August 14th, 2011


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1. Do you like ground turkey?

10. Do you like it as a ground beef substitute?

11. In what preparation and with what seasonings do you like it best?

100. How similar does it look coming out of you to what it looked like going in?

101. How much do you like... ANISE?

110. If you don't like it, what do you think is a proper punishment for me to administer to you?

111. How many times in the past month have you said "urethra"?

1000. How many times in the past day have you USED your urethra?


1010. Will you give me up to three words that have a prime number of letters? (i.e. 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, so on) I will use them all in a single piece of writing I may or may not fart back onto TQC in the near future.
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I've noticed lately that my eyesight isn't what it used to be, so I'm going to get an eye exam.

If I end up needing glasses I'd like a good deal on them, so where should I go for a deal?
I've looked at ads and things, but I'm looking for firsthand experience with companies here.

I've never done this before, because my vision has always been fine. What should I expect when I go get the exam?
I'm kinda nervous.
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If you have classic Uggs, do you prefer short or tall? I found a blue pair that I like (they are perfect for fall/winter in the mountains), but I'm not sure the shorts will be okay for tucking in jeans. Are they?

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I have a set of blocks that feature the alphabet in standard letters, ASL, and Braille. I think they are very neat looking and want to display them.

Factors: I cannot drill or otherwise put holes in the walls. I have a bit of shelf-space, but not a lot. They are normal-sized A-B-C blocks.

What shall I do with them, all-knowing TQC?

Also: I have dry skin on half of my upper lip and no chapstick has helped yet. What can I do?

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Everyone seems to be concerned with money and employment and education....

How much are you in debt?
Do you have any savings at all?
if so, will you share a rough estimate?

Are you employed?
What do you do?
if not, how long have you been out of work?

If you're in school, how far along are you?
What is your major/minor?

I am over 100 thousand in debt (mostly medical) and am filing bankruptcy soon.
I have 13 dollars in my wallet to last me to Friday and no savings.

I work p/t at a local mom and pop store. Before that I was laid off for 11 weeks.

I went to college years .... yeah I wasted my time and money there :(
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So, what are some games you like to play? Any kind, cards, word games, board games, drinking games, whatever.
I like to play phase 10, disney Monopoly, 1k blank white cards, word association, carcassonne (sp?), apples to apples, magic: the gathering, and lots of others.

What music have you discovered/been enlightened about recently?
I stumbled upon Renard and all his techo/electronic musical genius. :)

DK;DC: How has your Sunday been going?
Very well. :)
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 As you got older, what things made you realize you were 'growing up', or really entering adulthood?

For me, it's watching people my age having babies, opening businesses, and even dying in car crashes and things. Also, as I get older, I notice people my age becoming more interested in interior design, idk.

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A coworker/fellow student said they had a dream about you. Which of these following dreams would you not appreciate them sharing with you? Anything you don't check implies you'd like to be told about the dream

Disaster dream! Your friend had to save you from a few bad situations. You were helpless and kept crying
Money dream. The dream involved you finding a bunch of money! Then you were in a casino and bet it all on black. You lost everything
Dinosaur dream. In the dream, you showed up to distract the T-rex away from your friend. You end up getting eaten. Your screams were loud and your friend could hear you crying all the way across the chasm
Erotic dream. Some real kinky stuff happened in that Port-a-Potty, and apparently, you're a real freak in dreamworld
Political dream. Your friend showed up in a courtyard and you and others were there, waving Michelle Bachman for 2012 signs
Pregnancy dream. You were pregnant and gave birth to quadruplets. In the dream you were crying because you realized your days of fun were behind you
Romance dream. You were making out with Hulk Hogan nonstop. You didn't even come up for air
Prison dream. Your friend was in prison for a month, but you were his/her cellmate serving 14 consecutive life sentences for video piracy
Tattoo dream. You got a tattoo of the original cast of Two and a Half Men across your back
Prophetic dream. You were just dumped, laid off, got your car stolen and contracted and STD in this dream. Funny thing is, in the dream you were wearing the same shirt you are now


Is there anyone in this community from Australia or who has lived in Australia or went on holidays in Australia in the last few years? 

I am really strongly considering going on exchange to Australia in my 3rd year (so I will be applying for a place through my Uni in about October this year) and I want to really research it so I can figure out if I really can do it financially and socially. 

So here are my 3 choices : 

1. University of Melbourne
2. University of New South Wales
3. University of Queensland. 

I am studying social work at the moment so would any of you know if any of these 3 Uni's are especially renowned in the humanities or are they all about equal? 

More importantly if I do end up in Australia I want to be somewhere that is a good base for further travelling so which of these would be best of that? I'm leaning towards NSW but then I have heard Melbourne is like the education capital of Australia or something like that. Thoughts? 

Now accommodation....
I am hoping I am reading it wrong but is on campus accomm really THAT expensive? I was a bit shocked. Most of them were like over ten grand (in euros) for the year? So like 15000-17000 Australian Dollars? Please tell me this is a horrendous typo :( 

Also I presume on - campus accommodation is done by semester and not by the year so I could still be homeless for like 3 months? Ah!

So, baring that in mind how horribly stressful and expensive is it to rent in the 3 areas? This is the main thing that is making me nervous about the whole thing. At the moment I am paying about 5 thousand euros for my house for the year. How much roughly would most students expect to be dishing out on private rentals for say a 10 month to 12 month lease? And how hard is it to find affordable housing. I know how stressful house hunting is and doing it from Ireland before I go out sounds like a nightmare!!

Anyone ever just shared with randomers in any of these 3 Uni's? Thoughts?

Hope this is making sense.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me! :) 

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If you blow the Horn of Gondor, what happens next?

Your allies arrive to help you
You will then be shot to death by an orc
It summons Viggo Mortenson
Nothing. Boromir's upgraded to the Vuvuzela of Gondor
Moneyshot. You may have to brush your teeth afterwards
Spaceballs → D:

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I just paid for a month of unlimited downloads for Megashares (mainly because dl-ing for free kept interfering with one certain movie I was trying to obtian). I now want to put my $9.95 to good use:

Can you give me good movie recommendations? (Alternatively, if this has been asked recently, link me to that post?)



Suppose you attend a gaming convention (like, Gen Con) for the weekend. You get hit on "constantly." How would this make you feel?

inspired by someone I know talking about how much this boosted her ego and how she can't wait to go next year for that reason
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If you were arrested, what would you most likely be arrested for?
What's the best way to unclog a stuffy nose?

And for the MMOers out there, anyone play DFO? If you do, what do you play main?

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Those of you who live in Michigan...

Wanna do a TQC Meet-up at the RenFest next Sunday?

Not in Michigan?

What song do you like that shocks people?

People always look at me funny when I tell them how much I love Jump Jive and Wail by Brian Setzer Orchestra.

This is amazing, y/y?

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If someone has accidently deleted files from their cameras SD card and has then used the camera/sd card since, is there anyway of recovering the deleted files? Im trying some of the free programs now but its not finding the deleted ones, just much older files, anyone know if this possible?
Kinda important so my mum doesnt divorce my dad through her rage... :/
Steph - always

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What is the longest period of time you've had away from work as a holiday/vacation? What did you do?
(I probably should have asked this question two weeks ago, not the day before I go back to work.)

Who is your favourite comedian? Will you share a video of your favourite joke, or their best work?

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If you were to have surgical implants at no cost to you what would you have implanted ?

and dare I big would your implants be???

I want an ass implant....I don't exactly know the size, but something more than completely flat


What can I make for dinners? Has to be quick and uncooked, or cookable using a microwave, and vegan.

Or what could I cook in a big batch using and oven and then store in the fridge/freezer?

Does your head start hurting if you don't wash your hair for too long? how long?

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Say you could pick what to put in a capsule to send to a planet with extra-terrestrial life and your goal was to communicate what being a human on Earth was like. You can have any 5 things you like. A simulated taste of any dish or food, any simulated smell, any piece of music, any book, any movie, any television show, any picture or video of a news event, any voice recording of someone speaking, any small non-perishable item like a toy, a blanket, a piece of clothing, etc. You can pick any five things you like to communicate to this alien what you think it is to be a human. What 5 things would you pick?

Plan my honeymoon.

TQC, my husband and I didn't get a honeymoon when we married last year. My life was too busy and I went back to school 2 days after we wed.

Our one year anniversary is on a holiday weekend. What is a nice, 3 day minivacation we could do?

Bonus points if it can be done near Louisville.
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Wine drinkers: do you always make sure your wine matches what you're eating? (I'm having a glass of white zin with a baked apple pie, and I'm not sure it's a good pairing, but I don't care.)

Don't When's the last time you were watching a TV show or movie and said "Hey, it's (That Guy)"? I'm watching an episode of M*A*S*H with Patrick Swayze. (His character gets diagnosed with cancer. Awkward.)

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When is the last time you embarrassed yourself publicly?


I woke up at like 2 am this morning and went number 1, when I wiped there was blood so I freaked the fuck out thinking I was miscarrying and called my hubby to take me to the ER...spent 6 hours trying to figure out what was going on and the re-examined my lady bits only to discover the blood was coming from my ass courtesy of pregnancy related hemorrhoids that for some reason were not causing me any discomfort or anything....yay... embarrassed I cried.
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My friend's mom asked me to create a video for my friend's upcoming wedding. What are some good songs about growing up or family? I'm mostly looking for songs that most people will know.

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1. Do you know of any good comms where I can ask Question #2?

2. I have an 03 Chevy Malibu who is trusty and true. However, all of the meters on the dash have been dimmer than usual. All of the other lights (turn signals and such) have been at their usual brightness. Did I accidentally touch something? What's going on? And... if it is in need of repair, how much will it cost?

3. And I will continue to be naive about cars. How much will it cost to get 2 15" tires changed and the rest rotated? Hmm?

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My boyfriend has been trying to convince me that the Illuminati has found its way into music and almost every music star is under its "spell." They supposedly worship the devil, sold their soul and have made blood sacrifices for success. I've been reading a website about symbolism and the occult in the music industry and I am so intrigued by it, but I don't know if I want to believe it. It seems so blatantly obvious though. I also feel that it's sort of like, if you go looking for something, you'll find it.

Do you believe the hype?

Depending on your time zone, what did you have for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

Did you see the new True Blood? Did you like it? I missed it. :(
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So I took tomorrow off of work to have a 'me day'. I'm planning on getting a manicure and pedicure. What other things should I do to enjoy my day off of work?

Will you show me your current purse, if you carry one? What are your favorite and least favorite things about it?

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Have you ever become attracted to someone because so many other people were attracted to that person? What were the circumstances and what happened?

DK/DC: What are some fun things to do in Montreal, preferably off the beaten path?

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Who's your favorite make-up guru on Youtube?

I am a make-up neophyte!

Do you watch video game playthroughs? Let's Plays is the more common term I believe.

Who's your favorite Youtuber?