July 17th, 2011


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What was the first concert you ever went to and who did you go with?
I saw The Tragically Hip with my dad when I was 14 and it was the funnest show ever.

What band/artist would you love to see live?

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I'm Scottish (and very proud of it) and anytime I hear bagpipes or hear any 'Scottish music' (currently listening to Runrig - Loch Lomond)  I get goosebumps like mad. Does this happen to you when you hear certain things? Why do you think it happens?

And if similar things happen to you, who and why?

Do you like Scotland? :)

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What's your favorite/a good ab workout? I've been working out regularly for the past month and I'd like to add abs into my workout, but I don't know what exercises to do. Also, any strength exercises I can do to help with posture?

Do you prefer to work out in the mornings, afternoons, nighttime, or not at all?
I work out in the mornings. During the school year I prefer to work out not at all =\

completely random

it's 2:30 where I am and i'm about to make fried dough because i'm extremely bored and not sleepy.

What are you doing right now??

dk/dc: what's up with the new facebook chat....is it fucked up for you too ???

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So...I have a dilemma.
I want to train/show in two completely different horse classes.



I’ve trained for both, but never at the same time. I'm showing western for sure, but can't decide if I should double train for English as well this time.
They both have their pros and cons.

Which do you like better?

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It's so quiet this morning.
What's everyone up to?
What do you have to do today?

I should really plan out my lessons for work tomorrow a little more thoroughly but I'm sitting here not doing a whole lot of anything.

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TQC, want to tell me about the last really amazing day you had?

Yesterday was insanely good for me. I found my wallet, figured out that my FWB wants to be my boyfriend, had mindblowing sex with him, cooked a great dinner for him, my dad and me, and my dad brought me three of my favorite beers and two nips of my favorite liquor.

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If you have a shower curtain, what does it look like?
What do you normally buy when you go grocery shopping?
What's your favorite flavor ice cream?

Mine's boring white.
The normals are: chocolate soy milk, veggies, chicken, cereal and then whatever else is needed for that week's meals
Mint chocolate chip

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At a party I attended last night, a topic of conversation came up about whether "Made In China" stickers are made in China and, if so, would they necessarily be labeled with their own 'Made In China' sticker. Would they?

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Hi TQC'rs. 

How's the weather? Are you a baked cookie or a frosty snowcone?

I'm in Iowa and it's just after noon and it's already in the upper 90s (F) it's set to be 105-110F by 3pm ;-;
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i say, old bean

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the other day i could hear my friend's arguing in the shower.
today i got into a heated argument with my sister at the laundromat.

tqc, what are some awkward places you've seen/heard someone or had an argument?

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I just received an email from someone telling me they want to set up a job interview, but when I read it, something didn't sit right with me.

It said, "Hello, I will be calling you to set an appointment for your interview. Please take a few minutes to complete the following quiz, Here. Don't worry about being billed, this is setup as part of our interview process with a partner company.
Once you've completed the quiz you'll receive your score and time. Please note these so we can discuss this during the interview. This quiz will not effect your eligibility for the position - just something to discuss while I get to know you.
Are you available tomorrow after 10am?
Have a great day,
(her name)"

She doesn't say a business name and doesn't leave a phone number which is odd enough, but a legit employer would not ask someone to take a little IQ quiz online, would they?  I took the quiz out of curiosity, but at the end, it asks for your cell phone number.  I didn't give it out though, I think it's a scam.

Am I right to be suspicious about it?
Belly rubbin'

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People who listen to music on Pandora (or similar internet radio players): What is the strangest or most random song that Pandora (or whatever similar player) has played for you?

Pandora just played the non-english version of Collapse )
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In honor of the fact that I was unceremoniously dumped last night, and in rememberance of love that once was, tell me, do you have a 'one who got away'?

Or, will you share with me your worst break-up stories and then stories of your recovery and moving on to better things?
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What's the last concert you went to?

My husband took me to see New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys last night and it was a magical experience.

If you've never been to a concert, who would you like to see in concert?
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For those who have moved a long(er) distance:

How did you end up finding a place to live?

We pretty much have to move by the 27th and we went and found an apartment we really liked but the office was closed on the weekends so I am wondering if we can sign a lease by fax?

Weird questions

Poll #1762528 This or that

Which would you rather endure?

Going on a 6 hour road trip in an ice cream truck, with the annoying repetitive music on the entire trip
Going on a 6 hour road trip in your own vehicle, blaring death metal at obnoxiously high, ear-splitting decibels the entire trip

Which would you rather do?

Attend a furry convention in a really sexy fur costume wearing a pin that reads YIFF ME HARD. I LIKE IT ROUGH
Attend a gun show wearing a t-shirt that says ONLY CLOSET HOMOSEXUALS WITH SMALL DICKS OWN GUNS

Which would you rather do?

Lose 25 points of your IQ. Irreversible
Gain 150lbs

Which would you rather do?

Wear a burlap thong for 8 hours
Go running (not walking) on the treadmill in high heels for 5 minutes

Which would you rather do?

Legally change your first name to 'Bubbles' and demand everyone call you this
Get a boob job and increase the size of only your left breast by 3 cup sizes

Which would you rather do?

Hike through Siberia in the winter for 2 days. You're given only warm clothes and no food or water
Dogsled 20 miles across Siberia. You're being pulled by 200 puppies who don't know how to pull a sled. You'll have to whip them ferociously to get them to pull you

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Will you share something "tmi" with us?

My colostrum came in during sexy times this morning..apparently it tastes like syrup...Did I gross you out!!??

DK/DC: What did you have for breakfast?

I had a a bagel with peanut butter and generic fruity pebbles on it...SO GOOD!

Kill Bill - Elle
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I don't eat a lot of meat but my mom's favorite is veal. She'll be back in the country soon and I want do something nice for her. What is your favorite way to prepare veal? Or what dish do you prefer that uses it?
Do you have a favorite lasagna recipe?

What is your typical weekend like?
lulu guinness clutch

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when shopping at a grocery store where it's not possible to bag your own groceries is it unreasonable to ask that raw meat is separated from your other stuff?

edit: do you prefer to bag your own groceries?

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Which of the following do you find to be creepy?

gas masks
the forest/woods
old houses
weird kids
baby dolls
old barns
empty motels
none of the above

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The guy I'm hooking up with is kind of a bad kisser. WTF do I do?!?!? If it was anyone else I would just stop but I actually really like him :/.

How long do you usually stay in the shower?
Do you prefer to shower in the morning, at night, or any point in the day?

If you enjoy musicals, what's your favorite?

What's the weirdest thing someone has said to you lately?

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So I'm back in my hometown til November after four years of college and I know NO ONE. Everyone I knew has moved away or become drug addicts and all my coworkers are older than me. I love my coworkers, don't get me wrong, but I could really use someone to just chill with.


I *thought* I made a friend. He was very flirtatious when I met him and immediately added me on facebook. We talked for four days straight, including me driving him home at one point. He said he was okay with us just being friends because I'm in a relationship (after he thoroughly tested boundaries by trying to sext me one night), but now he's *poof* gone. I've sent him one text and one reply to an fb message thread we had going, but no answer. It's been like a week.

He didn't really want a friend, just my body, y/y?

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What is your opinion of the SlutWalks that have been going on internationally?

Would you participate in one if it was held in your city?

Do you think that the word "slut" can be--or should be--reclaimed?

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My friend just gave me a bunch of makeup that she cleaned out of her house. Most of it is brand new. It's MAC and NARS. Aside from ebay, is there anywhere that I might be able to sell this stuff?

What was the last free gift you received?
warhol zebra

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What is the last thing you cooked?
oven-roasted potato chunks with olive oil, basil, and rosemary. mmmmm

anything exciting happening this coming week?

two days ago I woke up and discovered that my left heel hurts IMMENSELY when I walk on it. it didn't hurt before I went to bed. what do??
garden state flower

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Do you have a DVR you really like? I'm looking into them for my mother who wants to give up the TiVo for something without a subscription (which she stopped a while ago, so since then it's been useful for streaming netflix but only holds ~30mins of recording). If yours is user-friendly and was $100-$150 (or less!), you should tell me!

Also, does anyone know any good sites for electronics reviews besides Consumer Reports and Amazon?

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Ever have a creepy hotel experience?

One night in West Virginia, my mother, my sister, my grandma, my great aunt, and myself were staying in this very dirty little motel. We had one of those joining doors, and we kept hearing the other door opening and someone was banging on it. What's more, they never uttered a sound. My grandma, who panics and is anxious over small things bad enough, was ready to dial 911. Finally we called the front office and they just moved us to another room. Why they didn't just yell at the people next door, I'll never know.

My aunt told me this one. She once stayed in a crappy motel in New Jersey, and she kept having someone pound on the front door screaming that he wanted his "mother fucking coke!" She called the front desk, and they called the cops, but the guy ran off and wasn't caught.

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i'm looking for an awesome shower curtain..what are some good places to look? I looked on ikea,target, and bed bath and beyond and found nothing..will you post a picture of your shower curtain and where you got it from?

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im going to get a new cell phone plan tomorrow for one phone. i would like the cheapest with unlimited texting, fewer minutes cuz they dont matter as much. which carrier should i choose? preferably good reception.
i had t mobile so dont say them i hate them.

*edit* i live in Massachusetts.

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Firefox has been lagging/freezing quite often for the past week.

AVG, Spybot and Avast have come back with nothing.

What should I do/use instead because there is obviously something on my computer or wrong with firefox?

I have not gone to any out of the ordinary websites (gmail,lj,etsy,facebook etc) lately...WHATS GOING ON!!?

dk/dc: Whats the last thing you gave away/gave someone?

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The guy I like gave me his number last night. I didn't get a chance to give him mine so I'm going to have to make the first contact. I'm going to text him something clever and cute, but I have no idea what to say. Its been 4 years since I've had to do this. I am out of practice. Ugh. Help TQC.

Srs and non-srs answers are welcome.

What was your last text received?
What was your last text sent?
just make this face

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About 4 years ago, I did something really, really mean to someone. I  want to apologize because I think they deserve the apology. However, it was an ex-boyfriend, and he's married now (has been for about 2 years, we've always been friends on FB, but have not spoken). I also am in a relationship, if it matters.

I don't want to cause any type of problems by sending him a message or anything, but I do think it's necessary to apologize. I would send a brief message and just say sorry, cause it was honestly quite fucked up.

ShouId I send him a message?