?
Things you're planning to buy for said space?
Color schemes you adore?

I'm redoing my living room and really excited for the end results. The main colors are black, white and red, with a touch of gold, and some alice in wonderland (original book illustrations, and original animation only) touches. (Like figurines,
drawer handles, etc).

edit, pictures would be awesome :D

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They're doing some restructuring here at work and another company is coming in to take over one of the departments. I'm mainly in that department, which would usually mean I'd be getting the axe, but I'm also part of another department. Nobody can tell me yet if I'll keep my job or not.

My boss said to me, "The other company will start in 12 weeks. I can't guarantee you'll still be employed but I also can't guarantee you won't be either. Do what you feel you need to do. If you feel like you need to look for employment elsewhere, you have my full support and you could definitely use me as a reference."

There's a severance package involved and I'd be able to collect unemployment if I decided to wait and see and then ended up losing my job.

My question is, if you were in this position, would you start looking for employment now, and possibly taking a job in the next couple of weeks? Or would you wait to possibly collect the severance package?

I'm leaning towards getting out while I still have a job, especially since my boss told me I could and that I could use her as a reference.

Sin City

I'm going to Vegas this weekend. What should I do on my trip?

Catch up on my sleep. Long, uninterrupted spans of 10+ hours of slumber at a time
Strip club
See a show
Gun range (you can shoot shotguns, semi-automatics or full-automatics)
Hang around the pool
Catch up on my tv watching. Order several movies
Get a prostitue
Get married (possibly to that prostitute)
Hoover dam
Roller coasters
See an exhibit (Bodyworlds, Titanic treasures, etc)
Visit an hotel animal habitat (white tigers at the Mirage, lions at the MGM, sea critters at the Mandalay)

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Yes, this is a "What should I be for Halloween?" post and I realize we'll be getting far too many of those soon enough. But this one does have a twist.

My husband and I love making our own costumes. Last year we were the Yip-yips from Sesame Street (I'll post a photo in the comments), the year before was garden gnomes, and our daughter has been Max from Where the Wild Things Are and an owl.

The difference is this year I'll be quite pregnant. Close to seven months, so big enough that my abdomen most certainly needs to be worked into a costume, but not so big I won't be able to maneuver or will risk popping anytime.

Does anyone have any creative costume ideas that incorporate a big, pregnant belly? Pregnant nuns are way overdone so I don't want to go there. I can probably do better than a basketball or a globe, and it is incredibly tempting to make a 3-D paper mache alien tearing its way out of my tummy but I'd like more ideas to cull from.

Feel free to come up with companion/related costume ideas for my husband and two year old, but it is not required that we tie-in.
We're pretty crafty and handy and live in a relatively urban area with access to lots of kinds of supplies, so there aren't many limits there.

TL;DR? Do you have any amazing costume ideas for a pregnant lady?

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im working at this place called Spooky World this october, it is a famous haunted house. i need to come up with my own costume so i would like to ask you guys for ideas! well? be specific lots of detail please? the more gory and creepy and disgusting the better.

note* i cant pick specific characters, i thought i could be pyramid head and i was so excited and they where like no...

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I got a fabulous deal on pork ribs so I'm making some oven-baked pork ribs for dinner tonight.

Do you have a favourite dry rub recipe or method for cooking pork ribs? I've got a lot to get through so please share!

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I got a letter from my former employer saying that I can opt to continue my dental insurance at $50 per month. I've never had dental insurance before anyway and I would have to back-pay to May.

Is it worth it to get dental insurance?
Last time I got a cleaning without insurance, with a filling it was $300

Do you have dental insurance?
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Who is the biggest/most famous celebrity from your country?
Who is the biggest/most famous celebrity from another country?
Which one of those is more famous?
Do you think they will still be as famous in about five years?

What are the three countries with the best street cred (as in 'most universally loved'?)
What are the three countries with the worst street cred?

Speaking of country, Dolly Parton or Reba McEntire?

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For the mouse users, do you have a corded or cordless mouse?

if it's cordless do you turn it off when you expect to be away from the computer for awhile?

if you don't use a mouse what do you use?

A day's wage

Inspired by the "$5 to my name and need to eat" question below...

Can TQC please offer some examples of places one would go and work for literally a day? Like, on Sunday realize "Oh shit I'm outta lettuce, I need to fix that", and walk into establishment X before/when they open and say "Hey, looking for some help today? I'm looking for work."

Let's say that the person is mildly handy, in good health and smart enough to figure out most instructions.

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What wants did you have as a kid that were totally unrealistic?

I wanted Sandy's outfit from the end of Grease (still do, really), Scarlett O'Hara's dresses from Gone with the Wind, and two pet polar bear cubs. I wanted the latter really fucking bad.

Travel experts?

I have to travel from Newark to Kansas City next month.  A non-stop round trip flight is $1536,  However, I accidentally discovered that if I were to leave from Philadelphia, Continental would sell me the train tickets between Philly and Newark -- and the then-direct flight both ways between Newark and KC for less than $300.

Is there any reason for me not to buy the round trip from Philly and then just show up at Newark Airport without having taken the train from Philly?  Does anyone have any experience gaming the system in this manner?
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Is it okay to put bacon on a ham sandwich?

is it okay to put bacon on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

edit: I'm eating the peanut butter and jelly and bacon sandwich. It's not bad. I guess you can put bacon on everything!
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So, I made these mocha cupcakes. And the flavor was good, but they were pretty dry. The recipe called for shortening. If I want to make these a bit more rich/dense, should I use more shortening? Oil? Something else? Help! I fail at baking.

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My friend is going to Spain for September- December. He's dating my best friend. We also have a mutual friend but I would say they're closer with me.

I thought it would be funny to send my friend with a Flat Stanley but with our faces on it.
Do I:

only give him a flat stanley with his boyfriend's face?
give him two flat stanleys (one with mine, too?)
or give him three flat stanleys (including the other friend who went tend to hang out with)?
fuck the whole idea- (it's stupid)?

I'd also like to give him a card with some spending money. Do you think it would be weird to hand it to him right before he gets on the plane so he can't give the money back?

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Don't you think Ted's kids are getting a little old to still be sitting on the couch listening to him tell about how he met their mother? I mean after 6 years they have got to be getting to the age where any normal parent would finish the story and send their kids off to college, right?

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I'm going nuts and google won't help me. There's a phrase with 'kraken' in it that means something along the lines of "to see/understand the horrors of war for the first time" only now I can't find it or find reference to it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about, or am I mixing metaphors in my head again?

Don't know/Don't care: What's your favorite mythical creature?

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I've been a vegetarian for 4 years and I'm going to have  start eating meat soon.. the reason I stopped eating meat was because I hated the taste and texture, so this will be hard. I think maybe meat balls would be a good place to start because it's covered in sauce, but idk. What do you think should be the first meat thing I should eat?

will you tell me about the best meal you ate lately?      
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What have you accomplished today?

Quite a lot for my day off. I slept till noon, made a gallon of iced tea and a huge bowl of tasty pasta salad to eat off for the next few days, and I baked 2 dozen muffins. Now I'm starting on some reading that needs to be done by the first day of school.

If you are a student, when do you go back to classes?
Thursday! I can't believe a whole summer has gone by already!

Will you give me your favorite recipe?

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i have a boxer who is the sweetest dog in the world she loves cats, she loves my 2 cats that i have had for a couple years, i just got another cat a couple weeks ago who is very shy and nice. i was trying to introduce them and i completely trusted her around him and she attacked him and tried to kill him, i had to body slam her and she wouldnt listen to me when i screamed stop and i had to throw her down on her side she tried to fight me. this is completely out of her character. why would she do this?

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What's a good television show that I can waste a day or two of my life on? Preferably a show that has been on for 4 seasons or less?

How can I stop biting my fingernails?

Do you like guacamole?

What's your favorite dessert to make at home? Can you give me the recipe?

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If you were drafted and it was your decision which brand of the military you would go into, which would you pick?

I'd have to go with navy. I was in navy ROTC in high school and still remember a little about it.

(no subject)

If you are going to graduate school for a degree in the humanities, what do you hope to do once you graduate? Also, what are you studying?

n/a: What are your thoughts on Olive Garden? (Sorry, I couldn't think of a more interesting question.)

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Before I collapse into a sobbing heap can you please help me?

My boyfriend/fiance is a really big guy. He has no dress clothes. He's coming with me to my sisters wedding. I'm in charge of finding him dress clothes. He usually wears jeans/shorts/track pants and t shirts. That's it.

So, I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. He told me his sizes but how the hell does that translate to dress clothes sizes?!


What's annoying you right now?

stupid barking dog

How do you make a dog stop barking at you when you come home or leave? Out of the blue he's recently assumed the position of a doorbell of sorts and when you least expect it (late after work or just off the bed, all in your thoughts or not yet fully awake) he's there, rushing like mad to you to bark at you and scare you (not because he's big and scary, he's actually a small dog, but because its unexpected). And he's doing it only when there's someone else in the house (hence the doorbell reference). I can't do anything to him 'cause he's not mine and when I try to scare him in return (chasing him or barking back loudly), he takes it as a game, not afraid of anything. Not sure what to do/try. Ideas?

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How likely is it that my dr will write me a new script for Xanax? The last one was for 30 pills written/filled June 19?

How about Tylenol#3? Same written/filled date/number of pills.

Just a PCP. I don't want to take the time to call if it isn't likely she will do it, and I don't have insurance to go and see her right now. I don't feel like I can wait until I DO have insurance to get them filled.

When was the last time you did laundry?


"oh what a night~!"

cold homemade apple pie at midnight + The Social Network + finally finding that journal post snarking Cosmo's sex tips=

best night ever yes/yes?

DK/DC/killjoy: my S/O's not been online all day. pick one: video games, sleeping, or out practising driving?