July 28th, 2011


IPhone vs. iPod Touch-- help me decide!

I want/need to get some type of iPod device.

Has anyone here used both? Which do you prefer? Are you able to access wifi often enough that the iPod Touch not having a data plan and 3G/4G capability doesn't really matter, or is it frustrating not having service everywhere? Does the iPhone have all the same features of the iPod (camera, video, recorder, etc.) or is the iPod Touch better in that regard? Are they about the same (physical size)? Can you get the same amount of storage on the iPhone?

I'm looking to get the latest generation of whatever I get. The iPod Touch has a camera, voice recorder, and does video. I'm not the type to want to be on the internet all day, but I need access for my work. A lot of my reference books will actually be on the device though, so it might not be a huge issue. I kinda like the idea of having a data device just for work/school, but it's be nice having a better phone, too. FWIW, I don't text and rarely even use my cell phone.

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How often do you change your pajamas?

I had a job interview friday and they said they would run a background check and call back. It's wednesday. What the hell? :(

I'm starting back my training at an english stable. What is your experience with horses?

Realistically and honestly, if your SO passed away suddenly, how long do you think it would take you to accept it and move on?

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It's crucial that I ask you this question, but the polls aren't working and I want to cry. I mean, it's better than LJ being completely broken.. But:

What flavor ice cream should I get?
A. Blueberry Cheesecake
B. Peppermint Stick
C. Coconut
D. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
E. Coffee

dk/dc: What have you being doing with LJ down?
I actually was able to concentrate on important stuff I should be working on.
hate pimentos

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TQC, do you enjoy Caesar salad? What brand/variety of dressing do you enjoy? ETA: I love caesar salad but I usually only eat it in restaurants. I wanted to make one at home and bought Cardini dressing and it is revolting. Tastes like mayo. I like creamy caesar, though. Can you recommend a brand?

Is LJ still goofing up? Whyyyyyy? WILL IT EVER BE FIXED? I haven't been able to get LJ to work at home for 3 days now. I'm doing this from my phone.

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If you could choose your own engagement ring what would you go for?
Tell me about diamond shapes, settings, and metals.

Could you please provide a picture of your dream ring, or you own ring? (please)


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I just joined a gym and my membership includes free tanning. Although I am capable of tanning, I've never actually tanned in a tanning bed.

Do you ever tan in a tanning bed?

Is it a "once you start you can't stop" sort of experience? I don't want to make a habit of it, but it'd be nice to get a tan, I suppose.

How often should a tanner go tanning?

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I'm bored, drinking, and enjoy doing archive binges. Which LJ community is good for this, in your opinion? I was debating between Bad_RPers_Suck, Customers_Suck, Bad_Service, and possibly this community. eta: assuming lj doesn't crash :/

Are you hot? It's super hot in here and I want it to stop. :(
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It is very hard to make a post with a kitten nomming your fingers.

Two nights ago, I saw a kitten running around my work. She was getting chased by dogs and dumb kids, so I knew I had to rescue her. Yesterday, I took her to the vet and she checked out well with the exception of a pretty bad case of roundworms and fleas. They recommended I treated the fleas first, and gave me the stuff to take care of the roundworms, but in the meantime, she's gotta stay confined to my room so the other cats in my apartment don't get sick as well.

I spend most of today with her, getting home at 7:30a and taking two naps with her. I am about to leave for my graveyard shift and I am very worried for her. Am I being ridiculous? She's going to be okay being alone for about ten hours, right? She's got food, a litterbox, and toys.

dk/dc what's the last impulse decision you made?

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Which of these sounds yummier?

Which would you rather eat for lunch?

One more. Which one?

dk/dc: What is one of the grossest things you've eaten lately?

I'm going to have to go with gazpacho.
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

It's a race for rats to die

I was talking to my Grandma today about naps, and I told her I hate taking naps because sometimes I wake up feeling really lonely, alone, and depressed. She said that she wakes up feeling the same way sometimes and was glad to hear she wasn't the only one.

Are we the only two in the whole world? Do you guys wake up feeling lonely/alone/depressed/other negative feeling after a nap?
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What can I do with a pair of trousers that no longer fits? (too small in the hips) I really, really like the fabric and want to use my badass sewing skillz to make something nice out of them, but can't think of anything.