July 27th, 2011

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My cat, who normally panics loud enough to have the neighbours knocking on my door if she's shut out for five minutes, has not been seen since Sunday night. I'm panicking and thinking the worst. Will you tell me happy and heartwarming stories of pets who came back, after a long time or over a long distance or against all odds?

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Woke up this morning to find my phone, birth control pills and year old Macbook sitting in a puddle of water. When I turned the computer on its side, water came out.

...It's useless now, right?

I don't even care that much about the computer but it was a graduation gift from my mom and I feel HORRIBLE that she spent her money on it. (I felt horrible before anything happened to it, honestly) I'm afraid to tell her.

Is there anything I can do? How should I tell her? I'm sick to my stomach.

I rarely ever leave water on my desk and this cup was miles away from the computer. I sort of think my cat might have jumped on there at some point so I don't need a lecture on liquids + electronics.

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What's made you happy today?
see above

What's made you laugh today?
a customer arguing with one of our cashiers telling her that shoes have always been priced a certain way when they've never been priced that way.
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For lunch I ate a few sausage links left over from a few days ago. I thought I cooked them all the way through but halfway through eating the second one I look closer and the middle is still raw. How long until I die?
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I have a second interview for a store manager position at a party store tomorrow and I'm SO excited! But I have a question or two for you all. Due to this store being 6000 sq. ft. of party supplies and 9000 sq. ft. of fireworks and Halloween costumes year-round, should I wear "interview clothes" or should I wow them with my amazing costuming skills? And if a costume, which one?

What should I wear to my interview?

Suit-type Stuff
Something else (in comments)

Which costume if you chose costume above?

Punk Rocker
Other (in comments)

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I'm 21 and haven't had a "sleepover" in a very, very long time. In fact, I haven't had close girl friends to do so with in a long time. But, tonight, I have two friends coming to stay with me and hang out.

What should we do? We all enjoy video games so we're going to be doing a lot of that, plus baking/eating.

Do you still have ~sleepovers~ with your friends? What do you guys do? 
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Does anyone know of/belong to any of those LiveJournal communities where you get sorted into teams and then compete in various challenges to earn points for your group? The best example I can think of is hogwartsishome, but are there any that aren't fandom-specific or don't rely on fandom type questions for the "application" process? I feel like there was once something like this that had some form of the word library in its name. I don't know. Bueller? Bueller?

What's on the top shelf of your refrigerator?


If you saw me out an about, based on the photo below, would you think I was just a plain old fatty or that I looked pregnant in addition to being fat?

Be truthful, you wont hurt my feelings worse then they already have been

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Bonus question: What have you eaten today?

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At what point do you give up on a person? (interpret that anyway you want)

I'm really tired of being disappointed by people.

also.. do you think that blowing bubbles in a hot drink would help it cool off quicker?
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 Okay, so I got this awesome idea for a website that popped into my head. Although I can not design a website, I would pay someone to do it and run it myself. I'm trying to get my boyfriend's friend to make it for me and according to him it would be 50 a month to pay for webspace (which sounds outrageous.. but what do I know). How much does it normally keep to make a website running per month? 

Also, where would be a good place to find a web designer? I don't know where to even start.