July 20th, 2011

Conan & his Amazing Friends

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Which one?

Pet a small, fluffy kitten
Pet a leprous armadillo that was rescued from a port-a-potty
Wait a darn minute....was it a port-a-potty at a county fair? I like county fairs

Which one?

Eat a cupcake
Eat Danny Devito's toenails
Wait a darn minute here....will I be eating them on the set of 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia'?

Which one?

Go to Disneyland
Seal yourself in a giant bouncy hamster ball and bounce down a steep mountain
Wait a darn minute....is that hamster ball ecological-friendly?

Which one?

Finding money in the street
Getting carjacked on the street
Wait a darn minute....is the carjacker cute?

Which one?

Winning a free pair of movie tickets
Getting served with a lawsuit
Wait a darn minute...um...I got nothin'

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In the UK, the taste of tap water varies greatly in different areas - almost to the point of the pepsi/coke taste discrepancy.

In your country, is this the same?
If so, what is distinctive about the water where you live?
The water in my home town is fairly sweet (though my water goes through a softener) and where i'm at uni it tastes like it's run over smooth pebbles, if that makes sense. Home is inland and rural and uni is coastal.


Do you have any experiences of animals that were not pets?
(A croc dundee man came to your school to teach you about snakes etc. or you got to hold a big bird at the zoo)

Did you learn anything?

What do you think people should learn/know about animals?

Have you ever had to put your knowledge to use?
(you saw a raccoon on your porch and you knew not to let it eat lucky charms out of you hand)

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Let's say that you were in a relationship with someone who you genuinely liked as a person and thought that they were a fun individual, but you didn't want to be romantically involved with them anymore. Once you went to break up with them, would you try to stay friends eventually, or would you cut them out of your life entirely?

Also [I edited the word choice here]... How do you feel about the political philosophy that is libertarianism?

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When I was in middle school. I read this series of books about a group of friends who worked in a coffee shop (after school or something, they were about 14, I think...). There was a bunch of those books, and each one was from a different girl's perspective. Anyone have an idea which books I'm talking about? For some reason, they came to my mind and I have to find out who wrote them, even though I don't remember much. Lol. Help?
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is there such a thing as a slipcover for a loveseat that reclines on both sides? one that still allows for reclining? if such a thing exists, where do i find it?

also, where can i buy a lot of hangers for cheap?
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1. what's the last song you heard that you liked?
2. when's the last time you drank water?
3. do you need to do laundry?
4. for school related things, would you prefer to use a messenger back or a backpack?
5. do you dye your hair?
6. what flavor of gum is your favorite?
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Writers are an impatient bunch...

Fellow writers: do you use a beta reader? If so, is it as nerve-wracking for you as it is for me? And do you compensate them at all?

Beta readers: do you read for content or for spelling/grammar? (Both is a perfectly acceptable answer.) Do you give input as you go, or all at the end? Do you expect compensation for your time?

DK/DC/Writing and reading is for nerds: do you have good penmanship?
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When was the last time you got a letter or card in the mail? Do you like getting mail like that? If you don't get things like that often, do you get excited when you do?

I started out my day in a good mood. I came in to work and still kept that mood and was making great progress on a project. Some shit happened and now that good mood is gone and so is my motivation. How do I get it back?

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TQC, I'm about to have a hair catastrophe at work. Only you can save me!

I have giant frizzy hair that's long and always a big wavy mess. I tie it up every day as a result if I don't feel like curling it, because it gets to be just too huge and not attractive otherwise. This morning I broke my hair tie so I used a rubberband. That decided to break just now. I tried tying it around my hair with no luck, and I can't braid my hair to save my life.

I work in a department full of men, so nobody here has hair ties!

Any creative solutions TQC?

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What is your biggest annoyance?

- I get really annoyed when people misunderstand the US Constitution's freedom of speech clause and assume it means they can say whatever they want, whenever they want and no one can tell them to shut up.

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Just saw harry potter
Yeah, it was kind of a tear jerker even though i lost it when fred died.
imo, the movie could have been a little better. the last fight was too much. the obnoxious slow mo made me want to storm out of the theatre.
Did you shed a tear or two?
Overall thoughts?

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What trivial things have been making you totally rage lately?

Brought to you by customers putting their money on the counter while I'm standing there with my hand out and complete strangers telling me that my tattoos look like a rash.

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If you were getting ice cream and you had these options, which flavor would you get?

blueberry cheesecake
rum raisin
green tea
rocky road

* What flavor ice cream should I MAKE? Any flavor!

* What TV shows are you watching this summer?
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So I'm going on a 2-week business trip (starting July 31) to Simi Valley, CA. It looks like my hotel will be in Calabasas.

I've never been to California, and I'm pretty excited about this trip. I'll be working during the daytime, but I'll be mostly free in the evenings, and I'll have the whole weekend of the 6th/7th to just kinda hang out by myself. I know there's a million things to do in Los Angeles, but I'm nervous because I'm going to be alone, and it's such a big city, and I've never been there before.

My question is: What stuff can I do? I want to see some Hollywood landmarks, of course, but aside from that, is there anywhere else I should make sure to go? Do you have any restaurant recommendations? Anywhere or anything I should avoid?

DK/DC: This will be the longest I've ever been away from my boyfriend, and that's gonna suck. How can we handle the separation? (Late-night sexy phone calls are a given.)

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I'm going to purchase a mac pretty soon so just a few questions for mac users:

is AppleCare Protection Plan worth getting?

what's some good security software?

anything else I should take into consideration?

DK/DC: how often do you exercise?

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Have you ever been to a protest? (for anything) I've been to a few - an anti Iraq protest, human rights marches/rallies, and a march for affordable housing. 
most of the people I've encountered at these things are fairly well balanced, but there are some crazies - What do you think of people who protest?

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So I just moved into a gorgeous new house and I love it. But... my bedroom is BRIGHT orange. Like, it's a dark orange so it's somewhat tasteful but... it's orange. I'm not allowed to paint or paper the walls. How should I decorate my room? What colors go with orange? I'm sort of a loss in terms of decor.

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what's your favorite way to eat lentils?

I had this bitchin' lentil salad at an Ethiopian restaurant a few weeks back, it was so wonderful I vowed to work more lentil dishes into my list of things I cook regularly.
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Poll #1763332 Note to the teacher

Dear Mrs. Kerplowski, Please excuse Susan from class today. She came down with a case of ______

Chicken pox
Black plague
Severe nicotine withdrawl fits
The summertime blues
Jack Daniels

We think that Susan may have caught this ______.

On the school bus
In your unhygenic classroom
Off the internet
By being cursed by a gypsy
From masturbation (in our household, we don't deter the young'uns with talk of hairy palms and blindness)

She's aware there's a quiz on Friday, but did not bring home her schoolbook. Can you ask ______?

Fiona to bring it over after school?
Yourself what kind of joybuzz quizzes students on a Friday?
That kid with the lazy eye to stop looking at her? It gives Susan the creeps
Ramon the janitor if he's got any more of that good weed for sale?
The other teachers where my lap goes when I stand up? That question's been bothering me my whole adult life

Susan may be out a couple days from this ailment. I promise to give you my doctor's ______

Note excusing her absence
Xanax prescription if you don't ask any more questions about her absence
Warning about being morbidly obese. We just happened to be talking about you at the time
Bill. Between the two of us, I think we can pay it

Thank you for being so understanding. Susan didn't want to fall behind in your class. She always says you're her favorite teacher because _______. Sincerely, Susan's mother

You listen to her and make Civics quite interesting
She's such a kissass and hopes you give her an A for this lame compliment
You have the nicest rack of all the teachers at her school
You don't monitor her internet usage in class
You're the only person in school with a bigger butt than her. She feels less conscientious about it now that she's met you

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How do you disembark an aircraft?

It's a full flight and obviously everyone is interested in getting off the plane. You are standing up and ready to leave. Do you wait until the other rows before you move or do you get up and push past?

If you're all ready to go at the same time, do you pause and give courtesy to those in the rows ahead of you?

How courteous are you to strangers in general?

What is the last flight you took? Was it a good one?
Did you ever witness anyone being thrown off of a flight? Do you know the reason they were kicked to the curb?
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I just deposited a check and as usual, my bank holds all but $100 until the check clears. I bought school books today without thinking, and I really need to go grocery shopping but I now only have $20 left in my available balance until tomorrow evening. What happens if I spend over $20? Will the store decline my debit card? Will I get charged some fee? Will the bank send dinosaurs to eat me?
(I have US Bank if it makes any difference. Their website is hiding answers from me D: )

I plan on making no-slip socks for a friend tonight with puff paint. WILL IT WORK???
Also, what sort of SIMPLE designs should I put on them? She is very adventurous, loves hiking etc.
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When you eat crackers and cheese, do you tend to use more cracker or more cheese, or just about equal?

Inspired by the fact that I seem to use way more cracker than cheese, and apparently that's weird!
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What's your favorite fruit flavored soda?

Don't you just hate it when the captcha has words that don't actually exist? I never know if i'm actually getting the barely readable text right.

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 In regards to cheating, there seem to be two stances regarding the "other person" (the person who a committed partner has an affair with):

a. It's not [other person's] fault, s/he didn't owe anyone anything, wasn't breaking any promises, etc.
b. Part of being a decent person is not getting involved with people who have a SO, [other person] is just as guilty, etc.

Which stance do you take? Why?

ETA: Assume the other person knows that the cheater is in a relationship.

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I have two heads of broccoli and a red onion: how can I make this into a quick but awesome side dish to go with my roasted chicken tonight? Do they even go together? I'm craving both but I don't know what I'm doing.

What's your favorite vegetable dish? Can be a meal or side, as simple or complicated as you like.

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potentially stupid question

i want to make
this banana bread. it calls for three tablespoons of honey. whats left in my honey bear i would say is about two tablespoons. will my banana bread be ruined without that third tablespoon of honey? :(
nevermind there was just enough honey in the bear. yummy smelling banana bread is now on a cooling rack.

have you baked anything delicious recently? recipes etc

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So this evening, I had (still kind of have) a bad sinus headache. That’s normal, whatever.

But then about 30 minutes ago, it felt like the corner of the left side of my mouth kept wanting to pull down towards my jaw. I still have this weird, spasmy sensation there, but…. the fuck? This has never happened before in other areas than my forehead/where the headache is happening.

Does anyone else’s headaches make their faces do weird, twitchy things?
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Will you tell me about a time something super scary happened to you and everything turned out okay? Or just post something uplifting? also cat macros and funny gifs.

I'm having high risk surgery in a few hours and I'm scared shitless, I need to be uplifted.

Dk/dc, I'm supposed to fast after midnight, no eating or drinking, but they want a pee sample at 8 AM. Where will I get pee??
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I just found the biggest spider i've ever seen outside a zoo in my room. I live in a basement, so spiders aren't uncommon, but this was massive and different from any i've ever seen. I'm worried about it being poisonous, as my cat was about to eat it. Do you know what kind of spider this is and/or if it's poisonous?
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DK/DC: Are you afraid of any insects/spiders/arthropods? does size of it matter at all?


My friend was just fired from his job. He ran a summer day camp for young children at the local YMCA. They went on a field trip to a recycling center and were out in the near 100 degree heat for a while, so on the way back my friend bought all the kids a Frosty from Wendy's. When he got back he was told he should not have bought the Frosties and was fired on the spot right in front of his group of kids. That got the kids upset and some of them started crying, and a number of the parents are outraged at the termination as well. My friend was well liked by the kids and parents, and has not been in any kind of trouble at the job. He did not drive any extra distance, and paid for the Frosties with his own money. He has not had any kind of disciplinary action at the job previously, and the person who fired him created a scene that was totally unnecessary. My question is, does he have any kind of case for wrongful termination?