July 10th, 2011


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Let's say there really are space aliens, who come down periodically to earth. What reasons do you suppose they visit earth?

To help humanity along, technology-wise
Mars needs women
Study. They wish to analyze our anatomy
They really like anal probing. REALLY like it. Sometimes they get all liquored up and beam up some farmer and probe the shit out of his bunghole
Cattle mutilation. They have major issues against beef
Certain minerals that are found on earth that have long been depleted on their own planet
Reese's Pieces, some bicycle rides and a free phone call (to phone home!)
Same reason we visit the chimps in the zoo. Simple primates are damn entertaining
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If you are religious, what is the biggest piece of evidence you see that supports your belief? What is your biggest doubt?

If you aren't religious, what is the biggest piece of evidence you see that supports your belief? What is your biggest doubt?

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The oven is somehow stuck in some "Sabbath" mode and it won't do anything no matter what I do. It is wall-mounted, doesn't have a hard power switch that I can see, and I don't know which breaker goes to the kitchen. HOW DO I FIX THIS??? I NEED TO COOK THINGS.

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TQC, have you ever dated someone with trust issues from a previous relationship? How did that work out?

DK/DC: I'm making bacon-cucumber-lettuce sandwiches with coriander-cumin mayo for lunch. Want one?
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Yesterday I was stranded alone in central London (where I've never been before, ever) with a 157 mile journey home to look forward to. Somewhere around my 140th mile I was whisked off a train by a complete stranger who bought me a drink, treated me like a princess and dropped me at my front door in his fancy sports car.

When was the last time your completely shitty day got turned around and became wonderful? Or vice versa?

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The way in which I talk to my cat, Destin, has devolved such that instead of the times I'd call him "kitty cat" I'll call him "titty tat", as if it were due to some sort of speech impediment, and then it's been shortened to just "titty". So, yeah, I now call my cat "Titty".

What stupid names do you call your pets?
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 Have you ever lived in an apartment building when the city's building inspector inspected it?

What are they inspecting it for? Structural? Cleanliness?

We have a rather large kitchen and the cat box is in the farthest corner from everything else. My fiancée thinks we might get a violation for it?

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My nephew found a tortoise in the middle of the road and brought him back to my house. It's medium-sized, I don't know what breed he is, but I don't think he's a juvenile.

How feasible would it be to keep him as a pet?

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TQC. If you don't live with your romantic partner, how often do you see each other on average? A couple times a week? Three to four? Everyday? (my sympathies for those of you in LDRs.)

How healthy do you think you are? My eating habits are pretty good but I spend way too much time sitting. At least I'm not sitting at a computer all day at my job, though. I just need to work out.

Do you like going to the gym or do you find other ways to get exercise? I'm a big fan of hiking myself.

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I know everyone reacts differently and I usually find these questions to be annoying but -

Have any of you tried Seasonique birth control? (Where you only have your period* (wtf?) three or four times during the year) How'd that work out for you?


What'd you do today?
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Is there some sort of recipe search engine where I can enter a list of ingredients and get a recipe?  I know food.com does something similar but that's not quite what I'm looking for.
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How many meals do you usually eat per day?

1-2 here. I know that's pretty bad. I find it really hard to fit in a 3rd meal because I am broke, but also because I don't like breakfast, nor do I usually have an appetite in the morning. Sometimes I snack all day with no meals. :/
butterfly girl

App question

Does anyone know of a (preferably free, but it doesn't have to be) iPhone app that lets you use pictures already in your photo albums to make a photobooth strip? All the ones I can find make you take the pictures as you're going, or they only work with iOS 4 and I have a 3GS.

DK/DC/I hate app questions: Is there anything fun or exciting going on in your life lately?

Helping out a buddy.

Guy is know is being driven slowly insane by this. Anyone recognise his admittedly poor description of this film or can point me in a direction of a comm or site where someone might know it?

"I think it was an American film, and I remember it being very surreal, and revolving around a little girl, and a group of friends she collected in a fantastic world. It wasn't Wizard of Oz, though it may have been some bizarre retelling of it. I remember one of the "friends" she ended up with being something like an American Civil War soldier or cowboy - something of that era. I also remember a grim reaper or something similar."

It was not the recent TV retelling of Oz, but earlier, from the 90's.
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Do typically you prefer male or female bartenders?

What is your gender?

How old are you?

Further comments on the matter?

I am a restaurant manager (sports restaurant/bar setting) and we have three awesome male bartenders whom all of our clientele loves. One of these guys is newer and doesn't get as many shifts, but we are losing one of our female bartenders. When I mentioned replacing her shifts with him, my two bosses said they would rather find a girl to do it b/c we have to many guys behind the bar. I think this is an outdated notion, but maybe I am wrong so I want to know what TQC thinks!

I'd also like to mention that I am not against female bartenders! The girl we are losing as a bartender is getting promoted to manager b/c she's awesome. I just personally think it doesn't matter.

Thanks in advance for all of your answers!

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I just made some homemade tomatillo sauce. I cannot figure out how long it will stay good for. Google isn't pulling through, or maybe I'm just being dumb. I know mexican restaurants keep it out on tables for long periods but since this kind is fresh and has no preservatives, I am not sure. The only ingredients are: tomatillos, lime juice, sugar, cilantro, jalepeno, and a serrano pepper.

TQC, do you know about how long this might stay good?

Do you make your own salsas frequently? If so, care to share a recipe?

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How would you tell someone that you love them romantically? The more ostentatious, creepy, or socially awkward, the better.

What are some of your favourite terms of endearment or slang words from languages that aren't English?

I like "mon petit chou" (my little cabbage) and "mon canard" (my duck), and French Canadian swear words like tabernac and their use of "fuck" (C'est tout fucké/It's all fucked up).


tqc, I'm applying to a lot of jobs. My formal name is Kathleen but I go by Katie. On my resume and cover letter my name is listed as Kathleen of course. But my email address is katie.lastname with my name is listed as, of course, Katie Lastname. And my email signature says Kathleen. So...they'll get a resume from Kathleen sent by Katie. Is this throwing people off? Should I get another email address called kathleen.lastname? How do you handle this kind of thing?

eta: ok I feel kind of silly for asking that now. I'm a little neurotic..

dk/dc: How do you prepare for job interviews or do you not prepare?