August 4th, 2011

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For those of you who wear Vans Classic Slip-Ons and Low Top Converse, do you wear them with socks? I have a couple pairs of both and have always went sock-less anytime I wear them with shorts, because even low socks tend to show. Are there any socks out there that fit even lower than ankle socks?

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For those people here who swing both ways, do you find one sex more attractive than the other? What about sex? Dating? What gender are you?

I find both F and M sexually attractive about equally, but dating a guy, although I love him lots, sort of doesn't feel right. I feel like I'd do better with a woman. However, we've only been dating 4 months, so I'm giving it more time. Plus, I like him, and don't want to hurt him.

I'm female.
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Gender, Sex and all that goes with it.

I am mainly interested in hearing from those that identify as the sex they were born, as I haven't often heard their explanation on this. But those that identify as a gender that does not currently match their sex, or those in any other situation, please feel free to offer your thoughts on this as well.

Do you identify as male or female? What sex were you born? Why do you identify as male or female? (I know that seems geared towards trans* people, but that is the question I'd love answered more by those that identify as the sex they were born)

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if you were super-rich, would you ever consider hiring a personal shopper?
what kinds of things would you like help picking out?

asking because my friend wants to be a personal shopper and i just raided her closet and think she would be really good at it. i'm excited to have her help decorate my new apartment in a few weeks.

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What's the hardest thing about your job?
Emotionally? Physically?

I am an intern at a public defender's office and I just left court after watching a really really intense/sad case. It's making me question how I'm going to actually do this job.

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I just made pigs in a blanket and I swear the croissant rolls had to of been factory seconds because none of the rolls was the same size! The hot dogs were the same size! how hard could it be to make the rolls the same size!

Can you share your first world problems?

it might cheer me up
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Everybody has that one question. Something they always hoped someone would ask them because they have the perfect answer prepared for it.

What's the question you always wanted somebody to ask you?
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I'm flying

I'm flying from Philadelphia to West Palm next month. I didn't buy the ticket though. Another person used his frequent flyer miles to get it for me. My name is on the ticket, but under my name is his address instead of mine. Is that going to be an issue when I check in for my flight?
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baby shower

My husband's cousin is having a baby. Now, this couple lost their little girl about 2 years ago, so this is a pretty big deal. I don't really have any money, and I've been invited along with my mother in law and aunt in law, so I'm sure they will pick a gift. However, I kind of want to do something special. I have pictures from their little girl's first birthday party, but I'm not sure if that's very appropriate, so I'm a little out of ideas. I can't really crochet or knit, and at the moment, I could sew something but I'm low on time, money, and materials.

It's a boy, as far as we know.

I know this is a long shot, but any ideas?

ETA: Why do I always forget details? The shower is Aug 14. I'm actually a decently fast sewer, at least!

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I'll be meeting a long-time online friend for the first time tonight for dinner. We don't have each others' cell phone numbers. How long should I wait for them before deciding that they aren't going to show?

I was at a funeral today and was doing everything I could do not to cry. There was this hot chick a few rows infront of me that I would try and picture naked to take my mind off how sad the whole situation was. Am I going to hell now?

Are you ready for some football?
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Hey guys,

It is my husband's and my 2nd anniversary on Monday.  Due to some terrible work stress, I completely and totally forgot about it.  We don't typically make a big deal about these types of things, but we do usually get each other something funny, or that we wanted.  The only idea that I had for a gift was the sheet music for Philip Glass' "Songs and Poems for Solo Cello," but lucky me, it's unavailable.  :(

He likes computer games (WoW, League of Legends, Starcraft), the cello and guitar, martial arts (he's currently studying kendo), and zombies.  Does anyone have any ideas for a small, fun gift?

DKDC - What are you currently reading? (I'm reading "The No Asshole Rule: Creating a Civilized Workplace or Surviving One that Isn't.")
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Plz make my academic choices for me.

I have a short paper (like 5 pages max short) I need to write and I've narrowed it down to 2 topics but I have having difficulty picking the one I want to use.

Topic 1 is something that interests me and I am quite familiar with, however there hundreds of sources I'd have to sift through even after refining my topic so picking the right ones could potentially take a long time.

Topic 2 isn't something that I'd normally read about in my spare time but I don't find it completely boring, and there are fewer sources to sift through which appear to be quite sufficient for the purposes of the assignment I'm doing.

Which one should I choose?

ETA: I think I'm going to broaden my horizons a little and go for the second topic. Thanks TQC. :D

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I love ice cream, so what flavor should I eat?

German Chocolate
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Chocolate Chip
Lemon Custard

I am sorry I ask this question almost every week. It's highly important as I don't know how to pick between the flavors.

What's the last thing that happened to you that sucked?
Someone just stole my boyfriend's bike from off our front porch.

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Divorced peoples of!

I'm finally meeting with a divorce attorney for the first time..and I have no idea what I should ask, what I should make sure we cover, etc.

I want to make sure we get everything on the first there any little things I should make sure I ask about/include?

We've already divided up most of our possessions and we're deciding what to do about the house I live in, but I want to make sure I don't miss anything.

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TQC, I'm going to a summer-night party on Saturday. I've no idea what the party's host is making, or how many people will be there. I want to make a good impression on this person, as he's a good friend of my boyfriend and I've never met him before. What drinks/food should I bring with me?
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Say you are macking some dude/lady who had their hair dyed an unnatural colour. The time comes for you both to undress, and you notice that their pubic hair is also dyed.

Would you be pleased or dissapointed?

ETA: Would you still want to have sex?
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I am going to be in a friend's wedding in October as a bridesmaid. She is letting us pick our own dresses, they just have to be black. I can't afford more than $125 and I'm short AND fat AND have really big boobs, so it's tough. (I'm 5'2" and a size 16/18, if that helps.)

Which of these two dresses would be more flattering for a big, busty short girl?

If these are awful/not flattering/inappropriate for a wedding, can you suggest any other dresses?

Edit! What about this one?
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I am sorely tempted to buy a degree online. I could tell you all my reasons but that would take forever. Going to school, even online and even just one or two classes a semester is not an option. I cannot afford it, do not have the time to apply for financial support, and my dream job - which I am FULLY qualified for - is available for a limited time. I have literally a lifetime of experience in that field, have tons of ideas, and I can do it better than anyone.

Go ahead and assume I do not have a choice because in many ways, I feel like I don't. I see people less qualified than me being promoted and it burns me up.

Do you have a fake degree? Has anything bad happened? What is your advice?

Thanks in advance.

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when someone you are dating/seeing/whatever is giving you major mixed signals do you ask them wtf is up, leave it alone, analyze it to death,  or play the "same game" they are playing?

i hate dating.


What do you do when the person you love begins to push you away, then denies the intent of their actions, and subsequently compares you to a drug addict, when you point out what is happening? I am not a drug addict. Unless, you consider love a drug and a breaking heart the withdraw. So, tell me people what should I do?
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Some time back I saw about 5 minutes of a show called Desperate Housewives. It didn't get me wanting to watch it but it was interesting enough that I wonder about the plot line of the little piece I saw, so can anyone fill me in here?

A woman had a chubby and seemingly cranky little girl maybe 10-12 years old whom she took to some special place to buy an expensive doll. The girl freaked out about the woman apparently looking at some photo of another girl in her own purse or wallet? and the woman did not defend her action but instead even seemed apologetic. So, what was going on? Anyone?

What was the relation between the girl and the woman?
Why was the girl upset that the woman have been looking at a photo / who was the photo of?

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I've heard of these cults that spring out of nowhere and catch the adjacent neighborhoods offguard. People get inducted into these 'sects' and all sorts of awful things can happen. So my question is how do you feel about these fly-by-night cults that just 'pop-up'?

How do you like 'Surprise Sects'?
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Are there any add-ons for Safari that function similarly to LJ Login? I'm looking for something where I can just do a single click to log off one LiveJournal account and onto another. Anyone know of anything?

Is anyone running Apple OS X Lion? What do you think of it, if you are? Do you know if they've fixed their compatibility issues with Microsoft Office 2011 yet?

Uh. Gratuitous Mac post?