July 18th, 2011


Do you have any medications you take daily?

Are things working out with your current SO right now?

Hw do you feel about Hello Kitty?

Did you ever have something to tell someone, you were more comfortable telling them over the internet?

What are you putting off right now?

ETA: what website has stuff for really cheap?

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1. Tell em somethign that's posted up on your wall in your bedrom, or if not anywhere else! Why did yo uput it up? What draws you to it?!

2. Do you r nails have weird nlines in them> What color are they poresently? What's your favorite colort to make them?

3. Which meal of the day is your biggest? My parents always told me that breakfast should be biggest but you know?! It was never so like that! Breakfast was a decent size but not the biggest. Dinner was! But you digest dinner and do whatever andf go tobed so what>! It didn't make sens to me then and doesn't now.

4. I don't know at this point, TQC! Make up your own question and tell me it and the answer!
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i'm thinking about trying out contacts again. the past couple of times i've given them a shot, my eyes just got so irritated after about 3 days of wearing them. (no, not 3 days in a row. i did take them out at the end of the day and cleaned them thoroughly with solution, etc.) one brand i got a few years back which i believe was freshlook was so bad and then the last brand i used was acuvue for astigmatism with hydraclear was alright for 2 - 3 days...

SO my questions to those of you that wear contacts: which brand of contacts do you wear? do they irritate your eyes at all? which brand of solution do you use? how do you clean them? and is there anything else i should know?

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I have my evaluation today at work and am super nervous! Any tips on how to calm down? Is it going to go well or will I get Trumped?

dk/dc: What is the last text you got that made you confused? Mine was the boy I'm kinda involved with telling me he hopes we get married one day. Odd because he was always Mr. I'll Never Get Married or Settle Down.

On the topic, that was after we had a major fight. Why does he suddenly hope we get married?

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On Friday, I got a phone call for an interview. We arranged the meeting at a hotel and I confirmed that the contact number she left was the same one she was calling me from. So I saved her number in my phone.

This morning (Monday morning, 9:30am) I called that number to confirm the name of the hotel the interview would be at and she answered the phone in a very short, rude way. "NAME speaking". I told her who I was and can I confirm that the interview will be at this hotel? "Yes.". Oh, okay, thank you very much "K Bye".

I understand that calling to confirm interview details doesn't exactly make me look like the most organized guy in the world (even though I was clearing up a misunderstanding, it's not like I forgot) but is it so annoying that I should be treated rudely?

1. Have I probably blown this interview already? FWIW she won't be the only person there.
2. Should I apologize in some way upon getting to the interview or just ignore it?

Head pressure on roller coaster?

All my life, I've had no trouble on roller coasters. They've never bothered my head before. But when I went to islands of adventure last, my head was pounding to the point where I was crying and had to go to the first aid office. This was months ago. I'm about to go back this weekend- What can I do to prevent what happened from happening again (besides not going on the rides of course)? I'm not going to go crazy but I'd like to do at least one roller coaster, maybe two. A friend mentioned taking Tylenol beforehand. Is there anything else you could think of that I can do? Any other type of medication? Thank you!

EDIT: I went to the doctor's afterward and they did not find anything wrong with me.

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Okay, so apparently I'm completely ignorant of how to handle my own social life, so I come to you.

As you guys may remember, my boyfriend and I broke up two nights ago. In the time we were together, I met most of his friends and grew to count them among my own, although we never were like 'homies' or anything, just people who hung out and went to clubs on weekends and things. Now that me and the boy are no longer together (and it didn't end on great terms) would it be inappropriate of me to continue conversing with the friends I met through him?

One of the friends just posted a picture on facebook asking for opinions on her new tattoo and I want to say something but I'm not sure if I should, given the circumstances.
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Fire & EMS Question

So, I live on the very edge of civilization (I'm surrounded by corn & soy fields, horse, cattle and pig farms....) and my town is an all volunteer fire fighter & EMS force.  Today was an example of potential overkill by the volunteers.  I had 4 pick up trucks, 1 EMS supervisor, 1 ambulance all show up to take care of the Goblin Grandma who is currently living next door w/ 3 other (mentally challenged?) adults in a one bedroom apartment.  (I have nicknames for them all - Lazy, Crazy - husband & wife, Goblin Grandma, & Ludo.)

Goblin Grandma can't weigh more than 120 lbs soaking wet and it took all these people to show up, get her on the backboard and then, down the steps?  Note:  the EMS Supervisor "helped" by backing the ambulance up into the parking area in front of my building, then sat down in the cool ambulance.  :-p

Are the members of your fire & rescue department city/state employees, or are they an all volunteer force?

DK/DC:  Breakfast?  Do you have a favorite, lazy morning, breakfast food?  Me:  I usually do cheesy scrambled eggs on Sundays, but am totally a sucker for St. Louis (Panera) Bread Co's fruit & yogurt parfaits. ;)

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I think there's a line in a song from a musical that's something along the lines of, "Anyplace I'm going to is better than the place where I come from." Anybody know the musical? I'm pretty sure it was one we did in high school, heh.

Vegetarian/Vegan TQC members...

 TQC, do any of you know of a protein supplement powder that is flavorless&works like benefiber (you just can mix it into anything you eat or drink). Not like a protein shake or anything, just something that will help me replace the protein I'm no longer getting since I've become a vegetarian. Is there such a thing? or anything else you can think of to get my protein in? Thanks! :D

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How would you react if it was proven that God exists? Or that he doesn't?

If it was proven he did exist, I'd still refuse to worship him. He comes across as an ass in the Bible.

If it was proven he didn't, I'd just smile gleefully.

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If someone you knew REALLY loved baths, what kinds of things would you put in a bath-themed gift basket for them? I'm talking 2 hour long baths almost every day of the week.

Do the items change any when I tell you it's for a male? I don't want to make it seem too girly but I know that he'd love if I did this.
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Is there a way to sell or trade in gift cards online?
I have a $40 gift card to Barnes and Noble but there is nothing more I want and I could really use that money for gas and food.

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I'm in Australia, right, and I'm waiting on a package from the US. I paid for express shipping which is supposed to take about 5 business days. It was shipped on the 9th and when I look up the tracking number, there have been no updates since the 10th.
Here's what it says:

Scan History

Date Time Location Status
July 10, 2011 3:36 am ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS), Processed Through Sort Facility
July 10, 2011 3:35 am ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS), Arrived at Sort Facility
July 09, 2011     Electronic Shipping Info Received
July 09, 2011 7:51 pm KEARNY, NJ 07032 Processed through Sort Facility

Just how long should I wait before I start panicking that $600+ worth of crap is missing?

DK/DC: Please share your mail-related experiences with me. Good or bad.

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I'm attempting to email some private schools about whether or not they're hiring since their websites suck. *I can't call them*. How should I word these emails? Everything I come up with sounds really unprofessional.

When do you usually eat dinner?
What are you having tonight?

There was a dead fruit fly in my coffee... Do I continue drinking it now that I've fished him out?

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So, one of my mom's friends had a very young sick son but no money to take him to the doctor, not any insurance. My mom paid for his doctor visit as well as his medication, and told the mother if she didn't have the money to pay her back, don't worry about it.

That was last month. This month, the entire family took a vacation to Virginia Beach. Understandably, my mom is very angry. Would it be acceptable if she demanded her money upon their return?

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Do you ride a bike regularly? Have you ever been hit by a car? Tell me about it.

Inspired by my friend who just got hit by a car and called me from the hospital (he's mostly ok). I have a lot of friends that bike around all the time, but they've almost all been hit by cars, some of them multiple times. None of them have been seriously hurt, but damn!!!! It scares the shit out of me.
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I've had some jaw pain that started about a month ago. I ignored it for a while, it's gotten steadily worse and now I'm almost certain it's due to wisdom teeth coming in. (It's on the left side only, and I have got some gum tenderness there.) Can I just call an oral surgeon and make an appointment, or do I need an assessment and referral from a dentist first?

Thanks to my shitty insurance, the closest in-network dentist is an hour away, and the closest oral surgeon is over 2 hours away. I don't have a car. How much is this going to suck? :( If I find a friend to drive me, what would be adequate compensation (in addition to gas money) for the time they will have to spend waiting around for me to get cut into?

When is the last time your body betrayed you?
This month. First I got mono, then awful random foot pain, and now wisdom teeth shit. ARGHHHH!

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I'm teaching summer school. My classroom, without exaggeration, is over 100 degrees on a good day. The windows only open about five inches and we're facing a court yard so there is no breeze. I found one box fan in the entire school and it faces the kids. So far I've had two kids go to the nurse because they thought they were going to pass out.

Is this totally ridiculous or is that what you get for not doing anything during the year?
What would you do if you were me? (Aside from never teaching summer school again)

What sucks about your job?

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What would you do in the situation below?

You're getting married in early September. One of your male cousins will have a four month old by then. They were told before the child was born that you don't want any infants at your wedding (In March at your engagement party). You get a call from your cousin saying that they can't find a baby sitter and will need to bring him to your wedding and if that's alright with you.

The cousin is not married to his child's mother, so her family wasn't invited to your family.

edit: It's my sisters wedding. Not mine. She is far nicer than I am.
I would've exploded.
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does it annoy you when people write their questions like this??

or like this??????

Book to film adaptations: what are some of your favourite casting choices of characters in your favourite books?

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Have you ever seen a "funny" video that you thought was sad or horrible?

Mine are from America's Funniest Videos.
-All the hamsters jumping into mugs of drinks. I can't imagine how many got scorched or drowned.
-One man and his son had a pet mouse out on a picnic table, and a hawk swooped down and grabbed it.
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TQC, what should I buy?

I somewhat-recently found a job (finally!) and I would really like to buy myself a bit of a present to celebrate this fact. But I can't decide what would be a good present. The only things I have in mind that I would like to buy are fairly small and not too exciting - a new mouse for my computer, stuff like that. I want to come up with something a bit more extravagant/exciting, but I still can't afford to spend TOO much money. So a new laptop isn't really an option right now no matter how much I might need one. And I got a new camera for Christmas; otherwise I would have done that.

So what could I buy myself in celebration of actually having a little bit of money?
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If you could be on any reality/competition show which would you choose?

I would choose any of the cooking shows (Chopped, Master Chef) or the Amazing Race. I would get my ass kicked but it would be so fun.

If you could go visit any fictional place what would it be (book, movie, video game, whatev)?

I would like to go to New Crobuzon or Wonderland.

HARRY POTTER 7 PART 2 (No Spoilers)

So... who got to experience the following right before the movie?

Collapse )

What was your reaction when you saw this? Did you think it was witty? Stupid? Are you convinced that the marketing team behind this product is just a bunch of dudebros who can't connect with their demographic or are they really geniuses who know it'll at least get talked about for years to come?

In light of the Borders news...

What is a store (or chain) that's closed down that you really miss?

For some reason I got to thinking about Caldor. I used to love going there as a kid, I have no idea why. It was right next to the Toys R Us, which also shuttered a few years ago. It was basically the best day ever if I got to go to both.

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hey tqc, i work midnights as a dispatcher which means i have to spend 8 hours sitting in front of a computer doing nothing for 40 hours a week.

what are some good ways to kill time online, or even better, something productive to do with 8 hours a night, 5 days a week? one can only reblog cat pictures on tumblr so many hours of the night...