August 17th, 2011

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What's the longest you've been naked? Being a towel doesn't count. You have to be bare ass naked.

Probably 15 hours, at my boyfriend's house. We spent our time, eating, showering, and screwing. All naked.

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you're at a 24-hour diner in the middle of the night. breakfast anytime, also standard sandwich/diner fare.
what do you order?
why are you awake?
how are you entertaining yourself?

i'm getting some hypothetical french toast, eggs over easy, crispy bacon, coffee and chocolate milk. i'm up because i am restless and needed to walk around the city. i probably have a book or a crossword puzzle.

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what in the hell does ({ }) mean in emoticon language? i googled to no avail.

i am getting too old for this.

theres this new hip hop song and i swear the name was "you should be high for this" but nothing is coming up via youtube.  any ideas?  its like a slow hip hop song.

dk/dc: what did you have for dinner?



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 How do you deal with a friend who's being immature and giving you the cold shoulder?

Long story short, I think she's pissed that I didn't come up to see her a couple weeks ago (for the record, I couldn't afford the gas). This really pisses me off because I'm always the one going to see her. In the three years we've been friends she has never once offered to come see me, even though it is much more within her means to do so. Anyway, lately she has not been answering my calls or my emails, and the few times she has picked up the phone, she's merely polite and gives me one-word answers for everything so the 'conversation' lasts maybe two minutes. This has been going on for two weeks and when I've asked her what's wrong she says 'oh, nothing.' Basically, I'm astounded at the immaturity she's showing and I'm at a loss because I've never been at odds with a friend before.

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1. have you ever moved to another country? if so elaborate. (where did you move from? to where? how long did you stay? why did you move there? did you enjoy it? etc)
2. what is your astrological sign, and what is your SO's? how long have you been together?
3. what television series do you watch most avidly?
4. what is the most amazing gift you've ever recieved?
5. what is your first language?
6. what other languages can you fluently speak?

2. i am a female cancer, he is a male cancer

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Backstory: I live in Wellington, New Zealand and the last couple of days we have had intermittent snow flurries in the CBD. It's AMAZING. Wellington hasn't had snow like this in 30 years. I am enchanted. I now really want to go on holiday somewhere it snows.

So TQC, which cities do you know of that reliably get snow over winter every year but remain functional (ie: some public transport still works, no power cuts) and are interesting enough to spend a fortnight exploring? Bonus points if there is glorious scenery within day tripping distance or the city itself is really pretty, because I'd probably bring my camera.

Don't know/don't care: has it snowed where you live this year? What are your thoughts on snow?

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how old were you when you first went on a roller coaster?
what roller coaster was it?
and just for clarity's sake, let's not count the little pop-up wild mouse coasters that you see at carnivals (permanent ones are ok).
and if you've never been on a roller coaster, why not?

mine was the space mountain ride at disneyland paris when i was 10. i went on the tonnere de zeus at parc asterix in the same week, it was a really excellent week of my childhood.
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Inspired by my life:

Have you ever had a pregnant friend suddenly turn on you? Did you chalk her behavior up to mood swings and forgive her or did she permanently damage your relationship?

Or: Have you ever been this person and lost a friend because of it.
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I'm doing some school shopping for my kid...and she's requested something that I can't remember the name of. You get a tank top/cami/whatever you want to call it and matching underwear. She has one in The Littler Mermaid and a Princess one...but I can't remember what they are called for the life of me. Funzees or something? I googled "girls matching tank top and underwear" and got some interesting

When do you (or your kids) go back to school and when do you/they get out?
My daughter starts September 6th and doesn't get out until June. When I lived in the south we started in August and got out in May.
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You're at the hospital visiting a friend. As you're heading towards the elevator right after, you hear a PSST...OVER HERE. You follow the voice and it's an old man confined to a bed, extensively hooked up to what looks like life support machines. "The orderlies have stolen everything from me except a gold ring embedded with a diamond hidden in the hand lotion by my bed. It's yours if you give me that pair of scissors over there so I can cut the cable to this goddamn machine. I'm in so much pain. Complete agony all day long. I can't sleep. My kids are from one of those kooky religions that doesn't believe in medicine and they won't let the doctors give me painkillers. My grandkids' only interest in me right now is getting a Power of Attorney to rework my will and they're already squabbling over my money. I just want to die. Please help me". What do you do?

Apologize and leave. I don't want to get involved
Apologize and leave. I don't support mercy killing. All life is precious
Hand him the scissors. Take the ring
Hand him the scissors. Leave the ring
Call a nurse and demand that he be put on painkillers
I don't help him kill himself, but I do the next best thing: I pray over him
I sort of stopped listening once he mentioned the ring. I take the hand lotion and leave
Offer to reason with his family. You'll talk to them to set things straight
Leave and come back with the strongest painkillers you can find. Sneak it to him

Edit: the ring is probably worth a few thousand, considering the price of gold and the quality of the diamond
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TQC The Sex Therapist

So my boyfriend has been calling me a sex addict for the last month of our 3 month relationship [where the first 2 was filled with satisfying sex and now it's become too much for him].

I'm now looking it up and I think I do have a problem (wanting to jump him every chance I get, along with sending male friends pictures and making suggestive comments/sexting because I'm not satisfied anymore).

Do you believe nymphomania [hypersexuality] exists?

Have you ever felt like your sex drive is out of control? Or the opposite, not high enough?

Should I work on toning it down and try to be a better girlfriend, or get out and find a fuck buddy?

I'm not so much a sex addict.. because I still want to be monogamous and I still want to do other things like hang with his family and talk and go fishing...... but why can't we also have lots of sex? :(

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what is your opinion on going to a restaurant and ordering a water with lots of lemon and then adding sugar to it to make lemonade?

what if someone in your group does this at a restaurant? how do you feel about them?

EDIT: what if they're doing it because they don't want to drink something that tastes more fun than water but don't want to have to pay for it?

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I was driving down the highway, doing about 70mph, when my sister decided she didn't like that I was only driving with one hand on the wheel. So instead of saying something, she grabbed my arm and shoved it into the steering wheel. It caught me by surprise and I swerved a bit. Her response was, "You wouldn't have swerved if you had both hands on the wheel."

Uh, no. I wouldn't have swerved if you hadn't grabbed my arm quickly and threw it into the steering wheel while I was doing 70 down the highway.

What's the last dumb thing someone has done to you while you were driving?
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Cats & Plastic

So, I adopted 2 new cats last year and it turns out that one of them - Daniel (aka the monkey butt spaz brat cat) is something of a plastic addict.

I absolutely can not leave the smallest bit of plastic wrap, plastic tear strip from a package or anything of the sort near where he can get at it.  I don't know if it's the feel of the plastic, the noise it makes when he chews on it  or what, but it drives me nuts.  :-p  He will find something at like three in the morning and wake me up chewing on it, then run from me when I stumble out of bed to try and take it away from him!  (Even stuff I thought I'd securely put in the trash can!)

For those of you who have cats - are your cats this crazy about plastic?  Are they always getting into things after you tell them no?  I swear Daniel is like a two year old child - no means yes to them.  :-p
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If you bring your lunch to school/work and eat a lot at home, what groceries do you buy?

I've developed a very bad habit of eating out all the time, and I want to eat at home more (or bring my lunch to work). What are some groceries that go a long way? What are some easy recipes I don't have too much time to be cooking.

Moving with Pets

I am moving back from CA to TX next week. We will be driving from LA to Dallas, ~20 hours, in 2 days. The problem we're facing is that we adopted a cat while we were here, and now have to figure out how to get him to Texas. We looked into live animal shipping but it's a bit pricy and we can't figure out how to make the timing work - there's no one in Dallas who could pick him up for us and watch him until we arrive. He's been very well behaved in cars on the short trips I've taken wiht him before, but I've never driven with a cat long-distance before. I have an appt with the vet tomorrow to get some tranquilizers, which I hope I don't have to use, but how should I feed him and give him water? Just put it in the cage with him? What if he gets sick or has an accident? How do I put a litter pan down in a car full of all our stuff? The logistics are boggling my mind O.o

Dumb video games.

Can you help me remember the name of a video game?

1. It's a computer game, a hidden object casual game.
2. It's been around for a couple of years.
3. It was really disturbing. About children that maybe were kidnapped and forced to live in an underground town built below a mansion, and there was a body with tons of pipes coming out of it? I remember you had to search a boutique, a general goods shop, a school house, and the children's house. It was scary enough that I jumped when playing in the dark, not really cheesy like most of the HOGs are.

Do you know what I'm talking about? I've been searching for hours and just can't seem to find anything that comes close.

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I hate that I even have to ask this question (stupid boobs) but I need new bras and since I've lost weight I need to get fitted for the correct size. I have no idea where to go for this.

Any suggestions for a place to go for this and any tips for getting sized? Salespeople freak me out, as does the idea of someone even touching me to measure me but I do need correctly fitting garments.

Eta: I'm really androgynous, so I don't like anything girly or whatever (pushup, padding, etc).

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If you'd just had a baby, would you want a friend to come over and cook dinner for you? Or would having someone there just be a hassle and make you feel like you needed to entertain?

If you'd just had a baby, and your friend offered to make a casserole for you to just pop in the oven, would you be okay with that? Or would you rather cook your own food?

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So, I started running back in April. I was terrible then, could barely run for 3 minutes without wanting to just fall over. As of last week, I now run about 4 miles straight, which is awesome. I do this about 4-5 days a week. There's a 5K run coming up in October here in Atlanta that I would love to participate in. My dilemma is this:

1. I usually run indoors on the treadmill. I keep at a pretty good incline (4-5, basically to make up for the lack of wind resistance and to simulate outdoor conditions) through the duration of the run, but still, I know it'll be different outside. It has just been too hot for me to do it outside currently though. The few times I've run outdoors I've been able to keep up my pace fine (I usually go for 11 minute miles), but like I said, I usually run inside.

2. I'm not sure how I'll feel about running with a large group of people like that.

I feel like, in a way, this would be an awesome thing if I could accomplish it, considering a year ago the idea of even running a half mile was horrifying. And I hear races are fun (and this one is for a good cause). Should I sign up for the 5K run or wait until next year when I might be more prepared?

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Is there some way I can make this work?

I have a ton of books that I don't want. I'm doing a cancer walk. Is there some way via facebook/internet whatever that I can possibly sell these books to people and take the money to put towards the donations/registration fee? How could I try to logistically go about this?

If I sent books media mail, it's only like $2-$3

and/or if you have no idea

What'd you eat today? Are you hungry at this verrrry moment? When will you eat next? What will it beeee?
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Can someone please explain jorts to me? Are they simply jean shorts or do they only refer to shorts that are really long and tight or super short on guys? This labeling them as jorts is pretty recent, right? Are all jean shorts a horrible fashion trend or just the long/tight short ones? I don't get it!

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A previous question piqued my interest.

What are some good death country bands?

I just got an HTC Evo. What are some Android apps I NEED?

ETA: Do you think one of the Zit Remedies major influences was The Violent Femmes?

Old people and sex

Do you ever look at elderly people and wonder about their lives sexually?

I was eating lunch with a co-worker today when a very attractive lady, probably in her 70's, walked by. My friend said, "I just wonder how much of a sex life she had when she was younger. I bet she had a lot of lovers."

I know one of my grandmothers only had sex with her husband, my grandfather. The other was divorced once before she married my grandfather. My mother says she thinks Grandma slept around some between husbands.
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Will you give me tips on flirting?

I have no idea how to flirt, but there's guys that I like at school and I really want to have sex with them. How do I convince them to have sex with me?

I was in a relationship from like 14-22 and I feel like I never developed these life skills.
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I'm going to be in Chicago for a very quick trip tomorrow (getting in at 11:00 AM and leaving by 6:00 AM Friday). I'm really not sure how much time I'm going to have, and funds are pretty darn limited. I know that I'm definitely going to be going to Millennium Park, and my hotel is on The Magnificent Mile. The person I'm going with and I really want to take some cool photographs and see stuff that don't take a whole lot of time/require a long car ride/cost an arm and a leg.

So, uhm, with all those stipulations.... suggestions? :]

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TQC, I'm a bit upset that my sister in law has announced her going away party is on the night of my 23rd birthday. Am I overreacting?
She's only going about a 3 hour flight away and will be back in our city pretty often. She is also aware it is my birthday that day.
Am i just shit out of luck that i didn't make plans for my birthday a month before?

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roomate/fwb/whateverthefuckwearethisweek and I have been arguing for almost 3 weeks.
I'm thinking it's time for another adventure to a new place.

Where do you live and do you like it there?
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We hear a car alarm going off, and it's my girlfriend's car across the apartment parking lot. A minute later, we hear another alarm and it's MY car right in front of the window. No one was out there messing with our cars. My car wasn't even locked or armed. IS SOMEONE HACKING OUR CAR ALARM REMOTES??

Seriously, can they do that? They're both Hyundais.. what if they can scan through different codes and frequencies???

Does anyone else who just upgraded to Firefox 6.0 have an "unsorted bookmarks" thing at the bottom of your bookmarks menu? WHY WON'T IT GO AWAY I CAN'T DELETE IT??!!
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LJ question

I was just notified that an individual would like to join my community...problem is I don't moderate any communities! What is going on here??

Don't know/don't care: Do you like things with your initials/name engraved, embroidered or printed on them? I just got a necklace with my initials and a day planner with my name printed on the front. I used to hate stuff like that but, apparently, my tastes are changing.

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TQC : Think about your life from two years ago today. How has your life changed? What advice would you give yourself then?

Thanks to one of Facebook's "memorable statuses" feature, I was reminded that I broke up with my ex two years ago yesterday for another dude who I was so convinced was the one (which lasted a whole month). I was also about to start college. I wished I had had more fun my freshman years instead of being so down in the dumps. I'd also have actually done my schoolwork