August 18th, 2011


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have you ever eaten buffalo wings in Buffalo?
have you ever eaten a philly cheese steak in Philadelphia?

i've done the first and i hope to do the second someday. what are some other foods with connections to a certain location? i know there are tons but i'm sleepy and hungry and want to think about food.

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Can somebody tell me a good site online to watch the series Dexter on?? :( One of the episodes on my dvd somebody lent to me doesnt work properly.. so I'm trying to find the episode to watch online but I totally suck at this .. Help meee...
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When you talk to someone online, does their literacy affect how you view them? I mostly mean in instant messaging scenarios, rather than, eg, livejournal scenarios. Do you notice when people use capital letters, punctuate, observe standard English spelling and grammar, and so on? Do you notice when they don't? Do you find whether they do or not has a bearing on how close you're willing to get to them? Or are you just not arsed either way?

Speedy ETA: I don't mean whether you think people should be bothered either way. I mean gut reactions, whether they're socially acceptable or not.

Late ETA for anyone wandering in after sixty comments: There seems to be consensus that poor mastery of standard English should not be viewed harshly, and there is much talk of how people are people no matter how they type. I offer a rephrase, in an attempt to elicit more varied answers: rather than "do you dislike people who type wrong" (as it were), "do you like people who type right?"

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What should I draw on my bathroom wall?

My mom decided that she didn't like the slate grey walls and wants people to draw on them to liven things up. So far we have a weird creature with a bouquet of flowers, you're beautiful written under the mirror, live laugh love, you're special and two monsters holding hands.

Have any of you ever done anything like this? How did it work out?
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So FB drama
My boyfriend's sister was telling me about an incident that happened with my boyfriend and we were talking about it when one of her friends I don't even know comments and basically insults me and backhand insults my boyfriend. I politely bitched her out, but I'm still raging. So will you guys tell me stories about people who pissed you off but who you got back? Or will you post cute pictures to make me forget this nonsense? Whichever works :-)
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When you read dialogue in books/comics/etc. do you create voices for the characters? What if they have voices in other media?

My boyfriend just said he always hears Mark Hamill when he reads the Joker's dialogue in Batman comics but I never hear characters' voices, just my own.

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I've been having random chest pains lately. Maybe once or twice a month. My doctor (and I) think it's anxiety or food related. She wanted me to go to a cardiologist just to make sure it wasn't anything serious even though we both reallllly don't think it is. Would you spend a day at the cardiologist?

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Best book to movie adaptation? Worst?

I think Fight Club is the best adaptation I've seen. It followed the book so closely and really brought it to life.

The worst, in my opinion, was Slaughterhouse Five. That was a terrible movie.

What is you favorite cover song? Which cover is just terrible?

This is one of my favorites
Collapse )

There are too many bad ones for me to pick...

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I got a nook a few weeks ago and I love it. I still have Ready Player One and a few other books that I haven't finished reading yet and they're sitting on my coffee table. I also have said books in epub format on my nook. Would I be cheating on my books if I read them on my nook?

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are you good at planning events?
does anybody else get super excited when a well-made plan goes off without a hitch?
any exciting plans on the horizon?

i think i'm pretty good at planning--i tend to over-think things, and think of all the possible ways things can go wrong and try to have backup plans or at least prepare myself so i won't get upset and flustered if things mess up.
my birthday party last year was my best yet, and even better because it still felt really spontaneous and relaxed. right now i'm planning out my trip to california next week, and also an elaborate group halloween costume. i have a good feeling about both.
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For those of you in school:

How many courses do you take per term?
What are you studying?
How many hours a week do you work, as in a job? Though feel free to answer as in studying!
What are your grades like?
Edit: How much free time do you have a week?

Edit2: Clarification on the third question. I'll stop with the edits now, I swear.
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can you tell me a story about one of your family members really pissing you off?
or even tell me about them?

i need a reminder that not just a few of mine suck, others also must endure the pain.
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I have banked with Bank of America for 12 years now. I'm tired of them and their fees (really, varying per month fee to have a checking account??? Screw you.)

What's your bank? Do you love it? Sell me on it?
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What kind of pastry should I get at Starbucks? I'm drinking an iced caramel macchiato and want a snack to go along with it.

Is anyone else having problems with Gmail on the iPhone?

If you were to interview this cast of Big Brother, what would you ask?

Evil Dick reminds me of some rock star, who is it? I can't put my finger on it and it is driving me nuts.

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Have you ever planned a wedding? I've seen some of my friends plan weddings, and it seems to be super-stressful. If you are married, was your wedding traditional or not? Was it a big wedding? tell me all about it! (I've got weddings on the brain right now)
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The bored at work poll

You get bitten by a radioactive creature, and end up gaining all of its abilities (like Spiderman). What critter chomps you?

Otter (powers: float on your back for extended lengths of time, using your tummy as a table, super cuteness)
Squid (power: you shoot ink out of your bottom when you're scared or startled)
Pelican (power: ability to hold large volumes of food in your mouth)
Possum (power: ability to carry your offspring on your back, can play dead convincingly)
Platypus (power: poisonous spike in ankle so be careful with it, ability to lay eggs (this may or may not be beneficial)
Mosquito (power: can suck blood. Weakness: inexplicably drawn to bug zappers)
Daddy Longlegs (power: strike fear into the hearts of arachnaphobes?)
Mink (power: you produce a really fine coat, which people will hunt you for. That kind of sucks, but it is really soft and maybe you can pet yourself when you're upset)
Clownfish (power: proud defender of anemone, garish appearance)
Coyote (power: tenaciousness, lean predator, unlimited credit at the ACME company)
Human (power: pretty much whatever you have now, so I guess getting bitten by a radioactive man just gives you radiation poisoning)
Flamingo (power: certain proteins make your skin really pink, excellent balance on one leg)

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Okay, so I asked this question before and I didnt get many responses and  know its ridiculous, but you guys seriously have to tell me what to do.

Okay backstory:
I went to someones house 3-4 weekends in a row.  (they live 2 hours away so I stay there the entire weekend) last weekend I didn't go up, they didnt invite me/i had car trouble, and I really feel super awkward inviting myself/or assuming they want me to come.

They have been saying stuff like "the next time youre here....." and they mentioned that someone invited us to go paintballing this weekend but they cant go bc they have a class/dentist appt.

How do I "find out" if they want me to visit them this weekend without self-inviting myself/making them feel obligated to say "yeah sure come up?"

I reeeeally dont want to self invite myself, but at the same time I dont know if they are just waiting for me to mention something/ask.  They are a big game player sometimes.

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we use a lot of white rice in my house, and i basically live off my rice cooker for meals. what are some ways i can variate? i mix the cooked rice with butter, salt, pepper, mustard or soy sauce a little too often, i'm looking for some new things to try.

Calling all moms!

Aren't ultrasounds to help predict the due date?
(I had to see my reg. OBs partner yesterday and he yelled at me, told me I kept changing the due date, was trying to be the ob/gyn and it's ALWAYS been Sept. 11th [not the 9th as my dr has been telling me]. He said that Ultrasounds are the WORST way to predict a due date. Uh..When I have one, the tech switches to another screen and it shows EDD.)

What did you take in your bag to the hospital?

Will you post a picture of your favourite onesie or outfit for babies?

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Poll #1770746 Best. Root. Beer. Ever.

What is the best root beer ever?

Natural Brew
Maine Root
Polar Premium
it's not listed here dammit


Hey TQC, I bought a groupon today for a Brazillian Wax, it was $20 less than I've been paying so I went for it. Once I printed it out, I realized it also included "vajazzling" which when I looked it up is basically jewels on your vag. I will probably skip this part because it is ridiculous, but if I got it, what should I get on my hoo hoo? Serious and nonserious, of course.

PS- I told my gay best friend about it and he said "thatis probably the only time I'd ever want to see your vag." Now that's love. He also suggested the staples logo.

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do any of you get tonsil stones? what do you do about it?
have you had your tonsils removed?

i'm demanding an ENT take out my tonsils after having a traumatizing saga with this massive crater in my tonsil last night. i'm wondering if he's going to give me a hassel about it.

i won't post it here, but if you'd like to see said crater i just posted something about it in too_much_info.
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What is your secret to staying healthy/thin?

Um, healthy: I take my multi-vitamin/mineral pill and eat lots of veggies/whole grains. As for my secret to staying thin, I regularly forget I'm hungry and when I do eat it's just snack sized. Although, this is not to say I don't eat full meals, I do, just that I eat one big meal and then kinda snack. I think this habit also reins in my gluttony b/c my stomach is small and won't hold a lot of food.

When do you eat your big meal of the day?

Lunch. I eat a square meal from the cafeteria at my high school.

DK;DC: When do you/did you start school? What year are you? Do you like the look of your classes this term?

I started on Wednesday. I'm a senior in high school. Yes, I love my schedule. I have 3 acedemic courses, 2 of which are required, the other my counselor made me take (ugh, discrete math). I'm taking a lot of performing arts courses as well: piano II, guitar II, choir. And I'm taking a PE class as well.
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Ok guys, who are some celebrities that teenagers in high school would identify with? I think my kids are getting tired of Justin Bieber, Glee, and Twilight powerpoints, but that's because I'm completely out of touch with pop culture.
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Bakers of TQC

I am making cookies.


I had to stop because the dough isn't turning into *dough*. It's powdery and crumbly and won't solidify. I don't know why (followed the directions perfectly), and I don't know what to do.

TQC, what is wrong with my dough and how can I fix it?

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my sister is a herion junkie who is high and then dope sick all the time, my mom just got out of prison and is living with us. she is my dads ex wife so he moved to his girlfriends house and left us here and still pays part of the rent/i pay the other half. i never wanted my mom to move in but my sister made me take her out of jail because she had no where to go, i love the woman but she is psychotic. everyday there is an epic battle between my sister and my mom it gets so bad that i have to threaten to call the cops all most everyday, while i sit in my room and hide from it. yesturday i said enough was enough and they both had to get out. they are guilt tripping me saying "you are evil your really going to make us go to a shealter"  i said its not me who made that decision it was them. they treat me like shit.

am i wrong for kicking them out? i can only take so much, they are making me really really depressed and its effecting my job and my social life.