August 7th, 2011


Travelling advice?

I'm going to Spain and Italy. and I'll be hitting all the touristy spots.

Is it extremely dumb to keep my money in my wallet? Should I be hiding it in my bra or my socks or something? I feel like it's going to get lost and I don't have time to find a pouch to put my stuff in, that I can hide under my clothes. The one I have is really obvious.

Dk/dc: Tell me your travel stories! Preferably the bad ones so I know what to avoid or the ones where you meet hot strangers or make great friends.
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My dog snores. Really badly. It's so bad that it's woken me up in the middle of the night, when I'm two rooms away. Anyone have any tips for getting her to stop? I am thisclose to slapping a Breathe Right strip on her.

DK/DC: What colour is the room you're in right now?
My living room is sky blue.

ETA: If you could have the room painted a different colour right now, what colour would you choose?
Probably some sort of brown with purplish hues. That sounds good in my head anyway.

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TQC, will you help me hook up my trusty old yamaha receiver?

It has these inputs:
1) CD
2) MD/CD-R
4) VCR
5) DVD

I have these things to hook up to it:
1) Wii, that I mostly just play netflix to
2) Airport express that I stream itunes to
3) Cable TV
4) DVD player

Right now we've got the Wii on the TV input and cable TV on the CD input and that obviously makes no sense. If you were, say, a weekend guest in my house fumbling with the receiver remote, what would you *think* you'd press to watch netflix, or cable TV? Like obviously DVD goes to DVD but nothing else matches up.
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Is Richard Pryor more obscene than Katt Williams?

Richard Pryor is the gold standard for obscenity!
Katt Williams has taken it to the next level.
something else

Is Richard Pryor more sexually vulgar than Katt Williams

Oh crap yes
Katt Williams is something offensive something something
something else

If my mother is offended by Richard Pryor (overall), will she be MORE offended by Katt Williams?

She will be equally offended by both
She will be more offended by Katt Williams
She will be less offended by Katt Williams
She will cry and vomit and then cry some more
Bitch, is that plum and red?

What did I say tonight when I got off work?

Tonight, I'm getting FUCKED UP!
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At what time did you wake up this morning? Was this because you had something to do/somewhere to be, or just because you had slept long enough?

Coffee versus tea, what's your preference? How do you drink it?

I'm going to this great Mongolian barbecue place later on. Should I get my old standby and know that it'll be great, or should I go for the random unidentifiable ingredients I never touch and see what happens?

Do you have a account? Wouldn't it be great to have a TQC room?

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I'm calling the place tomorrow, but I want a vague answer today. :D

When going through credit approval for an apartment, only the one whose name is on the lease has to apply, right?

And let's say the apartment owners say "you need x amount of income each month," and only one of our names is on the lease, do they count both of us?

/new to renting apartments.
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What musical instrument should I learn? (shouldn't be too large or expensive, and not guitar, cello or sax)

If you had to start learning a new musical instrument now, which would you pick? Why?

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What are the funniest things you've seen on TV?

Just off the top of my head:

Married...With Children
Kelly invites her boyfriend over to her neighbor's house. Her boyfriend is a skinhead, and says to the neighbor, "Human life means nothing to me." I have no idea why, but I had to pause so I could catch my breath from laughing so hard.

Fry sits in his apartment listening to "Baby Got Back." Leela comes in and says, "You can't just sit here listening to classical music."

A game show that I can't remember the name of...
The host lines up two girls and a guy and goes down the line, asking both girls if they have a boyfriend. He goes to the guy, and asks, "Do you have a boyfriend?" Everyone starts laughing, and the host corrects himself. He asks, "Do you have a girlfriend?" The guy says, 'I'm gay."

The last one had both me and my dad rolling.

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At what point if ever would you charge a relative for watching your niece or nephew.

I pick up my nephew mon-friday from school, and feed him a snack and dinner and watch him on the occasional weekend. I charge them $100 a month. Sometimes I feel like it's not fair for me and sometimes I feel weird charging a relative but it is what it is, I'm not rich.

please help

This feels like one of those bullshit essay questions from the LSAT, but right now it's actually my life:

I'm moving to the Boston area in three weeks, for the sake of adventure. I roped two other friends into moving there; we all live in various other parts of the U.S. right now, and we've planned to be roommates, but it's obviously difficult to find something within our price range and try to coordinate this from afar when none of us live in the city. Some kids on Craigslist propositioned me to live with them for way cheap, and I don't know if I should do that or try to hold out for someplace with my two friends. WHICH OPTION SHOULD I CHOOSE?:

A) Apartment way out in Malden with the friends I planned to move with. $430/mo per person. Long-ass commute if we want to do anything in the city/ possibly difficult to find jobs for that reason. We'd each have our own bedroom. The place itself is nice and modern but fairly boring (I'm more into quirky houses, even if they're sort of broken down).

B) Apartment in Allston (closer to town) with the kids I don't know that well. I'd be sort of bailing on my friends, but rent would be $280/mo. I'd share a room. The cheap rent makes it more likely that I can find a job before the money I've saved up runs out, and also I'd have less of a conniption because I intend to keep that money as a safety rather than living off of it. The people I'd be living with seem really cool, but are all several years younger than me (around 18/19-- I'm 22 and very much over college).

My gut feeling seems to be telling me to live with my friends, but the other option seems very practical financially and like way less hassle in terms of negotiation.

Did anyone actually care enough to read all of that? Which would you choose?

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Okay, so put it bluntly the skin on my face has totally gone to the crap. Mainly around my lips and eyes. Im prone to eczema, but it is definately not that. What else do you think it could be?

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What was the last thing that made you cry?

Im watching the new Planet of the Apes movie and just balled my eyes out....well, I guess I cannot tell you without spoiling it for people...Ill just say, I cannot believe Im crying in sympathy for a CGI ape :(
i ain't into that!

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How can I prevent blisters while wearing heels? I don't think it's that they don't fit - they're fine in winter when I wear them with tights - but during the summer when my feet sweat, I get extremely painful blisters just from walking to and from the subway station, usually on my pinky toe and beneath my big one. I usually try to wear flats, but my work pants are cut too long to wear without a heel. 

I see other women in heels all the time who don't look like they're in terrible pain, how do you guys do it!?!

Birthday Presents

 Hello TQC, my birthday is coming up and I am driving my boyfriend crazy with my lack of a birthday list, however I honestly cant think of anything I want!! 

Do you give your S/O family members birthday lists? Or expect them to guess?

What did you get for a birthday recently that was awesome?

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Anyone here still listen to vinyl records? What kind of record player do you have?

I use my dad's old record player but it has to be in the living room since I don't have my own amplifier or good quality speakers, which means I can only listen to it when I'm home by myself. Are there any decent record players on the market today that have built in speakers so I can listen to vinyl in my room without having to buy a new player, amp ánd speakers?
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How often would you say that things in your refrigerator or pantry expire? Is it a pretty common thing for you to have expired food items hanging around? Or if they're not hanging around, per se, how often is it that you throw things out without eating it all because it's past its expiration?

Is your refrigerator stuffed to the gills, pretty vacant, or somewhere in between?

About how often do you comment or think to yourself that there's nothing to eat?

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What boooks have you read that actually spooked you? Extra points if you include the exact scene that did it most.

-The Exorcist. The part where Regan goes down the stairs is in the book, and it goes even further with her chasing the maid around and licking at her heels with her tongue that was stretching out at a few feet. Another creepy scene is when Chris was listening to a recording of Regan's voice and decided, "Whatever that is upstairs, it isn't my daughter."

-The Shining. The part where Danny goes to the playground and goes into that underground tube thing. Some snow caves in on him, and he gets this feeling that the spirit of a dead kid is at the end of the tube coming after him. He digs his way out of the tunnel, feeling like he barely beat the spirit. Then he notices the hedge animals look different than he remembers. He begins to walk back to the hotel. Every time he turns around, he sees they've getting closer to him. One even scratches him as he dives toward the porch. And don't even mention the nude lady in the bath tub...

-Ringu. Japanese novel that inspired The Ring. Very different from the movie, but just as creepy.
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It's 7:10 PM here and dinner is done. My husband is napping since he had to work early this morning but he has tomorrow off. Should I go wake him for dinner?

Also, he generally hates napping because it makes him stay up too late.

DK/DC What are your favorite tortilla fillings?
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Did any of you take longer than four years to complete your undergraduate university education? Or will it take you longer than four years, if you're in school now?

I'm 28, and I am 90% sure I'll be going back to school this fall to finally complete my BA. I'm nervous and excited.

DK/DC: How many times a week do you wash your hair?

You're the pastor!

I am getting a group of about a dozen guys from my congregation together this Friday nght.  I found a place that we can have to ourselves where they will serve us pasta and salad for $15.  We can be there from about 6-9 PM.  Then we can walk two blocks to our space and do whatever we want until whenever we want to do it.

I am looking for ideas for activities, discussion topics and such-like from TQC.   It is my personal belief that srs/non-srs is a wholly false dichotomy. 



Dear TQC,
As far as I know we don't use polygraphs/lie detectors in Dutch criminal investigation so I never really thought about it.. but..
Do you believe in the validity of a polygraph?
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Another book post.

I recently finished all the Songs of Ice and Fire books that have been published so far. Anyone else read/loved them? How about the show?

Any recommendations for something challenging but not boring? Thinking contemporary, unless it's just that good.
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 What are some things you think you'll never grow out of?

I think my soul will always be a little goth, no matter how my style or priorities change as I age. My love of vampires, gothic architecture, cemeteries and things stereotypically ~dark~, developed as an angsty middle schooler, has not dissipated in adulthood and I don't think it ever will. Thank god I never got into fishnets, black lipstick, hair in my face, and myspace angles, though, because that would be embarassing.