July 23rd, 2011

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How do you act at a job interview if you're not a naturally cheery person?

I'm having a hell of a time finding a job. I've been looking since I turned 19, and I'm 22 now. I've been to a few interviews, but have never been hired. I've acted as upbeat and cheery as possible, but my reviews have been pretty much, "You seem too low energy and quiet." How does one act upbeat when your natural attitude is pessimistic and you're usually depressed? I want to be upbeat, but I don't want them to know it's fake.
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Has anyone here moved a considerable distance and found somewhere to room online?
I'm moving to Seattle and looking for rooms with September availability but I just don't know how to word my e-mails to these people. I want to express my interest but what is the etiquette for saying you won't be in town until mid-August to see the place? Help?

How are things in your life?

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I'm at my wits end. My cat is peeing everywhere, and I mean everywhere. He's been liter-trained for almost over a year now, and suddenly, he's been peeing on every soft surface he can find-pillows, clothes, his own bed, rugs, MY bed..everything. The second I clean it, he goes back to find something else. His litter-box is cleaned, I've cleaned everything with nature's miracle...I don't get it.

I might have to give him away.

Why is he doing this?
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Do you ever get the thing where you want to ask something, and it's a big something, and it's really a very important something, but. There isn't an actual answer to your question that would help you, you're just asking for the sake of having others consider the predicament you're in. You want answers, because they won't half make you feel validated. So you suggest a scenario, and it helps when you get replies, but at the same time you know it's not actually remotely related to yourself or your questions? And all you're doing is dancing about issues, and looking for validation in places that will never legitimately give you it, but at least you feel better in the short term?

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1) TQC, for most of my life I was an incredibly avid reader. I'm talking 100+ books a year. But lately pretty much every book I pick up bores me. I think I need to step outside my normal genres.

Will you reccommend books for me that you've loved?
Non-fiction is less likely to bore me these days, it seems, but if you could reccommend fiction that is intelligent but not entirely character-based (something has to happen with the plot or I just don't give a shit), too, that would be awesome! Genres don't really matter, just suggest things you've loved! I will say I'm a consistent fan of 'darker' subject matter.

2) What's the last mistake you made?

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So a co-worker of mine is panicking because she is between 4-6 days late for her period. She took a test and it was negative and she doesn't really have any symptoms besides a breakout but she is still worried. I told her that 4-6 days is not really enough time to know and she disagrees with me.

Who is righ TQC?

Don't know/Don't care: What is your favorite old Nickelodeon show?

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Hey, people who paint and use oils!

Do you have any secret tricks/tips of the trade? Why do you use it over acrylics/watercolor?

My main question though: do you think there's something wrong with using oils on tiny canvasses? I think mine are coming out pretty badly, and not solely as a result of technical inability. What would you recommend? Does size matter?

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Why is girls clothing shorter and tighter than boys clothing?

I'm not even talking about adult women/men. I'm talking about little kids.
Because I think it starts there?
Or are people dressing their little girls in things that reflect grown women's fashions? And is this okay?

I'm simply amazed by the difference because I don't understand why and how this came to be.

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Once I go back to the store and get the eggs that I stupidly forgot (they're on my list, how did I forget them, IDK), which loaf of bread should I make first?

Which sounds tastier?

Banana bread with walnuts and chocolate chips.
Banana bread with pecans and chocolate chips.
Apple bread with walnuts and a cinnamon glaze.
Apple bread with pecans and a cinnamon glaze.
None of these sound tasty, you should stick with cookies.
I am a heathen and find baked goods disgusting.

Edit: No nuts in the bread is an option, except I'm putting them in because that's how we do 'round this house.

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So my apathy about healthy eating habits has been replaced by a growing sense of horror as I realize I might be some level of anemic or at least have a vitamin deficiency. I'm tired and unfocused most of the time, and my fingernails are splitting off left and right. I've been a vegetarian for twelve years, since I was ten years old, and I think that because I started so young, I fucked it up. I've been making an attempt to eat healthier in the past few years, but since graduating college I've mostly survived on rice, ramen, and scavenging things at parties because I have no money.

Are there any vegans/ vegetarians on this forum who could recommend a really effective multi-vitamin that includes iron, omega-3s, vitamin D and vitamin B12, among other things? Or one that you've had experience with that made you feel more energized and healthy?

I've tried a few off and on, but I never felt like it was making a difference. I heard something called "Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer" was good, but when I pulled up their website it sort of looked like it might be for dieting, which is not at all what I need.

Or actually, if you know of any super-healthy cheap vegan/veg foods, I'd welcome those as well. I'm gonna try to incorporate more quinoa and kale into my life.
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Z. How crackly are you? Do you get up and walk around and sound like a tree snapping and falling over on a bag of loaded mousetraps? What joints do you purposely pop on a regular basis?

E. What are your favorite board and card games? Do you play any of them regularly?

IDK. How crispy crunchy is the best pizza?

Remake it or break it

Which would you rather see?

A remake of You've Got Mail, directed by Michael Bay, starring Shia Lebouf
A remake of A Little Princess, directed by Wes Craven
A remake of the Muppets Take Manhattan, directed by Tim Burton
A remake of the Princess Bride, directed by M. Night Shyamalan
A remake of Seven, directed by Ben Stiller
A remake of Glory, directed by Tyler Perry
A remake of Schindler's List, directed by Mel Gibson
A remake of the Neverending Story, directed by Quentin Tarrantino

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how was Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, and Dumbledore all related? i know the Deathly Hallows and the horcruxes are involved, but i never fully understood. can somebody please break it down for me? tl;dr versions are accepted too.

how is your day?

eta: holy shit people, i didn't read the books. get over it. has everybody on TQC/in the world read HP? no. i asked a question. sorry for doing that. i didn't know this was a place you could do that.
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I got a little angry at my friend yesterday when she received a call from a customer from work. The guy is nice and all, but he has a history of being schizophrenic. He had tried asking but my friend out but she ignored him. His step-dad is my friends boss, and it worries me that he might just ask his step-dad where my friend lives. I also felt like it was stupid of her to give out her phone number so randomly to a guy.
Am I being too paranoid?
EDIT: I forgot to add my friend has been stalked by a guy who was diagnosed with early signs of schizophrenia. It was quickly resolved last time but I just want her to be careful.

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When was the last time you let someone take advantage of you?


I quit my preschool job to nanny to kids who's mom was unhappy with the preschool (I was unhappy with it too lol), shes cool but it went from being a "watch my kids while I work 7am-5pm" type situation to a "Im going to call you at 9pm on your day off and tell you to bring me toilet paper" type situation and I dont know how to make it clear that I need some fucking time to myself.

To make it worse she is getting divorced and is having trouble with work so she is paying me about half of what we agree upon and I have literally not had a day where I did not run an errand or watch her kids for her in going on a month.

For example, I am watching her kids right now, from 7pm until probably around 4am so she can go have fun, we agreed I would have the daytime off to catch up on errands but she ended up calling me and coming to get me so that I would go to walmart with her so she did not have to deal with the kids on her own.

Im so sick of this but I do not know how to tell her I need some time to myself without offending her or losing my job.

Am I being insensitive?

I just want to go grocery shopping and pay my bills without having to take her kids with me!!!


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How many locks does your front door (or main entrance) have?

Does more locks make you feel more or less safe.

My new place has a lock, a deadlock, and a chain, in what is not a bad suburb at all.

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What pop culture thing do you find funny still?
Examples :
Saying "On a scale of one to Chris Brown, how mad are you?"
Aretha Franklin's hat at Pres. Obama's inauguration.


If you could write a letter to yourself five years ago, what would you warn yourself about? In addition to that, want to post a picture of yourself from Kindergarten or just at a young age?

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I drink a ton of coffee every morning, but I left my coffee maker at work (it's a French press and I don't like the coffee the stupid Keurig maker we have makes), so I've had a caffeine withdrawal headache all day. Is 7 8pm too late to go get some coffee to make my head feel better? lol. ETA: I mean to ask, have I had this caffeine withdrawal-induced headache for too long a time for drinking a cup of coffee to be effective in getting rid of it? I've been up since ~10am.

If your answer is N, what kind of donuts should I get at Dunkin Donuts when I go get coffee?

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Poll #1764290 Just went to the Borders Liquidation sale.

Which of these should I start now?

A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Looking for Alaska by John Green
Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green
Supernatural: the TV series

Are you sad that Borders is closing? I was walking around the store today, and I got really depressed. I love Borders.
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Will you post your username so others can comment on which Harry Potter house they think you'd be in? Based on what they perceive you to be over the internet, of course.

I don't think I'm well known here, so I'll say I've been told I would be in Hufflepuff.

Sorry if this has been done recently D:
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Anthill's post made me think about this.

Do you have special names that you have for places/things? If so what are they?

My mom-in-law likes to call liquor stores by the letters L.S. and if they are discount liquor stores then they are D.L.S.
I've gotten to where when I find out of dates while work I call them "ood" so customers don't hear me ask "hey, have we started up a spot for out of dates?"
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Did/do you party a lot in college or high school?
I'm worried that when I go to college I'll, idk, not lose control, but that I'll get into the wrong scene or whatever b/c  I'm a pretty straitlaced kid.
Like, I'll be a senior in high school this coming school year and people keep inviting me to parties and stuff, and it's just getting harder for me to decline. I'm always tempted to say yes and go. :(
Do you have any advice to help me to avoid going to parties right now?

DK;DC: What are some things you like to put together and eat that others think is weird/gross?
I like to make mac&cheese then put canned tuna fish in it along with a can of cream of mushroom soup. Soo good. I also like to put Sriracha hot sauce in my cottage cheese. :)p In fact, I'll put Sriracha in pretty much anything I eat. It's really good hot sauce.
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does anyone recognize this sculpture as something famous? My Mom picked up this marbro lamp at a garage sale insisting she had seen a statue or something exactly like it, but google is failing me.

dk/dc: what is the last thing you ate?

ELF cosmetics

Hello, TQC!

I'm looking at makeup from e.l.f cosmetics right now, and I was wondering if any of you had any experience with this brand?
The products are so cheap, the prices make me suspicious!

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Do you have profiles on Facebook,Formspring, etc, and do you enjoy it?

I always hear that people hate FB and feel free when they delete their accounts. And they hate their FS and get rid of it because they get abusive questions.

I love both my FB and my FS. They're a good cure for boredom.
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Do you ever buy something small to commit yourself to buying something bigger? Maybe as a promise to yourself to start a hobby or save up for a new car.

What's the most interesting occupation of someone you've dated?