July 29th, 2011

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Guys. Right now I'm a special needs attendant for a boy with autism and epilepsy. I work with his family directly, five days a week. I need to put in my two weeks notice because I'm moving out of state/across the country and I feel incredibly guilty. Like, I'm ..terrified of sitting down with his mom and letting her know. My job is not easily replaceable. Any tips?

What is the hardest thing you have had to do recently?
How do you give back, be it to your community or the world?

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Do you have a blog/website (outside of a standard livejournal diary type) and want to shamelessly promote it? How did you begin getting traffic for it? What helped you think of the idea for it? Also, what keeps you from giving up on it?

Not shamelessly promoting mine..

It originally was going to be a website but since I lack the resources to do what I want, it is a blog (that I just created today). The theory behind it is for every job that treats it's employees like crap, there should be a way to stand up for yourself even if there isn't a corporate office to complain to. Although in the future I will have a book of resources to stand up for yourself, right now it's mostly going to be user-generated content of people telling their stories of working in a specific place, whether it be good or bad. It's intended to be the watchdog for corporations when there is no watchdog.

http://www.betteremployersbureau.wordpress.com if you want to take a look
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It's mah birfday! :D

So, today I've turned 18.  I'm going to get my eyebrow pierced, but I'm a little iffy on the whole procedure.  Should I get an appointment or just do a walk-in? Do they use anesthetics or will I have to suck it up and bear the pain? Is there a certain type of ring/bar I should get first off? As I've never gotten a piercing before what should I expect over-all?

What else should I do to celebrate?

Also, I'm really excited to be able to vote, just gotta figure out where to register and all that jazz. :)
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TQC, what do you do at work when you're the only one there and there's hardly anything to do? Do you goof off and play video games/Internet? Clean up? What would you do if you had a bunch of good-quality color copiers at your disposal?

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 For those of you who like kids, what is your favorite age range? Why?

I love the infant stage, when the babies wear adorable onesies and are learning to smile and stuff. I love how everything is pink or blue. Also, I saw this studded leather jacket for babies in Target once and my ovaries exploded. Basically THEY'RE SO CUTE (you know, aside from like diapers and spitting up but even then they're cuter than I'd ever be shitting my pants).

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Why can people who draw really well (photorealistically)do so? Sure, one can learn techniques, but they're often born with innate talent. My cousin says it's because they, in a sense, have a photographic memory, which is why they can look at something and then render it so accurately onto paper or canvas.

This is just something I've been curious about.

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My brother's turning 22 in August and has asked me to make him a "banana peanut butter chocolate cheesecake". Basically, this is everything he loves in life and wants it all combined. I have found the recipes below and am considering them. Which should I make?

Or if they all suck, do you have a better idea on how I should meet his needs?

* What was your last birthday cake?
I had cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, but I can't remember the variation.
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So I just renewed my paid account after a few weeks being without. I lost all of my notes for people. So tell me TQC, what note should I have for you?

Given the choice of going home and napping for 40 minutes or going out to lunch with a coworker, what would you choose to do for your lunch hour today?

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I recall talking to at least two or three people on here who use sign language, soooo, for those it's relevent to, what's your name sign? What language is it in? Doubly awesome if you can describe it or link to a diagram.

Edit: mine is 'rat' in NZSL.
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Feel like going to a movie today. Should I see Cowboys and Aliens or rewatch Harry Potter 7.2 and maybe try it in 3d this time? Or should I go a completely different direction and see Friends with Benefits?

Does Cowboys and Aliens look ridiculously lame but weirdly appealing to anyone else?

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What's the difference between a Ph.d and a doctorate degree? I always thought they were the same thing, but someone told me recently that they weren't, though she couldn't explain how or why.

DK/DC: Have you ever had nail polish change color on you? I have this gorgeous purple color that I've used several times that always comes out well, but this last time that I tried to use it, it was liquidy and more pink than purple. As far as I know it hasn't been diluted and hubby claims he didn't move it, so what gives?

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 When is the last time you totally made something out of something else and it worked out awesome??

I am keeping the kids I nanny at my house this weekend and forgot a passy for the baby...totally rigged up a nipple from the bottle to use while I run over and grab one of his passys.


Also, for those who remember my last post about dealing with mom/friend, things are working out better....got a massive fucking raise and some time to my self :)

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TQC, do you have any networking tips for recent grads?

I just graduated with a biology degree in Ontario and am interested in marine biology, and am considering a trip to Halifax in August. I have a list of places I'd like to visit and am planning to talk to someone in academia, because no one should know about opportunities better than the head of a department. Any other ideas, TQC? Any tips for getting in touch with people and networking in general?

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TQC, there is no AC in my workplace currently, and it's so slow, and I could theoretically get some iced coffee from Starbucks (because I am incredibly sleepy) but that would require leaving. There's someone here to keep the store open if I run out, but I am irrationally nervous about this (despite the fact that we've had two customers all day). Should I go? Or just slump over my desk and take a cat nap?

How does this status thing work?

So how should I describe myself now that I've separated from my wife?

Technically we are still married, and divorce will take at least a year, so I don't think "single" is quite right, nor is "divorced". My 14 year old son is living with me, so "single dad" might be applicable. I'm certainly not "taken".

For those of you keeping score at home, I'm living in Kalamazoo County, Michigan, with my son and with my wife's adult son from a previous marriage. I last had sex during the last week of June. Volunteers are welcome, usual terms apply.


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How do you get a cat to stop peeing in places that are not the litter box?

I have two cats, male and female, and I'm not sure which one is doing this. One of them keeps peeing on the dining room table, in the same spot. I don't know when/why this started, because their box is scooped every day and cleaned at least once a week. Is there anything we can do short of throwing the table out?
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Paging Doctor TQC...

If you know anything about sports injuries, I need your help...
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Do you know what could be causing this pain (well, discomfort)? Am I doing things wrong? Or right?

DK/DC/I only run from zombies: do you take advantage of back-to-school sales even if you're not in school? What do you purchase?


My mom and I are taking a week long trip to Seattle next month. We are staying near downtown, right across from the stadium but will have access to downtown and public transportation.

What must we do, see, eat, and drink? Food/restaurant tips are especially helpful!!

Do you always ask the same type of questions when on TQC? I feel like I'm always asking for tips on cities.

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How do you think the human condition would change if we were born (or otherwise came to exist) as elderly, and then aged backwards into infancy? Basically if we aged in the reverse. Do you think life would be better? Worse?

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 Sorry to post again so soon, but have ever had any luck applying to jobs through websites like snagajob.com and sites like it? The only job I've ever had, that I'm still working at, I got by walking in to apply so I don't know if I'm wasting my time going through these listings.

URL question

-I'm trying to figure out what to use as a webpage URL. The clearest choice would be "talkprooftoys.com" (it would be a website for my toys), but the f and the t look sort of off to me. Am I being ridiculous, or does it look strange to you guys too? I've thought about hyphens and underscores but I'm trying to keep it simplistic..

-If you had to get to get a piercing tomorrow, where would it be?

-What do you listen to your music on?

-What kind of device are you reading this on (computer, laptop, smart phone, etc.)

-Shrimp or crayfish?

-What was your most recent disappointment?

-Have you ever had your eyebrows threaded?

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I am caught in this terrible storm. I hear thunder and thunder and more thunder.

Were you ever afraid of a thunderstorm?
If so, were you more afraid of the lightning or the thunder?

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In an attempt to make a few friends and stuff, I'm going to a bbq this weekend that I found on meetup. I'm bringing a desert but I dunno what to bring as a host gift. I would bring wine but I dunno if they drink, so I'm at a loss.

Any suggestions?

ETA in the $10 and under range?

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im going to pick up a new (to me) car tomorrow or the day after!!
this means i get to pick out a new steering wheel cover and stuff. is your car personalized with things like that at all? my old car has a wheel cover and mats with tree frogs on them but theyve seen better days so im just gonna buy new stuff.

having a new car also means shiny new cup holders for me to fill with straw wrappers and crap. what the hell is in your car? ive got a beat up atlas, more straw wrappers then i know what to do with, a couple foam dunkin donuts cups (i put the cold cups in them so they dont sweat everywhere), and probably like $5 in change. theres also a stuffed tiger in the back seat for some reason.

dk/dc/dont have a car- whats your favorite vegetable?

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My cousin is getting married in two weeks.  The wedding is at 6 PM on a Sunday.  I doubt it will be really fancy and I'm not sure whether it will be indoors or outdoors.  Which outfit should I wear? I don't really want to buy anything new.

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TQC, will you tell me your inspirational stories about how your life sucked and you worked/are working towards your goals and made/are making a change?
I'm feeling bummed about life and money and stuff. All I can think of to watch is Legally Blonde, lol, which usually motives me to take action. ETA: OMG LEGALLY BLONDE IS ON TV RIGHT NOW. TV KNOWS.

DK/DC: How do you feel when you look through your high school yearbook? I just looked through my mom's and for a moment I wanted to look through mine, but it would just make me remember all the people I hated.
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TQC, recently I've become incredibly fucking stupid. I can't remember anything and I'm easily confused. Can I get over this? Is there some sort of illness that can make you a moron?

I'm stuck like this forever y/n

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If you've seen True Grit, did you like it?

I've heard a ton of good things about it, but my parents just watched it and the first words out of my mom's mouth when it was over were, "Not a good movie at all." She says that about almost every movie she sees, though (they watch a movie from Netflix every couple of weeks, and the only one she's ever liked is Iron Man), so I don't know whether to trust her judgment about whether or not I should watch it before we send it back. So what did you guys think about it?

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Earlier this evening I bought a frozen yogurt. I didn't eat it and put it in the refrigerator. In the meantime, I fell asleep. I just woke up some 3 hours later and wanted my yogurt. I pulled it out of the freezer and it was completely melted. My first thought was that my freezer was broken or off. I went to check. I pulled out the frozen yogurt my boyfriend put in at the same time. His is frozen solid.


What is something weird that has happened to you recently?