July 22nd, 2011

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Has anyone read The Pale King, David Foster Wallace's last book?

I bought it today, and it's really beautiful, but hard to get through. I keep falling asleep.

Have you ever loved a book that was kind of boring? What was it?


I know there are alot of questions about 'what to wear on an interview'


I have one tomorrow at 10. I've worked there before in 2008 and know that they require you to wear a white polo shirt and khakis when you are on the clock. That's all I really have anyway.

Should I wear something else, though?
I have a green polo? lol

DK/DC: What are you excited about?
I'm excited about the interview and my upcomming horse show :D

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What lil person do you have sitting on your shoulder/s?

A little angel
A little devil
A cricket named Jiminy
Yoda (as long as you're receiving Jedi training)
Verne Troyer (we're in a relationship and it's complicated)
Master (to your Blaster)
My conjoined twin
My shoulders are free of these tiny interloping know-it-alls

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I have a stereo system in my room, with speakers mounted on the wall. I fall asleep every night listening to music through them, but tonight they're making a crackly noise every few minutes. It's not bothering me, but I'm just wondering if there could be something wrong with the wiring that runs from the stereo to the speakers, and if that could be like a fire hazard or something. Oh TQCers who know more about electricity than I do - would it be dangerous to leave them on if there's something possibly wrong with them?

I have severe anxiety issues, which is the only reason I'm even worried about this. I realize it's ridiculous. But now I'm too worried about my room catching fire to fall asleep.
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How much gas do you have in your car, at the moment?

How much food do you have in your fridge, at the moment?

Does anyone watch BB 13? If so, can we please discuss last night's episode.

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It's not even 10am here and already the heat index is 117. Humidity is 83%.

How many of you are in this heat wave? What the hell are you doing to stay cool?

I'm sitting in my overly air conditioned office with my space heater on and wearing a sweater. I'm quite comfortable at the moment. But I have to go outside soon.

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I'm going to be basically squatting in a big empty house my parents own for a few months. I don't have nearly enough furniture to fill it up, and after I will downsize to a small downtown studio apartment or something, so I don't want to buy a bunch of crap I'd have to get rid of.

What should I do with the extra rooms?
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Do you know what oleander is? Would you recognize it? Are you aware that it's extremely poisonous?

This post brought to you by the senseless death of a giraffe at the Tucson zoo. :(


Today I attempted ombre nails, using this tutorial.

Collapse )

Have you used an online tutorial recently?
Will you share the link and results?

Do you love ~beauty~ tutes on youtube?

Which ones have you bookmarked?

Have you yourself ever posted a tutorial online? What was it for?

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Poll #1763722 From one to Voldemort

From one to Voldemort how awkward are your hugs?


1 being awesome and 10 being that your the worst person to congratulate someone to your side.

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Just attempted to go outside to buy a gallon of milk. The nearest grocery store is 3 street blocks away.
As soon as i left the lobby, i ran back in.

How hot is it for you guys? Did the heat prevent you from doing anything fun this week?

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So my bf/fiance whatever of 8 years has been being super secret sneaky man lately...yesterday he casually says "Your ring size...its 9 right?" and then today and calls me and asks when the next time off I will have next week...

He is totally about to fucking finally take me to the courthouse right?

Do you think he has a ring already?

Is it going to be ugly (he has...questionable taste)?

How much should I cry/throw a fit if its something else going on?


Dk/dc/JEALOUS BITCH: Whatcha doing this weekend?


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So when was the last time that you fought making a decision and then when you did you were glad you had made it?

I was supposed to vend at the Fenton Street Market tomorrow.  It's supposed to get to 103 today and 101 tomorrow, so between ticktockman and my husband I have been convinced that this is just stupid.  I sent to email to the organizers saying that I wasn't going to make it, and suddenly I feel like a thousand pounds have come off my shoulders.
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Okay, so I only read the first Harry Potter book a few years ago and don't really care about the franchise but I might go see the movie tonight b/c I'm bored. I have the main gist of the story down but...

Anyone in my ~position~ of not being an HP fan but going to see it anyway? Or someone who did? Did you/they enjoy the movie? Anything I'll be super lost on?


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What's the last ridiculous thing someone got mad at you for?

My boyfriend just got upset with me for not knowing much about Star Wars. In order to function as a normal human being with any kind of intelligence, you must learn about it according to him. I didn't know this was a requirement in life, but I guess I do now!

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TQC, my friend and I have plans to go to see Rent tonight. It's in a town about three hours away from our hometown, so I was planning on taking a train to his work-town, which is only an hour away from the Rent-town. I sent him a text about it around 1 and have yet to hear back from him. I wouldn't really care except for that I have to leave work early to catch said train, and because he didn't get back to me, I didn't tell my boss what time I had to leave. My boss has since left (perhaps for the day) and I'd have to call him on his cell phone. This seems like a really unprofessional thing to do, even if I'm only missing an hour of work. I've got a serious bee in my bonnet about this. My friend still hasn't gotten up with me and I'm meant to be leaving in about fifteen minutes. If I don't go, I'm out $60. What would you do, and how mad would you be at your friend?

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So can Apple sue the Chinese stores that are using their decor and colour scheme? Apparantly "there is no Chinese law that says I can't decorate my shop the way I want to decorate it.", and Apple are refusing to comment.

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Inspired by the neo-nazi question below, what people or groups of people do you find interesting, if any?

Ex. Cult leaders, certain religious sects, castratos, etc.

And just so we don't have the same answer over and over, let's not say 'serial killers' just because everybody on the internet finds them fascinating.
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How many times did you change your major before you settled on something that worked for you?

my answer and a small rant: I'm going to be a sophomore this year and I'm still not sure what I want to major in. I came into my freshman year thinking I wanted to be a bio major, then changed my mind to a physics major, and now I think that science is just not the thing for me. I'm fairly good at it, but I just don't LOVE it, and I find the labs to be more of a chore than something fun. So now I'm trying to decide whether or not I should continue with the schedule that I had planned our for Fall 2011 chock full of physics/astronomy/math classes or if I should chuck that all out the window and find something else to do completely. However, I don't want to waste any more of my time taking classes that I'm not sure I'll like :( Life is hard.
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Anyone that wears contact lenses... I'm thinking of getting some again after not wearing them for six years. This girl at work has some gorgeous colored contacts but I don't know the brand. They look really natural and the color is so pretty. Her eyes are brown and these contacts look like they just enhance the original color. If I decide to get some colored ones, does anyone have a recommendation on what brand I should buy?
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A man and woman are in a relationship. She cheats, confesses to him, and he forgives her. They go on to get married. Then, she finds out he's cheating. She wants to end the relationship but a counselor advises her to forgive him, since he did the same for her.

Do you think she is obligated to try and forgive him, since he forgave her?

Or is she within her rights to end things immediately since he could have left her but chose to forgive?

(sorry, I got home from work early and watched the end of Maury)

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Where can I find a list or some sort of overview of which books students have to read in their English class in every grade? From middle school up. Mostly in the US and the UK.
I know it greatly depends, it's different in each school etc... but there must be some sort of list. Profs here get a list of 30 or so 'approved' books for the grade they're teaching and then narrow it down.


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How old were you when you got your first gray and/or your hair started thinning?

I got my first gray at 26 and another 2 at 27. None since then, weirdly. I know a fair amount of guys in their 20s/early 30s who are dealing with severely thinning hair.

pretend you have a child in daycare

What would you do if your child had a mix up in their feeding schedule? They are supposed to get a bottle, then a jar of food 2 hours after that, then another bottle 2 hours after that, but instead got 3 bottles over a 6 hour period instead of 2 bottles and a jar of food. If their caregiver figured it out after that, and apologized and felt horrible, how would you feel?

What if your child supposedly choked on a skittle, given to them after your permission was given, 8 hours later?

If your child needed medication given to them, would you get the proper documentation signed by a doctor?

What if your child had an accident, had not other clothes, and had to wear a pair of the centers slightly too small shorts, what would you do?

What if your child loved blueberries, but eating them made him have gross diapers...would you demand the center not serve them at all? to anyone?

I had to deal with some ridiculous stuff over the last two days from equally ridiculous parents!!!!
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Do you know any local haunted places? Do you believe that it is? Seen anything creepy?

I think my work is haunted (but it makes sense, really), 2 nights ago, the lights flickered, there was a screeching electronic noise for approximately two minutes and a picture fell face down, all at the same time. Oh, and I work at a convalescent hospital, so most people that I work with are dying.
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TQC, I'm using this color scheme to decorate my new living room:

The couch will be light gray and there will be throw pillows in graphite and the blue shades. Wall art is blue shades, shelves will be gray and blue. Where can I find an area rug to match these?? I'd prefer it in one of the blues or gray and blue, but I'll take gray if I have to.

Any other ideas for coordinating decor?

New job...maybe

What if you had a crappy job history, only showing that you work 1-6 months at somewhere about every 6 months because of seasonal/temporary positions. You worked with this company before in 2008. The company is under new management and doesn't seem to care.
BUT have you lots of job experience being a cashier and electronic's dept.
(you are applying to be a cashier and possibly electronics dept... if they let you.)

They said they'd call in a couple days after the background check went through, but he had alot of other applications/compettion on his desk :/

What are my chances TQC?

DK/DC: what should I do tonight if my best friend doesn't want to come over? :(

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Do you have any bad childhood memories?

Most of mine are from school. No wonder I hated it so much.

-First day of kindergarten. I hadn't really been around other kids that much. This blond girl tells me, "It's time for you to go into 1st grade." Seeing no reason to not trust her, I begin to walk out the door. The teacher yells, "Hey! You do not leave this room without my permission!" The blond bitch laughs. I encounter my first bully.

-First grade. Whenever someone is the first to finish an assignment, the teacher holds it up so everyone can see how it's supposed to look, and they're congratulated. I finish a paper, and am surprised to see I (think) I am the first. I take it up to the teacher. She holds it up, and says, "Boys and girls, are we supposed to hand these in?" The class answers back, "No!"

-Same class, different day. The teacher asks who has left their coat on a desk. No one answers. I say, "Maybe it's someone from the morning class?" The teacher asks, "Boys and girls, do we have a morning class?" They answer, "No!" Yes, that woman was a bitch.

-I ask this teacher if I can go to the bathroom before show and tell. She says no. When it's my turn, I pee all over myself, and start to cry.

-I go to summer school. The teacher won't let me eat lunch until I finish coloring a Christopher Columbus picture. I say, "I hate school." She says, "Excuse me? You owe me an apology! I'm here teaching you!" I retort, "Because you're getting paid." Pretty good for a 7 year old.

-During recess, we play this game where someone runs a rope around in a circle and we jump over it. I've waited and waited for my turn to run the rope around. When my turn comes, it just wraps around my legs. Everyone laughs at me.

-I'm 8, and throw a fit because I want a toy, and Mom says no. I say, "I want another family!" She says, "Fine. Tomorrow, you're going to the orphanage and I'm adopting a better kid." She made me pack all my clothes, and let me cry in bed all night, thinking she was getting rid of me. She didn't tell me she wasn't sending me away until the next day.

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 And in an effort to lighten the mood of TQC after venting on the previous post....

Whats your ringtone/text tone?


I just switched my main ringtone to the song from the Wonder Pets..." The phone...the phone is rwinging!!"

Are there any hilariously appropriate tones I should be using for my text alerts??

come onnnn, thanks for the icon, like rly

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Do you think you have bad music taste? Be honest. ETA I know this is a silly question.

Will you post, at most, your top 7 artists you listen to (and have listened to) the most so we can be assholes and openly judge you or praise you for your musical tastes?

Hair color

I had my hair dyed back to my natural hair color yesterday at the salon (haven't had my hair black in 13 years) and I don't like it. How long do I have to wait to get it dyed again to a different color? I just wanted to make sure.

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What was the last thing you purchased on etsy? Post a pic!

Do you prefer vintage or modern? (yes, it's an either or!)

Will you post a pic of a piece of artwork that you have somewhere in your home?

How did you acquire that artwork?

Are you an artist or craftsperson?


TQC, do you have any last-minute weekend plans?

I just volunteered to help a friend move on Sunday. Totally not what I expected to be doing, but I think she needs the help...I hope it doesn't rain. Much.
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i am out of wine but i am not out of KD. should i make mac n cheese or should i eat crackers? please note i want food very much
what is your favorite album? i am currently obsessed with Hadestown by Anais Mitchell
EDIT i have some new-fangled GRILLED CHEESE kraft dinner, is is worth trying? WILL IT BE AWFUL

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So I was browsing online an fell in love with these shoes in blue, but only size medium is available. I'm considering buying it in pink in large, but I really really want them in blue. I wear size 9/10.. My feet are kinda wide. I'm guessing the answer is no, but do you think I could get by in mediums? Or do you know anywhere else I could get them in large?

Are there any shoes you're currently eyeing or have recently bought(feel free to post pictures!)? What are some good places to find cute shoes? If you order something in a bad fitting size online do you deal with it or return it? 

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I know i'm repeating myself on this storyline, but it's causing me major stress.
Basically, my boss borrowed my car (hideous idea, I know), dented it, didn't tell me then made out it was no big deal. It's going to cost £200 if not more to fix. I sent him an email 2 days ago, and have had no reply or phone call. I have to ring him to find out when I need to work next week.
Can TQC please instill me with courage/the right words to say when I eventually have to speak to him?