July 19th, 2011

Kill Bill - Elle
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Can you share a crazy snippet about your childhood?

What's the weirdest thing you own?

My mom saved my belly button stump. It's in my baby book. No, I'm not making this up.

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We just got 4 chicks! Yay!
But my dog is very jealous and acting very moody and down. How can I make her happy again, other than showering her with attention and walks? I'd like them all to live in harmony.

Do you have jealous pets?
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I got summoned for jury duty. Only problem is I don't currently live there (with my parents), but I'm a student living 2 hours away. The paper my parents recieved says I can send a copy of either my voter registration card or driver's license for the county I'm in college in. I am planning on going to the DMV and getting my license renewed and updating the info so that I will be a resident of this county now, rather than my parents'.

Once I do that, do I just write a little note about not living in my parents' county, tape a copy of my license to it, and fax it to them? Has anyone ever gotten out of jury duty by being a student before?

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I am flying across Canada tomorrow (Vancouver to Nova Scotia woohoo). I'm flying with WESTJET, and I was looking at the lists of things you can/cannot bring
Cologne is permitted in your checked baggage, but it says that perfumes containing alcohol are not.
Does this mean I cannot take perfume with me?
I wear Betsey Johnson & Marc Jacobs' Lola, and I have them in travel size, but aren't most perfumes alcohol based?

I know I brought perfume with me when I flew to Mexico in Feb, but I don't know what airline I took.
It's not ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY that I bring them.. but I'll be gone for a month & I'd like to bring something.
Anyone know if I can?
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Will you tell me your worst breakup story?

If you'd rather not share, what time did you go to bed last night?

If you have yet to go to bed, are you wearing socks?
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Do you enjoy alcoholic drinks? Do you enjoy them simply for the 'get drunk' factor, or do you tend to just have a little (not enough to get you drunk)?

How often would you say you get drunk, if you drink?

Would you rather work 8-5 ot 7:30-4:30? Show your work.

What are your favorite and least favorite types of body modifications?

Should I renew my paid account? It expired and the ads are annoying me. But I don't know if I use LJ enough to justify paying for it.

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What would you do if you suddenly had an extra room in your house?

My husband and I were looking for a 2 bedroom apartment but the only apartment that met all of our needs is a 3 bedroom so we've got a bonus!room. I'm thinking it should be for all of our LEGO kits but he wants to have two offices (???).

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A British Columbia tax question...

Can anyone explain the whole GST/PST vs HST thing to me?

DK/DC/Not from B.C. and have no idea what I'm talking about... Do you read young adult novels? And if so, can you recommend some good ones?

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Do you like going to the beach? What is your favorit beach. Why?

Why do people stretch their ears? Isn't that going a little too far just to be fashionable?

Ever been to Las Vegas? What is your favorite casino there? Why?
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For those who ride a motorcycle/are familiar with them...

Is falling while riding just part of owning a bike?

What about getting hit by other cars?

I really want to get a motorcycle, but I have a physically demanding job and I probably won't have a lot of time to sit around waiting for a busted arm or leg to heal. And even if I just walked away from an accident with road rash, I spend a lot of time in salt water. Road rash + salt water doesn't sound very pleasant.

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Should I get into Game of thrones?

I have never read the books and I am not interested in them(I don't like medieval fantasy) but I am looking for something new to watch and I keep on hearing how awesome it is.
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Should I go se Harry Potter by myself or wait till Husband comes back to town?

I will have a hysterical crying breakdown in the theatre.
He will not be back until Monday night.
I don't have anyone else to go with.
Husband might want to see the movie, he might not. He will go with me either way, though.
I am kind of "meh" about this movie. I love Harry Potter but thought the movies have sucked ass since the Half Blood Prince.

Dk/dc/I AM SICK OF HARRY POTTER QUESTIONS: Should I get Chinese food from Panda Express or have a salad and a Lean Pocket for dinner? Or should I have something else (that you will recommend in the comments)?
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Are you good at explaining things and processes to people who are roughly your peers? I used to think I was pretty good at it, but lately it seems people just don't get what I'm trying to show them. I'm trying to figure out if it's my methods or if they just aren't getting it, period.
[And obviously TQC can't help me determine that-- I'm just venting my confusion a little.]
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If you are engaged or married, had you and your fiance/spouse had conversations about marriage beforehand or was the proposal a complete and utter shock?

If you had had conversations beforehand, who was the one to bring it up? You or him/her?

How were you proposed to? Alternatively, if you did the proposing, how did you do it?
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This is a a dumb question, but idgaf. Has the liquidation/oh fuck we're out of business sale thing started @ Borders (assuming you're going to a store that wasn't previously liquidating)?

dk/dc: will you give some book recs? I don't care if it's fiction, historical, crafty, whatever. Just looking for something new!

Thanks, TQC!
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To be a dumbass?

Hypothetically you were at someones house a few weeks ago preparing for a camp, they spend a couple of minutes talking to someone who is like family on the phone than before, hanging they ask if the person on the other end of the phone if they know when a certain event is than hang up.

Now you're about to leave and they ask you if you know when the event is, you say that you do but they don't directly ask you if you want to attend and have said nothing else to you about it.

Now the event is in a few days and you don't want to seem like a dumbass and ask/invite yourself along.

What would you do?
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Did you know that it's possible to brush your teeth too frequently or too vigorously?

What kind of toothbrush do you use? How would you describe your brushing style?

How long would you deal with a constant, dull ache in your teeth if you knew the only way to permanently reverse it was to have skin taken from the roof of your mouth and grafted to your gums?

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Pretend someone's assembling a book of 'words of wisdom' and is asking for submissions. What *originial* words/mottos/whatever would you submit?

Ex. Things like "This too shall pass", "Every cloud has a silver lining", "Always use a litter box with a roof", whatever.


If the lower half of your body had to belong to a different kind of animal (like a centaur or something), what animal would you want it to be?
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How much does it cost, on average, for a hair cut where you live? Do you live in a relatively urban area?

What is the most expensive you've had to pay at a salon? What was it for? Hair or beauty treatment, whatever.

Today I saw a hair cut and style for £32 (definitely not the most expensive I've seen elsewhere, but my town is cheap). I imagine they do a good job for that price, but I can't afford that rn.

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Did you ever read something when you were little and think it was true, only to later find out it wasn't? What was it?

For the longest time, I thought diabetics couldn't eat ANY sweets or pizza, thanks to The Babysitters Club. I remember being at camp when I was about 13, and one of the girls in my cabin was diabetic. She started eating a candy bar and I flipped out, afraid that she was going to get sick. Thank you, BSC, for making me look dumb.
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i'll take annotations for $1000, Alex

Does anyone here other than me think the phrase "intelligent character recognition" in the context of IBM's Watson constitutes a lol-worthy, punnish, one-person-only inside joke?

Is an inside joke possible without other people knowing it?

If you don't care about inside jokes, what do you think about plasticity?

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Why can't we survive off of electric generators?
I realize that they create a LOT of noise but why cant we use em as a substitute?

this question is so stupid, but hey, i'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to home appliances. 

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Since y'all so obviously don't care about inside jokes or plasticity, how about that President of the United States with a Juris Doctor?

Should the President of the United States use false scare tactics like Republicans risk senior citizens not getting their Social Security checks if the debt ceiling isn't raised when he more than likely knows full well Social Security is wholly-funded off-budget?

So if Social Security is wholly-funded off-budget, and the checks will bounce without a debt ceiling lift, who's dipping into your grandparents' retirement?

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have any of you guys worked at a library or Panera Bread? how was it?

I got an interview at panera but i feel like i would rather work at the library because i would be restocking the shelves so i wouldn't have to deal with people as much. i have yet to get an interview at the library though.

edit. i'm still in high school so it would only be a part time job.
i just figured it would also be somewhat easier working at the library since i'm vegan and i wouldn't taste everything on the menu at panera if they asked me to and i'd rather assist in finding things for people rather than something being wrong with the food and having to deal with that.

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Did you have a ~boyfriend or ~girlfriend when you were a (little) kid? Tell us about him/her!

When I was in preschool I had a "boyfriend" named David. We ate lunch together every day, we always asked the teacher to pair us up for activities, and we'd play on the playground together - I was a princess and he was a prince/knight/whatever. One day he brought me to the "castle" (which was really a junglegym that was like a pile of oversized tires) and told me to "wait here, I must go fight the dragon!" so I waited.....and waited......and waited..... and then it was time to go back inside. I saw him inside and asked him if he killed the dragon, and he was with this other girl, and he was like "um........no." And that was the end of that. lololol

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In Facebook, I've been having this ongoing poke war for weeks with this female friend of mine. She's in a relationship, and actually living with her boyfriend, but not a day goes by without Angela's poke.

Womenfolk, I need your point of view

Is it just harmless interaction, or does it mean something more?

I can understand maybe the first poke may have been deliberate, but surely at every other instance she'd decide to stop returning the poke

The only other poke war I was involved in was with this woman who badly wanted to sleep with me
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Do you like the jell-o with the little mandarin orange slices in it?

Can you recommend a comfy flat shoe or brand of shoes for no more than like, $50? I get paid tomorrow and my ancient work shoes are wearing out my poor feet. :( No specifications other than flat sole and closed toes...

How long does it take you to make spaghetti?
I always get sucked into making it because it's "so quick" and then I find myself adding all sorts of stuff to make it even better... tonight it took me 35 minutes to make because I added ground turkey, onion, garlic, green peppers, mushrooms, and spinach. It was yummy and all, but that's too much time to spend at the stove in this heat.
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People who know about computers:

I'm looking at laptops and one has a 2.0GHz processor + 4GB of RAM, and another has 2.13GHz processor + 3GB of RAM. Would they perform pretty much the same, or would one be noticeably better? Is it best to get the one with more RAM or the one with the faster processor?

ETA: I just use it for internet. The processors are both Intel Pentium dual core.

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Dear TQC,

I broke my nail. Like, below the quick. And it hurts a lot. I need to take something to dull the pain.

My painkiller choices right now are rum or Tylenol.

Which do you recommend? Do not say "Both" because the Tylenol bottle says to not take both.

Much love and appreciation,


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so this guy is doing a documentary about wearing costumes and makeup, and i make armor. he said i could be in it so hes coming to my town to ask me questions on camera . im freaking out because im too shy to do this. should i do it anyways?

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Are you quick to assume the worst?

I just rang the pub I work in between festival work, and got a very odd response. As the phone was being passed to someone I heard someone say '...is that the person we're...' and a word that could have been 'sacking'. I've not been very available, but they knew the dates I wasn't around and said it would be fine. There are also a lot of casual workers there. Can you help relieve my worry before they ring me back TQC?
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What are your thoughts on nudist communities? Would you ever join one (perhaps when you're older?) or visit?

Would you, or have you, ever gone to a nude beach?

Do you enjoy being nude?

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Is anybody else having trouble signing into msn/hotmail?

My boyfriend has tried to sign into his hotmail account but it told him his password was wrong even though it wasn't. So he reset his password and tried to sign in again with the new password but it still said it was wrong. He tried signing into his other account which is linked to his main account to try and get in that way but that said he had the wrong password again! He tried it on my laptop with the same problem. We're not sure if he's been hacked (stalker issues) because he thinks one of his "read" emails was switched to "unread" but then again he might have done that accidentally, or whether it's hotmail playing up. I can sign into mine fine though =/
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When you were younger (aged 6-11), what kind of games did you and your friends play in the school yard?
Did you guys make any games up?
Did your teachers ever try to get you all involved in a game or activity at lunch, even though you wanted them to just butt out and let you be kids?

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If I said "You dropped your Oakley's" would you know what I was talking about?

Are there any shows you never used to watch but got into them after they stopped airing? I recently started watching Frasier.