August 11th, 2011

Kill Bill - Elle
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Where do you shop online most?

Do you get frustrated with clothing never fitting properly and just having a lackluster wardrobe?

Would you like to release some of your pent-up frustration from first-world problems?

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TQC, I'm having a mental health day today (yesterday was super stressful so I just want to relax today). I'm already planning on having writing time, cleaning time, naptime and movie time. What sort of movies should I watch? And what other things would you do on a "mental health day"?

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Anyone else having trouble logging into Facebook this morning? I've entered both my username and password correctly, but I've tried three different browsers (Chrome, FF and IE) and keep getting Collapse )

Alternatively, how's your day going so far? Want to brag or complain or share anything?

My mama is coming to visit me next week, I booked her flight last night and I'm super excited! :)

...though I'm very NOT excited about then driving with her to visit my deadbeat loser sister.
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I took Monday off as a vacation day, since I'm getting a little overstressed with work. I had planned to meet a friend for lunch that day. Should I move that to another day, or keep it? If I move it, I can spend my day off getting a pedicure, running some errands and wandering around the library without worrying about what time it is. If I keep that lunch date, I'll have to keep better track of time so I don't run late.

When was the last time you took a day off just for the hell of it?

How is your week going?

Warning! Alert! Caution! Heteronormative question ahead!!!

There have been at least a handful of studies which have found that marriage is more successful when the woman is smarter and hotter than her husband.

The last study linked even quantified the intelligence bit: 27% smarter at minimum.

What do you think about that?

If you're in a relationship, who's smarter/hotter, you or them?
Please feel free to include a description of what kind of relationship it is.

If you're a lonely internet foreveralone, are you at least smarter than your cat?
I know you're not hotter.

If you're a lonely internet foreveralone without a cat, I'm so sorry :(

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Every couple of weeks, my email starts sending out viruses to my entire contact list. I clear my cookies, run anti-malware and anti-virus scans (I usually do these daily, as well), and change my password, but it's still happening. How do I get these things off my computer for good if the scans aren't picking anything up?

I use AVG and Malwarebytes, and both are fully updated.

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It's a beautiful day out humidity which is a nice change, a nice breeze and the sun is shining.

What's the weather where you are?
and where are you ?

*side note*
thank you to everyone who made me smile last was greatly appreciated :)
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 So I just bought a Nikon D3100 from a friend for my upcoming birthday. I really want to buy a nice camera bag that looks sort of like a purse. Does anyone have any suggestions with good camera bags? 

Also, does anyone have any lens recommendations or Nikon tutorial/learning sites? I used to work with an old manual back in the day, but a DSLR is so crazy big and complex. 

dk/dc: what is your favorite thing to take pictures of? 

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I'm looking to book a trip to Europe for next spring (April-ish). Can anyone recommend a really great website for finding a good deal on airfare? If you've had a good experience with a certain website, please tell me about it!

Also, any tips for planning a trip to Europe on a budget? I'm not going to be backpacking around too much, I'll mostly be staying with family in Austria, but I also plan to spend a week in Paris before I head to Austria, and maybe finish my trip off with a visit to Italy for a week or 10 days. I've just started planning, so no specifics yet :)

So far I'm planning to stay in hostels and picnic a lot. Any other ideas for keeping my expenses in check?

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I quit my job yesterday via text (at my manager's request; she prefers texts) at around 3 pm. It's now the next day at 1 pm and I still haven't heard anything back. What does this mean? Did I piss them off badly, or does she think I don't deserve a reply? I was kind of expecting...any kind of reply, to be honest. Is that unprofessional?

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I'm going to be in Columbus, OH this weekend visiting my brother who's at Ohio State.

What are some must-do things? My brother's got a heart condition, so bonus points if those must-do things aren't physically strenuous.
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While we're still sort-of on the subject of online dating profiles, for those of you who have them and utilize them:

How do you handle that dreaded first message? What are some of your tried-and-true methods of breaking the ice when you're contacting someone for the first time? Do you make a comment on some portion of their profile that you can relate to? Do you dazzle them with your wit? Charm them by complimenting their pictures? Seriously, how does anyone get over that enormous hump of making first-contact?
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Delicate sensibilities?

Scenario One: A coworker mentions s/he is cold. Another coworker chimes in with, "well, if you'd put some meat on those bones you'd be warmer!"

Scenario Two: A coworker mentions s/he is hot. Another coworker chimes in with, "well, if you'd lose some weight it might cool you off!"

Would you be offended by either of these statements, both, or neither? Is one more "appropriate" than the other?

Bonus: Do you prefer your favorite soda of choice from a can, bottle, or fountain?

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How do I reach out to mass amounts of people with Facebook Accounts? Through the computer or in public?

^I'm in a contest and to win would fufill my DREAM.

So far I have:
Creating Events
Posting on Public Figures' Pages
Joining Facebook Groups

I need something clever! What do you have TQC?
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Are you still friends with anyone you went to high school with?
Are you still friends with anyone you went to primary school with?
Where do most of your friends come from? (work, school, internet, etc)

When you have a friend who has been annoying you for an extended period of time, are you more likely to take a break from them or cut them out of your life?
Power > Reset.
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People who know things about cars: I have an '04 Chevy Malibu LS (new body) and need new tires. I have $500 to spend and they need to keep me out of the ditch during New England summers/winters. What do I get?

People who dn/dk: What was the last thing you downloaded?
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TQC, I've been saying all along the United States government needs to get the fuck out of my income, namely payroll, just like Ron Paul, and I've been saying it's gonna be the true method of improving economic growth.

Can I officially blame the Republicans while simultaneously agreeing with this guy who says to eliminate payroll taxes on the first $20,000?

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Has anyone here been to Fort Lauderdale on vacation? Any recommendations of things to do/places to go/restaurants to check out? Bonus points if they're vegan/gluten-allergy friendly! (I'm going in September with my boyfriend and I'm super excited but have no idea what's awesome.)
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bad credit car loans

 I need a car. I have a full-time job now, and I'm saving up money every week. However, I don't have a cosigner (my parents won't help me out), and I have icky credit. Have any of you ever had luck getting a car either through leasing or financing? I'm having so much trouble, and I'm sick of begging people for rides and paying $17 one way for a cab. Any help is super appreciated!

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What are some things you're irresponsible about?

-My room. It can get pretty messy.
-Taking my medicine. Sometimes I forget to take my Paxil until I feel sick from withdrawal.
-School. I've yet to sign up to continue nursing. Maybe next spring after I've worked awhile...

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Stupid post time.

This morning, I turned the light on in the bedroom and the bulb popped. I thought my boyfriend would have changed it before he left for work, but of course not! So when I get in from work I go to flick the light on and now none of the lights in the house are working. Google is failing me and I'm scared of the dark and the bf won't be home from work till late.

Why is this happening? And how do I fix it?

/stupid post -_-
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Glutenous Maximus

Recently I've been having stomach pains. Previously it seemed that wheat/gluten were the culprits for stomach pain, so I have decided to abstain from wheat and gluten to see if that will alleviate my stomach pains.

But now I really just want to eat ALL the gluten. So

Poll #1768827 Nom nom nom gluten

What should I eat for dinner?

a big bowl of glutinous pasta
Borscht with bread
Borscht with no bread
Take away thai with rice
Other simple meal I will comment with

The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth

1. What was your highschool experience like? Was it positive/negative? Why?
2. Were you part of a clique? If so, which one? How did this effect your highschool experience?
3. Would you say your experience was better or worse than your friends or others you've spoken to over the years? Why?

1. My own experience was very positive. The majority of my highschool seemed to be a pretty inclusive bunch who mixed and mingled, and all generally got along. A lot of people who went to the same highschool have expressed that they felt comfortable going from table to table in the cafeteria, mixing and mingling, and felt generally welcome wherever they went.
2. Probably the drama club. It's a little hard to say because I felt like every clique mixed and mingled so it was hard to put people in one group or another, myself included.
3. A lot of my friends who DIDN'T go to my highschool explain their experience was alot more like MEAN GIRLS, where different cliques were very defined, and often isolated (or even hostile) towards one another, so my own experience seemed to have been a lot more positive. I'm curious what everyone else's was like!

(The subject title is based off Alexandra Robbins' book of the same title, on highschool cliques and why "outsiders" seem to thrive after awesome read).

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I really want to go back to school. I've decided on phlebotomy or patient care tech. Two of my friends recommended a school called MedRight. They both gave it good reviews and are working at the local hospital. However, when I looked up the school online today it got horrible horrible reviews.

My question: Whose opinion should I trust? I know my friends and they wouldn't tell me to go to the school if it was not good. But I'm scared of dumping a bunch of money into an institution that won't prepare me properly.

DK/DC? What the best job perk you've ever had?

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Is there something your parents always nag you about?

My dad no longer speaks to me unless it is to tell me I am the fattest and ugliest of all his children (for the record, I do have a bmi of 23, which might be unsightly on an asian body, since the stereotype is for all of them to be 20 lbs underweight; and a waist to hip ratio of .68). If I happen to look a bit slimmer that day, he'll nag about my white boyfriend, and how white guys would never date an asian girl seriously and that they're only there for sex and that I'm stupid for not going for an Asian guy.

How about you?


Do you (you personally, not general you) still get crushes on people when you're in a long term relationship? How do you deal with it - do you tell your SO, do you avoid that person, do you enjoy flirting with them for a while? Do you like getting crushes on people?

Tell me about someone you have a crush on right now.

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at my townhouse type apartment, the maintenance likes to come in my house literally around every 2 weeks or so to do some up keeping like tomorrow they want to paint around the new lights they just put in 2 weeks ago. last week they wanted to paint the door, a few weeks ago they wanted to come in and change the thermostat. before that they even came into my place without permission because i didnt answer when they knocked, i found the guy upstairs outside my bedroom door!!!!! this is nice and everything that they want to update but i do not like them barging in my place all the time its actually really starting to piss me off.

are they allowed to just come in as they please? also can i say no to them coming in? do i just have to deal with them?

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Do you have any interesting secrets in your family history? Or any great love stories and what not?

My grandma was most likely conceived when my great-grandma slept with a guy to get my great-grandpa out of jail -_-. Sooo not really sure of what nationality I am on that side.

DK/DC/MY FAMILY SUCKS:: Why is Michelle Bachman so insane? What family secrets does she have?
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I bought a dress today. It's size is 1X, and although I think a 0X would be the best fit, it still fits and looks great. However, the bust area is much too big. It was a cheap dress so I think it'd be worth it to drop a little bit of money into having it altered, if it's not very expensive.

Have any of you ever used a tailor's service for alterations? How much would I reasonably expect to spend on this?