July 15th, 2011

Kill Bill - Elle
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Does your body react when you aren't sleeping enough and working too much? Personally, my immune system shits the bucket. I'm so sick right now.

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I'm stuck for what to do for the rest of my summer break whilst my friends aren't around.  Any ideas as to what I can do on my own, that don't require much cash? Serious/non serious ideas for stuff to do at home, outside, wherever are welcome. 

DK/DC - where would you recommend a visitor go to eat in your town/city?
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disclaimer: my opinion on HP is my opinion. there will be no spoilers.

i think the movie was awful. sure, it had its moments and funny parts, but the overall movie was weak in comparison to the other 7.1 movies. i haven't read the books, but my friend Alice cried at how utterly horrible the adaptation was. i immediately walked out when the credits started rolling, found my friends among a crowd of people, and we all had the same thoughts. i even started dozing off towards the end.

if you have seen the movie already, what did you think? if you haven't seen the movie, what are your expectations?

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i work at a department store and i absolutely HATEHATEHATE my job. still, though, it's a job, and i still work there because i haven't found anything that suits me better or would pay me more.

i've done two months of seasonal retail work before this job and was hired in to take over as the department manager. after being trained on the cash register for four hours, i was left to figure out everything else on my own. when i was being trained, my trainer told me that in certain instances, it's okay to scan coupons for people even if they don't have the coupons in their hands and that it's okay to change the price of items that you're not supposed to use a coupon on because everyone does it and it's easier that way and etc etc etc.

the Loss Prevention manager is coming around to our store today or next week and now i'm TERRIFIED that i'm going to be fired. i know that the LP person will have access to all of my transactions since i've been there in january and there will be no hiding the fact that i've severely fucked up. if/when i get fired, how do i handle it? i know that i really screwed up here and i don't want to throw my trainer under the bus, but that's what i've been doing all along because i was under the impression that scanning coupons/changing prices was the way to keep customers happy and we can't get any complaints about our store.

have you been in a situation like this before? if so, how'd you deal with it?
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Pet owners, is pet insurance worth it?

I took my dog into the vet yesterday and I was thinking to myself how awesome it'd be if I were able to use my health insurance on him, lol.


Will you tell me about one good thing that happened to you this week?


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 Did you ever love a kind of food, and suddenly it upset your digestive system to eat it?

Recently I've been more affected by acidic foods and I've been getting heartburn. I only had heartburn for the first time just a few years ago. It's upsetting me to think I may have to cut back on spicy foods and orange juice. :(

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What sexual/bodily things did you misunderstand as a child?

-I thought all girls had penises inside their bodies because of not paying close attention to a medical video my mom was watching at about age 8.
-When babies were born doctors would do a blood test to determine the gender because looking at the baby's privates was rude.
-You could have a baby just by pushing really hard.
-When I was 3 mom asked if I wanted a sister or brother because she was pregnant. I thought you could choose from then on until my cousin was born, and my aunt was disappointed because she wanted a girl. I think I was 9.

tee que cee...

I had a tattoo appointment scheduled for next tuesday.
I had to bail my little sister out of jail earlier this week, so I could no longer afford my tattoo appointment until next pay check,so I called and canceled and everything seemed cool and I am going to reschedule when I get paid next.

I want to get a chest dermal anchor done today, at the same shop, on my boyfriends dime.

Is this weird?
Am I being anxious over nothing?

I keep envisioning having to explain myself as to why i had to cancel a tattoo appointment (a week in advance though) yet I am suddenly able to afford a piercing.

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Need to vent about anything?
A big fuck you to the stupid fucking redneck on my petfinder facebook page who is giving away two litters of kittens, two mamma cats and a puppy THEY JUST FUCKING GOT so that they can get a new dog...SERIOUSLY!!



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Yes, yes, all crimes are horrible and certainly no one really deserves to have bad shit happen to them, but are there certain things (age, race, gender, religious affiliation etc etc etc) that can up the OMG factor when you hear a person with that aspect has been the victim of a crime?

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I interviewed for a job on Monday. A job that was absolutely perfect for me based on my experience etc. I thought the interview went well. They really liked me, talked to me like I already had the job, said they'd let me know in a few days but they didn't want to jump the gun. I sent a thank you card and everything. I really, really wanted that job. I knew I'd be happy there.

Fast forward to today. Still haven't heard anything from them. So I called up their office. Some girl named SARAH answered. They hired her instead. Biggest. Slap. in the face. Ever. I cannot help but take this rejection personally and am really upset because that is a REALLY shitty thing to do to someone seriously wtf. I am settling down but I still feel so so awful and there's no one here to give me a hug.

Can you please post things to cheer me up, like cute things like videos of puppies or kittens or babies or anything that makes you smile.
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If you place an order at a restaurant for a pick up are you supposed to tip?
It's for a sushi place where youre expected to tip if you eat there but i feel like the tip is for waiter service and whatnot
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What was the school lunch situation like when you were younger? If you ate the meals provided by the school, were they as terrible as most people tend to claim? Anything stand out as the absolute worst? What about the best? Did your school ever provide food from local restaurants/fast food places?

Do you want to play a guessing game? Collapse )

EDIT: All right, I won't leave y'all hanging anymore. Some of you got it half right. That's actually peach and pear cobbler. I thought it was beef stew when it was served to me, too. When I sniffed it I couldn't even tell, but another brave teacher tried it and let the rest of us know.

Drug Testing

TQC, I dun fucked up.

I took a drug test for a job I just got hired for (fucking finally, it's been a sad 19 months), I've never had to do one before. I had to pee in a cup; they took my bag and told me to pee in the cup and to NOT flush the toilet when I was done for whatever reason. Out of habit after I was done I flushed it, one second too late I remembered I wasn't supposed to fucking do that.

I'm also paranoid about the results, because they will come back positive for an antidepressant and my ADD meds. I figured they would question me about medications prior to the test and they didn't. They wouldn't talk to me at all.

Did I fuck up my chances royally?

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Anyone else not crazy about Pirates of the Caribbean?

I don't understand the hype. I saw the first one, and it was okay, but I've never felt any desire to see it again, or see any of the sequels.

And Johnny Depp is getting to be insufferable.

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What do you consider to be a "good" college/university? Are the Ivies it or do you think there is more?

I've been reading the following articles, so I was just curious:




ETA: The articles are pretty interesting, so if you'd rather discuss them, what are your thoughts?
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 Workforce people: What work do you do? Do you enjoy it? What would you rather be doing?

Students: What are you studying? What do you want to do with it?

Stay at homes: How do you fill your free time (if you have any)? How do you defend your staying at home to nosy people who think you're crazy for not choosing a career?

Collapse )
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 When was the last time you farted in public? Was it a loud one or a silent-but-deadly one?
Were you embarrassed? 

Brought to you by the fact that I have had AWFUL gas the last few days and I totally farted in front of a coworker.  

DK;DC- What's your favorite livejournal community?

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Do you know someone who always gets the most expensive item on the menu even if someone else is paying?

I love my boyfriend to death, but he does this all the time. Drives me insane. Does he think I'm Ms. Moneybags?

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I just got an e-mail from a company who wants to buy my youtube video.
How much money will I get!?
It's of me branding my butt cheek.

What are some strange ways you've made money?

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If you had a stain (shit stain, food stain or any other stain) on the back of your pants/shorts/skirt wouldn't you want someone to tell you about it?

My roommate jsut went to leave for work and I was like you have a stain on your ass and he said like I care? I suggested he go change his shorts and he got all pissy about it. In the end he did change but still....

I know that pig!!!

Do you think cops should have to follow traffic laws?

What about on the job vs off the job?

I get sick of being cut off by off duty cops, seeing them not use turn signals and run red lights and stop signs when not in pursuit not to mention speeding by an insane amount (got passed going 65 in a 55 today).

I guess on some occasions they could be in pursuit without using the lights/siren but not as frequently as I see this going on surely.



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So, I am getting pretty paranoid about my privacy these days. I deleted my facebook and such because I don't trust them to keep my info secure. I viewed myself on Spokeo.com and I am SUPER not happy about that, even if a lot of the data is incorrect. Too much of it WASN'T.

The more we advance with technology, the less I will be able to brush off the past. While it is a part of me, I don't want it there always in e-form. I. Hate. It.

I also didn't realize that if you have a gmail account then all of your google searches are logged. They are in a database forever.

So. I think I am going to create a kind of alias. I want to use it for social networking in the future (even though it will be very limited) and also using it to sign up for different things online, just to keep myself a bit separate. In the grand scheme of things, my IP address is attached to everything I do, but I am trying to keep myself as concealed as can be possible and reasonable for myself.

Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping your identity a bit more private. There are some programs that are supposed to protect you and I would like some recommendations.
Also, anyone that has had success with not using their real name for social networking stuff.

TLDR- I am paranoid about privacy. If you are not and have no interest then move along.
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Aint got nothing, but I got life

What are some "I feel crap but want to feel better" songs?

I don't want anything that's all "WOW, THE WORLD IS FABULOUS!", but I should also probably steer clear of "THE WORLD IS A FESTERING SHITHOLE" songs.

Currently Nina Simone's Aint Got No/I Got Life is doing it for me, but housemates are probably sick of hearing it by now, so I need others.


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Should I get a brazillian?

If I do, should I go to an expensive place that has free vajazzling this month, or should I go somewhere cheaper?

ETA: Have you ever had a brazillian? What was it like?

How do you usually tend to your hair there?
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I will alert tech support posthaste.

I got a CrackBerry Torch today and though I freely admit I am not always the sharpest tack in the box, I would assume it to be common knowledge that the little button with a crossed out speaker on top of the phone means "silent"; while the two up and down arrows on the side of the phone SHOULD adjust the volume on the device. They do neither.

Am I an idiot or is my new phone defective?

Do you like your phone? I had my other one for five-ish years and now I'm all sorts of anxious about learning how to use a smartphone. But it's preeetty.

[OH ETA:] How do you customize your gadgets? Share pictures & links if it appeals to you!
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I'm having a BBQ tomorrow. I'm nervous. What should I make/serve? How do I keep people entertained? Any ideas?
These are all coworkers. I know them moderately well. But I want some activities to keep them occupied.
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So there is this website and i want to download something and it says:

'please create an account to perform this action'

it also says:
"Get a Free Account Today
Get an account today, and enjoy all the features of the site!"

and one of the features is:
'No need for an account to download'

Kill Bill - Elle
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I was at a cafe today out of town waiting for an appointment and the owner was SO friendly and nice, and he chatted me up the entire time. Anyway, he had the little credit card attachment for smartphones so I was never really able to see my total and wasn't that concerned because the price was right there on the menu. Long story short: my $2.75 16 ounce Americano ended up costing 6 dollars. Would you be peeved by this? I'm really peeved. Normally I'm much better about my finances and would have noticed it sooner but I was so busy all day.

The last time you were just all "really?"?
OR! Most exciting thing to happen to you recently!?

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If you have graduated from high school, or are in high school now, how many people were/are in your graduating class?

I just saw 500 described as a small number for a graduating class. Not even the largest schools in my city had that many students in a single grade. I was in a class of 74. My friend was in a class of 15. I'm just wondering what size classes are normal in a place where 500 is considered small.
Gilmore Girls

Free hugs? Positive thoughts? Something like that.

Alright. There was this website I stumbled across awhile ago & I cannot remember what it was called. But I do seem to remember the setup [roughly]: there was a cloud shape on the left hand side [or right?] & it had text in it from where someone submitted a negative situation they were currently dealing with. In order for you to post yours, you had to offer up some positive advice for the random situation presented. After that you can add your own or just continue responding to other updates.

Anyway.. it had something to do with hugs. That's all I can remember, really. & I do know it's not the "Free Hug Campaign" [though that looks really cool, too]. Any ideas?