July 21st, 2011

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one of my kind-of-boyfriend's good friends died last night and i don't know what i'm supposed to do besides give him space and offer to be there for him if he needs it. am i supposed to do anything? should i do anything?

i've never really had to deal with death before, either personally or someone i am close with so i'm not sure how to handle this :s

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 Have you ever taken an online class before? How did it go for you?

I took the first exam for my online class (4 essay questions). It wasn't horrible.. at first. My teacher suggested we save the questions regularly on Word in case of a power outage or computer trouble. Which I did. Until my computer froze the program the test was in and locked me out entirely. Although I glanced at the questions, I'm really not sure what the last one is. I did my best and emailed her explaining the situation. I didn't think the program would just lock me out and all thanks to a stupid computer glitch. What are the chances that she'll let me redo the last question?

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I need to quit my job on a very short notice. As in less than a week.

I'd rather give a two weeks notice, however I unexpectedly got offered a scholarship today and school starts very soon. Should I e-mail my resignation notice or talk to my boss in person? I'd love to leave this company on good terms if possible.

eta: thank you! will talk to my boss in person. :)

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No matter how many times I watch it, I just don't like ET. I get that it's a classic and heartbreaking and all that, I just think it's boring and I don't care about the characters at all.

What's your "ET"?


will you describe what you are doing right now in detail?

what time is it where you are?

what do your keys look like?

what are you going to do today?

anything you want to talk about?


What was the last statement you heard someone/a friend say that shocked/disturbed you?

My friend said yesterday said that kids can only learn morals if they are raised with the bible and that people on welfare should be sterilized.

cat balloon

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1. What book I should I read next? Can you recommend some titles?
Something with bits of witty humor in it please. I like Chuck Palahniuk, Neil Gaiman and Douglas Adams to give you guys an idea.

2. Can you study with music on?

3. What's your favorite fruit?
rabbit, sexy

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  Last Friday I noticed my fridge wasn't cold enough but nothing was spoiled yet. Well, I had to leave for a 48 hr job so I couldn't deal with it till Monday. So, I turned up the dial in the fridge and left for the weekend only to come back to see my milk has turned to cheese. (I find it weird that it doesn't smell spoiled, is that right?)

What I need are food alternatives to the refrigerated stuff I like. I'm going to ignore my fridge problem and focus on moving out. I'm working long hours for chump change and can't afford to miss a day of work to get that fix.

Is there a type of milk that doesn't need to be refrigerated?

I don't mind vegetarian/vegan food but I can't afford anything too expensive.

(I'm about to get ready to run errands then go to work so I'll look back at the question tonight)

Poke e mon

1. Have you ever been in a poke war on Facebook?

2. Have you ever been in a poke war in real life?

3. Who won?

4. Were there conditions of surrender, or did it result in a scorched earth
type of thing?

5. Did anyone contract dysentery during the heated battle?

6. Was there any war brides in this poke war?
My Wild Irish Rose

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If you're writing a story and you incorporate a myth from a culture that isn't your own,  is that culture appropriation?
DK/DC/What are you babbling about:  what's your favourite mythical creature?

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One of Annie Proulx's characters says
There [are] four women in every man's heart.
The Maid in the Meadow,
The Demon Lover,
The Stouthearted Woman,
The Tall and Quiet Woman.

Which of these have you known? Which do you suppose you might be yourself?


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this is probably a stupid question but who am i authorizing in the blank?
ive asked everyone i know and no one can give me an answer.

"i authorize                                       to release copies and/or originals of my enrollment and financial aid applications, forms, materials and other requested information to The Art Institute of Pittsburgh."

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To any of you with gerbil experience. I have two gerbils, Ezio & Leonardo. Ezio is tamer - he likes being picked up etc. BUT he will without fail, nibble me every time I put my hand near him. It doesn't hurt always. Leo however, prefers to burrow, doesn't mind playing but isn't too enthusiastic, but has never once bitten.

TQC, why is the tamer one nibbling me?

DK/DC: What is your favourite pancake topping?

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'cause I love these!

 Poll #xxxx

What do you have in common with me?

We hate candy corn
We have big boobs
We sleep with one pillow
We have a betta fish
We have a lot of purple stuff
We need a new cell phone (this shit is whack, seriously)
We like the beach but not the ocean
We drank last night
We hate college
We think Buffy was actually one of these worst characters on the show
Grammar love!

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Let's say, for whatever reason, the water pipes in your house are screwed up and the plumber says that you must choose: either all the water from your faucets will be hot or it will be cold.

So, which do you choose? Only hot water or only cold water? Let's say this is for one year.

edit: We've had to live through hot water being cut off (lol Russia) so we'd boil water in a huge stockpot and take very basic sponge baths. It sucked but it was doable I guess, and I was little so it didn't bother me as much as it probably would now, as an adult. Hot showers are nice but it's easier to rapidly heat up cold water than rapidly cool down hot water. But hot water only is probably easier to live with than cold water only, so I choose hot water. /cool story etc

storage ideas for paperwork

Hi TQC! Just posted this to my personal journal then realized maybe YOU all would have some fabulous ideas as well!

I'm trying to find out what would be a good way to store my (academic) paperwork. Over the course of the past years in university, I've collected insane amounts of printed out academic articles, thesis material, reports and papers and other pieces of text (next to the large collection of books). They are all A4 sized (though most of them are printed to where two A4 fit on one landscape page, to save on paper). I'm thinking I prefer a way of filing them alphabetically on author, so they'll be easy to find back when I need a reference or look something up. I thought about sticking them into binders/file folders with abc tabs in it, but that would require punching holes in them and I don't really like that. Some of them are printed out so closely to the side of the paper or otherwise my notes are in the sideline and sticking them in a binder would punch the holes through the text and that just sucks.

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what's the best way to get in touch with the owner of a bar? should i go in during the day or call first orrrr? ffff.

why am i still bummed out about this guy i like not texting me back when i have lots of other good things happening right now, one of which is actually super fucking awesome? would you say this is evidence of an underlining problem? or is it just PMS? 'cause i also am going to fucking kill someone/have a crying fit if my sister doesn't want to go get burgers and milkshakes with me. like, seriously.

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I had a procedure done on my hair that's similar to the Brazilian Keratin treatment. This is my second time getting it done but I didn't get the desired result this time. I called up and the stylist told me to come in and not worry about it, he would fix it. Assuming he doesn't charge me, am I still supposed to tip? The whole procedure takes between 2-3 hours and costs $150.
btvs → back to life

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I've always been a jeans and a t-shirt kind of girl, but lately, I've become interested in dresses. I bought these two dresses yesterday and have no idea whether or not I should wear a bra with them, and if so, what kind. I'm a B cup, so I'm rather small-chested, but it still feels weird to go braless; plus, it makes my already small boobs look even smaller. Should I get some kind of strapless bra? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. 

Also, I'm a bit self-conscious of my legs and was thinking of wearing both dresses with black leggings. Would that look okay?

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I was reading the reviews on Jaycee Dugard's book over on Amazon. Holy hell. Why are people such assholes? Now I'm really fucking depressed.

Will you post funny pictures, gifs, jokes, ANYTHING to cheer me up, please?
summer days

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I'm getting massive jaw surgery in a few weeks that'll leave me bed bound for a while. Will you recommend some shows for me to watch?

I already watch Doctor Who, Gilmore Girls, The Office, Community, 30 Rock, Supernatural, Sherlock, Jekyll, and Torchwood.

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Do you believe that every break up is followed by a rebound relationship? Why or whynot?

Thank you all for proving my cousin wrong. By her logic every single relationship would be a rebound, and that made her confused so she shut up.
françoise laugh


I've always been on my parents' family plan with a regular cell phone, but I'm about to get my own plan and a smartphone. I've never owned one before. It seems like Virgin prepaid is way the cheapest in terms of providers (I don't use that many minutes for talking). Any experiences? Any advice in general? What smartphone do you have and who is your provider, and are you satisfied?

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Are you a wine person?
How do you choose your wine? How's that working out for you?

My usual method of picking whichever one has nice pictures on the bottle is very hit-and-miss.
Getting bartenders to pick for me usually ends up with me drinking an $11 glass of wine.
Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

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I changed my last name a few days ago at the Social Security office. I'm need to change my last name on my license. I just don't know what address to use.

Currently, the address on my license is my parents' house. I live with my husband in his parents' house (same city as my parents, about half a mile away) and have for the last year and a half. However, my husband just got a job, and we're going to be moving to an apartment an hour away.
What address do I put down for my license?

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Which of these sounds like a yummier lunch option?

Tilapia and Asparagus Wrap
Creamy Coconut Soup

What was for lunch today TQC?
I had a sandwich with spinach, bacon, tomato, and Monterey Jack cheese

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When was the last time some one suprised you with something nice you would have never expected??

I just got a Quarter Pounder...with cheese...you need to realize the nearest McDonalds is 3,000 miles away


I bought some Bodyglide on a whim, thinking I will use it on my chafey bits when I'm planning a long workout. But when I tried it out on my arm, it seemed kind of sticky/tacky to the touch. Wouldn't that make things worse?

Has anyone here used Bodyglide for workout-related hot spots/chafing?


 Imagine you do not have children. You and your partner want to go to an all-inclusive resort in January and are deciding between the following:

Would you rather:

-go to a resort that has been recently updated, would cost ~$2650 for two people, but is VERY kid friendly -- mostly inhabited by families; or

-go to a resort that has NOT been as updated but is decently nice, would cost $700 MORE, but is adults only and thus has things like late-night dance parties, more adult music and shows, etc.
All amenities at both are exactly the same, and both are the same company of all-inclusive resorts. The only price difference, in fact, is airfare. Which would you go to?

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Apparently, Americans tend to want sons over daughters. Be honest, if you were to have a child, would you have a preference?

I'd have to say a boy, but that's because my family tends to have girls. Three generations out, I have tons of female cousins, but only a handful of boy cousins. Having some male children around would be a little exciting after visiting my relatives' houses to see naked Barbies everywhere.

Edit: But of course, any daughter of mine wouldn't be loved any less or be any less welcome than a boy.