August 9th, 2011


sexy time

how many people have you had sex with?

was your first time awkward?

would you find it ridiculous if you knew someone who had a goal to sleep with 100 people?

do you like porn?

problem! userpic

okay, so i kind of getting angry with this one because i still couldn't find a solution to it.....

LJ doesn't let me have a GIF userpic.... why? on hells.... i tried so many times and everytime is the same. error with i don't know what cuz it doesn't let me have it.

are gif -s some kind of problem around here. i mean i type the URL and still it's not working, like it doesn't show up at all and i can't finish the process.... it's pissing me off.... anyone have any idea about it?

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In yet another installment of "agent_squeaks asks stupid questions that really don't need to be debated late at night"

So my mom+brother are going out of town this weekend. Naturally I asked if I could have a friend over, even though it would be me and my dad in the house [my dad primarily stays upstairs ftr and you can't hear anything from where he is anyway and he's a sound sleeper].

She saw through this like glass and said that I couldn't have my "special friend" spend the night.

I didn't bother arguing because I was just kinda astounded she would immediately assume I would have him over for sex [I would but not first thing as he walked in, we'd wait a bit first].

If I were to argue this, how would I do it?

Of note: I'm 21 ftr. And so is he.
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dear TQCers who live in snowy cities,

where (what stores/websites) do you buy your winter boots? what are some decent, not-incredibly-expensive brands that make nice cold-weather boots?

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What is the last book you read? Would you suggest it?
I read A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg, owner of the blog Orangette. It was pretty interesting as it had recipes in it, but it also was a memoir of sorts.

What book are you reading now?
Dreams of Joy by Lisa See

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If you and your friend were Thelma & Louise, what would you have done?
Would you have drove off that cliff?
Would you have gone through Texas?
Would you have shot that creeper asshole rapist outside that roadhouse dance hall bar??

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Do you ever dream of a place you've never been? Do you think it means anything?

DK/DC/I don't dream: If you had an overweight Golden Retriever mix and live in a fairly warm part of the country (though it's getting cooler-ish; it was only supposed to be 90* today!), would you get him shaved? How about if you only take him on walks during the cooler parts of the day (early morning and later evening, for example), but he still pants like crazy? Would you consider his panting just part of his weight (which we're working on), or think he's too hot? Thanks!
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Do you find that you are most attracted to people that belong to a certain astrological sign? (Not on purpose; i.e. I don't go out to someone and ask them what sign they are and if they aren't a certain sign, I deny them.)

I was reading silly astrological love stuff and came to a realization that I am a Cancer that has had mostly Gemini lovers..or "lovers". What about you?
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I haven't been able to show any love to my usual hobbies lately and wanted to pick up a new one. Since I love problem-solving I was thinking of having a site for it, it seems fun.

Do you have any problems I could try to solve for you that I could put up on my site when I finish it, so I could already have some content? I like working out social/relationship things most but I'll give anything a shot. You can sign it with a cool fake name if you want!
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What's the coolest house you've ever been in or seen from a distance because you have, really, no relations to rich people things (like me)?

Not to say your middle-class house ain't cool!

Do you know of any websites for quirky, innovative architecture and interior design?

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So I just ordered 24 books off amazon for my classes this year - I was hoping to get them from the school bookstore just to make sure I could get them, but I'm waiting on the check for the rest of my loans to arrive and I don't have enough money to order them from the bookstore until I get it. I decided to try and get them all from amazon for a cheaper price. It says estimated arrival anywhere from August 14th to 31st, and I'm going back to school on the 19th. I got all my books from like, 15 different senders. What's the likelihood that I won't have my books for school? Also, if you've ordered off amazon for schoolbooks and had a bad experience, will you tell me about it so I can know what to expect in case something does go wrong?

DK/DC? What was the last thing you drank?
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I need advice ...

When I was hired for my job, it was never made obvious what would happen in the event of hospitalization (I care for a boy with medical issues). Well, he has been in the hospital for a week now and it is expected of me to show up and help out even though, technically, I'm violating contract and his mother (employer) and myself could be audited by the company that oversees my pay if they find out. I have a few issues with this:
1. I have a horrific drive getting there now. It was already 25 minutes to their home every day but now I am driving anywhere from 40-45 minutes in terrible Houston traffic to get to the medical center.
2. The gas is seriously cramping my style. I get paid 10 bucks an hour, it isn't like I have boatloads of cash flowing in.
3. The parking costs 12 dollars every day.
4. Because he's in crisis mode, he needs constant attention. By the time I leave each night, which is never made clear, I am exhausted. I have 45 minutes to drive home and I keep falling asleep at the wheel.
5. I'm moving next week, which was discussed prior to him nosediving, but a final date was never decided. I think it is expected of me to help throughout his entire hospital stay but, really, I need to leave by next week. I gave them the 19th as my "stretching it" date, said I'd like to be done by the 12th, but could feasibly stay until the 15th. I won't have somewhere to live if I do not make it before September 1st, and I need to go to my college and finish my course selection. I have 2,500 miles to drive to even get there. This job cannot fuck me out of my education, essentially.
6. I really think I'm being asked to go WAY above and beyond what I was hired for.

So, short of saying "I can't do this anymore" without proper notice, what do I do?
Muh Life.
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I'm waiting for my turbo-shot coffee to kick in so I can finish the preliminary coat of paint on 18 picture frames, sooooo...

Can we have a picture post to amuse eachother?

Categories (pick one or more) are:
  • The newest photo on your camera/phone/technological device.
  • Your current most favorite __(place or thing)__ in the whole wide world.
  • A pet/pet of choice.
  • A person you'd go gay/straight for.
  • Something delicious.
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    What are/were your major/minor in university? If you still are in school, what are you taking this coming semester?

    I'm a triple major in TV-Video Production, Audio-Radio Production, and Theatre, and I have minors in English and Journalism.

    I'm taking Mass Media and Society, Introduction to Human Communication, Basic Planning and Production for TV, the Art of Film, Travel Writing, American Drama, Directing the Play, and a 1-credit weekend trip to the Stratford Shakespeare Festival.

    Needless to say, I am stoked for school to start.

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    i'm having ikea delivery a couch for my basement today. How much should I tip the delivery guys?

    alternatively, are there any services some people tip for but you don't? What are they?

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    Out of all your currently deceased pets, whose death caused you the most pain? Pics earn you extra points!

    This is Ruben. He's been gone almost a year now. He was only 7. We think he swallowed a rock and it blocked him up, since he liked to carry them around in his mouth. I bet our new puppy, Smokey wondered why I blew a gasket when I caught him doing that!

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    I like to eat salad with my thumb and index finger. I have no idea why. I only do this in the privacy of my own home.

    What foodstuffs, that typically require utensils, do you eat with your fingers?
    Do you know why you do it?
    Why do you do it?

    If you could only have one utensil for the rest of your life, which would it be?
    Sporks do not exist.

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    i would really really like to move to canada in the winter 2013, vancouver specifically, i have been looking up immigration laws and work permits but i am confused. am i supposed to get a visitors visa first before you can live there permanently? though from what i have read and heard is that you have to get your work permit where i live now in the US, so how could i do that before i even live there? when should i start applying for visa/work permit/resident permit/citizen ship??

    anyways could you give me a step by step way for me to move to canada from the states?

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    If you were going to order off of this menu, what would you order?

    What are you doing today, TQC?

    I unpacked some boxes from my move,
    I went to the grocery store,
    I'm going to make a cake for my friend's birthday tomorrow,
    and I'm going out to dinner tonight with some girls in my class.
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    My best friend has been out of town for the last few weeks, and won't be back for another few. The last time I went out of town for an extended period of time, I came back to giant sparkly foam letters on my door spelling my initials and pink glitter in my mailbox. We live in the same apartment building.

    What can I do to his door/mailbox before he gets back? (Like kinds of things can I shove under/in them)

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    Does hearing the ice cream truck drive through your neighborhood make you feel like a kid again?

    What was/is your favorite ice cream to buy from it?

    I totally feel 6 years old every time I hear it, but then I get really sad when it passes by my house, because we were never allowed to get ice cream from it when I was a kid ;_; It's not even that we couldn't afford it, my parents were just cheap. So anytime I hear it I get the urge to run outside and go "fuck you childhood, I'm buying a Snoopy!" or...something to that effect.

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     Fellow Buffy lovers, who do you think is the *worst* written character on the show?

    I love Tara because she's adorable, but I also feel bad for Amber Benson because I feel like the character's mostly just filler and her lines are always so unimportant while everyone else gets these awesome one-liners and things.
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    (no subject)

    Hey, Psych fans! I just got into the series and want to download an episode to watch today at work. What's your favorite episode? I like ones that put Shawn or Gus in mortal peril, as I find those are the funniest. :P

    Non-Psych fans: what is your favorite TV episode ever, from what show?
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    My only child is starting pre-school this year. Tomorrow we go to check out a local pre-school. Besides asking about background checks on the teachers and if they'll beat my child or not, what else should I be asking them? I already know the cost and when tuition is duem when classes start, how long classes are, what the teacher/student ratio is...i'm just not sure what else I should know...

    What's your favorite thing to order from the Schwann delivery person?
    I <3 Root Beer Float popsicles and Vanilla Brownie Caramel ice cream. Oh yum!
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    Bedding Quality

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    Have you ever had a dream orgasm/orgasmed in your sleep?

    Did you feel cheated?


    It is VERY difficult for me to orgasm, it requires at least a half hour or so of good vibrations to do anything...and it has to be clitoral.

    But a few weeks ago I had a very weird sexy dream in which I was about to cum and then I woke up moaning and my girly bits were spasming like I had had an orgasm...

    I chocked it up to a weird dream..but again, last night I had a seriously messed up sex dream in which I orgasmed just as I was waking up and again with the vaginal spasms and general good feelings...

    At this point Im fairly sure Im orgasming in my sleep and Im thinking its to do with the pregnancy hormones.


    I feel so robbed :(
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    TQC what are you doing tomorrow?

    I am:

    -making blueberry scones
    -going to the local mission to get postcards (maybe a winery too)
    -buying and sending postcards (I just joined
    -going to the pot store
    -making steak and artichokes for dinner

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    What are things that annoy you but don't seem to bother anyone else? And visa-versa?

    What bothers me:
    The use of "him or her" "he or she" and the like. I'm fine with the default being "he or him" when the gender of someone is in question, such as "when your doctor blah blah blah, he will..." even though the doctor could be a woman. Sort of sexist? Maybe, but I feel adding the "she or her" just makes your sentence or statement bigger and more detailed than it has to be. I'm fine with everyone being called man, such as policeman, mailman, or chairman, also since the oldest definition of man just means human, not necessarily specifying gender. (But obviously using she or her would be appropriate if the person in question has to be a woman). Simplicity for simplicity's sake!

    Flip flops. I hate flip flops. Dear god, my personal Hell would have everyone wearing flip flops. I don't really care if you wear them during your leisure time, but do you really need to wear them in situations where your feet need some protection? I have no idea why people wear them when they plan to do heavy lifting or going up and down stairs a lot. I've seen so many broken toes and torn up feet...

    What doesn't bother me:
    Remakes. Why do people bitch over movie remakes? No one is making you see it. If you respect the original too much, just stick with it.
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    A couple of Mac related questions.

    So, I'm going to be getting a degree in graphic design (likely a associate's/two year program to begin with) and it's looking like most of the colleges I will be applying to will have me working on Mac computers on their campuses. However, I've only ever worked with PCs.

    My questions: will the transition be difficult for me? Should I think about getting a Mac laptop for college to help me get used to 1. using the operating system and 2. using Photoshop in a different OS? Some of the colleges will let me use a PC laptop, and I've been wary of buying a laptop that I will not quite know how to use. (I won't be going until next spring.)

    Oh, and another question: I hear Photoshop isn't compatible with Mac PCs -- true or false? (If true, what program will I likely use?) EDIT: nevermind!
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    Your tax dollars at work?

    Oh good lord.

    Any other Australians onboard who (a) didn't get a census form and (b) are unable to fill in the census online because you need a paper form number to do so and (c) finding that all queries direct you to the part of the website which directs you to the helpline, which directs you to the website?

    DK/DGAF/I'm putting Jedi: any good recent sci-fi you want to recommend? (books for preference, but I'm not fussy...)
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    (no subject)

    I've had my iPod for a couple of years now (just a regular iPod, not a shuffle or a touch or anything fancy like that). It was always really good to me, until just recently. Now, within the past month, I've had to restore it to factory settings 3 different times.

    My connector cable is also seriously frayed at this point. The white casing has worn off in a few different places, exposing the wires.

    Will a new cable fix the issue, or is there something wrong with the iPod itself?


    does anyone know where i could find a dress that is similar to mila kunis' oscar dress?

    Collapse )

    or dianna agron's dress at the glee movie premiere?

    Collapse )

    i'm looking for a ball dress for my uni, don't really know where to look or what i even want, i'm sort of lost...

    (no subject)

    What do you call it?

    Pen cover
    Pen lid
    Pen top
    Pen cap
    Other (Indicate in a comment)
    My girlfriend and I both grew up on separate coasts, and have been arguing about this for 3 days. I call it a pen lid, she calls it a pen cover. I've heard pen top and pen cap at work. Just wondering what the most popular word is.


    2. Brought on by a Degrassi episode; would you ask for a form of payment if you were asked to donate give an organ by...

    2a: A Stranger?
    2b: A Family Member?
    2c: A child you gave up for adoption and have had no relationship with?

    Edited for clarity.

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    When you go out with your friends, how often are you the only single person or in a long-distance relationship when everyone else is coupled up?

    If it happens, does it bother you?

    Would it bother you if you were in a relationship and everyone else was single?
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    (no subject)

     Does anyone have any experience taking melatonin tablets while on anti-depressants? Specifically, Effexor. Did it cause any adverse effects? I saw a website or two that said it's not generally advised, and I'm a hypochondriac when it comes to meds so I know I'll imagine all kinds of side effects if no one assures me otherwise. 

    (no subject)

    I responded to Collapse )

    I talked to the woman and she seems nice and I have an appointment to meet with her later this week. She told me she wants me to give her a deposit before I move in, althought he ad states everything is included. She seems somewhat incapible of caring for herself also stating that she may have to move and pointing out numerous times that she has nice and expensive things. After hanging up with her I am having second thoughts.

    Have you ever found work via craigslist?
    If so how did it work out for you?

    (no subject)

    I just got back from Chicago. My friend and I went to Lollapalooza.
    Her mother funded the entire trip (airplane, expensive hotel, food, spending money etc)
    I have NO idea how I could ever repay her. But I want to get her something to thank her. Just a simple card and something small to let her know how much I appreciate everything she did for me.
    Shes a woman who has it all so its really hard and I guess I'm looking more towards something diy and handmade so its more personal.

    Any ideas?