July 12th, 2011

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Do you ever think about the various illnesses you've had throughout your life and realize that, had you been unlucky enough to have been born before modern medicine, you'd probably be long dead now from those things?

Sometimes I think about the tooth abscesses I had as a child and how, if I had been a neanderthal or something, I probably would have died right then from an infection traveling to my brain. Same with the UTI I had in February. And these things seem so minor to us now :/

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I was at Walgreens earlier and got in line behind a girl buying a pregnancy test and a six pack of beer and it made me think of this question.

Will you name three things that, if you brought up to a cashier, would make them look at you funny?

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If you had to choose from these four places to live, which would you choose?

SF Bay Area
Portland, OR
New Haven, CT

If you actually live in one of these places, talk 'em up. :D
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What kind of diet do you strive for? Is it more whole foodsy, do you prefer most things raw in nature, is it a fuck it I eat what I want kind of thing? How do you attain this?

How do you stay healthy?

Alternatively, what's your favorite indulgence?

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Would you eat a toasted, buttered english muffin that was 2 weeks past the "Sell By" date?

They have been stored unrefrigerated in a cabinet, and show no signs of mold or anything bad. A little hard and probably stale but it's gonna be toasted so whatever, right?

(I already ate it)
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my fiance and i are moving to the milwaukee area and looking for an apartment. however, we don't have jobs in the area lined up or anything. what i'm wondering is if it's normal for people to get apartments before they get jobs? i mean, is it going to be impossible for us to find an apartment when we're both unemployed? we've got enough money saved up to pay for almost a year's rent if necessary - employment won't be a problem for that long, i'm sure; just saying.

"day is awesome!"

[Simpsons quote aside]
So TQC, in oh two weeks or so, I'm going to be alone in my house for about a week [my folks+brother+younger dog will be gone from Saturday to Saturday].

Naturally, as I tend to whenever I have an extended period of time to myself, I've been scheming ways to ask/mention it to my S/O that it'll just be me in the house and that he should come over for sex to hang out/relax because i haven't seen him since April and even then that was pulling teeth to get him to show up from what I've been told.

So far what I've got is:
"Want to spend a few days somewhere cat-free? I've got the house to myself all week; you could come over, if you want? No parties, just us, and you can use our Internet."

How does that sound?

[Background info: he's at his sister's right now so I don't want to ask now because he's not at home. And the "no parties" line is because the last two times I've invited him over he's declined, not even bothering to act like he wanted to come but couldn't (once to a party I threw for my 21st in which there were no parents and a lot of alcohol and once to a party my folks threw in which there were neighbors+a lot of alcohol). The cats thing is only 'cause he's got a lot of cats and he's kinda allergic to them.]

Thanks for your help~!!

ETA: Not asking for relationship advice thanks. Just advice on the question I posted. I know we've got issues and I'd really rather not deal with them now.
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How do you feel about popping zits?
Inspired by my constant fidgeting and extractors being interesting

What is your favorite beauty trick? Can be for skin, hair, nails, anything

Do you get distracted by random things at night? Examples?
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there is a spider on my ceiling above my bed. i have a pretty major phobia of bugs, and just moved out about a month ago so i've never had to kill one myself before. will you tell me a way that i can kill/catch it that will require the minimum amount of contact? and please don't tell me to just suck it up and use a paper towel or whatever because much as i wish i could suck it up, every time i get close to it and see how big it is i start hyperventilating and feeling nauseous :(


UPDATE 2: IT WAS ON MY FLOOR AND THEN I OPENED MY APARTMENT DOOR AND IT WALKED OUT INTO THE HALL. then i didn't want it to come back so in my terrified logic i thought sprinkling pepper at the bottom of my door would be a good idea? and now i have been sneezing for the past five minutes. the spider kind of won.
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CHRISTIANS: What denomination do you practice? Was Paul a gay homosexual?
OTHER: Do you have a spiritual faith or creed? What is it?
WICCANS: Do you really practice traditional British Wicca, or are you just kind of paganish? Do you like the term Wicca?
ATHEISTS: Why do you hate Krishna? He just wants you to be happy.
HINDUS: Should I type Krishna, or Krsna, or just what? Are there any Hindu TQCers?

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Do you think Katy Perry's new song ET is about rape?

Some say it is, and I have no idea why. The singer of the song is almost literally saying, "Come do me." How can it be rape if she's begging for sex?
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I've been using the scale at the gym to track my progress, and it's been frustrating me lately because I work out for 45-60 minutes, five times a week, and I've been dieting (I've cut out beer and sticking to 1200-1300 calories a day) so I feel like I should be seeing some progress, even just a little. But after almost three weeks, the scale at the gym says I've GAINED 3 pounds.

I have a bathroom scale at home that I haven't used in a while. I weighed myself on it on Sunday and it said I was 9 pounds less than what the gym scale said. I thought maybe it was just broken (it's kinda old) but then yesterday I was at Target, and I tried out one of the digital scales right off the shelf and it agreed with my bathroom scale.

Which scale should I trust? The one that gives me good news or the one that gives me bad news? Should I just buy a new scale and go with whatever that one says?

How often do you weigh yourself?

poor choice making

So I am a very impulsive person. I bought a droid 2 on CL for $80. I asked the woman all of the necessary questions about it to make sure it was functional. Then when I try to activate it they say it has been suspended as lost/stolen. I would need her to call the company to change that and she has not responded to my email.

The thing is she emailed me with her full name and I also found her on facebook. If she continues to ignore me is this something I could potentially bring to a lawyer? I wouldn't want it to come to that but if she keeps ignoring me I could bring it up.

EDIT: I did ask her what kind of condition the phone was in and she did not mention that is was suspended

Also, I am aware I had made a bad decision. Please do not remind me.

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I've decided it's about time for me to go on a bike ride and get ice cream.
Which should i ride to: Baskin Robbins or Dairy Queen?
They're the same distance from my house.
What should i get once i'm there?
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I am so dumb and I need your help. I got a new job and I am looking over the i-9 form: http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/i-9.pdf (page 5).

I have several documents, but I'm afraid I'm reading this thing wrong.

Do I need only A, and I forget about B&C?
Or do I need something from A or B, AND C? (so it's A&C, or B&C?)

I have my passport, driver's license, but my birth certificate is from a different country other than the USA. My SSC says that I am not valid for employment (either it's old or I got it before I could work or something). I have been an American citizen for 10 years, and have been employed before but I don't know which documents I used. Trying not to freak out bc I gave in my two week already. Thanks for your help.
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My fiance wants to call child protective services on someone (his dad's girlfriend's daughter, to be exact). She has 2 very young children (not sure the ages, but one is an infant), both of whom she will grab by the diapers and carry around, scream at, and drop from where she is standing instead of setting them on the floor. Should he call, or would he be wasting his time/should mind his own business?

DK/DC: Have you ever called child protective services or had them called on you, for any reason at all? Share your stories!

daily headaches.

okay here's another medical problem post for you, dr. tqc.

For the past few weeks, a month or so, I've been getting headaches every day. usually in the late afternoon, sometimes later, sometimes earlier. They're not usually SEVERE, just irritating. A throbbing, sometimes shooting pain, hard to locate. I usually just take an Aleve (the pain reliever I happen to have) and it goes away. Occasionally they last hours and hours. Today I have a severe one and it's not even 11. I took an Aleve but it's still bad.

I never used to get headaches so this is out of the blue. I drink a lot of water so I'm not dehydrated. I walk a lot, I'm young, the only other medical condition I have is an overactive bladder which I'm on medication for. When it was storming out I did get a really bad one and my friend said it was from the changing pressure. there were however two changes in my life around the time when the headaches started:

-I became unemployed. I've been job searching. Yes, it is stressful, but at the same time, my old job was stressful too, so I feel that my stress levels aren't out of the ordinary. Also, I do yoga once or twice a week which helps with that.
-I switched to vegetarianism / mostly veganism. But I did all the research and I eat a healthy, balanced diet. Get my protein from beans, tofu, nuts, occasional dairy, greens, grains. I do have an very fast metabolism and feel like I have to eat a LOT to keep up with it. I also can't spend a lot on food, being unemployed. But I still am eating a LOT. My brother got migraines when he was young and scrawny though which is why I'm thinking I could be getting those as I'm pretty lean right now.

Anyway, is this worth seeing a doctor over (I have health insurance)? Are these migraines? Should I be using a different pain reliever? Taking vitamins?

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I'm still constipated with horrible stomach cramps because of it. I have two options that my father has offered. Metamucial or an enema. Which would you choose? have you ever taken an enema?
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If you could eat one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?
(It has to be the same base meal, but you can add or subtract certain things each meal, ie, you want burritos forever, one day you have chicken, the other day you have beef and cheese)

I could live off grilled cheese with a side of fruit.

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does anyone know of any male war time figures with the first (or last name) Marx.  (NOT Karl Marx)
I am trying to make out his signature and I can't but the date says 7, Feb 1927, Berlin
The signature is written something like this: (again what I can barely make out)
Marx Z (this letter is debateable) Rrifolhunzlan (this is also is probably mostly wrong)
There is a picture, and he is a bald man, with glasses, and a white mostache.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

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can i clear just certain websites cache/cookies/whatever from my browser? i don't want to clear it all because i use that thing firefox does where you type the first few words to get back to a website but there's some sites i don't need/want showing up anymore.

how/can i do that? or do i gotta just delete it all?

THANKS GUYS ^________^

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In the US adoption seems to be quite expensive.
Do you think adoption should be expensive?

How do you feel about families raising money for "adoption funds"?

If you want children, are you considering adoption?
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TQC, I recently moved and filled out change of address information with the USPS and thought nothing of it. However, I did this about a month ago, right before the Canada postal strike happened, and unfortunately the strike hit right after I bought something from Canada. So it got sent to me eventually, but to my old address. I got my address confirmed nearly a month ago so I know they made the change.

I feel like I should have seen my package by now, though. Someone said something about how letters might get forwarded, but perhaps not packages. Does anyone have any experience with this? I've never moved/had to fill out change of address forms before.
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what book are you currently reading, if any? 
i'm reading aldous huxley's a brave new world

if i wanted to visit somewhere relaxing, friendly and multicultural in the US, what city would you recommend me?

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do you have your HP tickets?! is it all sold out by you? a theater near me just opened up 4 more midnight showings AND a 3am showing today, so i'm excited to have gotten my ticket.

can we talk about how excited (or not) we are about this movie?

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I went to throw the kitchen trash out into the large trash bin (the kind you take out to the curb every week) and when I lifted the lid, I kid you not, a good THIRTY maggots fell off of it.

Besides a dead baby, what could my mother be hiding in her trash can?

excuse me?

How much grossness does it take for you not to eat/send back your food?

I got an Einsteins bagel sandwich to-go today. When I was eating it, I found a hair. I ate the rest anyway.

I had a friend who saw a fly in a restaurant once and never ate there again. I thought that was silly.

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 What stores/websites can I find decorations for my new apartment/bedroom?

I'm going for the cute/classy look and I've been finding in stores is the "ugly/trashy" look. 

I've only had luck at Ikea and Urban Outfitters, but there's gotta be more places out there? Right?

I'm not really looking for anything specific, just anything to dress up the place and make it more homey/inviting, ya know?
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Inspired by a conversation at work:

If you were to make a mix tape of the most annoying songs to irritate the hell out of someone, what songs would you put on it?

ETA: My choices:

Baby by Justin Beiber
MMMBop by Hanson
Anything by Aaron Carter

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How can I talk to my parents about their behavior?
Background: My dad is an alcoholic. My mom smokes pot about every two hours. They do not care that I live here and have sex in the kitchen a lot. They see absolutely no problem with any of this. I can't move out and have no where to stay (no family has room and I wouldn't stay with any of them anyway.) so that's not an option. I'm due in 2 months-ish and I'm not too thrilled about raising my daughter around the smell of pot all the time.


Is it weird that my dad would get a spray tan but thinks a manicure is for "non-straight folk"?

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What diseases or disorders to you have?

I was diagnosed with depression at about age 10, and I've been on Paxil ever since. Also sort of related is hypersomnia, which I believe I might have. I have to sleep for 12+ hours to feel rested, and even then, I don't feel rested for very long. A cause for this is depression, so there you go. Restless leg syndrome is also connected, which I have. It bugs me when people think RLS is just cured by taking a walk or something. It can really affect your sleep quality and it doesn't go away.

Last is my constant UTI problem I've been having for almost 2 years. The doctor thinks I might have a bladder blockage, so I'm having catheter related tests done. Yay.

Workin' Stiffs

TQC, should I quit my job?

It's part time, and doesn't make much money. It keeps me in hair dye and shoes.

The management is messed up. Nice folk, but wrongheaded. It is getting kind of crazy with random shit.

I have an opportunity to do some part time editing that would pay significantly more, but I am worried I am not motivated enough to keep it up.

I do not "need" to work. My partner takes care of the earning; I take care of the spending, but it is always nice to have a bit extra.

Srs/non Srs

DK/DC what do you do for a living?

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a friend of mine wants to know, do you know of any good quality temporary hair-dye spray? She wants to be Tonks for the HP premiere, and she has dark brown hair if that helps. I know a bunch about regular hair dye, but nothing about sprays so I figured you lot might know.
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I posted to whatwasthatone , but am hoping somebody here knows what i'm talking about!

It's a book that's now part of a two-or-three book series. The title has a guy's name as part of it, I think. The author is male. It's about some guy who, for one reason or another, ends up harvesting/collecting souls, and a merry-go-round/carousel features, somehow. Anybody have any clue wtf I am talking about?

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What are your pets afraid of? Do you have any pictures of them looking scared?

My dog is terrified of lightning and thunder, and it's storming harder than I've seen in a long time, and he refuses to leave my lap.
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Do you think colleges have an obligation to notify students if they are aware that there is a convicted sex offender attending??

Does the crime they were convicted of make a difference?