August 1st, 2011


1. Are you missing anyone right now?

2. Do you have a comfort item you sleep with?

3. Have you ever bought/sold anything in an army/navy store?

4. What is the most you've ever paid to ship something?

5. What is the worst grade you have ever recieved?

6. Horse enthusiasts:
Have you ever paid for someone to trailer/transport a horse for you? How much did it cost?
What is the max you would pay for this service?

7. What is a good website for western or english show clothes and tack?
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Working on my theatrical resume and, as it turns out, there aren't a whole ton of resources on the internet for non-performance people. So maybe some of you can help.

I was on a team that designed and constructed puppets, but I was not a manipulator of said puppets during the performances. Should I call this "Puppet Design," "Puppet Crew," or something else?

It feels redundant that most of my listings end in "... Crew" but is there any better way to say it? I don't want to just say my role in any given show was, for example, "Costumes," because that makes it sound like I designed the costumes when really I did costume construction and shopping. So "Costume Crew" seems like the best bet, but then I have the word crew on nearly every line and it's tiring to look at.

If anybody knows anything about this, or at least has an opinion, I'd appreciate the help!

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What was the last bad news you got?

What about good news?


I failed my 1 hr glucose tolerance test by 20 points :*(

....I feel like I have gotten good news recently, but I cant remember because Im so stressed about the bad news I got :(

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 What bugs have you been stung by? Where?

I just got stung while riding my bike to the store. A wasp flew down my shirt and stung my boobs THREE TIMES. And then, because I'm special, I grabbed whatever was buzzing in my shirt and got stung on my hand. I'm swelling in some interesting places. If the wasp wanted a grope all he had to do was ask.

I've also been [bitten] by a brown recluse and a black widow.

ETA: Stung OR Bitten
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Job Talk

I already have a job but I'm looking for a better paying one.

I just got an email asking for an interview for a job that pays between $13.50 and $14.00/hour. The only issue is it's in the heart of the city (I live in a suburb), would take me 25 minutes with no traffic (but there is always traffic), and I have to pay a $3.00 toll to and from every day.

I'm thinking it's not worth it. Any opinion?

*ETA. I make 9/hour and drive 15 minutes to work, no traffic or tolls. Both positions are full time.

dk/dc: What is the best job you've ever had?
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So, TQC travelers...

The bf and I would like to take a trip to Mexico sometime in the next year or so tentatively, next late May/early June, but nothing is set in stone.

Is there a better time to go? When are there typically deals on this type of thing? We're trying to find an adult only, all-inclusive you have one to recommend?

We're hoping to figure things out sooner than later so we can start planning to save some $$, so any (serious) advice is appreciated!
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Is Google Calendar absolutely not working for anybody besides me? It loads, but I can't do anything. It's like a page of full of useless buttons.

It's been wonky ever since they changed it...which, I never noticed when that happened, so I'm not sure how long it's actually been. Is it just me? If not, is there a better online/shareable calendar I could use?

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My new apartment is near some sort of primary school, and the loud child noises I am fine with, but then there's all this SCREAMING.


Srs & non-srs.
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Yesterday I had one of the best days/nights I've had in awhile.

I get home this morning to find out that my favourite great aunt passed away (it was really for the better, she was on her way :/)

Can you show me some pictures to cheer me up? Stories? Kitties?

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Holy bedoozles, anyone else stuck in this scary storm?just saw lightning strike the rod on the empire state

eta: it happened a while ago, the entry just took forever to get posted
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I just drove through Taco Bell for dinner. At the window, the cashier asked me if I wanted any sauce. I asked her for hot sauce. Then when I got home and opened the bag I found I had five packets of hot sauce and twenty-three packets of mild sauce. Twenty-eight total sauce packets. I used two of them. What the fuck? Is this why I'm paying so much for a couple of tacos?

So, ridiculous fast food stories?

Oh and evidently I'm having my wisdom teeth pulled in about seven weeks. One of them is already... not good, and so I'm just having them all out. So feel free to regale me with horror stories about that if you so desire, hmm?
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With your health insurance, how much is your deductible? Do you think that's good?

If you don't have any or simply don't want to answer my question, what is your favorite pokemon?
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how do i regain my faith in people???

People constantly fall through on stuff they say they will do for me....i am geting discouraged...I a faithful friend. Always sticking to my commitments
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I'm going to put corn on the cob on the grill. The recipe I have calls to soak the corn ears for 30 to 45 minutes. It has been 37 minutes and my boyfriend just called & has an emergency job to go do. I'm not sure how long it will take (he's a locksmith, length of jobs can be very unpredictable). Should I drain the corn and soak it again later? Drain it now and let it dry before putting it on the grill? Or should I just let it keep soaking? I don't want to ruin it :(

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Why is it OK/normal/acceptable for woman to find older men attractive but its gross/creepy/not acceptable for men to like younger women??


Inspired by me watching Cowboys and Aliens right now and getting a hard on for Harrison Ford.....*drool*


I just opened up a box of cornbread mix and there were stupid weevils in it. So I threw it away after gagging.

What is the last thing that grossed you out?

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Google is failing me, so does anyone know where to buy starter earrings?
The earrings a piercer would put in after for it to heal. Online or offline stores. :)
Bonus points for links!

Thanks in advance. :)

weigh in

Do you usually do any of the following when you weigh yourself?

1. Weigh yourself immediately after you wake up.
2. Weigh yourself totally naked.
2a. But never with wet hair.
3. Empty your bladder first.
4. On the scale at the gym, only if nobody else is nearby to see.

I was thinking about it the other day, weighing myself first thing in the morning because I usually do, but not for any special reason.

GD fruit flies!!

These damn fruit flies are driving me CRAZY!!!! Have you had them before? How did you get rid of them?

I have no food/fruit sitting out, I've cleaned/bleached/scrubbed all the countertops, sinks, everywhere!! and they are still around!!!!
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For my 21st birthday, my friends and I are having a Hogwarts Feast. What food and activities should we have? Extra points if you can link me to hp-themed recipes. :)

(I will be 21, but we won't be having alcohol at the party - my best friend is pregnant and she turns 21 a week before me so she's a bit sad that she can't be included in the drinking festivities)
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can someone point me in the right direction of any resources online for weight watchers-type diets? something where it tells you how to do the points system without having to pay for all this shit?

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It's 11 pm.

I want chocolate.

I have two loads of laundry to do and I gotta do em otherwise I'm sleeping on a bare mattress.

I have maybe three and a half more hours in me.

Should I go out and buy the three ingredients I don't have to bake cookies?

Laziness and mug brownie won out.

What was/is your major in college?
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1. Which part of Mott Street (do you think if not know) is Ella Fitzgerald referring to when she sings "And tell me what street compares with Mott street in July?" in the song Manhattan?

2. Do they use white-out for the tips in French Manicures instead of nail polish? It looks like it.

3. What happened to all the cloth Mary Janes? They used to be in every single tourist shop in Chinatown (in NY) but I went all over it and couldn't find them anywhere. Where can I find cheap ones now? (Under $10. I looked online, but the shipping doubles the price.)
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