August 10th, 2011


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 There was this website I used to play around with in high school where you'd make photo collages out of outfits and things based on a little theme. I can't remember the name of it and I would like to revisit it. So, TQC what the fuck is the name of this website?

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What do you think of the "save the tatas" breast cancer research slogan?

I read a comment by someone saying they hated it because it talked about saving the breasts instead of the woman who owns the breasts, and made women who had to get mastectomies feel less valuable.

When I saw that slogan I didn't think anything of the sort. I just thought it was a reminder to check your breasts often so you can keep them healthy, and thus, keep yourself healthy.
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Who are they?

My friend linked me to this .gif and now I'm very curious to know who these two are and WTF is going on. Any clue?


Edit: I love this community! It's been driving me crazy for hours and you guys solve it in 30 minutes!
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I am hoping to start seeing the counsellor at uni, but I don't know what to expect on my first visit.

If you have been or are seeing a counsellor, what was your first session like? 

What would you choose?

Tonight I'm going to see a movie at the local university's football stadium. It's a fundraiser for a charity event.

I have 2 choices of where I can sit:

1. On the field itself. No chairs are allowed, so I'd be on a blanket.

2. In the stands; bench seating.

If I sit on the field, I can't have anything concession-wise as they don't want food/drinks on the field. But, I can watch the movie in a variety of positions thanks to being on a blanket.

If I sit in the stands, I can have my popcorn (and I love me some popcorn), but I don't know how comfortable sitting there with no seat back will be for that long. I've sat in the stands for football games, but there's a lot of sitting/standing so, it's not a constant sit for a long period of time so it's not really comparable.

What would you pick?

The movie is Toy Story 3, so it's not a super long movie, but it isnt' short, either.

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I'm going to have some of my girlfriends over for a potluck within the next month because I've moved and we just started school for the year, so we're all back.

What should I serve?
There are no food allergies.

I would like main courses and dessert ideas, if possible.

What's the last potluck you went to?
What did you bring?

Or if you hate potlucks:
What are you supposed to be doing right now but you're not, because you're on TQC?

I am supposed to be sorting out these files. But it's getting tedious.

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I saved up money and splurged on a Prada shirt for my boyfriend. Knowing my luck, it didn't fit him very well. I got it last month, so I can't return it or even get store credit (they have a 10 day policy, and it's been over 10 days).

If the shirt cost $300 including tax, worn only ONCE when he tried it on, box still intact AND I have the original receipts, how much do you think I can get for it on eBay?
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Has anyone read this story or something similar? Can anyone tell me what it is?

There's a man (might be a king) who has two sons (or more). One son starts neglecting his duties, slacking off, being an ass and ignoring his father. So the father sends his other son to remind his irresponsible one of his duties. A few days pass and the father has yet to see any sign of his irresponsible son so he asks if his other son actually obeyed his order.

To which the reply was something like: "Yeah, I told him and then I took care of it." The father later finds out that 'took care of it' meant that this son actually killed his irresponsible one. The father sent this son away, fearing his coldhearted personality to subdue a tribe not far from where they live. The son goes and takes care of things - he also takes care of many others. Eventually this son realises that the father sent him on these adventures not in hopes that the kingdom will be united/become peaceful, but in hopes that someone out there is strong enough to kill this son off.

It might be a Greek story. =S

What do you suggest for lunch?
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I'm going to embroider a QR code, and then frame and hang up in either my house or give it away to a friend. What should the code say and/or link to when scanned?

For those that don't know, QR codes are these things:

and it can say/link to almost anything.

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I just uninstalled and then re-installed Chrome because it was crashing. Now it's not crashing, but I can't load any pages. I'm not getting any error messages or anything. It's just not going anywhere.

Firefox is working fine for me. Internet connection is strong.

What is going on?
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My SO started singing the Scooby Doo theme before he left for work, and now it's in my head. I hate that song.

What song do you suggest I replace it with?

More importantly, what song should I put in his head when he gets home?

DK/DC/Keep your relationship issues off TQC: what are you wearing today?
Urahara - plotting is what I'm best at

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Does anyone here play Terraria? :) If you do, what do you think of the latest update?

dk/dc/don't play: Does it feel like the season it's supposed to be where you are?

It's definitely not summer here. It's cold and cloudy and windy. :(

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What kind of text messages from your manager/assistant manager would you consider to be harassing? And not sexual; just ..harassing.

I can give more details if needed, but at this point I kind of just want to know what other people consider first. Like, what would make you go to the manager above them or anything.

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Halp! I'm moving to a new apartment this weekend and for whatever reason I don't know what to pack today. Everything I can think of packing is stuff we might need to use before we leave. Help me think of some totally useless stuff I can pack?

(So far the only things I've packed are our mountains of books, and our baking supplies...and there are a ton of boxes in the garage full of our crap too)

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Vision-impaired people of tqc who wear corrective contact lenses, does it piss you off when people wear colored/noncorrective contact lenses they don't need?
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1. After being BLOWN AWAY by The Rise of the Planet of the Apes, I really really really want to read some good science fiction novels. Any recommendations?

2. I don't like my glasses anymore. I want to get a new pair. What can I do with my old ones? I know they can be recycled, but what about selling? Do people sell frames??

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Have you ever had any luck with a Ouija board or something similar?

I've been using Ouija boards for years, and nothing at all has ever happened. Sometimes I'd feel insane for scolding a piece of plastic for not talking to me...
There is supposed to be a demon that frequents Ouija boards called Zozo...but I suspect the entire thing is a fabrication to promote the movie coming out.
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A friend of mine has been having a really rough time lately. I'm putting together a gift basket of things I hope will cheer her up a bit (The Book of Awesome, some cookies, a few magazines, a couple cell phone charms I made, maybe some bath salts or something), and I'd like to include some music since that's what generally keeps me going so I'm going to put together a mix cd.

What songs put a smile on your face whenever you hear them?

Any other suggestions of what I could put into this basket? I'm on a budget so preferably nothing very expensive.


dk/dc: What was the last strange dream you had?


Steph - always

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A member of TQC is coming to visit you for a couple of days!

How are you going to keep them entertained in your town/city?
What will you feed them? If you take them out for dinner, where?
Where are they going to sleep?

(Note: you like this hypothetical TQCer, so be nice.)

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 Can we talk about times people have seriously fucked up our hair?

Because an hour ago I walked out of the salon with fucking BROWN hair four shades darker than my natural hair color when I originally went in for platinum fucking blonde. Apparently the girl thought my natural hair was 'mousy' and wanted to 'add a little something extra'.

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I found out tonight that my daddy is dying and may not make it to the end of the year.

This makes me very sad :(

Can you make me smile somehow?
Youtube, jokes and other random acts of humor are welcome


A friend of mine just got a text from a guy from the university [we all] went to at random. She hung out with him every once in a while, kinda sorta liked him but kinda sorta not, he sent mixed messages. He's fucking hilarious and fun to hang out with, but we think he just wants to get some ass.

Guy: "Hey so if I were to spend a night in philly with nowhere to stay would you wanna go out and hang out or whatever?"

Friend: "Uh yeah I guess, but I don't really know any night life you'd like because I'm in a completely different part of the city. Also you couldn't really crash at my place unless I asked my parents since I live at home"

Guy: "Well my friend lives near philly and he's gonna need a ride and I don't wanna offer because I don't wanna have a gay bro moment but if you wanted to hang out that would be an excuse to some see you"

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The Evilness that is Facebook

So, since I am having to make a Facebook page for my massage practice, does anyone know how to import a PDF document into FB?

Or, at least copy & paste the contents of this 2 page, 3 columns wide document so it shows up in the right formatting on FB?

(I really don't want to do this, but it's a necessary evil in order to get more massage vic...  er clients & actually end my month in the black and not red on my bank statement...  :-p
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a friend of mine works for a gay club and posed the following question on facebook:

"About to pick the shot special for Friday!'s going to be called the "Like a Virgin" shot in honor of Madonnas birthday!...any suggestions!?"

what do you think?

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 Do you ever use or similar sites to find new music? If not, how do you?

It's pretty much the only way I consistently find new stuff I enjoy. I seem to be surrounded by friends with different music tastes than I so that significantly reduces my exposure, I've found.

What's the newest artist you've discovered that you like?