August 13th, 2011

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what do you think of preserving animals in jars?
my friend has a few animals in jars persevered in rubbing alcohol, some birds and a hamster and yesterday he had a kitten that didnt make it and he put her in a jar for preservation. i know its creeps some people out tho i would never perserve my cat ever, i think its pretty neat. he says he does it because he thinks an animal doesnt lose its value as soon as it dies.

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I can completely close my 28in corset. Should I go for a 26in or should I go for a 24in?

I feel a 26in wouldn't be effective very long, because it would only be open 2 inches, a 24in would be open 4.... I think a 24in would give me more room to squeeze for a longer time but maybe there is something about corsets I don't know.
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So my question is, at what point would the following situation become weird enough for you to stop and say "hang on a minute..."

You're pottering about the house, doing bollock all, as is your wont, and your brother rings you up. He says, "You can say no if you want, really, that would be fine, I wouldn't blame you at all, but blah blah complicated explanation and blah blah rambling and blah blah so do you think you'd be able to lend a room?" Further probing reveals that he would like you to offer your spare room to a foreign worker, who's working for your brother, probably Brazilian though that isn't actually relevant, he can't put down a deposit on anywhere until he gets paid, so he just needs a room for three weeks, and please, sis?

Would you say yes or no to this, and why?

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Why is it that my husband's 3 month old kitten thinks 2 am is a good time to ride my 20 lb behemoth cat around the house like a bronco rider in rodeo? Better yet why is my fat ass cat OK with it? Seriously they are taking turns chases each other from one end of the house to the other.

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Makeup wearers: What concealer do you use for your eye area?

I've had ridiculously dark circles around my eyes lately that my concealers won't even conceal anymore :( I need recommendations. Arsehole customers at work keep telling me I look tired all the bloody time and I suspect it's mainly because of that.

I've tried Napoleon Perdis (the one with the 3 different shades), Dermablend (both the smooth something one and the quick fix stick one), a Smashbox one (I think it was a high defintion one? Idk.) and  Benefit's Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer. They've all been good to me in the past but I need something with more coverage. I've trying adding layers of the ones I already have in an attempt to build the coverage but it ends up looking too cakey and nasty.

I was thinking of purchasing those colour correcting conealers (like how green fixes redness, yellow fixes something I don't rememeber...I think there's a purple one, too). Has anyone had any success with those? I remember buying a green one back in highschool and I failed miserably at applying it.
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The thunderstorm last night knocked out our electricity for about half an hour, and it got me wondering:

How long have you gone without electricity?

How long do you think you can last without electricity?

What household utility do you think you can live without? (Internet and cable count.)
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I worked as a professional massage therapist specializing in the elderly and chronically disabled. I was the only person in my area with that specification and worked as an independent contractor part-time in two spas and full-time in one spa. On my resume I use only the full-time job. However, I am debating on if I should add my two part-time positions on my resume.

The first person paid me under the table because I worked there maybe two or three times a month when she had a client that needed my specializations. She was extremely unprofessional and was notorious for refusing to call people when she decided she wanted a new face and went through massage therapists frequently. I worked there the longest than any other therapist she had before she went through a rotation again. I'm wondering if I should put that experience on my resume because I know that if she gets called she won't answer or return calls, or probably even acknowledge that she knows me because that is the kind of person that she is (I have seen her deny knowing therapists who have worked in her spa before). The position was from three years ago, so I wonder if the likelihood is even there that she WILL be called.

The second spa did not end in a happy parting of ways. The owner and I frequently did not get along because she would conveniently change her mind if I was an employee of hers or a independent contractor when it suited her whims and needs. I had my own station set up in her spa though. An incident occurred with an man sexually harassing me and wanting me to go to his house to give him a "massage". He didn't start his advances until he had come to me a handful of times, so he was a regular at that point. I reported this incident to her and told her that I was not going to give him another massage because he had started to get forward/aggressive. Her response was to tell me to get my stuff out of her spa because how dare I have a problem with a client and his sexual advances; then she contradicted herself that I shouldn't have given a massage to a pervert anyway and it was my fault for leading him on, despite the fact that he was perfectly fine the first couple of times he came to the massage. Many things happened, including her telling this man what I had said even before I had a chance to talk to her face to face (and he of course denied everything) and then taking about half the money out of my last paycheck because she was bitter. I ended up reporting her unethical behavior to the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and she got in a lot of trouble. So I know that if she is called she will only say terrible things because after I left her reputation was shot. I last worked there over two years ago.

In both places though, I had a lot of experience and many loyal customers. So I'm wondering if I should still put them on my resume. What do you think?

tl;dr Two prior jobs with good professional experience ended badly because the bosses her bitter jerks. Should I still put them on my resume?
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Is a baptism a gift giving event? If so, what kind of gift would be appropriate? Also, what is appropriate attire?

Background: The child being baptized is my coworkers first daughter; coworker and I are not particularly close BUT I want to go anyways because a) he is a really great guy and I am honoured he asked me, and b) I just moved to this city three months ago, still know barely anyone, and would like to accept as many social invitations as I can. But the last baptism I've been to, I was 12 years old; and the last time I was in a church I was maybe 14. I have NO IDEA what the related protocol is....

Wedding Attire & Gift Dilemma!

Hey TQC. So, I'm Italian-American from NY and I've only been to crazy big & fancy Italian NY-style weddings. But this weekend my friend (from VA) is getting married in Atlanta. I know it's going to be a lot less formal than I'm used to, and I have no clue what to wear.

What would you wear to:
-the bachelorette party? (described as "low-key")
ETA: it's at Trader Vic's -some kind of tiki lounge/bar place

-the rehearsal dinner? (bride is wearing satin-ish fitted dress and groom wearing khakis & a polo)

-the wedding?

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Hi everyone! It's been a while! I return with a pretty unpleasant question.

Do you wear shoes without socks? If so, how do you avoid stank feet? I have to wear closed toe shoes at work so I've been wearing flats sans socks all summer and I feel like I have to throw all of my shoes away. It's nasty. :/
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What do you use to clean antique jewelry/antique silver jewelry?

I just recently bought a pair of silver earrings and they are tarnished. I actually did google "how to" but this post is mostly for your personal suggestions and a reassurance that my ears won't develop a nasty rash and being the germaphobe that I am, it will help me not have a panic attack about irrational thoughts of bacteria slowly eating off my ears.

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So you're on your significant other's computer working on stuff and you come across a folder full of pictures of them with their ex, naked and not, but also n00dz of their ex.  

Do you confront them about it?

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i don't feel like hanging out with people tonight except maybe my sister. but last night i told the guy i really like that i was free tonight and would text him today.

what can i say that won't make it sound like i'm just blowing him off and don't want to see him? 'cause i really, really do but i know he's going to want to go out because he hasn't had many weekends free the whole summer.

or should i just suck it up and go out with him? i don't know if it'd be just us or us and his friends. normally i'm really social, just not this weekend(of course).
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Will you please show me how you're feeling with a .gif?

If not, what is the story behind your username?
(Apologies to TCQ veterans who have probably answered this question a thousand times, I haven't seen it recently.)

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Assuming you liked cats, and this kitten was yours, what would you name HIM?
Keep in mind that if you named is something cutesy like "Fluffy" or "Boots" the kitten would spontaneously combust and its all your fault. 

(I am completely capable of naming my own kitten, and I am not seeking LJ's approval on names. I am merely curious and looking for other names I may not have thought of)
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I have been assimilated.

Today at AT&T: while I was determining which phone I would choose to replace my second defective Blackberry Torch (in 30 days) the sales guy gave me a seemingly random factoid: Of the phones they sell, a Blackberry is returned 60% of the time, while iPhones are returned 1-2%.

Do you think there should be a law/rule/common courtesy for a retailer to inform you of the statistical return rate/percent of defective devices reported (per model/manufacturer)?? wtf?

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I have intense cramps, it's "that time of the month" again. In a few hours I need to attend a party, where all my SO's closest friends will be. It's the first time I'll be meeting some of them. 
They always drink, and I got a few beers for the occasion. 

My Q is, would it be a horrible idea to take some painkillers now, before attending the party? The cramps are so horrible that I don't even want to get up from the couch. The painkillers contain paracetamol and codeine. 
Staying at home isn't an option. 

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So I was interviewing people today and my second or third interview was with a man who had very little by the way of relevant experience or experience at all. On top of that he spoke African American Vernacular English. It sounded very unprofessional and it is a call center job. Out of seven people I hired, only two had as little experience but they spoke standard English.

Assuming you have three people of the exact same experience, they all wear the same clothes but one speaks AAVE... Is it wrong to disqualify for hire the one that speaks in a less standard way assuming there are no other differentiating factors?

I won't be hiring him because there were just better candidates in general, but given the scenario I posted, I probably still wouldn't unless he could prove he could speak professionally.
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My babysitting job for tonight was cancelled and I have no money to go out. How should I spend tonight?

Also, who is your favorite Sesame Street character? I'm loving Fat Blue currently :)

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I bought a handmade saree (Indian wear) in a small Indian village in 2009. It is dark grey, bright pink & purple. I'd like to use it as a bed runner. But, how do I wash it without the colours running?? It's stiff/rigid because it's been sat folded up since it was made in late 2008, so it needs softening. Should I just chuck it in a bucket of cold water? It's so pretty.

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Are there any articles of clothing you really hate to wear? how often do you have to wear them?

What articles of clothing do you love to wear? and how often do you get to wear them?

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I spent about $800 on my car in May (brakes fixed, oil change and a few other things). I brought my car home and the brakes were squeaking. Dealt with it for a few weeks then brought it back. Brought the car home and they stilled squeaked.

I'm planning on taking my car in tomorrow but...the brakes stopped squeaking today. Should I take it in anyway?

Since I won't be able to go anywhere tomorrow if I do that... should I go drive 30 minutes to get Red Mango since I have nothing to do tonight? :/

What are youuuu up to?
Do you google?

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Does any place out there that sells gas still allow people to pump their gas before paying?

I currently work at a convenience store which requires all customers to come in and pre-pay for their gas  if they aren't using the card reader at the pump. The rule is company wide apparently, and yet I keep getting customers who come in and bitch about it then stating that other cashier and other places do this for them.  The only exception to that rule are drivers with  fleet cards since they have key in certain information after getting their fuel, but they still have to come in and let us know since we have to manually turn on our diesel pump at the register.  I was curious if pre-paying for fuel was universal or if it was just our company.
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Help me solve a math problem.

My uncle claims that 40% of people who voted for Obama were illiterate (obvious bullshit).

If that were true, what percentage of Americans would be illiterate?

This will be hilarious. I need help because math is my worst subject...
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Guys guys guys. So I'm waiting to get in touch with the manager at where I used to work to see when I can start working there again. Then I found on my voice mail a call from a manager at another store I applied to. I'd much rather work with the latter group, but how would I tell the manager at the first place someone else is interested in hiring me? What if I don't get the job? Be my career adviser TQC.
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gaming chairs

I'm trying to find a gaming chair for my boyfriend who has a football player's body-build. Everything that I've seen has a weight limit of 200 pounds, which is of course less than what he weighs. Does anyone have any suggestions of gaming chairs (preferably with stereo sound) that I could get for him?

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Which of these sweet dishes sound best to you?

(the two dishes don't need to go together)

What's the last thing you cooked?

I made shrimp glazed with orange juice tonight with a slaw made of of squash, carrots, and onion with cilantro on it.

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Im going to have to start eating a low/er carb and sugar diet for the next few months (BOO!!!)

What are some good low carb snacks and meals?

I already eat a lot of veggies and things like cottage cheese and very little main downfall is going to be my orange juice and sushi addiction.


DK/DC: What did you eat today?

I have had a piece of bread and butter and a some left over green bean casserole since 9am this morning (its now 10pm)...HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT IM SO FAT!!?

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So the S/O mentioned a few weeks ago that he wanted to take me out somewhere sometime.

I start back to school in a week or so.

Would it be too forward of me to remind him about that and see if we can work something out before I go back?
[And maybe see if I can make it a date, any suggestions for that as well would be much appreciated.]
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I need a new PC game. What should I get? Preferably $20.00 or under, but throw anything at me. I already have Dragon Age I & II and Mass Effect I & II I know those would be suggested. I also got Borderlands and Dawn of War II: Retribution recently but I'm bored with them.

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so ive been loving on this song, even though its super vulgar and disrespectful to women, but i can't stop listening to iitttt.
its a mix of me dancing it to, and shaking my head and saying well THAT is inappropriate.  hahah.


yes, he is saying "girls sure look like fuck food to me"

what songs do you really like even though you dont really like the message/know its a really bad song?


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For those of you born after 1990...
Have you ever played super mario brothers III?
Know why everyone makes fun of Milli Vanilli?
Seen Edward Scissorhands?

For everybody, what interesting things from your childhood do you assume other generations will get to experience too?