July 24th, 2011

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Why does my fiance think that "I just want some alone time" means "Ohmigod you bother me so much, I can't stand you, go away," when all it really means is, "I have a lot of stuff going on in my daily life that I'd just like some quiet time away from the world?"

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When was the last time someone made you laugh out loud?
-I tried to wake my friend up early this morning and i said "you HAVE to get up" they looked at me and said   '...damnit the only thing i gotta do is stay black and die' and rolled back over.

What was the last thing you bought?
-i got some hello kitty fake nails from this weird store in the mall, then found more at old navy :D along with some $3 shirts!

Longer question:

SOOOOoooo...I hate my friend's stupidity sometimes.
My friend 'Jessica' just started dating this guy named 'James'. They've known each other pretty much all their lives. They have been dating seriously for about a month.
Jessica had a loved one die of an overdose about 6 months ago, along with an uphill addiction battle for a year and a half with this person before they died. James knows this.
James smokes weed max 3-4 times a week and drinks max 3 times a week. Jessica gets upset and is tired of no one around her being completely sober, like she stays all the time. She asks James to take a break from smoking pot on Wednesday. He agrees. Tonight, Saturday, he leaves to go smoke with his friends. She confronts him about it and he just acts frustrated and waits till she finishes talking, trys to give her a kiss, and leaves to go smoke. She starts crying and I don't know what to tell her. :( What do you guys think?

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Have you ever seen an inappropriate Halloween costume? Besides teens dressed like sluts, we've all seen that.

I've seen:
-A person dressed like a cancer patient. They were wearing a white hospital gown, had shaved their head, and were pulling around a fake IV bag.
-A person dressed like a tampon, with a red top.
-Someone dressed like a terrorist holding up a plane ticket.

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im driving 4 hours tomorrow to pick up a cat that was supposed to be euthanized yesturday morning, but im saving him so they put his death on hold. im afraid how my other 2 cats might react to a new cat, i think they will be fine, but what is best way to approach this situation as in introducing him? and making everyone feel comfortable getting adjusted?
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What's a clever or cute name for a knitting/crochet shop?

If it makes a difference, it's just similar to an Etsy store -- not something huge where a name will really be prominent, but still something to pull a customer in.

(I'm writing this for a friend. So far she has liked Knitwit and Knitrageous but both are already stores/blogs. So, something to that nature.)

Thank you all/anyone for responding!
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Are you surprised about Amy Winehouse's death?

I thought this would be one of those deaths people go crazy over because I actually recognised the name. But from her reported lifestyle maybe people just aren't surprised?

Are there other celebrities whose deaths wouldn't surprise you even though they are young?
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Ever dearest question club,

I just moved to Norfolk, Virginia from Guam back in December for no particular reason other than to come to Caucasia. Why Virginia if I could move any where? Well, my best friend who I hadn't seen in 11 years offered us a place to stay while we "got on our feet" in Virginia Beach and we probably won't live here forever but...
Loving the hipster vibe of Ghent, we moved to an apartment there!

My question is, are there any fellow Norfolk/VA Beach people who would be willing to make friends with us? I've been trying to look for fellow video game/book/any kind of nerds for a while but with no success. I promise we're not rapists/serial killers and I promise to make you delicious Islander/Asian foods!

If you don't live any where close by, how do you recommend making friends with fellow nerds? I assume they don't go out much, since we pretty much don't go out much either.


Moved to Norfolk, Virginia. Need more geeky friends. Thoughts? Advice?

Here are my FB/Google+ accounts!

If you randomly want a friend on your 360, my username is Compiler Error!
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Do you crush your soda/beer cans before you put them to be recycled?  Does it make a difference?  I have about 20+ cans to take (have to take them to a community center, we don't have bins in our complex) and don't know what to do with 'em.

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Where do the deer and the antelope play?

The range
Home (I keep unusual pets)
San Diego Zoo
Furry Con 2011
Uncle Vito's Rare Animal Burger Joint
Bambi 2: The Legend of Curly's Gold
Shelf 3, aisle 5 in the XXX section at the local video store
Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas
They don't. It's all work work work for those guys

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Is it possible to have consensual sex while intoxicated?

Why is it that woman, when drunk are unable to consent or make decisions because they are inebriated and there for if they have sex they were raped, but men who are equally drunk are supposed to be able to maintain the same level of self-control that said woman are excused for not being able to have while drunk?

If a sober or only slightly tipsy woman has sex with a clearly drunk man did she rape him?


*brought to you by the very angry people in sf_drama...and my general confusion on the subject...apparently if I like drunk/tipsy sex I am just a brainwashed cow who has convinced herself she likes being raped.


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I have a very loose plan to go to the US this time next year for a few months. I want it to be a kind of working holiday, so doing casual jobs like waiting, fruit picking, bar work. Anything really. I would have to factor in accommodation too. I'd like to be able to move around if I feel like I want to move on.

Is this idea totally unsustainable and needing a lot more thought? Or could I feasibly turn up and get lucky with jobs?
What about using something like BUNAC, where they help with Visas and have a job database etc?
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Guys! I turn 21 on Tuesday! What should my first legal alcohol purchase be?
Also, my friends all want to buy me drinks when we go out. What should I get?
We're doing karaoke at the bars that night... what should I sing? I'm an alto and I don't like country music...
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If you use foundation on your face, what type do you use? Pressed powder, loose powder, liquid, or..?

If your face gets oily/shiny later in the day, what product do you use to get rid of it?
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What do you do to cheer yourself up from a major funk?

I am not completely over the flu, and calling into work made me feel even worse. My parents decided to do their monthly "what are you doing with your life/you are a failure" talk today and now I feel crawling into a hole and never coming out.

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Have you ever loved/fallen in love with someone else while in a relationship? Has your SO ever been in love/fallen in love with someone else while you were together? How did that work out for you?
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Is it possible to love someone but not be IN love with them? (As in someone you could potenitally be in a relationship with.)

what does it mean someone tells you they are not good enough for you after wanting to try for a relationship?

Has anyone ever done sugaring as a hair removal treatment? Does it work?

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Thanks for the help on my last question everyone.

In the meantime, should I make a t-shirt quilt out of my old band t-shirts?
Do you have a better suggestion for what I can do with my old t-shirts?

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TQC please help me, I've been on every movie site for the last half hour and uuuuugh I am struggling! The movie has a one word title, it's an actiony kinda movie, and one of the characters is a blonde girl with fairly large lips. What is the movie?! I've been told I look like the girl and I've never seen the film but now that I want to find out about it I can't remember the name! D:
It was Suckerpunch! Thank you sociale!

Have you ever been compared to any movie characters/famous people? Who?
Post comparison pictures!

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Does anyone have the .gif of Jensen Ackles using his thigh as a guitar or that whole dance scene?

Do you think buying the Supernatural Animated series is worth it?


What is your least favourite thing about all the seasons?
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TQC, what is the secret to keeping a manicure looking nice? I used a top coat & everything, but every time, the polish just flakes off as soon as I do anything with my hands.
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On a scale of 1 to Westboro, how homophobic do the people where you live tend to be?

A friend of mine just posted an anti-gay-marriage status on FB. I was already feeling depressed today, but now I just feel super shitty and sad about having to live here for another 3+ years. I'm surrounded by people who think that gay marriage being legalized in NY is actually a sign of a Biblical apocalypse, and it's driving me nuts.

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If you're served an item you did not order (not a wrong order just an extra), do you say anything?

Someone was served my mimosa today and didn't say anything. I only know because I was like hey where's my mimosa? And the server figured out what went wrong. This was a pay before you sit down establishment so they got a free mimosa. I want a free mimosa.
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1. The day before an extremely important interview or meeting, what are you likely to be doing? Trying to take your mind off it, relaxing, preparing/studying, or just freaking the hell out?

2a. What is your favourite TV show?
2b. Which character from that show are you most like?
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TQC, my boyfriend's parents' house burned down today. I only spoke to him briefly, he's supposed to call again soon, so I don't really know the extent of the damage, but he did use the phrase "burned down" on the phone, so at any rate it's quite severe. Everyone is okay, including (as far as I know) all the pets.

Can you guys help me think of anything I could possibly send them? My boyfriend has gone home for a little while, but that's 1500 miles away so I can't exactly help clean anything or send over a casserole or anything like that. But I would like to do something if I can think of anything that sounds good. I think if I do send anything I'll see if I can include a tennis ball for one of the dogs in case he lost his, but so far that's about the only idea I have. All evidence suggests that the family is pretty well off, financially, so while I'm sure there must be a lot of stuff that needs to be replaced, I don't think there's much point in me sending "things" of any sort (if that makes sense), but I'd like to do something, some sort of gesture.

So, what mailable things would you send a family whose house just burned down?

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How long would a woman have to breastfeed before it freaked you out a little?

My aunt belongs to this parent group, and there is a woman there who just stopped nursing her 5 and a half year old because she's pregnant again. My aunt herself nursed until she got pregnant again, and her son was nearly 5.

I think if the kid can remember it when he grows up, that's a bit too old.
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I haven't gone to the gym in a week, despite wanting to. Someone, will you please tell me to stop being a fatass?

What have you accomplished recently?

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what candy should i ask to have served at my friend's wedding?

they're having everyone in the wedding party pick their favorite candy to be out at the reception. i'm not that into candy so i'm trying to think of something possibly really colorful, like Sour Patch Kids(our friend already requested that) or one that just looks nice.

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 When you see my icon, do you get the urge to smooch your face like Rainbow Dash??

I do...every damn time, and I imagine her saying "Would you still love me if I looked like this!?"

Who has the bestest icon ever in TQC?

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You HAVE to get a Betty/Bette tattoo. Who do you get?


Where do you put it?

Lower back (tramp stamp)
Upper back
Ankle or foot
Facial region