August 2nd, 2011


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are you saving up for any big purchases right now? how long until you think you'll get there?

i really want to upgrade my twin bed for a nice full bed, possibly with a wood frame. i also would like to get an ipod or other music player with lots of memory (current one has 8 gigs) but this is less essential than the bed. i think i should have enough for the bed in a couple of months, and the ipod a month or so after if i can manage to be very frugal for a while.

which reminds me, where did you buy your mattress? can you recommend a comfortable one without springs?

Is my house haunted?

I'm renting a room in an older house, and this evening, after I turned the lap on (and the light off) after an hour or so, the light came back on by itself. legitimately creeped out. Is this house haunted?
Or is it something else?  (srs answers...or not.)
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I have a physical tomorrow. How can I drop 10 points off my BP??

TOP GEAR is sad are you?????
APPARENTLY...series finale means two different things. Bloody wankers.
Don't panic, Carry on.
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i'm going to meet a lady today at starbucks for an interview. the interview is not for starbucks... but we're meeting there. every interview i've had has been in the managers office. interview-dress-code would be the same, correct?
i have some black dress pants, and a ~fancy shirt~ (also black) that i usually wear.

but what i really want to ask... what is the worst interview you've ever had? why do you consider it the worst?
the worst one i had was for whole foods. the first question the man asked is if i was single... then he asked if i still lived with my parents.

have you ever been on an interview and did horribly? what did you do?
i had one interview where i stuttered for so long... i never stutter, but i certainly did then.

Bluetooth question

I work in a dog daycare. I listen to music on my phone all day to keep from going mad.  I'd like to listen using a bluetooth earpiece, but I'm not sure if it works that way. I can't use traditional headphones because dogs + cord = no bueno. I can't use bluetooth headphones because I do need to keep one ear open for the dogs.  So my question is, can I listen to media and apps through a bluetooth earpiece?

DK/DC - Do you ever feel anxious for no good reason? What do you do to help relieve it? And, importantly, are you diagnosed with an anxiety condition?

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Hunting for assholes...

TQC, yesterday some complete assholes broke into my parents' house. They stole some easily replaceable electronics and all of my mom's jewelry. The jewelry is the issue - my mom grew up in Saudi Arabia and has tons of pieces of really, really nice gold jewelry that basically can't be replaced. It's nearly impossible to find pieces like hers anymore.

The question is, where can we hunt for these pieces of jewelry? We're already checking on craigslist and will try the local pawnshops. Where else might they have gotten rid of them? I've luckily never had to turn to a life of crime so I'm lost as to where else to look. We'd really like to get her jewelry back if at all possible. Thanks for any ideas.
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I hate everything.

Long story short, I'm in a pissy mood this morning.

Save your sunshine and kittens - will you post your favorite pissy-mood icons, pictures, macros, and/or GIFs?

Cheer up emo kid/I'm too happy/my HTML skills are too weak: It's going to be 112 degrees here today. How high was your electric bill last month?
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How do you go about correcting someone?

I met my boyfriend's grandma for the first time this weekend. Her English is a bit broken and while she was telling me stories, she kept using "he" instead of "she". How can I (or my boyfriend) politely fix this? Or should we just leave it alone?

My boyfriend said he would probably never get an opportunity to fix it in conversation because they only speak to each other in Russian.
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Will you tell me about the last weird dream you had?

Last night I dreamed I was at a club and got into a fistfight with Kreayshawn. Like ---? I don't even know.

DK/DC - What's a children's book you love? I love Firebrat by Nancy Willard. It's out of print now, but I have a hardcover I bought from Amazon that I will cherish forev.

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Why do you think it is that solicitors and/or door-to-door sales people think that "NO SOLICITING" signs apply to everyone except them? Non-srs plz.

(Brought to you by the signs I just printed out and colored in with highlighters and hung directly above the "NO SOLICITING" signs that are already screen-printed directly on every single door to my entire building. I have HAD IT!!!!! with people walking into my office and trying to sell me shit and it takes everything I have to not scream "GTFO MOTHERFUCKER READ THE FUCKING SIGNS" at them)

Will you tell me about little things that are annoying you right now? Can we have a RAAAAAHHHHH REPTAAAARRRRR post?


How much do you spend on groceries in a typical week/month? How many people are you feeding?

What things do you splurge on vs saving on? (Specifically but not exclusively grocery related)

Do you make your own laundry soap?

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What was the last thing to make you angry?
The guy I've been fooling around with came up to the bar we go to with another girl.

What was the last thing to make u irrationally angry?
One of my guy friends friended my ex boyfriends slut of a girlfriend on facebook.

Why do men suck so much, generally speaking?

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 So, yeah, relationships are about communication and compromise a lot of the time, but are there certain things that you feel you shouldn't have to ask your partner for? Or shouldn't have to discuss with them at all, they should just do it or not do it without having to be told (and if they don't it's an issue)?

Speak in terms of relationships in general and for you personally.

Also, this is barring obviously abusive things like you shouldn't have to ask your SO not to hit you or call you names.

-Edited for a fuck-ton of typos and too many obviously's 'cause I can't  convey my thoughts on the internet, apparently-

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I'm in the market for a sewing machine. Recommendations?

DK/DC: What images do you think of when you think of California?
I want to get a sleeve done that's all Cali. Looking for some ideas.

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Question 1:

Ladies (or guys who encountered such) do you find whistling, cat calls, shout outs from a car, flattering? annoying? degrading? Depends? Explain.

Question 2:

Another question for ladies. I'm a dude attracted to other dudes and I just passed a fit dude with his shirt off looking delicious. Do you ever check out shirtless guys and think 'Damn!' 'Yum!' 'Hot!' are any other variation of such? I know guys and girls are as different as people try to apply but I do wonder how similar, like as if you really want to pounce a hot guy.
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 Would you charge your adult child rent if s/he still lived at home? 
If so, how much would you charge? And if so, at what age would you begin charging?

DK/DC: What was the last thing you ate?
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Part of the job description for a position I'm interested in includes:

"Ability to relate to a wide range of personalities, life styles, and beliefs and specific understanding of African American cultural issues"

Is this code for they want to hire somebody black?

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what is the bulk of your ancestry?

i'm pretty much half British, half Scandinavian. if i didn't have dark hair and a penchant for bright clothing i think i'd disappear in the winter time.
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Has anyone gotten their armpits waxed? On a scale from 1-10 with 1 being no pain and 10 being the worst pain ever, how much does it hurt?

Does anyone have any neighbors with cool Wifi connection names? Do you have a cool WiFi connection name?

Do you prefer Godiva or See's chocolate?
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What's the proper etiquette for responding to a post on LinkedIn from somebody (an alum of my school from several years ago) looking for a graduate of my school to fill a position? It says very little about the position, just that it's quantitative research in education. Do I send a cover letter/resume? Or is a paragraph about myself with my resume sufficient? It's hard to tailor a cover letter to a job you know very little about... Maybe just send my standard form cover letter?

which little piggy?

Why do our fingers have individual names, but not our toes, except for the big toe and the pinky toe? Or do they, and I just not know them?

I think I broke my toe this evening, and when my friend asked which one, I could only describe it as either "the one next to the pinky toe" or "the ring finger toe"

I could have gotten all science-y on them and said "the fourth tarsal phlange", but I was more in the mood to go "owie...hurts!"
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I'm getting a car tomorrow, and I need to get insurance. After calling around for quotes today, I discovered that there is an at-fault accident in December of 2008 on my record. This makes my insurance go up.

The problem? I've never been in an accident while driving in my life. I've never even gotten a ticket. I think I'd remember causing an accident.

How do I get this removed from my record? How would I prove that I've never caused an accident? If there was an accident, wouldn't there be a police report filed?

Being a grown-up: how does it work?

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Hello TQC!

I just broke up with my boyfriend of 1.5yrs. It was messy and yuck. We have broken up before but this time I have removed him from all my social networking sites (lol), blocked him from MSN/email and given everything back to him and gotten my house key back. I'm done this time. I am planning on drinking lots of gin and eating donuts while playing MarioKart Wii and hanging out with my cat.

What else should I do with this new freedom? What do you like to do when you are getting over a relationship ending?
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What's the last thing to make you pissy?
I thought two friends were coming over to hang out for the evening as soon as they finished dinner... that was two hours ago. Just found out they're finishing a movie that they started because they "didn't know when they were supposed to come over." ARGH.

What can I do to occupy myself and unwind before they actually DO arrive? I don't want to be bitchy and stuff but I am genuinely annoyed right now at them both

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Have you found out you like something you thought you wouldn't/didn't like lately?

That's a poorly worded question, but whatever. Lately I've been drinking cranberry juice after my friend reccommended it, I always thought it was way too sour for me to like, but I love it! Yum.
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A friend of mine cleaned my entire bike tonight for me (I live in an apartment and don't have access to a hose).  She scrubbed the handlebar tape and everything! It looks amazing!  Dirty on the left, clean on the right. It's like it's brand new!

I know she'll tell me I don't owe her anything but I want to give her something for her time and effort anyway. What do you think is a good idea?

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If your school classes ended at 2:05 PM, and it took you half an hour to get from the school to your house, and then you would have to change and get ready for work. What time would you put as your starting availability for the day?

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Do you lift weights?

If you work out regularly (I'm talking lifting 3-4 times a week or more), could you tell me how many exercises you do in a workout?

I think I'm doing too many. What do you target each time?

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Should I tell my future room mate that I'm a lesbian asap? I usually wait 'till I'm friends with someone and whatnot to come out, but seeing as I'm going to be living with her I feel like if I don't tell her in advance it's going to seem creepy somehow.

Am I overthinking this?
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I see all of these fucking adorable shoes at Urban Outfitters and Anthroplogie, even Modcloth and similar, but nothing I can wear because I am a size 11 (US womens). I am relegated to DSW and department stores and honestly, I'd just like a cute pair of modern shoes! Is there a way I can accomplish this?

What's your current first world problem?
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2 Part DOOM question.

Watching 'Doom' right now.

1. Have you seen it? (Thoughts if you have? What's with that closing wall or whatever, I only started watching halfway through.)
2. Did you play the original game back in the 90s?
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Ok, let me see if I can state this so it makes sense.  Is there any where on the internet (surely there must be?) where I can search for international and domestic flight deals just based on my origin city alone?  In other words, I don't want to specify a date or even a location, I just want to search for the best deals from my origin city to anywhere, anytime?