July 26th, 2011

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Is it wrong for me to still be vaguely mad at my childhood best friend for dropping my first edition, hardcover copy of Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets into a mud puddle from her bike back in the year 2000? Because I am. And she will never know.

When was the last time somebody ruined something of yours?

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So when I started university in 2005, I got locked into a certain tuition amount for x amount of time. I dropped out for a few reasons, and when I came back, it still applied to me, but starting this semester, it no longer does and so now I'm paying the higher tuition amount since prices have obviously gone up (my tuition fees went from ~$3250 per semester to about ~$4875 but I'm taking more classes so it's actually ~$6500). My loans from school aren't going to cover it so I'm going to have to try and get a loan from a bank, about 4000 dollars. What is some good advice for how to get a loan/what are some good banks if you know of any? I have a feeling I'm going to end up co-signing with someone which is fine by me, I just don't want to mess anything up.

DK/DC? What did you do for your last birthday? I'm currently playing Sims 3 and derping around online.

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 All people that actually know something about cameras- I've been saving up all summer to study abroad. It looks like it might not work out but now I have an extra 1500 to spend on something. I really want a professional camera to take pictures with for the places I write for.

What kind of camera should I get? I don't know a whole lot about them but I'm definitely willing to learn. 
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i have a strong urge to play the sims. i haven't since i was in middle school, and i keep getting stuff on my tumblr dashboard about it. but my sims cd will not load into this computer. now i want to buy sims 3. will you talk me into/out of it? or just discuss the sims?

what was your favorite mcdonalds happymeal toy you ever got? (or any kidsmeal toys)
i really loved mcnugget buddies. and the buckets around halloween time.

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What are the most cramped, crazy, or otherwise unusual living situations you've dealt with?

I'm about to move into a house where I'm gonna share a tiny bathroom with 7 people. Only for the first week, but omfg.

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Which one of these would be THE most disconcerting thing someone could say to you after dinner on your first date?

"It's not like all the other prayer groups. We're fun and we get crazy! But we're still a very faithful bunch. You'll love it"
"I have just one stop before I drop you off. I'm compelled by the law to announce myself to all new neighbors. It's in regard to the particular nature of my arrest and a certain 'list' that I'm on now"
"Do you like coke? I got a small bag in my car. It's the good stuff. I say we do some rails and then do some donuts in the parking lot"
"I really enjoyed our date. I enjoyed your company. You're somone I can see myself falling in love with. Hahaha. One step at a time, Chris, one step at a time"
"I know what we can do. Get some eggs and throw em at my ex's house. God I hate her"
"I had a great time, but I don't feel I should get my hopes up. I've never been in a real relationship before. It seems all possible matches run away, almost literally, by date 3"
"Wanna come back to my place and see my Pauly Shore collection? I've got plates, photos, action figures, statutues, etc"
"You remind me of my ex. So much. Pat knew how to fix everything and I have so many problems needing fixing. Can I call you tonight? I'll be up for hours"
"You don't like me much, do you? I can tell. Everybody hates me. I try so hard and I get nowhere. What is it about me that you find so unlikable, huh? HUH?"
"Wanna see something scary? I mean, really scary? Ok, drive to the end of the next block, park, and close your eyes"

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Why does the Alphas team constantly go up against people with known abilities with virtually no protections? Dangerous pheramones? Lets just chase them without gas masks. Unknown mind controller? Lets send the non-mind-controlling agents with no protection.

Was Marceline vampirized before the Mushroom Wars (nuclear kaboomy boom)? Her memory suggests this may be the case, but it doesn't show pre-war. Also, with her age, why hasn't she seen heat signature before?

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 Do you think your name fits you?

If you could change it, what would you change it to?

Did you want to change your name as a little kid?

I think my name fits me, even though I don't think I look like a Kayley. Every Kayley I've ever met has been the spunky cheerleader type, which I've never been, so I choose to believe I'm doing it right and all the other Kayleys are doing it wrong. As a little kid I desperately wanted to be named 'Heather'. I don't know why, looking back.

Question for New Jersey Peeps

My mom is concerned about me driving on the scary New Jersey highways, even though I'm very familiar and comfortable with NY highways.

Is there any difference in the traffic/aggressive drivers/general scariness among Route 17, Route 34, and the Garden State Parkway?

DK/DC: How old were you when you got your driver's license?
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I work as a nanny/babysitter. Part of my job is cooking dinners to be ready when the people come home. What should I make for the next few days? I'm running out of ideas. Lately I've just thrown stuff into the CrockPot and I'm pretty sure they're tired of it. The catch is, it needs to be relatively quiet to cook, or I have to be able to cook it with one hand while holding an infant in the other.

Any ideas?

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Since moving back in with my mom, she has complained more and more about how much my dog stinks. For some reason I never smell him unless when he ran through something awful or is wet. I clean, think that it's not smelly, and she'll still complain.

What's the best way to deal with dog odor? Would making the dog stay on his bed all the time when inside help? Are there any doggy perfumes out there?
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TQC, i think i found my dream job. Well, current dream job at least, while finishing school and whatnot. Pretty please would you critique my cover letter?

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Thanks so much for any suggestions you can give!!

ETA: I'm aware my grammar and punctuation is major fail, it will be edited before it is sent in for sure. I am mostly looking for content and organization feedback. Thanks!

DK/DC: What is your dream job, either for your current situation or your whole life?
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Dear TCQ

I can't make a decision. I am having my bedroom redone but I can't decide between two styles of furniture. The total cost for them is going to work out as pretty much the same, so there's no help there.

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I don't know what to chose. Which do you like best?


What does "pending contact request" mean on Skype?

This person used to be my friend on Skype and now instead of an "X" or an online symbol, it has a "?"

I didn't do anything on Skype, but I suppose this person could have blocked me because we used to date..but it seems a little dramatic..

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So TQC. My FWB and I recently started trying to have a romantic relationship. Except he won't make out with me. This makes it awkward for me to initiate sex (I mean, grabbing his junk worked for me before, but it's just not how I want to go about things all the time now). I asked him about it and he said that he considers making out to be a really intimate thing, and because he apparently doesn't have "intimate feelings" for me yet, the idea of making out with me doesn't appeal to him. On a scale of one to ten, how much would this bug you?

What sort of birth control are you on? I just started Generesse and it's *chewable* and *mint flavored*. I'm so tickled by it.

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 Do the doctors/nurses/whoever always numb you up before they give you stitches?

Because for some reason I've been under the impression most of my life that they don't and this has, in turn, made me pray like hell I never need them.

Hershey's Kisses or Hershey's Hugs?


I'm going to buy a brand new car tomorrow! I've already been in negotiations with the dealership but tomorrow I want to get the deal DONE. Any suggestions (srs or not) about how to get the best price?

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I've been entertaining my 6 year old nephew by playing the HALO PC demo and death-matching over my LAN, we are evenly matched but I'm bored with HALO. Does anybody have and other game suggestions, that are free, work over a LAN and not so hard that a 6 year old can't explain them to me?

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Would you say I got the job?

Today I went for an interview at Steak N Shake. The interview went okay, then the boss asked, "Would you like to work here?" I applied, "I'd love to work here." So she gave me some sheets to fill out for a background check. I've never been in trouble with the law in any way, aside for some traffic violations.

Would you be hopeful if this was you?
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This might get a little confusing. Let me know if you need clarification.

My husband and I are living in a nice little apartment that we really like. We pay our rent in full, on time each month and we just renewed our lease to live here for another year. We sent out our rent check for June (due July 1) early because of the holiday weekend. I remembered him sending it out because we went to Cedar Point that day and had to turn around to get the check in the mail before we left the city. So imagine my surprise when we had a letter stuck in our door on the 18th of this month that essentially said 'You haven't paid your rent for this month, you're in violation of your lease. You have three days to get your shit and get out'.

We got to the leasing office just before they closed but the girls there were really helpful and told us to check out bank balance to make sure the check was cashed. It wasn't, but it had been sent and we KNEW it had been sent. We even checked the last check number cashed in our account (say check 123) and the next check in our checkbook (125) and the one in the middle was missing, the one we sent out for the rent. We went back to the leasing office and wrote out ANOTHER check and they faxed it to the rental company to stop the eviction process and tacked on a thirty dollar late fee because the rental company isn't just going to take our word that it was 'lost in the mail'. I get that they were just covering their ass because they've probably heard that a million times and never seen the money but shit.

Here's the question part:
On Sunday, we went out and my husband stopped at the ATM and damn near shit himself at our bank balance because it was about $1200 less than we expected it to be and we freaked because we'd been tracking our spending and doing a really good job of keeping our money in check. He pulled up our transactions on his phone and it showed that the rental company got both checks and cashed both of them. We were told that if they got both checks, that one of them would credit our rent that's due on August 1. My question is, do we have a case to get that 30 dollar late fee refunded to us or credited to our 'account' since we weren't actually late? The check would be postmarked, but depending on when or where it got lost in the mail, would it be postmarked on the wrong date, making it look like we sent it out late? Or should we just accept it and just be happy that our rent check wasn't stolen (a possibility that the leasing office gave us, it's happened there before)? We've never been more than a day late sending out the rent and we don't want this to be something that shows up on our rental history that would hurt us if we tried to get another apartment if we had to move in the future.

I'm open to suggestion, what would you do?