July 25th, 2011

Simon Curtis
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Have you ever had nasal polyps? How bad were they and did you end up getting treatment or surgery? Will you share any related experiences?

DK/DC: Does the thought of a maggot living in your nostril terrify you?
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I want to have mini peanut butter and jelly jars as a wedding favor but I can't seem to find the little guys! Does any one know where I can get teeny little jars of peanut butter and / or jelly? (they don't have to come together, I can order them separately)
scruffy alien

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So, my phone has been acting really stupid lately. It randomly decided that I wouldn't get ANY texts on Friday and since then I haven't gotten a single one.... Until 5 minutes ago when it started flooding with really old texts. And the thing is is that I rebooted it several times, I charged it and let it die twice, I even randomly button-mashed on it for a few seconds and ... nada. Until just now. :/

My question is: What's wrong with my phone? Will all my texts now be two days late or did it just decide to be stupid for some reason?
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Are you one of those people who picks out your favorite chocolate from the assorted box, or just grab wildly and monge whatever it is you get?

Do you leave it in the can or drink it from a glass?

Hard shell or soft shell?
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Do any of you own a Wii Fit? How helpful has it been for you to get in shape and reach your weight loss goals?

My friend owns one, and says it sometimes make snide remarks about her performance and weight (she's of average size). If your Wii Fit mean to you?

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What else are you doing right now TQC?
Portishead is playing, Pina Colada Cupcakes are baking and I am just chilling

How are you feeling?
I am feeling the best I have in a long time

What is something good that have learnt or done lately?
I think I am finally getting some confidence and a decent skill level in baking :D


-Have you ever compeated in anything before?
-How did you do?

-Have you ever hit an animal with your car?

-What is your favorite outfit?

-How do you feel right now?
-Want to talk about it?

-If you and your boyfriend were talking about taking a break/breaking up and you were begging them to tell you all the things they felt about you and make you feel wonderful and they just simply said: "because i dont want to be without you", would that be good enough for you? i'm watching a sappy movie and this came about.

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What's the plans for the day TQC?

I'm at work now until about 2:30 or 3. Then I'm FINALLY getting my car back from the body shop this afternoon. And my friend from undergrad is spending the night at my house tonight!

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I'm leaving in a few hours to spend a night at a friends cottage. I was going to swing by a grocery store to pick up BBQ stuff for dinner, but it's looking like rain and we're probably all going to be inside for the night. What is good cottage food for dinner that doesn't involve the BBQ?!?! She has a full working kitchen, so anything goes

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When LJ was down (as well as TQC), what did you do?

Cried. Wrung my hands in complete worry and dejection
Slept. It went down fairly late last night
Kept clicking 'refresh' over and over and over again
Watched tv
Started asking questions to my pets. I HAD SO MUCH CURIOSITY AND HAD TO QUESTION SOMETHING!
Resorted to booze and/or drugs to fill the void
I cut myself. I'm big enough to admit it. I was so empty I had to feel something!
I chatted with as many TQC members as I could
I tried to make my own fourcorners' poll. I thought of a seemingly random topic, came up with some peculiar answers, then ultimately forgot about it, like any 4C poll
Made fingerpuppets of the various TQC member and made up witty snarky dialogue between them
I lost my faith last night. What kind of cruel God would allow such a thing as LJ going down to happen?
I had sex with a bunch of strangers in the hope that one of them validated me like TQC did. I received no such validation, just a mysterious rash
I screamed out my window, venting all my frustration. The neighbors complained, but I had so much stress to get out
I just stared blankly at the screen, mostly in disbelief, partly because I had been robbed of all meaning in life
Just spent more time on Facebook

cause for concern?

Last night, when I was going to bed, I got this stabbing headache near my right eye, but on the side (so right temple?) it must have gone away eventually last night, because I got to sleep, and I didn't have it this morning - but now i'm in class, and here it is again! its kinda coming and going though. 
I know it was hot yesterday and I didn't drink enough - could it have been that? (I've been pretty bad with water today as well)
Or could it be a stress/tension headache 
How concerned should I be? the Dr I usually go to will be closed by the time my class is done - should I be concerned enough to go to the walk in clinic?

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Have any of you tried a juice fast? How was the experience? 
Any tips from experience only?

I've decided to try to go raw for 'rawgust' and I think I want to start with a week or so of juice fasting, followed by smoothies and then trying to maintain a raw diet for the rest of the month. This isn't to lose weight, I'm mostly curious about my endurance and how I'll be affected physically, mentally and emotionally. I have everything ready to go for the month but have no experience with fasting (though I have had weeks in the past of just eating raw food).

ETA: This is a stepping stone into cultural fasting. I need to learn to fast for cultural events so juice fasting is a stepping stone into it. Tips like 'don't do it' aren't helpful or needed at this point.

What's something that made you really happy this week? 

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 Who's the last person from your past that suddenly reemerged in your life?

Inspired by an old fuck buddy from high school talking to me on facebook for the first time since I ended our dalliance.

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Teachers: were you scared shitless your first year teaching?

I am 100% terrified. I have two weeks of lessons due on August 10th but my state is redoing the standards so I won't know what my benchmarks are until a 5 day workshop starting August 1st. I don't even get to know what books I'll have :( I feel like I shouldn't be this nervous though, because I student taught while working full-time and it came really naturally to me. My supervisor said I was one of the best student teachers she's ever had, and my mentor said I was the best she's had. BUT I AM SO SCARED.

Also, in preparation to move to my new state, I have packed. Where have I packed the ibuprofen? This is about to be an emergency. I don't want to buy more because I have TWO BOTTLES stored away in some box....

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 Why the hell did I think buying "fudge brownies" at the Dollar Tree was a good idea?

What was the last thing that you tried/ate that turned out horrible?

...On the upside, the Snapple flavored/brand freezer pops they had are AMAZING!!


A TQC Story.

TQC, would you like to create a story?

The first commenter begins, ending their paragraph with "AND THEN..."
Everyone else adds their part and ends the comment with "AND THEN..." until I comment with the end of the story.

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 hey tqc, long time, no see

anyway, I'm having relationship problems, and I need advice. I'm not going to tell you our relationship story, because tl;dr
but how do you know when a relationship with someone you still love is worth ending?