August 5th, 2011

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Is it legal for a employer to ask potential employee to dress more sexy and base this as a condition to get the job. Even though the potential employee is dress professionally, though by society standard the attire is boring.? Do you consider the potential employee a person of integrity if he/she refuses? The potential employee is applying for a white collar job.
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1. Will it look bad to future potential employers that it took me one extra quarter to graduate from college?

2. Do you like to dance?

3. What are you currently stressing about?
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Im soooo hungry, what should I do to distract myself?

I have not ate or drank since 7pm last night and am not allowed anything until 1pm today (fucking glucose test again).

What should be the first thing I eat?
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amusement parks

You're going to an amusement park that also has a water park that you get free access to. You'll be there many hours. What do you wear (including on your feet)? What do you bring? Note they have lockers for rent: do you store everything in your locker besides your clothes?

And some TMI:
Ladies: It's that time of the month and you really need to keep a tampon with you at all times. Making it back to the locker and then to the bathroom in time might not be an option. How do you tote this along?

Bonus question:
The Xreme Skyflyer. Awesome or what?

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Will checking in my guitar on an airplane damage it in terms of the cold temperatures in the belly of the plane? It's the first time I'm taking my guitar overseas and it's a 15 hour flight. It's in a pretty heavy duty dreadnought case.


So my roommate and I are having a housewarming/stock-the-bar party. We've sent out the invites but now I have some guests asking what kind of things we want/need for our house. My one friend suggested posting a list on FB for those interested. I don't want people to feel that they are expected to bring gifts but I understand people wanting to know what to get us. Is there a non-tacky way to do this? It's my first housewarming party so I don't really know how this is done.
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I am visiting an old friend of mine on August 17th. He lives in Nebraska (Omaha).

What should I bring him as a gift? I live in Chicago.

I'm under 21 so anything booze related is out of the question. :(

edit: Oooh, on that note, what should I bring back from Omaha? I used to live in Nebraska as a kid but this would be my first time going back since we moved away 9 years ago.

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Am I just being sensitive?
My roller derby team (and close collection of friends) split whilst I was home for the summer holidays. I made it clear to which side my allegiance was, as I have put a lot of heart into the league. I often organise social events and am always the driver to our training sessions.
Since the new league has been created in my absence, I have been told nothing about the new league, not been invited onto any of the new internet forums, and have had a lot of my attempts at contact rebuffed. This is making me pretty sad, but I could just be being over sensitive. I'm in town now for a few days and almost don't want to go back to them.

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Should I get anything for my coworker for her birthday? If so, I'd love some ideas.

She's having a gathering tomorrow night for her birthday to which I'm invited. I'm not sure if I should get her a gift. My friends and I have never gotten anything for each other when it comes to birthdays etc because we don't really give a shit about that kind of stuff. But I don't want everyone thinking I'm a wanker if I turn up with nothing. Coworker and I are not really close, we just bitch about work and customers etc. So if I were to get her a gift, I wouldn't have a clue what to get. The thing tomorrow night is at a pub, should I just pay for a couple of her drinks?

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Anyone have any cheap, healthy-ish meal ideas for my family of 4? The kids are both under 4 and are picky eaters. The baby has an egg allergy. Not severe though. She can't eat eggs outright but she can have them in things like baked goods.

I have $200 to last us a month. Any ideas?

Procrastinate with me, TQC!

So, I just graduated law school and took the bar. I have a job as a paralegal, but I need to apply for some attorney positions because if I pass the bar I'll be a lawyer someday :)
I also have to write thank you cards for graduation gifts. And clean/do laundry. And pack because I'm moving in with my boyfriend next weekend.

But I really want to take a nap. And have a sandwich. Plus I have the entire weekend free to do any/all of these things.

What would YOU do in my position right now?

What is on your to-do list that you're avoiding?

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Has anyone else read the first Harry Potter book lately?

It's been pretty cool reading things that were weird or mysteries the first time you read it, but now, you know everything and the characters don't.

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I'd like to help out with the crisis in Somalia.. due to the whole corruption thing - I'm having trouble deciding what organization is best to donate to..or how best to help

Anybody have any ideas? 

D/K: been to any good music (or other) festivals?  What are your faves?  What kind of festivals does your area have?

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Have you ever lost something really important? Are you forgetful?
I nearly lost my passport on the ferry last night, and I was freaking out because it wasn't in my bag,... I didn't notice until I was getting off and one the crew people had to go back and look with me was under the seat. The whole thing was really embarrassing
And then my boyfriend made fun of me for losing something within 2 feet of where I was sitting.
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I loaned a friend a very expensive sweater about 4 months ago.

I'd like it back and I've told her multiple times. Each time, she says okay and that we should meet up and hang out. But each time we make plans, she posts things on her facebook like "Who's up for drinks tonight?".

TQC, How can I get my sweater back?


I know this post might be too late to catch the European TQCers, but has it been generally too cool to wear sandals in London/Amsterdam/Brussels/Stockholm lately? I'm flying to London on Monday and spending time in each of these cities. By far my best walking shoes are sandals (big thanks to TCQ on that - I got the birkenstock gizehs and they've been delightful). I don't really have the luggage space to bring heavier-duty shoes. I made sure to wash/pack a few long sleeved shirts, at least one sweater, and light jacket in case the nights are cool.

IDK, in my undergraduate college I saw dudes wear adidas sandals all through the winter and girls in their little flats so I may just be overthinking.

DK/DC - What's your favorite city in the world?
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I'm thinking of doing a "missed connection" listing on Craigslist. Should I do it? Today at Trader Joe's I was with my parents and we were loading groceries into the back of the car when this guy came over, looked at me and smiled, and offered to take our cart. He was a customer. He was kind of cute. My mother said he was checking me out. So should I do it?

ETA: I did it!

"Today (8/5/2011) at Trader Joe's around 2:30 pm. I was the big girl with curly brown hair, sunglasses and a t-shirt and jeans. You were the big guy who offered to take my cart. You smiled at me and said, "You kids have a nice day!". Was there a spark there? Reply if there was."

Is it too cheesy? Not specific enough? If he replies I'll update in TQC updates.
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Have you watched the show 'Banged Up Abroad'?
Would you ever smuggle drugs across an international border if the payout was the scratch to your itch?

and lastly, wtf! Boy and I are very bad at picking out movies and would like some recommendations for the weekend. Will you name some we should mostly definitely watch?
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Should I make lentil salad or mac and cheese for dinner? I'm kind of trying to be healthyish, mac and cheese is quicker, lentil salad is way better than it sounds, I will also be having a beer or 4, etc.

What are you having for dinner?
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Why have I been nauseous all day and what can I do to stop it??

It started after I got back from my overnight shift at work, but I've taken a long nap since then so it shouldn't just be tiredness. :( I guess I haven't eaten that much, but my stomach totally doesn't want anything in it right now.
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Will you tell me about a time when your gut feeling was completely and utterly wrong?

Are you still acquainted with your first best friend?

Your hair looks great, what products do you use?


Fuck Marry Kill. All fictional characters

Shall we? <----question

1. Captain America (Chris Evans), Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), Thor (that blond guy)

2. The Cat in the Hat, the Grinch, Thing 1 AND Thing 2 (polygamy, group sex, or mass murder)

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Laura Croft, Nikita (Maggie Q)

4. Santa Claus, Uncle Sam, Colonel Sanders

5. Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Rick Deckard (Blade Runner)

6. Arwen, Galadriel, Eowyn (LotR)

7. Picard, Riker, Troi