July 7th, 2011

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ewwwww my house is all the sudden INFESTED with pincer bugs, ear wicks wigs, whatever you want to call them. i sprayed raid but i can only do the windows and one room at a time because i have pets.

tell me, will they crawl into my brain and breed?

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I just saw a commercial for something called "eggies". You crack an egg in to a plastic egg shaped thing and boil the egg in the plastic so you don't have to peel the egg after you hard boil it. This seems brilliant.

I don't eat eggs though, what else could I do with these?

What would you like to invent?

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I'm pretty sure I just asked this like last week, but I accidentally read murder stories for two hours, and I desperately need to be distracted. Can you bombard me with all of your funny gifs? Please get my mind off of dead people.
Michelle big lips

folks with ms

Hey guys.

My boyfriend has MS. Apparently, it's really rare for a male with middle eastern background to have MS. I don't really have much experience with it it,  or know anyone else who has it. It can be really difficult dating a man with MS, but I love him, and we make it work. I was wondering if you guys could share any information, or any insight about MS for me?

beautiful hagrid
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bad habits

after reading this post and becoming ridiculously jealous of all the beautiful nails in it, i have decided I NEED TO STOP BITING MY NAILS.

i have tried this in the past, without much success. i managed to stop once for like two weeks but then i went on a crazy biting fest and ruined my progress.

i have tried that bad tasting crap you put on your nails, but if i get it in my mind that i want to chew my nails, i just chew them or even wash it off sometimes. i just have no willpower. plus i don't even notice i'm doing it half the time. especially when watching movies. how do i stop?

do you have any bad habits you wish you could stop?

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What books would you like to see made into movies? Summaries of the books would be appreciated, too.

-Annie On My Mind. A teenage girl falls in love with another girl and it gets her in trouble at school.
-Nicholas and Alexandra. It's about the lives of the last Imperial Family of Russia, who were murdered in 1918. I know this was already made in 1971, but I'd like it remade and focused more on the family life of the Romanovs and a little less about the political side.
-The Front Runner. A gay man represents the US in the Olympics in the 70s. I know this is listed on IMDB, but it's taking them forever to make it.
-A Great and Terrible Beauty. A Victorian teenager gains access to a magical realm after the death of her mother. This one is also listed on IMDB, but it was canceled.
-Gin and Tonic. Not really a book, but a screenplay about Monty Python member Graham Chapman's life and death. It's been written, but has never been published or gone past the writing stage.

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You're going to this restaurant. What are you going to order?

(sorry vegetarians, I don't think there's anything veg on the menu; I lied. There's one)

dk/dc: What's your plans for today?

I'm going to work. I need to go to the post office. And I need to do the laundry.

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Recently, it's been coming to light that our local gas company and power company have been charging single families as commercial properties....for years (sometimes decades).

Company says that these people should have known their bill seemed high and refuse to pay back the $10,000 they overcharged, but rather, will only give them the amount overcharged since it was mentioned: $425.

What do you think about this?

I feel like if you only ever got a certain kind of bill, you wouldn't really have a way of knowing something was wrong.

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My husband got his bachelors degree in psychology. He had planned to get his masters in business and go into marketing/advertising/something along those lines.

Recently, he expressed interest in going to law school. He has an opportunity to become a drug rep.

TQC, aside from forever indecisive, what do you think my husband will be when he grows up?

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TQC!! I have an interview at 11!! I am nervous but excited.

Will you tell me your best/worst interview stories?

EDIT: The interview is done. I think it went pretty well, but it was so fast, betwen 5 and 10 minutes, so I am totally second guessing myself. It's for a PR firm and my resume fits their job needs. She said it was a crazy day, but it made me worry. Why was it so fast?

voodoo girl


What type of hair do you have? What kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use? Do you like it? How much does it cost? What about styling products? Cost of those? May I see a picture of your current hair style?

I have wavy/curly hair and I can't seem to find products I am satisfied with. I don't want to have to pay a fortune, but for a something that really works I think I am willing to pay a little extra. :)

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Do you ever feel like your friends are sucking up to you by "liking" everything you say on Facebook?

Do you have that one friend who likes even the most mundane things you post?

DC/No Facebook: How do you treat people when you're mad at them?

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Is youtube not working for anyone else??

DK/DC, will you show me a picture of your refrigerator magnets? Or at least just your favorite one?

DK/DC/Don't like magnets, what's the best thing that has happened to you this week?

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What are some ways to make some extra money?
(Please, no prostitution jokes).

I have credit card debt to pay off, and my salary isn't enough to pay both rent, live, AND pay off card debt.

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Do you make a complaint if your unhappy with a service and/or product to the company/service provider?
I seem to be complaining loads at the moment, but have received things in return. One complaint i made for a product that cost me £10 I got £30+ worth of goods as an apology plus two of the original product I ordered =]

Whats the weather like where you are today?

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Anyone here familiar with the hairdressing scene in New England?

I'm looking to get a hairstyle like the one behind the cut.
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I'm on Cape but willing to travel a bit. I'm guessing Boston or Providence is my best bet.

america del sur

Have any of you ever travelled to or lived in Brazil and/or Peru?

If so, can I ask you a bunch of questions regarding the cost of living there? i.e., how much is rent approximately, how much is a beer, how much is a budget plane ticket to another country nearby, how much is a cheap lunch, etc?

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What are your favorite meals to cook over a campfire?

We're omnivores, but not big meat eaters, so vegetarian/pescatarian stuff is especially appealing.

Also, we're car camping instead of backpacking this time so we'll probably bring the dutch oven. Suggestions directly related to that are great, too.


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i have this hereditary disease called achalasia and it's been really hard to eat lately, like almost impossible. i'm waiting to see a doctor but it's not going to be for a while, and then i have to see what happens.

it's getting to the point where i think i'm starving, lol. i'm getting close to my eating disorder weight, i'm really overly emotional, really depressed, really lethargic. it's just like the old days!

what should i do? what can i eat that packs the most punch nutrient wise? energy bars? chicken? protein shakes?? :\

should i just go to urgent care? my friend was pushing me yesterday to just do that.

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What was the last stupid thing you did?

Inspired by forgetting to check if I had any Bendryl left, eating a spinach and strawberry salad, and now wanting to rip my throat out because it's sooo itchy.


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I keep seeing ads for this movie called...Harry Potty and the Death Halloween...or something. It seems to be about bespectacled boys attacking and being attacked by deformed people with no noses, according to the trailer.

1. You ever hear of this obscure movie (which may be out of theaters in a week if no one sees it)?

2. Hollywood's always trying to remake classic movies, and I'm wondering if this Harry fellow is supposed to be Woody Allen. What would be required for the writers to correctly make Harry Potty into Annie Hall?

3. Why don't more people read these days? If people did read books, they could make movies from those books instead of remaking older movies

4. On a serious note, have any of you seen the movie Perfect Host with David Hyde Pierce? I wanna talk about it. Such an entertaining movie
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 Poll #xxxx Ice cream, y/y?
Poll #1759781 Ice cream, y/y?

What flavor of ice cream should I make?

Orange cream
Vanilla bourbon
Dark chocolate

Would you like some?

I guess, if it turns out okay.
I want all of it.
ticky, hooray!
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Inspired by another question (I was gonna cut my tl;dr but my phone is being weird)

What's the weirdest thing anyone has cried in front of you about? Bonus points if it was at work.

Once, I was training someone who was going to be a replacement for me (I was the office staff at a single-practitioner physical therapy office. My boss/the business owner was the best person I've ever worked for). Since we were a small-potatoes operation, we did all of our medical records in Microsoft word. Just a plain document made from a template with a couple headings. One document per patient per injury/illness. The file name was the patient's name and date of evaluation. They were saved in folders that were organized by year, the templates were in a folder called "Templates" and all of those were in the "My Documents" folder on the desktop.

So, I was showing her how to open up the document template.
Me: So, you just open up the My Documents folder, and then open the folder and then--"
Trainee: Wait, what did you open?
Me: My Documents?
Trainee, voice shaking: Yes. Why did you open that?
Me: Because that's where the other folders are?
Trainee: But how did you know they were in there?
Me: Because the person who trained me told me that that's where the folders were?
Trainee, eyes welling up with tears: But how will I know where to look for stuff?
Me: Um, well, that's what I was showing you. All the templates are in this folder, all the records are in the yearly folders, and that's pretty much all you're going to be doing.
Trainee: But where did those folders come from?
Me: Uh, that's just they way things were organized when I started working here. You can move things around if you want.
Trainee: But how did you find those folders?!
Me: The person training me told me to double click on the My Documents icon and then those folders were in there.
Trainee, now actively sobbing: Excuse me, I need to go to the restroom. I don't know if I'll ever figure this out!

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1. Every time I use StuffIt expander to open a RAR file, my computer freezes up (can't watch anything on Quicktime, can't browse the internet, iTunes is unresponsive, etc.), and I have to force quit everything (really annoying when I have about 20 tabs open).

Is there any way to fix this? Has this happened to anyone else? (I'm running Mac OSX 10.4.11 on a four year old computer.)


2. More on my Mac: it's four years old, and about three operating systems behind. One of the fans is broken (so it sporadically overheats), the battery died a year ago, the CD/DVD drive has been broken for about two years, the case is cracked in at least three areas, and it doesn't go to sleep anymore when I close the lid.

Would it be better for me financially to replace the whole thing or fix the individual parts?


A fluffy, lighter question:

3. Do you watch "The Nine Lives Of Chloe King"? If yes, who is your favourite/least favourite character? Do you think Chloe should end up with Alek or Brian?

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Do you love me?

Well, now that you can dance
Love you long time
Not particularly
Yes. It's my little secret
I despise you with the heat of a thousand Easy Bake ovens
Love isn't strong enough a word
Who are you again?
Only in physical sense of love
Honestly, I'm completely neutral about you. Complete fence-riding, flip-flopping, half-ass feelings
Depends. Are you buying the first round?
On a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is total love and 1 is the utter lack of it...it's about a 1.5
Not anymore. Not since you did that 'you know what' in the 'you know where' after you told me you wouldn't
Sure, why not? You're lovable enough
What have you done for me lately?
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Have you dated outside your race?

What'd your family think about you doing so?

About how long do you have to be dating someone before you'll introduce them to your family?

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New Found Glory recorded two versions of their song "Hit or Miss". Behind the cut, I've posted both songs for reference. One was for their 1999 debut, the other was on their 2000 sophmore album.

Poll #1759757 New Found Glory

Which version do you like more?

The 1999 version
The 2000 version

I'm especially interested in the answers of those who aren't familiar with both versions, or who don't know the song. But even if you do....you can still answer ;)

EDIT - In terms of the actual song structure the two are exactly the same. There's a difference in the quality of the recording that I'm wondering about your preference on. One is more "raw" sounding, probably done in fewer takes and catching more of the raw emotion of the band at the time, the other is more polished and tightened, more "professional" sounding.

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Anyone growing out their bangs? What the hell do you do with them? I hate how they look and always pin them back with a retro-ish poof (less Snooki, more 1940s) but it's getting old.

Is bright red a farty color for a pedicure? How much does a mani/pedi cost by you?
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How do you feel about the "maybe" RSVP on Facebook?

I invited 24 people to an event 4 days ago. The event is tomorrow, 7 people replied as "yes", 6 as "maybe", 1 as "no" and 10 are "awaiting reply".

I needed to make a reservation so I only made it for those who replied as "yes". If I wanted to count in the "maybe" people, the event would have to be shorter because the venue did not have enough rooms. Is this properly justified?

And is RSVPing as "maybe" when you definitely intend on coming okay?

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I feel like I've seen some people here mention that they play tabletop games. If any of you play, what game(s) do you play? How expensive do the games you play get to be (if you don't mind answering)?
I'm already into Axis & Allies and I'm looking into Warhammer 40k, but I wanted to see what else was out there/what people recommend.

dk/dc: What's your wireless network called? I've just set up a new one and for now it's Skynet, but I have no idea what I feel like actually naming it.

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have you ever cried in an interview? why?

have you ever interviewed someone and they cried? why?

ETA: could crying in an interview ever be a good thing... like if you were brought to tears because the job or the topic of the question you were answering meant so much to you on an emotional level?
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My mum has a tenancy to sing loudly and off-key while she does her house-work and it would be fine with me as long as she let me sing loudly and off-key while I do my work or whatever, but she doesn't believe that she's a bad singer. It's been driving me bonkers. I love to sing even though I'm horrible at it, and I've even said I'll just sing in my room. However my mum says that she can hear that too. :/  I want to be respectful and sort out the issue peacefully, but she refuses to admit that she does/has been doing what she expressly tells me not to.

What should I do?
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for the intarwebs at large

A while ago, a payroll error here at our company resulted in 4 people recieving about $200 more than they should have on their paychecks. Unfortunately, the error was blatant, and was part of a bonus calculation spreadsheet that every single person affected recieved a copy of, but was absolutely in their monetary best interest not to mention.

Bottom line - I didn't notice the initial error, my boss (who made the error) didn't notice, and if my reps DID notice they didn't point it out... but that doesn't mean they weren't, in reality, overpaid. We caught the mistake after about 3 weeks, when the other numbers for the month weren't reconciling...

Poll #1759830 Overpayments
This poll is closed.

So how would this be handled by your employer?

Your employer immediately deducts the overpayment from your checking, automatically, and then informs you afterwards that they've corrected the error.
Your employer notifies you that there was a payroll error, then deducts the overpayment from your next autodeposited paycheck.
Your employer shrugs and says, "Oops! Guess you win the payroll lottery!" sucks it up, doesn't ask you to reconcile the amount you were paid in error, and you just keep on winning!
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Fonz: eeeyyyhhhh

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I was just watching a George Carlin standup routine, and he said "I've never fucked a 10, but one day I fucked 5 2's".
I was always under the impression that you could only add the numbers together if it is like a threesome or one big sex event, not 5 2's consecutively, you know?
so my question is, with that number of people, what do they all do? like, how do 5 ladies share a George Carlin?

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Should a person immigrating to a country where the common language is different then the one they already speak be expected to learn the language of said country?

Without googling, do you know the official language of the United States....rather, did you know that there is not one?

Have you ever gotten frustrated with a non-(insert your language here) speaking citizen of your country? Why?

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I went to a full serve station and the guy topped off my tank and spilled gas all over the side of my car. This infuriates me to no end because A. I'm paying for that gas B. It's all over my car C. It smells like ass.

Would it have been rude to ask the guy to clean it off? Should I have said something?
Should I say "don't top it off" in the future?

*I usually go to self-serve

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My hairdresser keeps telling me that once I have my daughter, I'll want long hair.

She's crazy y/y?

Do you know anyone who gets pissed at the drop of a hat? Do you want to punch the fuck out of them every single time they get mad over stupid shit?

Have you ever met someone who is obsessed with the shape, feel, look and just about everything else with pregnant bellies?
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1. When was the last time you felt frustrated by something you initially thought would be easy to do?

2. What's your favorite finished webcomic? How about your favorite ongoing one?

3. What's your guilty pleasure?

4. If you play Fire Emblem 7 (Rekka no Ken/Blazing Sword), which pairing do you support?

1. I tried making an
origami velociraptor this morning and finished with a pile of crumpled paper. Made me feel like I suck at following directions.
Ugly Hill. Nedroid, Perry Bible Fellowship.
3. Buying notebooks, sketchpads and art materials.
4. Hector/Florina

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Planning a movie/TV night with the boything& he wanted to focus on documentaries/docuseries, since last weeks TV night was Zombie marathon. I've got 'Human Planet', a few of my favorite '30 days' episodes & a few of those 'What would you do?' show on primetime. I'm looking for one last series, & I absolutely cannot think of the name, it's from BBC & it focuses on one young adult per ep & their binge drinking for one night, what they thought happened vs. what actually did...pleeease tell me someone knows this show?

What's your favorite documentary/series?

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I'm really hungry but it's too hot to make anything real.
If I throw some shrimp, leftover pasta, canned tomatoes and garlic together would that be good, or should i order pizza?

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Since I don't have luck with friends or people I'm dating...I think I'm going to start doing weekend trips alone this summer.

Where are some places that won't be too boring to go to alone and work well if you're driving there? OR If you fly there, you can get around easily with public transportation?

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Did anyone you know at school or earlier in life end up in jail?

I know of three.

1) When I was a little kid, our neighbor was a 16-year-old boy who would always hide his vodka in our yard. One day dad even told him he had small children, and if any of them got into his vodka he left around, he'd kill him. My dad isn't a very violent man, but he's very protective of his kids! That boy later earned himself 10 years in jail for breaking into a liquor store.

2) I knew this boy in high school who had problems. I was unlucky enough to sit beside him, and once I saw him quietly jacking off under the desk. I claimed I had to go to the bathroom to get away, and thankfully he was done when I got back. He even got a hard-on in school in 10th grade when our teacher was telling us about female circumcision in African countries. He wasn't shy about his erections at all. More than that, he got in trouble twice for sexually harassing girls. One he kept licking his tongue out at in between his fingers to imitate cunnilingus, and another he actually grabbed between the legs. After graduation I heard he was arrested for rape. I have no doubt he probably did it.

3) One girl in 11th grade talked her boyfriend into killing her mother. They're both in jail.

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my 4g ipod nano is FULL... I'm debating buying a new one.
Especially because I am studying abroad come September and I know I will need more music.
Should I buy one off craigslist or buy a new one? I guess I could use my airmiles, but I don't know.

These are some of the ones on CL I'm considering:

A) i have a 2nd generation ipod touch 8 gb for sale. the screen is in perfect condition 9/10 always kept a case, the back has minor ware n tear but overall it is in great shape wifi is super fast and it is jailbroken. ($50)

B) 2nd Generation iPod Touch, 32 gigs
one small scratch on screen, regular wear on back
looking to upgrade to 4th Gen. so i'm getting rid of this one ($125... but I'll probably offer less, like $100)

C)For sale is a Apple iPod Nano 5th Gen 16Gb in bright pink.

This Nano is like new! Bought in 2010 and only used lightly for 2-3 months. Realized I haven't used it at all since purchasing my iPhone. Has absolutely no scratches, shows no signs of wear!

It has an HD Video Camera and can play mp3's, video, show photos, listen to FM Radio and more!

Includes a beautiful griffin hard case with shadow effect (I got so many compliments on this!), headphones and charging cable.

Asking $150.


I DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IPODS. What would you do? Help me TQC!

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Will you tell funny/wierd/otherwise note-worty about times you've gone out to eat?

Once I went to McDonald's, and when they gave us our order like a whole freakin half hour later the bag was really light. I didn't really think much of it, so I just took out my burger, unwrapped it, and bit into it...and there was no meat patty. Just cheese, ketchup and those onion bits or whatever they are. Sadness :(

dick, roa, blah

As a newcomer to Facebook and therefore an ignorant anus:

 ...I kicked someone off of my friend's list for pulling some pretty shitty stunts. Due to family politics, I feel obligated to put the asshole back on, but can't find him on FB. Is this because he's made himself unavailable? Is there some other reason that I can't find him, other than him maybe removing me as a friend as well?

This is a serious question. Help me out here so I don't have to ask other Facebookers...on Facebook. It's embarrassing enough.
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What was the name of that series? The one that had the episode of the guy that went back in time to visit a Nazi camp and brought things back? And then this Jewish guy goes back in time with him and figures out which SS lieutenant killed his family. Then they travel back to the present and find the lieutenant and send him to trial?

eta: they always had a lesson at the end of each episode.

dk/dc: what time are you waking up tomorrow? why?