July 8th, 2011

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How do you access your email?

Via Internet Broswer/Webmail
Via an external client
Some other way
Yay Ticky!

If you use a client, which one do you use? I use Thunderbird.

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I'm moving from a small bedroom to a teeny tiny bedroom in September. There are quite a few drawers under the bed and a bookshelf built into the wall, but there really isn't much room other than that.
Do you have any tips for minimising how much stuff I have with me? It's a uni room, so I don't need to totally purge everything.
ETA: Just for an idea, the room is probably about 10x10, with a double bed in it.

Do you prefer to go for a cluttered, lived in look or is your bedroom spotless and uncluttered?
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Will you tell me about the last eye roll worthy thing you saw or heard? How about the last thing that made you want to knock someone off their moral (or any other type of) high horse?

Mine will be in the comments because I tend to get a bit ranty and don't want the post to be too long.
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I was reading a pretty epic tome regarding the lead up to WWI, concerned with Nicholas, Wilhelm, and George. I got bored and am watching Anastasia instead. When is the last time you gave up on a book? (It is extremely well written, it is just a LOT of information in my face right now)

What is your favorite non-Disney animated film? Anastasia is so awesome.

BONUS: Do any history majors/enthusiasts have recommendations on engaging books about the fall of the Romanov dynasty? I love non-fiction, but I am tired of reading about the damn British monarchy.

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Will you show me many pictures of where you live?
--> exspecially small apartments

what is essential in a new home/apartment?

do you have a washer/dryer in home? tell me about that.

how do know decide who makes the rules where you live?

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One of my coworkers (let's call him Paul to avoid confusing pronouns) asked me if it would be wrong for him to hook up with his uncle's ex-wife (just sex, no relationship). He asked another coworker (let's call him Bill), who said that she's still family, despite her being divorced from Paul's uncle for like a decade. Apparently, Paul was never close to her, so no awkward aunt-nephew dynamics going on.

My thought was basically, like "Dude. She had sex with your uncle. Gross. No."

Would it be "wrong" for Paul to sleep with his uncle's ex-wife? Why/why not?

Like I said. You don't share partners with family. You just don't.

ETA: He's wondering if it'd be "wrong". I'm wondering if anybody else is like "uh, no." to this. Would you do it, given the circumstances?

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What do you have in common with me?

We drink way too much soda
Our nails are painted red
We failed a class in college
We hate shoe shopping
We have a cat that is small and adorable
We like polka dots
and flower print
We have thick eyebrows
We wear a lot of rings
We have siblings

hate pimentos

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Do you believe in the basic goodness of humanity, or do you believe that humanity is basically bad/self-serving?

What makes someone a good person? What makes someone a bad person?

If someone is good to their family and friends, and has gone out of their way to do nice things for them/see that their lives are easier, BUT they are racist and homophobic, are they a good person?

If someone does a lot of work for their community to make it a better place, but they are abusive towards their spouse, are they a good person?

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So in two totally genius moves by me I decided to bring my ipod and camera both to the beach with me. Both must have gotten sand in them and no longer work properly. My ipod will no longer charge when I try to plug it in, which makes me think that there is sand in the connection area. any my camera doesn't want to work at all anymore. I only got the ipod about two months ago and the camera maybe six or seven, so Im hoping I can get a replacement from the manufacturer. but ugh. Has anyone gotten been able to get sand out of their ipod or camera before?

What's the last expensive thing you broke?

UPDATE:: I brought my Ipod into Apple and they just gave me a new one because sand damage is covered under the warrenty. THANK GOD.

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My boyfriend is SUPER tolerant. That is my favorite thing about him. I regularly just sit there and say "why?" or just tap him on the shoulder and say "hey!?"

We're perfect for eachother because I'm annoying and he can take it.

Why don't you take this time to brag about your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/fiance/watever?

Why don't you take this time to bitch about your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/fiance/watever?

I love the fact he isn't bothered by the fact that I call him "boyfriend" all the time. Once one of his friends asked me if I knew his name.

I hate the fact that he works too much. 6 days a week, 10 hour days. I can has my boyfriend back, please?

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Pandora users!

If you have a station which meets the following criteria:
Has more than one artist seed
Has more than one song seed
Has had a few songs thumbed up
Has had a few songs thumbed down

Would you please give me the link to your station?

You can get the URL by clicking the arrow next to the station's name and selecting "EDIT station details". Copy/paste the web address here.

The bolded are of utmost importance.

spiral, flight rising, dragon

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I'm really hungry, what should I eat?
What's your fav food?

DK;DC; not hungry: What have you been watching obsessively lately?
I've been watching Bones on netflix and MLP on youtube. ^_^

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Do any of you still use regular film cameras?

If so, do you have a photo to post that was taken recently with this camera?
And which camera do you have?

I'm looking to get a regular film camera since film just makes a photo look so romantic. There's something grainy and soft about them.

HS Grad Gifts

I got invited last minute to a graduation party tomorrow. I barely know this distant relative and I'm broke, so...

What are some cheap, quickly made/attained presents for a girly, female high school graduate who likes to dance?

Thanks :D
MLP - pinkie chicken

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What fast food place has the best fries? (I will extend "fast food" into chain sit-down restaurants, eg: Applebees, Chilis, Steak & Shake, etc).

ETA: On a scale of 1-10, 1 being "limp" and 10 being "uber crunchy," how do you like your fries?

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Ugh, tqc! I just passed out on my unbelievably good looking tattoo artist. This isn't my first tattoo and I ate beforehand and I don't think my blood sugar was low. He was nice about it, but I am still embarrassed. And very sweaty. Will you tell me about when you embarrassed yourself in front of a very attractive person

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This or that?

Eat a panda steak (from a panda who was just killed to feed you)
Eat a blind man's seeing eye dog

This or that?

Spend 5 minutes jumping up and down, barefoot, in a bouncy house filled with cockroaches
While stark naked, go sliding down a Slip-N-Slide lined with slugs

This or that?

Capture a rabid, feral raccoon using only your hands
Act as a rodeo clown for half a minute. For thirty seconds you can't leave the arena while an angry bull is on the prowl for your ass

This or that?

Sleep with Jon Stewart when he's 100lbs heavier than he is now
Sleep with Glen Beck when he's got the body of Hugh Jackman (from the Wolverine movie)

This or that?

Shave your head and draw fake hair on your scalp with a Sharpie every day until it grows back as stubble
Using the same Sharpie, draw in a goatee on your upper lip and chin every day for 3 weeks

This or that?

Eat a deep-fried bar of butter smothered in really rich, dense fudge
Do a shot (shotglass) of milk that's been left sitting on the counter for 12 hours on a hot day

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What's a good brand of Greek yogurt to try? Best flavors?

I've noticed that I get nauseous after drinking milk. If you've had to change milk, do you prefer lactose free milk or soy milk best?

What's a good comedy movie that I can watch with my bf tonight? Something made after 2000, preferably. 
Space Cadet
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If you use Hulu Plus, what do you think of it? Is it worth the money? How does it compare to Netflix?

I'm getting an iPhone next week. What should I get for it?

When you buy a new phone, are you ever sad about giving up your old one? I hate changing phones.

Will you post a picture that you took of something pretty or cool?
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Do you like clothes shopping?

What influence, if any, does it have on your self-esteem (and why)?

Why do you think that women's clothing sizes are based on an arbitrary numbering system and not inches or centimeters like men's clothing?

Money, money, money

 For the very first time ever I have a 4-digit figure in my bank account. YEOW!!!!!! 

What should I do to celebrate? 
Note: I want to still have a 4-digit figure in my bank account post celebrations. To be fair I am a student I probably won't see four digits again till I am fully qualified in about 6 years time :( 

Do you remember the first time you had a relatively significant sum of money at your disposal? How great did it feel? How did you come by the money? Summer job, real job, exotic dancing, lottery? 
What is the largest sum of money you ever made in one go?

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should I be worried about the fact that I've had a mild, throbbing in the back of my head type headache all afternoon? - I took a generic tylenol thing around 2, but it didn't really do anything. took another one around 8, and I still have a nagging throbbing feeling in the back of my head. should i be concerned by this (I've been drinking water, because i probably didn't drink enough this morning)

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Dear TQC,

Someone just died at our local theme park by falling off a roller coaster. =( This is the description of the ride:

Ride of Steel

One of the tallest coasters east of the Mississippi, climbing approximately 208 feet and reaching speeds in excess of 70 mph. Must be 54″ or taller. Guests who are 76″ and above or with certain body
proportions may not be able to ride.

Please use the test seat outside
the station house line.

What do you think happened? Could this be a freak accident or was this person fooling around on the ride somehow?

EDIT: The man was an Iraq war veteran who had lost his legs in the war.
Emma Kemppainen

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I just bleached my hair, and tomorrow morning I shall dye it violet. Mainly on the advice of TQC-ers.

What colour is your hair now? What fun colours has your hair been before now? Show us pictures if you are so inclined.

ETA: I see a very similar question below, but I'm going to assume that was a premeditated attempt to take the wind out of my sails right at the point at which I'm working on my hair.
Older Men.
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My significant other and I are on a mission to spend quality time together this weekend. We live in Massachusetts, it's going to rain and we don't want to spend more than a hundred dollars. What should we do?

What did/does/would/will your wedding attire look like?

When will my stupid cat start pooing in the new automatic litterbox?

How do you reward yourself

for doing stuff that you dislike but which needs to be done, be it work, studying or something else?

Do you try to find the positive in it or in the result and enjoy that? If you do, what is it?

If it's something not related to that stuff, what is it?


Has anyone here tried P90X? I just got my resistance bands, pull-up bar, and yoga mat from Amazon, and I plan on starting either tomorrow or Sunday.

If you have:

1). Did you complete the 90 days? Why or why not?
2). DId you follow the nutrition plan? If yes, how strictly, and do you think it is essential?
3). Did you take any of the vitamins/energy drinks/bars that Beach Body had available? Are they worth the $$?
4). If you completed the program, what were your results? Are you happy with them?