August 16th, 2011

Blank Stare.
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I cleaned a house for a woman today (I do that) who had every species of houseplant know to man in/on EVERY corner, shelf, table, bookcase and window in her home- and they were all *alive*! Yet my freakin philodendron has a near death experience twice a year. Wtf TQC? What kind of voodoo magic Miracle Grow is this woman manufacturing?

Also, have any favorite design blogs to share?
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Right vs Left

This is just a trivial matter that has been sitting in the back of my mind for a while.

For those of you who wear wrist watches, which wrist do you wear it on and why?  Is it the hand you write with, or the oppsite one?

I used to wear my watches (I tend not to wear them anymore, since wearing a watch gets in the way of me doing my massage work...  :p) on my left wrist and I write left handed.  But, I've seen a number of people who wear their watch on the wrist opposite of their writing hand. 

If you wear your watch on the opposite wrist, is there a reason for that?

DK/DC:  Is anyone else finding Syfy's (the network formerly known for it's sci-fi programming) Alphas boring and stereotypical? I just couldn't get into it after the second ep because of the way the younger "autistic" male was written.

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My coworker has very generously agreed to drive me home after work on nights we both close (I don't wanna walk home at 1 am). She insisted I don't pay her, but you know, I insist that I do. The only thing is I have no idea how much to give her. I live about a mile from our job so she's driving me maybe a total of 5 miles a week (we work together ~4 nights a week), and she lives maybe 3 miles from work herself. How much would you give her a week/month, TQC?
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This may sound a little odd, but, how do you know if you're interested in someone?

The backstory is someone commented on a facebook photo of me, complimenting my appearance and suggesting they'd like to see me sometime. I checked his facebook, vaguely know who he is, not bad looking by my standards. Very brief fb conversation has had him reiterate interest.

Is being intrigued by the interest, in approval of the physical, and appreciative of the apparent ability to spell accurately sufficient to describe myself as interested? Or is there more to it than that?
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My boyfriend's HOA hired people to trap and remove the ducks from a pond in his neighborhood. His house (and like a dozen others I'm assuming) received notices telling them that I guess since the pond is in their backyards.

He's concerned they may also be killing the ducks (idk if that's true or not) but either way he thinks it's unethical to remove them from the pond as they aren't at all a hazard and he was wondering if there was some way to stop them? I guess he's wondering if it's illegal or something according to wildlife guidelines and he asked me to ask you guys if he could do something to keep the ducks there and/or safe.

Edit: I found this for if it is illegal but my boyfriend is now saying he thinks its within their rights.

Never mind :(

What's the last thing you learned that made you sad or angry?

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What do you think of teachers in Montana being forbidden to add students on social networking sites?

I think it's pretty dumb.

1) So, there's no way teachers can molest students any other way, like talking on the phone or even meeting in person?
2) It's none of the government's business who is whose friend on social networking sites, as long as nothing sexual or anything bad is going on.
3) Teachers aren't even allowed to friend students who have graduated. That makes it even worse.

Furthermore, I don't think it's even the school's business, as long as no online activities are happening at school and nothing sexual is happening.
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Imagine you're talking with someone from another country who is considering visiting your State/province/country. Where do you suggest they visit? (Restaurants/museums/geographical areas/shops/etc) What's special about those places?
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How old were you when your parents first left you home alone? How long did they leave you for?

DK/DC/I hate being alone: Have you ever woke up and thought it was a day ahead or behind? I keep thinking today is Wednesday.
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Which laptop is better?

Hi, I'm buying one of these inexpensive laptops today, I was just wondering which was worth more and why.

First there's the HP one:

And then the Compaq one:

I know nothing about computers. THANKS! :)
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Why do the bananas I bring to work get brown and destroyed-looking the minute I put them in my bag? They're only there for about 15 minutes from when I leave for work to when I get here and take it out. They go from yellow-green and acceptable to brown and gross.

(Edited to fix typo).

Have you heard of/seen these things?

The other day at work I got to talking to a co-worker and she mentioned these little cabinet things that sound really interesting, but I've never come across one (that I know of).

She said it's a small wooden cabinet, maybe like a double-doored medicine cabinet, but smaller. Not very deep. Inside, she said there were little cubes or whatever with skeletons in them in various situations. For example, one little cube would have 2 skeletons dancing, another would have 2 sitting at a table having drinks or something. The cabinets are painted in really bright colors and various designs. I have an image in my head that it might resemble a wooden advent calendar of sorts, but I could be waaay off (and it's NOT an advent calendar, according to her).

Co-worker mentioned that she saw them in all the little Mexican shops where she grew up in San Antonio, and while they were more popular around November 1st for Day of the Dead, they were available year round. I grew up in Los Angeles and have never seen one, so I don't know if this is a regional thing or something?

Does this sound familiar to anyone here? I'm going to post this in whatwasthatone too, but maybe someone here knows?

*I've also tried some googling, but whatever words I'm stringing together just aren't cutting it.

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TQC, I have no idea what to do with my life. I just graduated from college with my BA in Communication and I can't find a job. I wanted to do screenwriting, but I hit a rut and I can't afford to go to LA if I tried. I wanted to be a nurse working with infants in some way but idk if I want to do that either. I'm a good singer, but too afraid to purse that because my stagefright is completely and utterly insane. I'm 21 and I am just confused about life. I'm afraid I'll be a failure because I can't choose one thing to do.

Did you ever go through this? Do you like the career you chose? How can I be more confident in choosing a career?
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So next week, I'll be seeing a psychologist about my depression.
This will be my first time seeing a psychologist.
For those who been to a psychologist before, what is it like and what should I expect? 

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Poll #1770224 I want ice cream

Which ice cream flavor should I get tonight?

German Chocolate
Chocolate Chip
Banana Nut

What have you done today and what else is left to do?

I had class this morning from 10:30-12. I came home and cooked lunch and did some homework. I have class again at 3:15-4:45. Then I'm making tacos for dinner and having ice cream for dessert. Then.. homework.

Fun in Ottawa??

My friend and I are coming to Ottawa from September 20th - 27th. What are some awesome things to do? We are leaning towards the less touristy things. We've looked up shows and stuff but we cant find much else than The O-town hoedown and pearl jam. So suggestions for any  local shows would be appreciated :) Also, anywhere good to eat? Underground cafes, hole in the wall gems, and run down pubs are all things we're into :) Any good places to shop for clothes, shoes etc..? Markets?

Thanks a ton!
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What was going on the last time you said to yourself, "I am not adult enough for this stuff"?

Inspired by my grandma, who has Alzheimers, coming upstairs every half hour or so asking if she can go home (and she lives with us and has for my entire life). I feel like an awful person but it's starting to wear on me. How would you deal? Any advice?

DK/DC/I am totally adult at all times: What should I do for my birthday in September? I live about an hour from Manhattan if that'll change your answer.
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What do you think of this clip? Can anyone point out what specific types of British dialects are being mocked here?

This is mostly directed at our members who live in the UK, but everyone's thoughts are welcome.

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Some guy just called my boyfriend's cell phone (which he's had for 2+ years) and told him that he wants his phone back. Basically he accused my boyfriend of showing up at his house and borrowing his phone and leaving with it.

This of course never happened.

If the guy calls back what should my boyfriend say to him?
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This is probably way confusing.

I have a driving question/right of way question for you guys.

Every day, on my way home from work, I have to make a right onto a three lane road. There are two right lanes and a sign on the side that says TO 495 S, USE RIGHT LANE. I am going North, so I take the left right-turn lane and turn in to the middle of the three lanes. In my opinion, people in the right right-turn lane are people who are going to 495 S. People in the left right-turn lane are either staying on that road or are going to take the 495 N exit.

Most of the time, I have encountered zero problems, but occasionally, some jerk that is taking the right right-turn lane gets all pissy because they want to get into the middle lane. I have seen many other people take the left right-turn into the middle of the 3 lanes without a problem.

Question: Am I good at understanding how this works or terrible?

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In the not-to-distant future...

So I'm watching some MST3K on Netflix tonight, in anticipation of the live Rifftrax event tomorrow (yay!) and I'm wondering...are there any other MSTies here?

If so, what's your favorite episode? Have you gotten into Rifftrax at all, or Cinematic Titanic?

My favorite, as of right now, has got to be The Final Sacrifice. (Rowsdower!) Though, really, nothing beats Manos.

And I love Rifftrax...the guys are still hilarious, and it's the only way I can watch stuff like The Room or Battlefield Earth. I haven't seen any Cinematic Titanic stuff yet.
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how do i subtly hint/find out if someone wants me to visit them during the weekend without actually self-inviting...uhh myself?

i am way too awkward for this.

(they live 2 hours away and i would have to stay there the weekend)

(i saw them 4 weekends in a row, last weekend off)

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I'm interested in learning how to play D&D. I've heard that certain versions are more difficult than others, and while I've got a basic understanding of how things work in terms of creating your character and so on, I'm wondering if anyone knows any good websites that break it down for beginners so they can teach themselves easily?

DK/DC? How hot is it right now where you live? 68 degrees here.
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Would I look super cheap if I got the least expensive thing on my boss's wedding registry?

I just moved across the country and moved into a new, one bedroom apartment. I'm going to my boss's wedding this weekend and CHRIST I am so fucking broke. She wants this spice mix from Willaims Sonoma that only costs eight dollars, and I kind of just want to buy that for her, but I don't want her to think I'm being cheap. I would totally fucking buy her the Star Wars cookie cutters she requested if I could, but I...can't. :(

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I got an IUD placed the other day and it hurt so badly I couldn't move to go to the store to get medication. I asked my crush to help and he went to the store and bought me some, then delivered it. Am I an idiot for taking that as him liking me or just a super awesome friend?

I haven't been single in 3 years and this is all new again to me.