August 3rd, 2011

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Y'all, I ran out of dishwasher detergent and I have a whole load ready to go. Do you think they'll come clean enough if I fill the little compartment with distilled white vinegar? I mean, I could wait til tomorrow to pick some more up from the store, but right now it smells like sour milk in the kitchen.

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TQCers, I'm in a rich peoples' house for 5 days beginning tomorrow! I'm watching my aunt and uncle's house while they're on vacation.

-Heated toilet seats
-Showers that spray out soap already mixed in the water if you choose
-Paper towel dispensers
-Toothpaste dispensers that squuze out toothpaste right on your toothbrush
-Towel warmers for when you leave the shower (not useful in summer)
-Every piece of food they own is the most expensive in the store
-A pool with a full playground

How should I have fun for the next 5 days?
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When you are applying or being interviewed for places such as Walmart, Wendys, or JC Pennys, how do you respond back to this bullshit question?

"Why do you want to work here?"

I mean, no one really wants to work at these life-sucking places. I finished an interview at a retail baby store the other day and I don't think I did myself a favor by telling them the truth about needing to pay bills and rent money. :x
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so what do you want to complain about?

i want to complain about 2 things: 1: i hate 3D-movies, because the glasses are so uncomfortable and make you teary eyed

2: as much i love Harry Potter, I don't get why they had to make two movies of the last book because OMG it's soooo slow.
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Where does one find really good quality bath towels?

I've been saving my coins in a jar for a while because I want to buy those amazingly thick and fluffy towels that you occasionally see, but I have no idea where to find them (or even what brand they are).

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On a grading scale that a 60 is the lowest grade you can recieve without failing...
How badly would you think a 0 would hurt an average of 67? It can't be a whole 8 points to make me fail, or would it?
I would average myself, but my grades arn't posted yet and my teacher wont email me back.
(This isn't my final average, it's an average of two tests that obviously I sucked at the first one and don't think I'll do good on the 2nd, so i'm using a 0 as the worst possible outcome)
Now I feel validated.

Have you ever ruined a relationship with your anxiety/nervousness/needyness?
Have you ever gotten over said problems and it worked out?
What did you do?

What would be a nice "I'm sorry" present for someone?

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why do fast food managers act like they're running a hospital?

the strong sense of urgency always baffled me and cracked me up when i worked in food service and i felt bad for the people who weren't fast enough (by like three seconds :S) and got bitched at for it. like, no one's life is on the line so why didn't they just chill? :S it can't be good for someone's blood pressure to be that uptight all the time.

do super intense, serious types of people amuse and/or irritate you?

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To those of you who have both a daughter and a son, do you feel a different kind of bond based on gender?

Are little boys "harder" or more of a handful than girls?

If you're a mother, do you feel closer somehow to your daughter? Fathers, do you feel closer to your sons?
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What main dish would go well with pasta salad? (I want pasta salad, but don't know what else to make with it for dinner)

What are some good summery dishes to make? I don't have a grill, and don't care much for seafood. But everything else is fair game.
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Hey adult TQCers who live in the U.S.! If you wanted a copy of your own medical records, how would you go about doing that? How much would be legally available to you? Would you have to pay for it?
Edit: I  have the answer for this one! Excellent, thank you guys.

DK/DC/Not American/what:: Do you have names picked out for your future children/cats/dogs/ferrets/imaginary friends? What are they?

Say for example you wanted a copy of all the ultrasounds you had during your pregnancy. Or a X-Ray of your hands that you thought would look cool on your wall, or something.
Bridget or Diana for a girl-child, Peter or Arthur for a boy-child, Penelope for my eventual cat, and if I ever get a ferret I am naming it Gwin.


The Bible

Not at all religious so I'm unsure about the wording of this question but here goes-

From an understanding literary references pov what would be the best version of the bible to study?
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bank question

So I finally bit the bullet and opened a new bank account with one that actually has a branch where I live. I had it funded with a transfer out of my current bank account, which posted to that account three days ago. However, it hasn't posted to my new account yet in any way (still showing zero transactions). The problem is, I moved over half of my last paycheck (aside from money for bills I have to pay before next payday) over to fund the account, and I'm stuck in this limbo for what appears to be some arbitrarily long amount of time. So does anyone know when that money should post to my new account so at the very least I can pull some out in cash? I don't want to be waiting until my next paycheck to be able to just buy groceries and whatnot.
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Can you tell me about movies you're looking forward to coming out?

How about books you're looking forward to coming out?

EDIT: Anyone looking forward to In Time, the movie with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried?? Cause I just watched the trailer last night and it looks REALLY good.

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 Interview tips, please? 

I have a job interview next Thursday to something that could lead to seriously good things for me, and I'm desperate to make a good impression....What has worked for you in the past? 

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I'm looking into subscribing to a short stories blog/rss feed/whatever you call it. I just got an email from Amazon saying I could get a free digest version of a science fiction blog for my Kindle. Awesome. Now I want more. ;)

Anybody have any suggestions? They don't need to be on Kindle, but bonus points if they are. Amazon's search function sucks major balls.

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For those of you who have had your journals for an extended period of time, do you ever go back and reread entries from years ago and feel ashamed of yourself?

Because man, I had some interesting (to put it kindly) thoughts and opinions when I was 17. Even as late as a year ago. 
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Did anyone used to read the R.L Stine or Christopher Pike books as a kid?
Will you tell me about your faves? Pics encouraged.
I always kind of hated R.L. so here are two Chris Pikes:

1. Die Softly -- some cheerleaders get caught committing murder by some perv taking pictures of them in the shower. At the end the last cheerleader kills him by forcing him to breathe in cocaine. I am not making this up.

2. Remember Me -- needs no explanation, everyone who likes Pike has read this book. Poor Shari.

Scavenger Hunt gets an honorable mention cause it was about two good-looking incestuous siblings who were really horrible lizard monsters.

Alternatively, just post goofy shit from the 80s/90s that you loved.

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To those who have seen American Werewolf in London, what do you think of the theory that David was just crazy, and thought he was a werewolf?

If you've never seen the movie and don't know what I'm talking about, why haven't you seen this horror/comedy classic?
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 What are your thoughts on faxing a resume to a prospective employer?  Is it a do or a don't?  What is the best way to deliver your resume? 

ETA:  To clarify some more: an employer that hasn't posted a job advertisement- just a company that you would like to work for. 
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Wherefore my bowels shall sound like an harp for Moab, and mine inward parts for Kirharesh.

Is there any better response than "GRR" to being put in a situation where you're stuck between a rock and a hard place and you value your principles?

How about that argument that why would a good god allow bad things to happen being contradicted by omniscience entailing having knowledge of all the good and the bad?

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WHY DO I WANT TO EAT NOTHING BUT MASHED POTATOES LATELY? Am I lacking some nutrient or something?!
Srsly, I have been craving them for daaays, so for dinner I made a bowl that's half peas 'n' carrots and half mashed potatoes with chives. So delicioussss

When's the last time your craving was perfectly satisfied?

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Its Ramadan in Dubai.
I haven't had coffee since 36 hours ago. I can't get any till its DARK.....

Whats chapping your soggy biscuits right now buttercup???

yeah...i called you

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TQC, my boss said to me today, "If I gave you two things to do, you'd find a way to make five mistakes." I've also had another boss of mine tell me that my way of thinking is bizarre. What's the most insulting/rudest thing an employer has said to you?

Survey for research methods class

I'd really appreciate your responses. Thanks!

This is an anonymous questionnaire to assess the manner in which people judge various offenses. Below is a brief description of a criminal offense. When you have finished reading this account, you will be asked to give your personal opinion concerning the case.

John and Susan have been working together at a marketing firm for two years. Susan is married with two children. John and Susan are working together on an advertising campaign for a new product, so it is not uncommon for the two of them to interact during business lunches and work-related social events. To meet the project deadline, John and Susan have been staying at the office later than the rest of the employees for the past couple of weeks. During one late-night work session, John began making sexual advances towards Susan. Susan told John that she was uncomfortable with his advances and asked him to stop. Angered by Susan’s rejection, John grew increasingly persistent and aggressive. When Susan attempted to exit the room, John restrained and sexually assaulted Susan.

John has been found guilty of aggravated rape. He has no previous record. According to Massachusetts general law, the punishment for this crime is imprisonment of up to 20 years in a state correctional facility.

Based on the events described above, how long should John’s sentence be? Please indicate the number of years that you think John should spend in prison, from 1-20:

Please mark your gender:



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Question 1. I have a month off, (end of summer classes) and I've decided to spend 2 weeks with my boyfriend in Seattle, and then a week and a half with my mom in the Interior of BC. When I bought my ferry ticket,(from Victoria to Seattle) I didn't buy a return ticket, because the boy offered to drive me up to Vancouver (where my mom is picking me up), I've bought my greyhound ticket from where my mom lives in the interior of BC, back to Vancouver. How likely is it that the border folks will give me a hard time going into the states?  Because clearly, I'm coming back to Canada, just not on the boat....

Question 1.5 - Related questions - crossing the border always stresses me out, although I've gone literally, half a dozen or so times in the last year. and I always get hassled more coming back into Canada. Do any of you have any amusing border crossing stories?

Question 2 - have you ever dated someone who lived in another country? how long did your relationship last?
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 Have you ever had your hair done at a beauty school to save money? How did it turn out?

I did it today and spent $25 on highlights and a haircut. I normally pay 10x that and it turned out pretty well! I'll go back.

Are you excited that tomorrow is Jersday?

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1. If you had cancer or were in an accident or something and you needed an organ transplant to live, would you accept one?

2. Are you an organ donor?

3. If you answered "Yes," to question 1 and "No," to question 2, how can you reconcile that?

4. How would you feel about a law giving organ donors the priority when it comes to receiving transplants?

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I feel like crap - I have a fever, and I blacked out on the floor while I was cleaning a little while ago. I'm planning to take half a sick day from work tomorrow (not a whole day, coz I still have shit to do, but fuck, I'm exhausted). Should I take the morning or the afternoon? Assume I can get all my shit done during either morning or afternoon.

Alternatively, can we have a cute pets pic post?

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What's a good recipe for udon? I tried googling but it seems like every recipe is extremely different! I like tempura udon but I don't really know where to start, I'm new to this stuff lol

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Whats going on with you right now??

I found out today that I lost all my foodstamps and pregnancy medicaid Im a little freaked out wondering what we are going to eat this month...

Also, the tip of my left thumb has fallen asleep and I cannot get it to stop tingling...its odd and somewhat painful :(
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If you're having trouble falling asleep, because your brain just keeps going and going and going and going....

What do you do?  I usually count backwards from 100, but it isn't working tonight, and I have to be at work in the morning!