August 15th, 2011

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 I can't fall asleep (for the 2nd night in a row). Will you sing me a lullaby please?

ETA: Or maybe tell me a bedtime story.  My insomnia medication isn't doing anything.


Do you count your calories?

How many calories is too much for you in one day? Like a RIDICULOUS amount? For me it's over 3000.

How many grams of fat does one need to eat in a day to gain one pound? I read somewhere that it's 35g but I dunno.

DK/DC- Did anyone see the video of the stage collapsing at that concert? That was horrifying!
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Did your school ever do any of this crap?

I'm happy to say my high school didn't. They even let choir/band boys and girls change together in the band-room before games (it wasn't mandatory, you could use the restroom if you wanted).

My cousin's school doesn't let any outside food in for lunch, though. You have to buy the school's food. I think that's bullshit, especially for a public school. Not every family can afford to shell out $2-3 every day per kid for lunch.
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I don't graduate from college until December. Would it be useful to go to a job fair tomorrow to look for post grad jobs?

Alternatively... how do you like your pizza?
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How do you feel when someone you added as a friend unfriends you after a couple months?

Nothing was indicated as to why, there is no public post stating they were doing a friends cut, and they commented on your entries as if they were interested.

Are you bothered? Offended?

Do you ever let someone know before you unfriend them?

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If your SO sees a therapist, does s/he share what they discuss? Do you prompt this discussion or does your SO?  If you are the one who sees the therapist, do you share? How do you feel about you SO asking?
And for a point of reference, how long have you been together?

My BF goes weekly and he is generally the one who brings it up.  Even though the reason he goes is completely unrelated, he mostly talks about me/us lately.  I usually ask questions only if he says something I want clarification on.

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vancouverites, where is somewhere yummy to eat on english bay aside from milestones and the boathouse? the attending party is willing to shell out if it means really good food.

Poster Suggestions?

My husband is riding in a ginormous bike ride (4870 riders as of this morning) this coming Saturday. It's his second year doing it. Last year, my bff, his wife and I went out to a median on the street along the route and held up posters. I had one for my husband, one for a friend also riding, and a generic one that said "YOU CAN DO EET!"

We will be doing this again. The "you can do eet" sign was a HUGE hit amongst the riders last year so I considered doing that one again (sorta like starting a tradition), but if I can come up with something better, I'll use that instead. My bff suggested "Honk if you hate Cancer" (it's a ride that raises money for cancer research), but obviously they're on bicycles and don't have horns.

Should I have them make animal noises? "Howl if you hate cancer?" Something else? Any awesome suggestions from this creative group?
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Who else received Pottermore beta access today?

What's your wand?
Black walnut with a phoenix feather core, ten and three-quarter inches, unyielding.

What house were you sorted in? Surprised?
Ravenclaw. Not at all

What's your username? Do you want to add anyone?
MoonWatch28. Yes, EVERYONE!

DGAF? Yes, yes, we know. Keep on scrollin'.

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Besides storing shoes, what can I do with a shoe organiser?
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Why are there people sweeping up leaves in the parking lot with dustpans and small brooms? They don't seem to be herding all the leaves into one place, they're just sweeping up little bits here and there :/

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So, my BFF and I have this mix cd "Shenanigans" which we always listen to whenever we are going out, either to a bar, party, etc. It has everything from "Hotel Room Service" by Pitbull to "Pussy Control" by Prince and "No Scrubs" by TLC. Its random.

What would be on your "Shenanigans" mix cd?

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The last three times me and a particular someone have tried to arrange to catch up for things something unforeseen has cropped up and we've had to reschedule. We are supposed to meet tomorrow and now it seems they may be getting sick.

Non srs preferred.

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How difficult and costly is it to get certification as a yoga instructor? I assume there's at least several months of class you have to take? Is this worthwhile?

I'm thinking about it because it'd be awesome to get paid to do yoga instead of paying for it.

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 Dumb question: I need to ask a local tattoo studio about what their piercer charges for microdermals, but I'm not going to be able to go there in person any time soon, and I'm one of those weirdos who has pretty bad phone anxiety. Would it be weird to ask them such a thing via the email address provided on their contact page?

And on a completely unrelated note, what are some names that you hate? Is there a particular reason you don't like them?
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Bracelet-wearers of TQC:

With regards to everyday bracelets (so, not the fancy diamond tennis bracelets or whatever else), do you prefer the elastic ones that stretch to fit over your hand, or the ones with the lobster/toggle/etc kinds of clasps?

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TQC! I'm (hopefully) buying my first home. My SO and I fell in love with this flat at the weekend, its perfect and meets all our requirments but is in need of some TLC and new flooring in the attic. We put in an offer of £130k on the guide price of £145k and the seller refused. Should we offer up? Considering it needs work, plus all our expenses we can't afford the £145k, but I just don't want to give up yet!

DK/DC: What 'boxes' would your dream home need to tick?

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Two weeks ago, I had a toenail cauterized. Because it healed wrong, today I had to have it maimed and cauterized again. I have already taken Ibuprofen but it never kicked in, and I'm currently in the worst pain I've ever experienced.

Have any of you ever had a toenail cauterized before? If so, how was your pain level? The doctor told me this was normal, but he also told me it would "burn a little for a couple of days", when it's been throbbing for two weeks. I just want to hear from someone else who's experienced it.

Also, can you please post jokes? Cheesy, vulgar, knock knock, I don't care. I just need something to laugh at.
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Is it a bad idea to leave my masters off of my resume when applying to certain jobs?

EDIT: I worked full-time while in grad school, so there wouldn't be any gaps.

First time in NYC!

To all NYC TQC-ers (and all those who know the area well):
What is one thing that you think someone should do on their first trip to New York City? My boyfriend and I will be there for the day tomorrow (appx. 12 hours) and I've been about 5 times before. It's his first time, though, so I want to hit as much of the can't-miss things as possible (while still trying to be affordable!). Any general New York tips would be helpful, too (especially about subway navigation- this is my first time going there without someone who knows what they're doing regarding the subway). We both live in big cities (Boston for me, London for him) so we're used to subways in general, just not the epic NYC one. Thanks so much!

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Can you recommend any good movies that accurately portray mental illness?

I've recently had to spend a lot of time with a girl who's been diagnosed with schizophrenia. For polite conversation, I had asked if she's ever seen the movie A Beautiful Mind. She now firmly believes that I'm some sort of film guru and keeps coming to me for recommendations, so I'd like to give her at least a few more titles.
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Ever since it cooled down enough not to die as soon as I turned the oven on, I've been baking a ton, and my roommate has become convinced I am the wise and all-knowing guru of baking. We're going to have a Japanese food theme night and she picked up a package of sweet red bean paste, sure that I'd know what to do with it for dessert, when in fact I haven't got a clue. I do know a few recipes, but they're all pretty complicated and to be honest I'm the laziest baker ever (it is not my fault that it's so simple to make delicious bread pudding as long as you follow a recipe, okay), and I'd rather go with something easy considering I work that day and everything.

So, TQC, do you have any fairly simple dessert recipes for red bean paste?
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Which colour of iPad should I get?

Black with grey cover
Black with pink cover
Black with blue cover
Black with orange cover
Black with green cover
White with grey cover
White with pink cover
White with blue cover
White with orange cover
White with green cover

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Would you consider "Black Velvet" by Alannah Myles to be a blues song? Wiki calls it 'blues-rock' and a few other websites call it blues, but I can't find any real credible sites that really classify it.

What are some more modern blues songs by female artists?

(I'm in a karaoke contest and this week's theme is blues. If Black Velvet flies, I'll be doing that but if not, I'm struggling to find something else. Blues isn't really something I listen to)

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so my brother keeps asking when my S/O's coming over to play video games with him [the answer is that he's not because my S/O can just barely tolerate my brother.]

But my mom comes out with that "he's not allowed over".

TQC, any idea why this could be?

[srs/non-srs answers accepted]

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I bought an MP3 player off of ebay, just to have as a spare for the gym.
It arrived today and I just plugged it in to the laptop and the laptop is not recognising that there is any device?
It has a red light when switched on and the red light is flashing now, as it is connected up via USB to the laptop.
I have messaged the seller but it says to leave 1-2 days for a response and I am impatient... any ideas what could be wrong/I am doing wrong?
It didnt come with instructions :(
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Driving music and errands to run

I may have to take a drive to the town where I attend college tomorrow to visit my place of employment to talk to one of my bosses. The drive takes an hour and a half to two hours depending on how much traffic there is. Since it's move-in week, I'm expecting a lot of traffic. What is some good driving music I can put on my iPod to entertain me?
I like every type of music except for Bluegrass and I like a wide variety of bands.

Once I get into town what are some things I should do? I'm taking an hour and a half to two hour job for two errands which will probably take me five minutes to run. I may visit with friends but if I can't get ahold of them, I need help deciding what to do. I don't want to drive back immediately. Should I start picking things up for my dorm to take back with me? Only problem is I can't move in until Saturday to my dorm room and I may or may not have a single room by then *crossing fingers that I do*
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1. What are your HG make-up products?

2. What kind of guy and/or girl do you tend to go for?

3. What are your favorite games (can be a board game, video game, etc.)?
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