August 8th, 2011

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what if j.k. rowling and co were just trolling us, and this whole pottermore thing was just an elaborate prank and the welcome letters will never come???
run on sentence is run on sentence?!?!?!
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So, I live with my parents and our house is basically like something you'd see on Hoarders minus the mouse droppings and dead cats. I was able to clean my room without issue, but anytime I try to clean another part of the house or suggest some rules for keeping a part of the house clean (like the sink), my mom becomes decidedly unpleasant. She thinks the house needs to be cleaned 'right' and no one else but her can do it, but she feels too overwhelmed to do anything, so nothing gets done. She keeps buying things without getting rid of anything (ironically enough, she bought a vacuum which she has yet to take out of the box and has been standing in the middle of our living room like a monolith for about a week). The house has been getting worse for about four years and is depressing everyone.

Which of the following do I do?:

a) ELIMINATE CLUTTER WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE and accept that my mom will hate me for awhile, but the house will be clean. (A seriously daunting task that would probably end in failure.)
b) Become her mom, alternating between encouraging her and scolding her, until she starts helping me clean.
c) Continue cleaning the parts of the house I seem to be allowed to clean until I move out in a year, afterwards my parents can just collapse in their own misery and filth.
d) Something else which you, organizing/mental health experts of TQC, will suggest.

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if i get a lofted bed, will i eventually hate climbing up a ladder to get into bed? or will i appreciate the extra storage space? are lofted beds too juvenile for a 23-year-old?
if you don't feel confident in your ability to read my mind, feel free to answer from your own perspective as well.

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Have you seen the commercial for Popeye's Rippin Chicken?  Does it make you think these people are eating a deep-friend hand?  I cannot get that image out of my mind after I see the commercial.  Wish I could find it online, but I can't.  Anyway, it creeps me the fuck out.

DK/DC/Haven't seen this creepy commercial - When you need to grab breakfast on the run from somewhere in a rush, where do you go and what do you get?

I usually hit McDonald's, and it's usually a sausage mcgriddles meal with a large diet coke.
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Who is the spokesperson/mascot for your insurance company? (Dann Florek J.K. Simmons with a flamethrower, woo!)

My insurance company is not represented/Insurance is for sissies: What's for breakfast?

OMG last year of undergrad freakout time!

 I'm starting the last year of my Political Science degree in September. Thing is, its going to have taken me 6 years to get my BA (or 6 years + a semester, depending on how the timetabling works) and I want to go to grad school eventually - because I'm interested in research, and there isn't really much you can do with a BA in Political Science. My marks aren't great (I either fail/barely pass, or get marks in the C+-B range)
my GPA is completely fucked, even if I don't get anything below a C+ in the next year, (which is entirely possible) I'd be lucky to have a C+ average. How fucked am I exactly? does it matter that the courses I've done well in are the more difficult ones? Will it make any difference that I've volunteered with the school paper/radio station & helped in the ESL study center/volunteered with international students for the last year and a half?

DKDC - what did you do you degree in? has it been useful in getting a job?
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What is the creepiest thing that you recall happening when you were in elementary/middle/high school?

In the seventh grade a long-term sub we called Rug (he wore these horrendous green loafers that matched the carpet) asked me to stay after class one day. As soon as I walked up to him, he shoved a Modern English cassette tape into my hand, winked, and whispered: "The song 'I Melt With You' makes me think of you often."
D: I'm really glad I was too naïve at that age to understand what he meant.

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Have any of you ever bought an International version of a textbook off the internet to save money? If so, how well did that work out for you?

I'm looking at a paperback international version of a textbook for grad school and I could potential save like $30... but I'm scared it will not have the right content. I am in the U.S. if that matters.
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What do you feel is the worst kind of reoccuring pain?

I've been lazy with wearing my retainer and taking it out after wearing it overnight is brutal. So teeth pain. I also really hate throat pain.

I also hated it after I got my nose pierced. Most piercings were fine during healing, but it sucked everytime I'd bump my nose :(

What is something that happened to you that physically hurt the most?

Probably when I got my tonsils out. I've never broken a bone, and spraining my ankle wasn't as bad as swallowing with a burnt throat :( (and now I'm remembering how digusting my throat looked because they cauterized the holes)

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How many movies can you think of off the top of your head have a character in them with the same name as you?

If you feel like googling or imdbing it too, tell me some more movies with your first name!

question for the renters

What insurance company do you use for renter's insurance? Or just generally share good/bad experiences with different companies? I have auto insurance through Geico so I automatically went through them as well last year for my renter's policy, but I'm shopping around since I'm renewing my lease next week. Gracias!

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 What are some things people on the internet love that people irl don't seem to like all that much?

To begin with, I nominate corgis and tea. I never see people walking corgis and I only know a couple people who like tea, even though these are apparently huge with the intertits population.


I should probably qualify the tea thing by saying I live in the states, where people are more likely to drink a Big Gulp than tea, so this is just personal experience. I realize that, world-wide, tea is like a sacred thing.

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Can you post pictures of any of these related things? Cool tattoos, cool word tattoos, tattoos in interesting/cool places.

Or if you've seen one before but don't have a picture, can you describe it to me?

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Which life would you rather lead?

A life similar to Kate Middleton, where you have loads of money, a new wardrobe every day, marriage to a prince/princess, but you have utterly no privacy whatsoever. You gain a little weight, you're on every tabloid; lose too much weight, you're on every tabloid. Make a fashion blunder or a wardrobe malfunction or stain your shirt with juice, and the whole world will know within the hour. Wherever you go, there's paparazzi waiting to take your picture, regardless how out-of-the-way your location is. You're rich and fabulous but on display for everybody. Always.


A life where you struggle monthly to make ends meet. It seems you never have enough money. You have to work harder, maybe get a second job sometimes. However, you live in a secluded life, in a neighborhood that grants you a lot of privacy, and when you do unwind at home it seems the world leaves you alone

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Something weird happened to my back and I think i've sprained/strained it. Either way, it's the worst pain i've been in, and I can't walk far.
When will this pain end?
ETA: What should I do to bide my time stuck on the floor? Films etc.
ETA2: My mum is an osteopath so that bit's covered.
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I'm going to go to Dallas for a few days in October (I've always wanted to go to Dealy Plaza and stand on the grassy knoll and see the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository) and I need to know where to go to get the best authentic Texas barbecue. Do you lovely people of TQC have any suggestions? And what should I order when I'm there?

Also, are there any other places I should definitely visit when I go to Dallas? I love to take photographs of architecture so if there are any cool buildings that would be awesome.

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Let's say you call in sick to work one day. This is just a retail job, by the way. Okay, so you're sick and you call in. In my case, I texted this morning at 7:30 am (I wasn't supposed to be there until 2 pm, and my manager prefers to be texted) to let her know I wouldn't be able to make it. She texted me back at 10:30 to tell me it was my responsibility to find someone to cover for me. Right or wrong, TQC?

Also, if I miss a day due to being sick, can they make me work my next off day? My assistant manager is telling me since he had to cover for me today, I have to work his shift Thursday, which is my normal day off. Since I called in sick, does that work? Or am I assuming they're being jerks when they really aren't? 

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My friend's birthday is on Wednesday. I am going to make her a birthday cake.

Her preferences are:

"Anything with chocolate. And I'm a big fan of Oreo cookie crust."

With these requirements, what kind of cake would you make?
Do you have any recipes?

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Whats the last selfish thing you did?

Do you regret it?


I cannot decide which one was worse, drinking a Full Throttle even though Im preggers and subsequently causing my baby to have a twitch fit in my belly or turning of my phone because I did not want to deal with my boss texting me....I did both of them at the same time.
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Cat people of TQC, I need your help again. My boyfriend's cat and his roommate's cat have fleas and we're having trouble getting rid of them.

Collapse )

What should we be looking for now? Is flea shampoo the same thing as a flea dip? And if not, which one should we be trying? I don't even really know what flea dip is - if we get that, how do we use it? (I mean, I know we can just follow the instructions on the bottle, but if someone could give me a general idea of how it works before we go searching for it that'd be awesome.)

I don't THINK there are any fleas in the carpet/bedding/etc. I'm amazed that there aren't, but from what I understand it's generally pretty obvious if they're there. I've walked all over the apartment in bare legs and haven't seen a single flea jump onto my feet or anything. I've never seen a flea other than on the cats and the occasional flea that jumps ship onto me or my boyfriend. So I'm really hoping if we can bathe both cats in one night and kill all the fleas/eggs on them, the problem might be solved. I don't think we can really flea bomb the place - even if we could get the cats out of the apartment, they have upstairs neighbors and it's a fairly old building so I'm not confident that the fumes would be contained to their apartment.

Anyway, thanks for any advice!

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Will you post a photo of your bedroom, or some other room of your house?

(I know about fuckyeahbedroomdecor on Tumblr, but some of those rooms tend to look like magazine photoshoots, and I want to see real bedrooms. I'm about to go look at saucydwellings too.)

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Which would you rather eat?

Papa Smurf
Gremlin (Mogwai)
Gremlin (Stripe)
Mini Me
An Ewok
50 Tribbles
Danny Devito
Jiminy Cricket
An Oompa Loompa

Resume Help

I've been a seasonal tax employee for the last two tax seasons, and plan to go back next year.

How would I post this on my resume, A or B?

A) March 2010 - June 2011
B) March 2010 - May 2010
Feb 2011 - June 2011

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 Dear UK TQC-ers, 
I've heard the riots are spreading to other places, is it going off where you are? 
Or if you've been watching the news, just discuss it here I guess. Any theories on where the hell our Prime Minister is and why full scale riots don't seem important enough for him to cancel his holiday for? 

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TQC, I have my first classroom and very little to decorate it.

What are some nice phrases I can put on my walls?

My school is undergoing big changes to work on making the school an inviting place so I'd like to get some creative things on the walls, encouraging the kids to come in.

Sorry, TQC, I forgot to say that they are 7th graders.

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Do you enjoy fairs/festivals?

Do you have a Ren Fest where you live?

Have you ever been to the Michigan Ren Fest?

I am so excited that it's fair/festival season. You have no idea. We don't have the Michigan State Fair anymore and that's so depressing.

health insurance?

For those of you who have to buy health insurance (I guess that's...everyone in the States? Anyone else?), how much does it cost you a month? Are you illness/accident-prone?

I'm a pretty healthy 24 year old shopping for health insurance. Blue Cross Blue Shield looks good; I found a plan for $86/month with a $250 deductible and 10% copay, but my sister said that was ridiculously high (she only pays $24/month through her job; $500 deductible, 15% copay on most stuff). I dunno, when I looked at cheaper plans elsewhere they didn't cover anything, they just chip in up to $50 in case of an accident - hardly useful. On one hand, I rarely get sick and have never been injured. On the other hand, I spend 24 hrs a week working in hospitals as a student nurse.

I mean, when I was with Starbucks I had great $30/paycheck insurance through Blue Cross, but surely it can't be that cheap for unemployed students. Does $86/month for a young adult sound reasonable to you?

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In an effort to save money my husband and I are thinking of switching from Verizon to Metro PCS. Is this a terrible idea? We both want smart phones and the Metro PCS plans are $60/month. We're paying $175 right now for our non-smart phone plan through Verizon. I've heard MetPCS isn't all that super great, but is it terrible?

If you don't use either of these companies for your cell phone needs (and are in the States) what company do you use? LOve or hate?

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When was the last time you were sick?

I seem to have picked up some flu-like bug on my visit to El Salvador. I'm feverish and so congested and achey but it seems a lot better than the rest of my group who ended up with stomach flus. yuck

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Which should I make, on the conditions that the person I'm making it for loves chocolate and also Oreo crusts?

You guys really are such a help, that's the reason I'm bugging with this.

If you could have any flavor birthday cake, what would you want?
I would want something chocolatey and creamy.

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A couple of weeks ago I was super duper sick after eating one night and for like the following week as well, so I went to the doctor. I had my gallbladder checked, along with labs testing for common stomach ailments. Everything came back fine, and I was starting to feel better so I just attributed it to a stomach bug. Last week though, I've been feeling the same as I did before.

Has anyone gone through this before? It happens no matter what I eat, and it's always at night.
Steph - always

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How about some good news?

Let's share some positive, heartwarming or funny things you've read about in the news recently, even if it's just in your local church newsletter.

Edit to add: What great things are happening in your life right now?