July 31st, 2011

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I ordered a small pizza for lunch from Dominos this afternoon, and threw in an order of breadsticks to eat with our spaghetti dinner tonight. When it arrived, I put the breadstick box in the microwave and thought nothing of it. Cut to tonight when we open the box of breadsticks, and discover they are cinnamon bread. 

We ate them because why the hell not, but my question is this: is it too late to call Dominos and whine tomorrow? The box clearly had cinnamon in it, and the side of the box says very plainly that it's meant to be breadsticks and marinara. The possibility of free breadsticks has me wondering.

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Do you think parents are right to punish their kids for things written in a diary? I don't mean: "Man, I got so drunk last night..." I mean: "Mom is such a bitch!"

I'd say no. A diary is your personal space, no matter how old you are.

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tqc... if you & your partner made a decision to start trying to conceive a child, would you announce it to anyone? post it on facebook? call your mom?

do you have friends or acquaintances who've told you that they're going to start trying? do you ever think this info is a bit too personal?
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Why is it that an ignorant, arrogant, egotistical, selfish person has a bunch of friends or acquaintances, even when those people don't like the person in question? But they keep him/her in their lives anyway?

For example, Jim thinks Bob is the most ignorant, arrogant, obnoxious, and egotistical person he's ever known and doesn't like Bob all that much, but Jim still talks to Bob and does things with him.

Like that obnoxious dickhead in a group that no one likes, but still gets invited to go out with the group.

I've never understood this. Am I missing something?

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I have reached my breaking point. I'm ready to pack my bags and move far, far, far away. I want to move where I know NO ONE. Start over.

I had a miscarriage (Ya know, after I went through the terrifying act of telling my parents I was pregnant) and haven't heard from my 'boyfriend' since. Or anyone for that matter. It's like everyone is mad at me. Awesome.

If I move away, change my name, don't leave a forwarding address... how long do you think it will take for my bills, responsibilities, stupid being an adult to catch up?
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i texted my ex Tuesday night asking if i could come get my records back and he hasn't said anything. things didn't end messy or anything, they just kind of.. ended. really anticlimactically. from what i can tell, there's no reason for him to feel negatively towards me. and he has a girlfriend now.

so, save him having gotten a new number and not told me, why hasn't he texted me back? how long should i wait to text him again? i've never had to get stuff back from someone i was involved with before, so.
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So, now that I'm 18 my dad is pressing me to learn how to drive a car. I'm terrified of driving; the cause of being in a few accidents. Then I thought about scooters or mo-peds, b/c I'm far more comfortable riding a bike than driving a car, and I wanted to know: What are your thoughts, TQC, on scooters/mo-peds?
If you have one, do you like it? Are they dependable? Do they get good gas mileage? Are there any certain brands I should be wary of? What is a good price-range for a brand new one or a used one?
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How You Spent Your Summer Vacation

Did you go, or are you going to go, to a festival, big concert or other big  (to you) event this summer? If so which one? What made you decide to go?

iPhone users, what free apps should I get for my new iPhone?

Everybody, will you post a picture that you took of something that you like?

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Um I totally forgot where I was going with this so gimme a moment y'all.


Still can't remember so the hell with it! New stuff as it hits my brain:

e + 2. What animal was the last bit of roadkill you saw, if you could tell? How long ago did you see it? Any pictures you wish to share?

GCF(1,2). Are you itching for some rain? I'm really itching for some rain. It's an itch I can't reach because I'm no weathermancer.

How the Ramans do it. Do you think a butt—just your average, ordinary, everyday butt—makes a better musical instrument or pillow? Does yours provide you enough cushion to sit on hardwood furniture?

Flour - l. What color are the handles of your most-used pair of scissors?

Number of fingers on one hand. How long was the last shift you worked?

Number of points on the Star of David. Vienna sausages: yay or nay? Right out of the can, or prepared a special way?
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i've always wondered: what kind of pickle spears do the delis serve with your sandwich? they are so good. they're not like vlasic or anything like that. they are like a light green. i don't think they're claussen though because i've had those before and they are gross.

i'm dying to find out. i remember the student union at my school had them and also at the cafe in my workplace has them. anybody have any idea?

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when grocery shopping do you purchase generic items or name brand?


household items?

I'm trying to cut our monthly shopping both household and grocery to less than 450 a month for 2 people. Right now it's at about 620-700 a month

Any other suggestions on how to make this work?

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Would you stay with your SO if he/she said they wanted sex change?

Not sure

Would you relocate to Wyoming with your SO because he/she got a job that paid him/her 50% more what they earn now? Your SO is going to move there regardless of your answer

Not sure

Your SO embezzled 50k from his/her work and asks you to lie to the police and corporate investigations about it afterwards. Your lie would put him/her in the clear and remove suspicion and you guys can enjoy the money...but if you get caught in the lie, he/she will go to prison and you will face charges. If you tell the authorities the truth, your SO goes to prison and you're totally in the clear. What do you do?

Lie to the authorities
Tell the truth
Not sure

Your SO is part of the wedding party for his/her best friend. The best friend wants a bachelor/bachelorette party in the French Riveria at a nudist resort, that has a reputation for being a major party site. No spouses/partners allowed. Your SO asks you if it's ok to go to support his/her friend. What do you say?

Go. Have fun
I don't want you to go. Too much chance for cheating
Not sure

Your SO has a good job at some corporation, and it hires your SO's ex. Not in the same department. One day there's a major promotion in the works. One of the factors that contribute to winning the promotion is learning about these new industry changes being taught at this seminar in another state. Your SO says the only people vying for the promotion are him/her...and the ex. The corporation will put them both in the same suite for the weekend. Separate beds, of course. Policy is no family can accompany, as attendance at the seminar is limited and each seat costs a great deal and the corporation isn't paying for anyone else but those 2 people. Your SO asks if it's ok to go to the seminar and possibly get the promotion. What do you say?

Go. You're going to get the promotion, baby
I don't want you to go. I don't trust what'll happen in the room afterwards
Not sure

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 college grads: when you're asking a professor to write you a letter of recommendation, do you tell them what kind of job it is for so they can write about the particular skills you have that relate to that job? because, what do you do if you're applying for more than one type of job? do you have to keep asking them for different versions of a letter of recommendation? or do you just ask them to write one and not tell them anything about the type of job(s) you're applying for?

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Is it really true that women who don't shave under their arms have problems with body odor?

I mean, I find it suspicious that women are supposed to shave under their arms because otherwise they stink, but nobody cares if men don't shave under their arms. That sounds like a double standard to me.

I get close to a lot of men, and I almost never think that they stink. I am quite sure that most of these men do not shave their armpits.

So why are women expected to do so? Why are women told that they're going to smell bad if they don't shave their armpits? Can't we just be honest and say we don't like the way it looks?

I honestly think it's stupid that we women are expected to shave our legs and under our arms, but men aren't. I mean, we can all have our preference over what is attractive, but it shouldn't be some sort of taboo if we don't. I admit to liking men with smooth faces, but that doesn't mean I'm going to see a guy in a beard and think that looks gross and rant about how nasty it looks and how I would never ever date a man with facial hair.

Can someone tell me where this idea that women smell worse than men if they don't shave their armpits came from?

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I've been in several stores today and noticed that feathers are a new thing right now. That got me wondering if they actually plucked the feathers from real birds or if they're synthetic. What do you think? Serious answers only plz. I want the truth!

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1. What time did you go to sleep last night?

1. What time did you wake up?

1. Is this normal for you? If not, what is?

1. What's the last object you wrote/drew with?

1. On a scale from one to ten, ten meaning it causes a spontaneous orgasm, how good does it feel to curl your toes in warm, green grass?

1. Where loaf help can absolve ground cave nightly cake internship?

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 I can smell something burning and the smell just seems to get stronger. I live in an apartment complex.

1. What is burning?

2. Should I call the authorities? Or would that be ridiculous since I can't see any smoke and no one has sounded the fire alarm?

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just got offered a night shift at a 24hr cvs two train stops away. the hours are 1am to 5am, 8.15 an hour, mondays-thursdays
Should i take the job?
i really dont mind staying up late, i'm just concerned that i won't be able to go to class on fridays with enough energy.
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Crocheters of TQC, I need your help!

No matter what I do, I can't seem to properly transition from one row to another. I always end up accidentally increasing or decreasing. I just get all confused when I get to the end of the row and I can't figure out where the last thing I crochet into is, or the first thing I crochet into for the next row.

I know this sort of thing is next to impossible to describe over the internet, but does anyone want to try their hand at explaining what I'm supposed to do?

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+. What's the longest distance you've ever driven in one shot? Was it to meet someone, or to move, or what? Were you by yourself or with others?

-. How often do you pull over and take breaks? Are there a lot of rest stops along the interstate where you are?

*. What do you listen to on the trip? News? Any particular music? Feel free to recommend good driving songs to me.

/. What time of day do you prefer to drive?

%. Have you ever run into trouble during a long road trip? What happened?

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1. I love reading scary stories before going to bed. Will you tell me one or send me a link to some?

B. Are you a Hello Kitty fan? What's your favorite item?

3. Do you prefer burping or farting?

D. What's your biggest gripe about buying new clothes?