July 13th, 2011

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Would it be wrong to buy my 18-year-old brother alcohol (a tall boy, e.g.)? He has asked repeatedly, to which I have responded no, but it seems kind of innocuous to me. Thoughts?

ETA: he's a responsible kid.

Turn based strategy game

whatwasthatone has failed me. Your turn TQC.

In the mid 90's I played a computer game on a Macintosh LC II about medieval warfare. You played a monarch like Queen Mary, Queen Anne, or Ivan the terrible, and you had to answer a multi-choice problem at the beginning of each turn. You and the opponent moved armies, placed your armies in squares, then watched as the computer autocalculated the outcome based on the army sizes and placements, which were represented as red bars that turned white as they shrunk. Knights and Kings? Medieval Fights? I forget. What was that one?
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Okay, super important: I want a snack and it is down between Chewy Runts or Chewy Sprees from the vending machine. Which would you pick?

Also: rewatch a couple episodes of Dexter or rewatch Percy Jackson and inappropriately lust after Logan Lerman?

Would it be stupid to get my HP tattoo on Thursday around three? My bffff will be in town and I'd love for her to come with me, but the midnight showing is at... well, midnight. Would it be dumb to be all drunk and stupid that soon after getting a tattoo? I can't remember if I waited to get drunk and stupid after my last two... (obvs I will be sober and intelligent while getting the tattoo)

Do you work an overnight shift? When you do, what time do you get your sleep?

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If you have feelings for someone but, for whatever reason, are unable to be with that person romantically, do you attempt to maintain a friendship with him/her?

What if these feelings don't dissipate, even if/when you are in a happy relationship with another person?

Alternately, has anyone been in a similar situation? What did you do?
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So I've been locked out of my hotmail account. I changed my password semi recently to something that I do not remember because hotmail prompted me to change my password saying it was unsafe. No it wasn't an email where there was a link, when I signed in it was like would you like to blah blah blah and it had been doing it for awhile and since I had the same password for basically 8 years I figured what the hell and changed it. And it hadn't been a problem because I had remember password on/keep me signed in.

Now all of a sudden like 48 hours ago it signed me out. I tried every combination under the sun of my normal cashe of passwords and none of them work. And now I'm locked out. I put in a help request to reset my password which basically went like this

Me: I only know the subjects of incoming mail and what my password should be.
Them: Sorry thats not sufficient information
Me: What would be sufficient information?
Them: We recommend you make a new account, have a nice day.

And now they're not responding to my help center emails because for god knows what reason its been marked as answered when my problem has not been solved.

TL;DR How long are you generally locked out before it will let you try to again to reenter the password on a hotmail account?

Part 2: Fuck hotmail and their customer service, even when this is done I'm getting a new fucking account because this was bullshit from day one, can someone suggest another provider thats NOT gmail? Going with Yahoo, now to try and remember every thing that got filter through my hotmail account to redirect to this new account. Joy...

DK/DC: Whats the suckies customer service you've ever encountered that you had to deal with and how did it go?
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Make me not a rude mean money-grabbing coworker

Do you charge people who you give car rides to? My coworker needs a lift this Friday after work so he can catch a bus to his home town. I really don't mind spending the time to do it, but it's a lot of extra driving. It's a 30 minute drive in the opposite direction of home, and puts me in terrible rush hour traffic on my way home (I normally never hit rush hour traffic); it'll add probably 1 hour to my commute after I drop him off. I'm struggling with money at the moment and with my gas guzzler car, this will suck for me as I already spend about $10 on gas a day. Would it be rude for me to ask him to pay for gas? How much is reasonable to ask for?

Forever 21

For those who have shopped at Forever 21, what do you make of the quality of their clothing?

I haven't shopped there in ages, but I recently went in having to kill some time in the neighborhood while waiting for a friend. I ended up loving a dress that cost $24, so I bought it. BUT is it only going to last me like 5 wears before it rips or something?

I've heard people say the quality is absolute shit, but I have a coworker who says she shops there a lot and that it's all about hunting for better-quality items.

What are your thoughts?
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hey, bb, what's your sign?
are you on a cusp? Which one?
is your sign more or less accurate? (about what type of person you are)
do you like your birthstone? What is it?

Yes, Cancer-Leo (walking contradiction.)
Yes, pretty accurate.
Sometimes, Ruby.
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When it comes to food that has passed its 'use by', 'sell by' or expiration date, do you tend to be the give it a try type, or just throw it away? Does it matter what kind of food it is?

Do you tend to be spontaneous or a planner?

Are you expecting anything fun/good/exciting in the mail?
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Dude. TQC. I was supposed to go out tonight with this super cute guy I've been crushing on for months, but he's been ignoring my texts and phone calls.

I met him at my favorite bar, where he works as a cook and a waiter. A bunch of my friends are going there tonight, and I want to tag along to drown my sorrows (I know Cute Waiter Guy won't be there, he doesn't work on Wednesdays and Thursdays), but everyone at that damn bar has apparently been gossiping about me and him like a bunch of old ladies at church and I know when I show up, all the regulars and bartenders and other cooks are going to be like, "What are you doing here?! You're not supposed to be here!" and then they'll all just gossip about him and me even more and when he gets back to work on Friday, everyone is going to give him shit and then he'll probably like me even less. :C

Would you go out tonight with your friends to this bar in this situation?

Can we complain about how much it sucks to have a crush reject you?

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I just finished the graphic novel series Y: The Last Man and I'm looking for something new to fill its 60 issue void in my life. My favorites are sci-fi and post-apocalyptic, but I'll try anything. I love me some superheroes, but I love the random stuff too.

So can you give me some suggestions? Or just tell me what your favorite graphic novels are?
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I want to start making furniture, something I've never done before, I have all the ideas, plans, and designs, just not the money right now.

What are some things you'd LOVE to start doing but don't really have the funds for at this time?
Or things that you're doing that you think are amazing?

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How do you feel about the national sex offender registry?

Good thing? Bad thing? Necessary thing?

Do you feel like it gives people a false sense of security?

Based on my friend who left her two young kids in the care of her next door neighbor, whom she met the day before, because "Well, he's not on the sex offender registry like Neighbor Across the Street, so they'll be safe with him!"

She kind of made my mind boggle.

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You are going to dog/house-sit for 2-3 weeks.  The dog is small.  You will still be going to work as usual for 40+ hours a week, but will be sleeping there and spending most of your free time there.  For that length of time, you will likely be responsible for your own food and you will be spending more on gas.  How much would you charge per day?  For s point of reference, if that would be helpful, I currently work at a luxury pet resort that charges $31 pet night for the most basic accommodation.

Dk/dc - Ever met a celebrity? Who?
I met Kelly Clarkson a couple weeks ago. I've also met Michael Moore, some WWE wrestlers, and a few others. Most of these meetings were random, like at work or a ball game.

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I'm thinking of dying my hair again (and I'm too cheap to get it done proffessionally) - and I need color suggestions. My natural hair color is a medium brown with (natural) reddish bits. I have dark eyebrows, so I can't really dye my hair a lot lighter. Last summer I dyed my hair a darkish red, which looked pretty good, i guess, but I want to do something different - I'm thinking dark brown. good idea or bad idea?

DK/DC - for those of you who dye your hair at home, what brand do you use? I'm thinking of getting that one thats foamy, because it looks like it would be easier...
the last time I dyed my hair at home (I was 16) I got  bright pink dye all over the sink. 
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 What are some good desserts with both peaches and cherries? I tried googling but I only turned up cobblers and pies.

Besides zucchini bread and fried zucchini, what are some good things to do with zucchini? I julienned one the other day and put it in my spaghetti and that was awesome.

My spellcheck is telling me that 'julienned' is not a proper word. What would be the past tense of 'julienne'? 

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Who wants to fix my bike?

When I try and shift from 6th to a lower gear it feels super tight and won't shift. What is wrong and how do I fix it?

:edit: If it's fucked, in what manner should I destroy it?

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I need some help with my house.

In our house is my husband, myself, our 2 year old daughter and my father. I am pregnant, due in February.

The house now has 3 bedrooms, all on the same floor, as well as our kitchen and living room. I need another bedroom. I could put 2 bedrooms in the attic (would have to re-do the roof to make it a little bigger, and would have to take out one of the regular bedrooms to have room for a staircase).

Or, I could put one big bedroom in the basement (I would loooove to have a nice big bedroom).

Soooo, TQC, what would you do, and where would you put every one?

I could put my dad downstairs which is the easiest obvious choice, but I don't want him to have to walk up and down the stairs all the time, and our dog, who sleeps with him, is blind and can't walk up and down the stairs all the time. Plus, I would probably end up with a smaller room.

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1.) Are you excited for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2?

2.) Will you describe one of the best days of your life?

Also, will you motivate me to go organize my bookshelf? :) I've been putting it off for weeks.

I don't care if anyone thinks I ask this question too much. It's highly important.

What flavor ice cream should I eat?

blueberry cheesecake
peppermint stick
espresso chip
coconut pineapple
black walnut

DK/DC1: When was the last time you were sick?

I have a sore throat and I Have decided ice cream will remedy it.

DK/DC2: How much pain do you have to be in before going to the doctor? Hospital?

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What toppings do you enjoy on your pizza that others might think is a bit odd?
Do you prefer to order your pizza or make your own at home?
My answers: I really love artichokes and pine nuts on my pizza. I recently tried roast pumpkin, as well as a roast potato and mint sauce creation. And I tried a Bechamel sauce instead of the traditional tomato-based pizza sauce and it was delicious. 


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so like i was using this bbq sauce from bk and it was mostly empty and my fries were gone and then i put the bottle cap from my bottle of water in the sauce container with the remaining sauce. i was thinking like what if i eat this? you know? like the whole container: the sauce container - left over sauce - bottle cap - sauce peelie lid thing. right? it would be weird or not? right? do you know what i mean? you know?

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How do i get dried hair dye off a sink? I've successfully gotten it off the counter, and the inside of the sink using comet, but its stuck on the edge and wont come off - I'm also having a hard time getting off the floor

(edited because I was thinking of God knows what and accidentally wrote comment instead of comet)

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So, I kind of lose all emotion whatsoever about one month into relationships.  I don't know why.  I just feel nothing.

Does this ever happen to any of you?  Do you ever just stop feeling?

I mean, God, I'm not even upset.  I'm nothing.

Normally I break up with the person at around this point, because I feel really guilty.  I wouldn't want to go out with someone who pretty much didn't care about the relationship.

Do you ever try to ride it out and hope your feelings change?  Or is that... dishonest?

Sorry for such a downer. :/

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It's Wednesday night (for me, anyway) TQC. What are you doing tonight?

My friends' band is having their LAST SHOW EVER at the local dive bar, to celebrate/mourn their bass player who is moving to Calgary soon. So I'm going to go drink all of the beers with them, and creep/grind on the boy that I like bumping uglies with.

What music are you listening to right now? Pls to be sharing with the class and post links to YT vids, Bandcamps, etc.
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Do you consider yourself an optimist or a pessimist?

Do you believe in the fundamental goodness of mankind?

Do you think people are inherently good, bad, or neutral (or something else)?
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I'm writing thank-you cards for those who attended my graduation party.
For those who gave me money as a present, what should I say in their card without saying "Thanks for the money?"
Would "Thank you for your generous gift; it will be very helpful" sound okay? It sounds a bit choppy to me...

Do you write thank-you cards?
Do you like receiving thank-you cards?

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Has anything exciting happened to you recently?

We FINALLY found a washer/dryer set small enough to fit in our laundry closet and within our budget!

I know it sounds pretty domestic and boring but we have not had one for over 2 years and we have a kid coming soon which we plan on cloth diapering....so YAY!!

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Do you live with your bf/gf?
Does it ever feel like you're just roommates?
My boyfriend said he feels like we behave more like roommates than a couple and that that bothers him. Any tips on what I can do to make it feel more coupley?
Is this a normal thing for couples to go through when they move in together?


Looking for a new job.

1.Ever worked in telemarketing? Did you put it on your app?
2.Ever worked as a hotel guest service agent/front desk? did you like it?
3.what do you usually wear to an interview? I do dress pants and dress shirt.