August 12th, 2011

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Seeing Halloween decorations in stores already, I decided to think about my costume this year.

I think I might go as Eponine, from Les Mis. That costume would be easy to put together.

What are you considering?
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Which of the Seven Dwarves are you most like?
Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, or Dopey?

Do you judge people on based on their icon/userpic? Do you read their comments in a certain tone?
Brought to you by me re-reading my own comments in an immature and obnoxiously girly voice, even if they're (usually) nothing of the sort.

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*NOTE: I am NOT trying to start a controversial arguement.

A very good friend of mine is pregnant. She found out about five days ago. The next day she started heavily bleeding and has been suffering severe abdominal pains. She went to the doctor today and they sent her straight to the emergency room. Unfortunately, this pregnancy was not planned and she is at a high risk for miscarriage. She already has a two year old daughter. She has no job, isn't married and is living at her grandmothers house (She's twenty years old). She's suffered with depression her entire life, and knowing that she has no way of taking care of another child, she has decided to get an abortion. I've already told her that I'm committed to supporting her no matter what happens.

Because I know that she will be suffering greatly emotionally, my question is, what can I do to help her? How can I make this unbearably hard situation easier for her?

If you've had an abortion what helped you move on and get back to having a normal life?

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Super TMI-ish question buuuuuuut.... Have any of you had a re-occuring yeast infection? WHAT did you do to get rid of it?? Did you figure out why it kept coming back? DID IT SUCK AS MUCH AS I PREDICT THIS MIGHT SUCK? :(

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A recent ex's new SO is markedly les attractive than you. How does that make you feel? Do you even care?

Does your answer change if the ex specifically says that this person is meant to help them get over you?

What if your SO cheated on you with this person? Aside from the fact that they cheated, how do you feel?

I think in both cases, I'd feel pretty insulted.

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ETA: common sense tells you to not care or that it's silky, stupid or juvenile, but do you really think that you absolutely won't care? Can your brain override your emotions? And I'm just being honest... I'd hate to feel that way, but I think I might.
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If you have an iPhone, has your battery gone to crap lately?

Mine has. Supposedly it's because of an update so I'm restoring it.

dgaf bout iPhones, a friend gives you a gift card to a store you like. What store would it be?

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Questions for Americans and those interested in American politics:

What do you think of the supercommittee?

What do you think of those chosen to be members of the supercommittee?

Edit: third question removed since Pelosi has chosen her three members so the question is irrelevant.
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I'm running an event next week at my work, and Wayne Newton is going to be a special guest. How should I introduce myself to him?
should I say "What's new, pussycat?" and maybe throw in a "it's not unusual" or some other tom jones references, pretending I think he sang those?
should I say "I can't believe you didn't win an oscar for your work in Vegas Vacation"?

Makeup for work?

Hey makeup people: can you give me some advice on "work appropriate" makeup? I'm particularly interested in lipsticks/glosses/etc.

Brand names/color suggestions would be super helpful!

(I work in a law firm in NYC if that matters)
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I asked this a year ago, but I cannot find the post and my friend starts school in a couple of weeks. TQC, what are good places to get textbooks and schoolbooks for cheap? Websites for comparisons? What sites do you recommend?

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Assume you have a jar of stress-relieving icing in your fridge. Further assume that you've had a very bad day and you've been looking forward to a spoonful of said icing all day. But then you open the fridge to find that a certain someone in your household has eaten the icing (but at least he threw the container away and added icing to your shopping list). Do you think there's a jury in the world that would convict you for strangling him?

Non-srs answers completely encouraged. :)

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what do you think of people selling drugs in code on facebook? would you just delete them? or would you say something to them or report them? tho i dont know how i would report them bc of the fact it is in code.
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What should I do to get through this depression?

Eat tater tots
Watch Armageddon
Read a Michael Connelly book
Read a Twilight book
Get in bed and play Clubhouse Games on my DS
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AARGH TQC, anecdotes!

1. AARGH TQC, I am meeting my boyfriend's parents tomorrow for the first time ever! I haven't met parents in 11 years!

Will you tell me about your good/bad/awkward/funny first encounters with your SO's parents?

2. AARGH TQC, I introduced a new acquaintance to my friends, and they were all over him (cause he's hot) and it was both embarrassing and funny!

Will you tell me about times when you were embarrassed by your friends?

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I live in an old house that was renovated and split into 3 units with 3 separate power bills. One on the bottom and two on top with a shared laundry room on the first floor. My SO and I live on the 1st floor and the laundry room power is connected to ours. We get $20/month off rent from our landlord to help cover the cost of laundry electricity.

The issue I'm noticing is that the upstairs tenants continue to do laundry constantly, and whenever I go out there it's NEVER  full load. It's always like less than half a load. What would be the best way to get them to only do full loads to conserve energy? We are only cordial with each other, I feel awkward and rude going up there and asking, and a note seems too passive aggressive for me.

Sidenote: our electricity bill the first month was almost $460! The second month it went down to $260, but still, it's a 1500sq foot unit.

Driving Atlanta to New York

We will be driving from Atlanta to Manhattan soon, starting sometime Friday evening and must be in Manhattan Sunday morning. We are thinking of taking I-85 to I-95 so we can see DC and Philly, but supposedly it is quicker to take I-85 to I-81 to I-78. I know I can use google maps, and have, but I want real-life experience.

1. Is it realistic to spend an hour or so in DC to "see" the White House and Capitol, or something? If we won't be able to do anything other than drive straight through, we might as well take the shorter route.
2. For those who have drove this: How much quicker, on average, is the 81 to 78 route?
3. For those who live along 1-95 on this route, is there any major road construction we should try to avoid?

DK/DC - One of the CDs I am making is "Classic Rock" based. Which one song should I make sure I include?
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Who is this Whitney chick that I see has her own show on NBC? Why do I feel like I've seen her before?

DK/DC/Don't watch TV: When is the last time it rained where you are? It's about to storm here!

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Do you have an Ipad? If so, why did you get it and what do you use it for?

My mom's generous friend who is super rich and won the lottery so is even more rich  told me he's randomly getting me one for school because I definitely *need* it. I mean I won't argue with him lol and I guess it will be nice having a more portable computer since my laptop is humungous but Im trying to figure out what else I could do with it.

killer headache, cookies and men

I've had a killer headache for the past 4 days, the dr ordered a CAT Scan for Monday.
Have you ever had a CAT Scan?
What was it for?

I bought Keeblers new Cheesecake/graham cracker crusted cookies and OMG are they yummy.
What's your favorite cookie?

What could cause my roommate to be a complete asshole tonight?
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24 hr fitness

Thinking of joining a 24 hr fitness. I know it's pretty free form, but what are the best hours to go (read: as in, no one there)? If you have any recommendations regarding that place, let me know. Thanks.
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What has been your best/most favorite vacation?

When my parents and I went to England, Ireland, and France when I was 16.

What's been your worst/least favorite vacation?

When I was eight, my dad had a business trip to Orlando at the same time my mom had a conference in DC. He'd arranged for a nanny to take me to Disney world, water parks, etc. At the last minute, the nanny bailed on us. I was stuck in our hotel room for the entire week, watching as other families got to go do fun stuff. So. Bored.

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i need bra recommendations!

i really want to start running but my breasts are large and really heavy, so it's quite painful. i'm having a hell of a time trying to find any sort of regular bra that not only contains them but makes them look awesome, let alone a sports bra that lends any sort of support/holds them in place. 
i know of a few places where i can look, but what should i be looking for? what styles or features? any particular brands that you like?
if it helps, at last measure (last winter) i was a 32e, although i'm probably closer to a 34 or 36 now due to some nasty meds.
price is important but not the deciding factor at this point.
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For those of you who watch soaps or serial drama series (eg. Skins, House, Mad Men ...).

Have you ever become particularly invested in one of their storylines? If so, what was it?
Why did you become so caught up in it? Was it exciting, particularly well-acted, or did it strike a deeper chord with you?

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Guys I am having sexy thoughts about one of the regular customers at my job...probably cuz he has a really hot scar across his lip/chin.

Can we brainstorm about how he got his sexy scar and/or about how fired I will be if I flirt with him?

I like to think he was in a badass motorcycle accident chasing a criminal who wronged his sister.

Red wine or white?

Do you use a duvet cover?

How am I going to break this dry spell?
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Awkward situation

A few monthes ago I was doing auditions for my Fringe production and was having some trouble getting someone. They kept realizing that they were too busy at the last second. Finally I got someone who seemed to be perfect, she was helpful, talented and enthusiastic about the show and subject matter so I sent her the script. Unfortunately she was not as perfect as I could have hoped because she read over the script and completely freaked out.

I had always been honest that the script was slightly raw and needed some workshopping but she just freaked and said it was undirekable and unworkable. I eventually got her calmed down but she insisted I dop my plans with an old friend so that we could go over the script with my partial director. Unfortunatly we couldn't get ahold of the director so the girl said that we couldn't work it. She then sent me a list of demands in order to keep her on the project. Insisting that the director be at every rehearsal, I cast the male role, I send out contact lists and I fix the script. I finally got out of her that the script was too long and talky so I was able to work on it however our director was always meant to be a partial one and didn't have time for a full role (which I had been honest about from the start) and the girl was insisting that I didn't listen to her about the script despite the fact that I was reworking it.

So she dropped out and then she black balled me in the theatre community, including telling her friends who she knew I had auditioned not to take the project. I had told her that if she wished to drop out i could get someone else she had said I would never find anyone at such short notice. She was determined that my play would fail so she was going to make sure that it did. Fortunatly the other women that I had auditioned were smarter then that and they stayed on the project and we rocked. However the girl went to my play and congragulated me and said how great my play was and I barely resisted punching her in the teeth but she also met my cousin who is also in theatre and started talking about working on projects with him.

So my question is do I straight out tell my cousin not to give this person the time of day or what?