July 11th, 2011

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Any ideas on how to train a rat where to pee?

I have a two story rat cage. The bedding is at the bottom, and there are little shelves for her to run around on on the 2nd story. My rat keeps peeing on the shelves, which is a pain in the ass because then I have to wash those off every time I clean out the bedding. I want her to only pee on the bedding.

Any ideas?

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Should I go on a Questionable Content binge tomorrow and reread every comic?

Why am I still hungry after two slices of cheesy bread, two cheesesticks, an eggroll, and tater tots? D:

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What's your favorite season?

Mine is autumn, because it's usually warm enough that a light jacket will keep you from being cold, and it isn't so hot that 10 fans on you won't cool you down.

The springtime is okay temperature wise, but I'm put off by the rain and occasional snow.
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Signing release forms?


Take the scenario of a lawyer telling you that you need to sign release forms for a psychologist, in order to have the psych speak with the lawyer, pertaining to the mental health of your child.

We've called the counselor, but have not received a call back yet. There are only four days to do this (including today), but she isn't the best in getting back with phone calls and she is a therapist who makes home/school calls, so isn't likely to be in her office (so dropping by isn't much of an option.)

I suppose my question is in regards of the release forms -- do you typically go down and sign them, and then take them to the third party (in our case, lawyer?) Or is it something that they fax to the lawyer? Or is it even something that is brought back to the lawyer? Does it just stay with the facility, and serves as a piece of proof that we allowed the two to speak to one another?

Another question! Let's say Sarah was a counselor at Wing Ding Center. She was your private counselor for a few months, but then she was reassigned/moved, and so you received Pam as a counselor. If you need to get in touch with Sarah, what are the proper ways to do that? Will Wing Ding Center disclose her current location? Pass along the message? What is professional or proper protocol to do in this situation?

Thanks so much for any help, guys!

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If I said a knife appeared to look like a pocketknife, how would you expect the knife to look?

(answering this may help me with something I'm working on at work)

For people who don't know or don't care:

What are you listening to right now? I am listening to Pandora Radio and right now it's playing All Star by Smash Mouth.

What's the last thing you ate? I had a zucchini muffin someone made and brought to work.

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Are you awkward on the phone?

Whats a good time to try and call someone you don't know?

I'm mass calling Douala's in the area trying to set up interviews and Its making me nervous, I call and then hang up before it rings because I'm so nervous that I'm going to interrupt them in the middle of something :(

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If you're in a relationship, how did the whole meeting-the-parents thing go?

When it comes to seriously dating someone, are there any family-related things that would be dealbreakers? (for example: divorced parents, single parent, etc).
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I sometimes feel like a crazy person because of how high my sex drive is.

Can you please post your age, gender, relationship status/length, and answer the following?

What are your thoughts on the correlation between sex and a healthy relationship?

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Have you ever moved a cat overseas with you?

Where from, and where to?

How much did it cost, and what company did you use?

Did you experience any complications, etc?

I'm moving from Wellington, New Zealand to South Dakota early next year and have no idea what kind of price range I'm even looking at @.@ I've gotten quotes from several different pet transport companies but they've ranged fairly drastically, and I'm hoping someone has a relatively similar experience (and possibly some advice!) they could share to soothe my mind.

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So my computer mouse is acting weird. At least, I think it's the mouse.

I plug it into the USB port and it works just fine for a minute or two, then stops working. I can wait a few minutes and it'll work, again only for a minute or two, and then stop again. The little light doesn't come on, which tells me either there's no power going to it or it's just a dead mouse. I can plug it into another port and get the same results. Sometimes switching ports doesn't do anything, and sometimes I'll get a little power for a couple of minutes.

Does this sound more like an issue with the mouse, or like my laptop is having problems?

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Have you ever lived in an apartment with a shared kitchen? Tell me of your experiences.

Would you rather live in a pretty but tiny apartment, or a larger cheaper apartment that looks like it used to be a seedy hotel room?

Will I get accepted for this second place in time?!
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Has an SO ever said something to offend you deeply because it was an issue you were already trying to deal with? Whether by accident or on purpose. (i.e. Ross using "she's just a waitress" as a reason not to date Rachel, when she was insecure about her career direction to begin with.)

What was it and/or how did you handle it?
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Have you ever joined/attended/run a group on Meetup.com?

Will you talk about your experiences?

Did you ever make a close friend through Meetup?

What are your favorite types of Meetups?

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Have you ever been to the US Virgin Islands? If so, will you tell me about your experience there?

Or what interesting places have you been to that you would recommend others travel to?
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What political/social issue worries you? The environment? Oil? Where food comes from? The impact of subsidies? Foreign policy? Racism? Islamophobia? Sweatshop issues? Undocumented workforces? 

What do you do to do your part for this on a regular basis, big or small?

Hammersickle is 10 years old!

Dear TQC,

I just realized that the 10th anniversary of this journal was last month, and I didn't even notice. What should I have done to celebrate? Do you think that hookers and blow would be an appropriate belated birthday gift, or should I get something else?


PS: How old is your LJ? Or, if you have changed journals over time, how long have you been using this site?

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I'm cooking chicken breasts and making extra for my boyfriend tomorrow. There are three chicken breasts, large and pretty thick. I was planning on basting them with olive oil and spices and broiling them in the oven until they browned, then wrapping them in foil and baking them until they're done.

Normally I'm good at just baking chicken, but since I'm broiling, I'm not sure how much shorter the cooking time will be. So, I'm wondering how long should I broil them to brown them and then how long should I bake them to ensure all 3 are fully cooked? Would 5 or 6 minutes broiling actually brown them enough and then another 45 to 50 minutes at 375 degrees finish them? Or is that too short a cooking time?

(Please don't say "they're done when the juices run clear" because that answer has never helped me)

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Can you recommend any movies that have to deal with English class or school?
(Along the lines of Dead Poet's Society, Dangerous Minds, Freedom Writers)

What about particular episodes of TV shows?
(I don't care if it's Saved by the Bell or something)

Was there anything you did in your English class that you remember enjoying?

The classes I'm teaching are two hours long and I'm trying not to kill anyone from boredom.
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If I change my hair . . . will you notice me?

Basically - which looks best?

People on facebook aren't answering me about these hair colors. I don't want to do anything permanent. However, another month, I may get some of that temporary comb in stuff because I've just been bored and want to do something different with my hair.

I was finally able to edit in some different hair colors in GIMP. They aren't perfect, but they at least give an idea what I'd look like with different hair colors.

What do you think? What do you think is best?

Red Hair:

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I was walking with my brother to the grocery store when a little puppy came out of a driveway and started following us. We tried telling it to go home, and even took it back to the drive way but it kept on following us. There was no fence and no one's home. He found her leash tied up to a poll in the back yard and hooked her up to it. My problem with this is that she was left in the sun with no water or food and we have no idea when her family will be home. I called my mother for advice and she told us that we should have taken her home and left a note at the owner's home telling them where she is and why we took her. But she says it's too late now, since we left her tied up on private property and we might get into trouble for trespassing. I'll be going home soon and want to do something if the puppy's still alone in the sun. Should I call animal control? Take it home? Leave it there (I can't not do something about it)?

ETA: I went back after reading the first two comments and the owners were home. They claimed they weren't gone for long time. And though unsolicited, I gave them a piece of my mind. Thanks guys!
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I wanna try cooking boneless chicken breasts in my George Foreman grill.. how would you do it? I wanna do more than just throw them in there plain cuz that'd be really boring.

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Inspired by the tipping at Subway post, if you call a restaurant and place an order to go pick up yourself, do you leave a tip?

Does your answer change if it's a non-typical "take-out" place, vs, say, a Chinese place that delivers?

I don't usually tip if I'm picking up the food, but I always feel awkward leaving the "tip" line blank on the receipt. :T

JK, apparently I shouldn't post before I read back further than ....an hour.

Alternatively, can we have a cute pets post?

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You are at you favorite watering hole and you see two available men.
One is clearly middle aged but slim, dressed neatly and personable.
The other is in his mid twenties, a litle stout, dressed a little sloppy and just a tad pushy.

For the purpose of this exercise you get to choose one to entertain you for how ever long you like (I make no judgements here) .

If I haven't lost you already....which gentleman would you choose?

More importantly..WHY?

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I found a powerpoint on google docs that I want to use. I've been editing it and changing it to suit my needs. Do I need to contact the original creator? Will they know that I'm using their stuff? Is a little note on the first slide about where it came from enough if it's just going to be shown to a few kids?

Should I go get a slurpee?

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I make awesome life decisions which include, but are not limited to, somehow becoming pregnant by the boy I've been dating (and have known) for 3 months. Awesome.

I'm stressed to say the least.

How did you tell your parents?
What should I do to de-stress?

Getting Personal

What's the most personal question anyone ever asked you on a first date?

I went out with a guy in college who asked me if I was on birth control almost as soon as I got in the car with him. I told him I was. I just kept my pants on and I never had to worry about getting pregnant. Needless to say, that was the last time we went out.

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TQC, will you be my doctor? I'm seeing one later this week but I'm curious about what could be wrong. Here are my symptoms:

-Abnormal heart rhythms (I've always had this and thought it was normal until someone told me it wasn''t. D:)
-Unable to digest food (I'm getting sick 3+ times a day.)
-Easily fatigued
-Poor circulation (I literally wake up every day without feeling in my arms or other limbs. Sometimes if I have my elbow bent with my hand in the air for short periods of time I lose circulation.)

What are my worst case scenarios?

dk/dc: What are some weird health issues you have?
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i heard this song on the radio the other day, and i tried to remember some of the lyrics so i could look it up but promptly forgot. the chorus had something about "tasting bittersweet" or like "bitter then sweet"...and maybe something about summer. i thought it was MGMT at first but i'm pretty sure it's not, although it's a really really similar style. it had a male vocalist; i'm assuming it came out relatively recently. anybody know what it might be? it's definitely not "bittersweet symphony" by the verve.

the radio station, if this helps, is 104.5 in philadelphia. they call themselves "alternative rock" but play a lot of indie music, some top 40--a pretty wide range.

edit: found! thanks to fancy_sheets -- it's "young bloods" by the naked and famous

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What are some things that you never get right or will never understand?

-I don't understand the difference between "who and "whom" which is crazy because English was one of my highest grades in school.
-I don't know when to use "affect" or "effect".
-Geometry. Just...no.
-I'll probably never be a good driver. It isn't that I'm careless or unsafe, it's just that I get nervous a lot and I have no faith in my driving abilities.
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If you live with other people, does it ever surprise you when someone comes home while you're in the shower/bathtub?

Or, what are some amusing stories about being surprised by other people showing up when you thought you were alone?

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Would it be okay to call a company you applied to see if they've schedule interviews for a position you've applied? I don't know if it would be in bad taste/affect my chances of getting an interview, but at the same time, I don't want to wait around to see that they've already scheduled interviews and I wasn't chosen and they decided not to contact me. But I'm feeling desperate and nervous (a friend of mine is looking for a similar-type job in the same area and posted to Facebook that he had 2 job interviews today).
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So, related to an earlier post where some people were talking about artificial hormones being given to dairy cows: none of the milk anywhere near me comes from cows treated with rBST, and it hasn't for a number of years, since whenever that became a big trend for everyone to talk about. But people are still talking about this.
Are there other artificial hormones used other than rBST that are used? Or is it that there are other places in the US where milk from rBST-fed cows is sold? I was close to thinking that there was no more milk like that sold in this country, now I want to know.

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TQC, I'm going to Barcelona next week! Do you have any tips? Cheap places to eat, fun bars, beaches in the neighbourhood? Less touristy things we should see?

Do you have any vacations planned?