July 9th, 2011


Birthday Party?

Is my birthday party tomorrow going to be successful? I am worried about having enough food, drink and all (I am having it at a flash hotel, so I can always get more food and booze. I just don't want to pay out the ass for it).

Related: What was your best birthday party experience (could be yours or someone else's)? Worst?

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how much do you spend on groceries for yourself?
how much do you spend on utilities?

I am looking to move out into a studio apartment for the first time on my own and i don't know how to do the math to figure out what i can afford.

tattoo question

Dear TQC,

I’ve been noticing a lot of people lately with black dots tattooed on their fingers; one dot per finger, just under the very top knuckle. Some people have it on every finger, some people on only some fingers. The dots are always slightly faded, like home tats or jail tats, and it appears as if some people try to hide them with makeup. What do these tattoos mean?

Bonus question: Does anyone here work at Disneyland? If so, what role?

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Are there any stores, products, or services that after a good length of time (multiple years, lets say) have never seem to let you down? As in, they're always solid and haven't really made any changes that have disappointed you.

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Do you like hard boiled eggs?
How long do you leave the eggs in the pot with boiling water?

Inspired by my dad first putting an egg in for two whole minutes, then after realizing that was a horrible mistake, asking if 25 minutes would be good enough.

Additionally, do your parents know how to cook? Did you learn from them or on your own?
My parents are incapable of cooking anything, so my childhood consisted of take-out and/or salads we threw together at home. Also tuna, my parents made me consume a lot of tuna as a kid. As a result, I don't really know how to cook anything, so I guess it's time to learn.

DK/DC/I hate food: Are there any bands/artists that everyone you know seems to love, but you just can't into? I have a TON. Some examples: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, U2, Phish, 311, Dave Matthews Band. I've tried to like them, but I have failed horribly.
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Happy Saturday TQC!

What do you do about ear worms that will not go away no matter what you've tried?

I've had a song stuck in my head since yesterday. I've even caught myself humming it or singing bits out loud before realizing what I'm doing and stopping (After sheepishly glancing about to make sure no one noticed :P ).

I've tried listening to other songs, even other known ear worms to replace it and no luck.

This is the song I'm stuck with, I s'pose it could be worse:


(Embedding is disabled, sorry)


I have NO idea what this is and I need your help to figure it out!

Collapse )

My grandma brought this over today with a pile of other kitchen things, and when I asked her what it was, she said, "You know, I have no idea." We speculated that it might be for cutting, but none of the edges are sharp at all. o.O Maybe it's obvious but I've never seen something like it before! So, tqc, what is it?
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Have you ever been to a Greek Orthodox wedding? Or do you know anything about them? And if so, what can you tell me about the dress etiquette of them? I am going to one tomorrow and I'm not sure what to wear because I'm not sure how conservatively visitors are expected to dress... would a close-fitting, above-the-knee dress be inappropriate?

OH ALSO, the "great vespers" is (are?) this evening, and I assume all wedding guests are meant to attend that but I'm not 100% DO YOU KNOW?

Do you like attending weddings?
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Care package gift ideas?!

A friend of mine fell 40 feet out of a tree a week ago and fractured her pelvis, both her wrists, a vertebra and 4 ribs. She is up and walking and can type again, but she is obviously stuck doing a lot of resting. I want to send her a care package but I can't think of anything to send her other than candy or cookies or what have you. She's a very active person so I'm looking for something more hands-on than a book... I just can't think of anything that wouldn't strain her wrists much other than jigsaw puzzles. Any ideas?
(I sent her a message asking her about what she can physically do right now and what she would like to get in the mail but I haven't heard back yet.)

What is your least favorite commercial? Why is it so abhorrent to you?
I can't handle the Kit-Kat commercials with the songs composed of people biting and chewing and slurping. Eurgh I just want to punch things when I hear that!

What are you doing this weekend?
Not much, because I am still recovering from mono. Also my bf is working all weekend and my roommate is spending a couple of days with his bf, so I'm parked in front of the TV by myself. :(

Inspired by the current episode of Taboo: would you eat roadkill? Why or why not?
I'm okay with the idea of eating (fresh) roadkill, but I don't know if I could handle cleaning/cutting it up on my own.

I scratch your back, but...

I'm hypermobile, and get a lot of muscle knots in my back, shoulders and feet. The ones in my feet I can work out myself, but I can't get at the ones in my back. When I ask my SO for help, he awkwardly smooths his palm over my back a few times, stops, then starts asking/begging me to scratch his back. I'm a pretty nice person (with issues standing up to people), and I think it's unfair of him to not even try to help me.

Should I say something or would that come across as snotty of me? How would you get rid of muscle knots (they're usually pretty big and have been there for a while)?
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I'm flying out to visit a friend who lives several states away from me this week. What am I going to forget?

A bar of soap would have to be something that goes in my liquids/gels baggie, right?*
(I mean, it's neither liquid nor gel, but couldn't it be, like C4 masquerading as soap? What is your experience with this? Am I just being crazy?)

*I don't want to deal with checking my luggage and risking it disappearing, plus I travel light, so I'm just packing a carry-on and my purse.

When was your last flight, and where did you go?
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What are some of your favorite ice-breaker questions? I'm bad at talking to people online. :P

Somebody asked me "what kind of furniture are you?", and I found it rather interesting.

ALSO! Care to share some random pick-up lines? (Bonus points if they worked!)
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I've been looking for a job in my field for about a month (architecture and/or nonprofit environmental work) and haven't found anything yet (I had 2 interviews for jobs I didn't get, I have 2 more coming up but my expectations are low). I have office & nonprofit experience but no retail or food service. I really just need to make some money while I'm looking for something more permanent. Any tips? Could I get hired for a retail job with no experience? I've thought about looking for a receptionist job or something, but I feel like it's obvious based on my resume that I will view it as temporary... idk. I don't know what kind of job to look for if I can't find something in my field. Suggestions?
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TQC, what should I have for dinner?  Probably going to go out.  I live in Tucson.  Pretty much every kind of cuisine is available to me, although the Chinese food out here sucks.  I am open to anything.

DK/DC: What are you having for dinner?

ETA: Ok, it's decided, we're going here.  Not what y'all suggested, sorry. We really thought about Mexican but we just had tacos the other night. Also we have a gift certificate for here.  I'm gonna go eat!  Y'all keep talking about what you had for dinner.
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TQC, how is your summer going?

My summer is filled with camp, kids, celebrity parents, walking miles and miles everyday in the hot sun, and getting yelled at by celebrity parents.

Another round of....FUCK MARRY KILL

1. Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears

2. Barrack Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton

3. Harrison Ford (now), Alan Rickman, Viggo Mortenson

4. Megan Fox, Jessica Biel, Blake Lively

5. Richard Simmons, Andy Dick, Gary Busey

6. Piers Morgan, Sharon Osborne, Howie Mandell

7. A Real Sex doll with your own face, Verne Troyer in a gimp suit, Fozzy the Bear (a puppet with a couple hands inside it)
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Work-appropriate nailpolish

TQC, what are some of your favorite work-appropriate nail polish colors? I'm just leaving a job that is on the casual end of business casual, and will be starting at one that is also business casual but stricter. I bite my nails to pieces if I don't have somewhat bright colors. :( I know that the blues/greens/lots of sparkles won't fly, but not exactly sure what is appropriate beyond that. Pastels? Do darks of some colors work, or is it usually just lighter/neutral colors? I am just not a big fan of pink though.

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Do you tend to drive in a particular lane regardless of where you're going or what road you're on?

I think I prefer the far left side. But even if the destination is still like two minutes away I tend to get on the side of the road where that place is.

Do you still get excited for your birthday?

Sort of but now that I'm over 30 I'm way ok with that bad boy sticking to the horizon

Anyone else already excited for Christmas?
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okay, this may sound a little Inceptionish, but I was wondering if any of you have these kinds of dreams:

basically i dream something and then i wake up but there is something wrong. then i wake up and realise the waking up was a dream. but this waking up is also a dream. so i dream that i wake up a couple of times, before i become aware that i am still dreaming and then i try to wake myself up for realsies, because it's freaking me out.

I happens to me quite frequently, like last night i dreamt that i was waking up and everything looked normal but I couldn't see everything in the room (like my boyfriend, who was in the dream) and then i thought i was on drugs for some reason. it was creepy.

What do these dreams mean? Is there something wrong with me?

Or, in case you don't know, what are some of your weirdest/creepiest dreams?

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I'm in the mood to watch a kind of sad but serious movie - something along the lines of shawshank redemption. Any recommendations? I don't feel like leaving my house so it being on netflix instant would be a big plus.

I'm going to be looking for a room to rent here in the next month or so. I've never done this before and my only previous roommate situations before have been friends, so I need some advice as to what to be aware of when searching - red flags, what kind of people make good roommates, etc. Some is common sense but I don't want to miss something and end up with a terrible roommate. Thanks!

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 Anyone from Canada here and know how to get entry to the carpet during the Toronto Deathly Hallows premier at the Scotiabank theater?

I live not too far away and just found out about it days ago and no proper info is online.
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What's the last prank you pulled on someone?

I changed the difficulty setting on Mass Effect 2 from "casual" to "hardcore" on my husband's game while he was in the bathroom. He couldn't figure out why he kept dying. Now he's mad at me and giving me the silent treatment, but it was so worth it.
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I've been living at home for two years after graduating college, but I just found an apartment and am hopefully going to sign the lease tomorrow!

How much do you pay for rent?
What do your utilities cost? Which utilities do you have to pay for?
How much do you spend on food a month?
Where (about) do you live?
Other expenses?
How much per month do you have left over?

What's your apartment like? Roommates?

The apartment I want is a 1br in Queens, NY for $1350/month. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to basically never eat again and won't be able to afford cable, but I'm so excited about it!