July 6th, 2011

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I have officially decided that scar tissue is disgusting. I had this spot on my chin removed by a plastic surgeon about four months ago and just last night was poking around when this hard pouch of ..skin..came out. It looks REALLY well healed now, whereas before it was kind of lumpy and had me concerned. Then the scars on my leg from a surgery (I have no feeling in that area of my leg, at least through the skin) turned bug bites into pimples.

What conclusions have you come to recently?

How gross can you be?

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Can we have a bitch fest? What's the last thing that pissed you off?

I changed my name & notified my bank 7 months ago. I moved and notified my bank on May 22nd. My debit card receipts still say my maiden name and I can't use my credit card at the pumps that require a zip code. I haven't received a credit card bill in 3 months. I called a week or two ago and they said everything was fine and allowed me to pay my bill via phone with an operator since the automated method failed. I called this morning and asked about my name & address again and sure enough- it didn't get updated somewhere so that's why I haven't received my bill/been able to use my credit card at the pump. I called and tried to do the payment via automated method and it failed again, so it transferred me to a person who said she'd have to charge me to do the payment. I told her I didn't understand why because the only reason I was paying by phone is because they never sent me the bill because of their mess up. She said it wasn't because of the address confusion but because of some separation between my credit card and checking account. I told her that may be, but if I had received my bill like I should have, I would have sent a check instead of being forced to pay on the phone. She still would not take my payment without charging me so I have to go to the bank to make a payment and it will take all my willpower not to bitch someone out today :(

Sorry for the TL;DR.

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did you play in a band in high school? like a rock band, not a school band. or did you know kids who played in bands?
tell me stories about them!
i knew a couple of kids who had bands and i kind of regret never going to see them perform because that probably would have been a fun time. oh well.

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I've been trying to find an Xbox on craigslist for a while now. Yes I know it is unreliable but the prices are significantly cheaper than anywhere else and I am a broke graduate.

But every single time I email the people they never get back to me, even a few hours after they post it.

Does craigslist work super rapidly and the only way to get stuff is to email as quickly as possible? Or am I just having bad luck?

Also, what is your opinion of papasan chairs?

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I bought a storage unit filled with scrap booking supples an I've been selling it off a little at a time. I put an ad up for the remainder with a price. Someone wanted it, asked if I would take less, I said no thanks and then she decided she wanted it anyway.

She came over, peeked in the box of stuff, I showed her what was in it, she said yes she wanted it, paid and left.

TODAY she emails me and tells me she didn't really like it and is disappointed and wants her money back...wtf? She said there were no stamps...I never said there was, I described it very well.

Am I wrong in thinking too bad so sad? Wwyd?
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A weird question.

I bought a tee from Urban Outfitters on their website that I knew was supposed to be 'oversized' in style, which I was okay with. Being petite, I bought the smallest size (S/M) but it still fits like a L/XL and reaches to just above my knees. It's still wearable -- I can knot it at the bottom and it brings it up in the front a little, but it's awfully big.

I was thinking maybe I could throw it in the wash on warm or hot and tumble dry it to try to shrink it up a little, but the care tag states to hand wash and dry flat.

My question is, is the tag giving me cautious directions in case I don't want it to lose size or shape at all, and that it's in reality okay to throw it in the washing machine (I can put it on perm press or delicate), or would I run the risk of ruining my shirt?

(Sidenote, the shirt's made of a strangely clingy, soft, fluid-feeling material blend of 96% Rayon and 4% Spandex, with a screened image on it, so I also wonder if I risk damaging the material or image on the shirt at all.)
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I have a job interview tomorrow! However, I had surgery two weeks ago and I still have this nasty bruise on my arm from the IV. I live in Kansas and it's really disgustingly hot outside, so long sleeves are not an option.

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Should I try to cover this sucker up with makeup? Pretend like it doesn't exist? Tell them about my surgery upfront? Basically, I don't want them to think I'm a drug addict or something.
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I just made cookies but they turned out terribly, they spread out heaps and now they're way too thin to get off the baking tray without breaking! So I pretty much have a heap of biscuit crumbs now.

What can I make with cookie crumbs?
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Lately I've been joining communities so that I can view locked posts full of crazy, hilarity, and dramz. What are some communities that I can join/watch that have a decent supply of those things? The more wtf the content, the better.

I made some brownies last night that I can't even take more than one bite of without dying of dense dark chocolate overload. Will you come over and eat some?

Will you show me some pics/videos of nature being creepy and/or scary? Collapse )
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I'm laughing my ass off at some of our usernames spelled backwards. I know this is an oldie, but it's also a goodie:

Will you type your username with your elbow?
With your nose?
With whatever object is closest to you on your left?
With your eyes closed?

ETA: Balls. These aren't as difficult as I was hoping. Will you comment and challenge other people to type with something you want to see?

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TQC, I have some fantastic things in my fridge/pantry, but I am totally blanking on wtf to make for dinner tonight. What would you do with these things?

Corn on the cob, tomatoes, mushrooms (a bunch of small white ones, and one huge portobello), lentils & barley, orzo pasta, flour tortillas, potatoes, cilantro, onion, carrots, rice (both white and brown), green beans, a few different kinds of bread, a few different kinds of veg sausages, and pantry staples like flour sugar, olive oil, etc.

Any ideas? :(
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i have a small vase left over from some flowers.. its about 4.5" in diameter and the shape of a fish bowl. what should I put in it?

also.. What comes to mind when you hear the phrase "like minded individuals?"
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Won. When you hear of Mahjong, do you primarily think of Mahjong solitaire, or the meld-forming four player game? Do you play either?

Churbig. How effective of a contraceptive is a coffee filter? How much does the effectiveness increase per filter you layer on?

AFKAFKAF. If you see a nail sticking out of the wall, what would you put there? A picture? A different picture? a television? Would you run up and impale your eye on it and just hang there by your eye socket? Or would you remove it?

Zrrrrrrrr. Harbinger of doom ridin' on your shoulder?!

?rennid rof tae annog eh s'tahW .eviF

7ieben. How close is the nearest knife to you?
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 TQC, I need to go grocery shopping, like, today.

Will you share with me some of your own grocery essentials? How about those little extras just to treat yourself from time to time?

I love getting those little Babybel cheeses when I happen by them on sale. They're so yummy!


I'm getting married later this year and my fiance and I have decided we're more comfortable with just doing a small courthouse shindig and then splurging on the honeymoon. However, we can't decide on a location.

Will you give me some ideas TQC?

Things to know:

We live in Atlanta, GA, so we will be flying out of Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.
We would prefer to go out of the country.
We are looking to be gone for about 8-10 days.
Beach, sightseeing, and SMALL adventures are okay, but I'm not the most outdoorsy/active person (although I have some time to work on that -- and I should, but I'll always be a klutz).
The VERY earliest we can leave Atlanta is December 11th (although preferably after the 14th), and the VERY latest we can get back is January 8th.
He loves to dive and I'm okay with him diving a couple days out of our trip. (I can't dive, but am okay with spending some time reading and relaxing while he goes)
I dunno if it's important to know, but I'm 26 and he's 30.
ETA: we don't have a hard budget, but I think our max would be about $6000

So, can you give me some ideas?? If not, can you tell me where your honeymoon was, or where your dream honeymoon would be?

Possibly stupid question

Relevant background: I just turned 24, moved back home after graduating undergrad last year to go to grad school locally. I live with my parents working part time and doing full time grad school.

In the context of a credit card application, would I list our combined income (me and parents) on "household income", or in this context does household = yourself and your hypothetical spouse/children?

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What's the nicest and meanest thing you've ever done to someone?

Nicest: A couple days ago I got a call from a bedridden neighbor. She had thrown up on the floor and needed someone to clean it because her daughter would be gone until late that night. I put on rubber gloves, got some bleach, and went over and cleaned up that terrible mess. She had been eating fish, so it smelled extra bad. Amazingly, I only gagged a few times.

Meanest: I once did the "Bloody Mary" thing with my little sister, who was about 8. I claimed to have seen something in the mirror, then quickly ran out of the bathroom and slammed the door shut behind me. I held it closed, and listen to her scream and beg me to open the door. I only let her out when my grandma slapped the back of my head.

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im thinking about not making any new friends or getting close to anyone and i want to delete my facebook and stop talking to everyone i know. i cant deal with other peoples shit anymore. is this a stupid idea?
burning words

waking life theory

In the movie Waking Life, there is a scene where two women are having coffee (i think) and are talking about the theory that each of us is actually six different people during their lifetime because we all change.

Do you know where I can read more about that theory or what that theory is called? OR do you know where I can find that exact clip from the movie? I'm searching on YouTube but can't find it.

Thank you!!

who wears short shorts?

TQC, i'm really self conscious about my legs. objectively i know they're not the worst legs in the world but i don't like 'em.

would it be weird if i texted my roommate asking if she'd let me know if she is going to bring people home tonight?

'cause it's hot and i wanna hang around in my short shorts but i don't want anyone besides my roommate or like my good friends to see me in my short shorts. keep in mind she knows i'm weird and is accustomed to my slightly bizarre antics and requests.
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1) Favourite thing to do on a summer day?

2) Are you a lucky person? Do you win more then then average?

3) I cannot figure this math equation out. I'm pretty sure I'm right but...am I?

(282+529)-537*21/7= -800

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Nurses/nursing school students/CNAs: What advice (if any) would you offer someone who was interested in becoming a nurse but had a very weak stomach? Would you automatically suggest s/he pursue a different profession?

n/a: In general, do you think people are more likely to describe you as "too quiet" or "too talkative"?

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TQC. My dad told me about two hours ago that he's been diagnosed with stage one prostate cancer. Has anyone you know been treated for it? I've dealt with cancer in my family before (mom and SO), so I know the lingo and mostly what to expect, but is there anything specific? He mentioned something about a radioactive bullet-type thing that's inserted into the prostate; have you ever heard of something like that being used? I'm about to Google but I was just curious.

I either eat ice cream too much or I ask this question too much, or both

What flavor ice cream should I eat?

blueberry cheesecake
maple nut
butter brickle
rum raisin
mocha almond fudge
strawberry cheesecake

What was the last sweet thing you ate?
What's your favorite dessert of all time?
hate pimentos

Everyone loves polls!

Should I run tonight?  

Influencing factors: 

1. I have run every day for at least 45 minutes since Friday.
2. It's 7pm. I go to bed around 11pm.
3. I have to make buffalo chicken dip for work tomorrow and I haven't even started.
4. I'm tired and I'm stressed out and I'm grumpy and I don't wannnnnaaaaaaaa.
5. I want to be much thinner than I am. 

Poll #1759480 So, should I run?


Polls are cheating/ruining TQC.
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I'm at the very end of my pregnancy. My due date is next Wednesday the 13th, but I could potentially go into labor at any point now. I have until the 18th to go into labor on my own or else I will be induced (which is something I would be completely fine with at that point).

When is this baby going to be born? Care to guess the date and time? The person(s) with the closest guess will get a prize (likely more user pics or a 2 month paid upgrade)!

Monetary donations

 What are your thoughts and opinions on making donations to charities, foundations, beggars*, etc? How do you manage that aspect of your life? How do you think people should act? Should the rich donate proportionally more, relative to the poor? 

There are countless organisations out there that require funding or donations for whatever reason. I always wonder how one should go about giving, more so because I'm not Mr. Moneybags, and can not give freely. I can only think to support organisations that are personally meaningful to me (and even then, it's still difficult to decide). 

*I feel un-PC for saying that.

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So my boyfriend & I have booked a holiday to Florida (we're from England) next May. I'm so excited for it that in order to somehow make the time go faster I have made a checklist of things that need to be done prior to us leaving. My question is, can you think of anything else I can add to it?

Collapse )

Srs/non-srs answers welcome

ETA: I've wrote my suitcase list, what have I missed out? We're going for two weeks!

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Do you like Pawn Stars? It just trips me out what some people think things are worth. The most LOLworthy one today has been a woman with a walnut sized piece of Berlin Wall who thought it was going to go for 500 bucks.
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EDIT: Poll has been closed. Stay tuned to tqc_updates for the shocking results. Or not.

TQC, how would you like to make decisions for me without any context provided for the choices?

Poll #1759478 Who needs context?
This poll is closed.

Christian or Jude?


Solid color or swirl?

solid color

Should I take them out?

just one - the right
just one - the left

Now or later


& or ɬ?


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my roommate has this mostly unfinished bottle of port. it's was opened a while back(like 6 months) but kept closed after that and in the fridge.

it looks and smells like port. is it safe to drink?

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I physically live in Missouri. My car is registered in Indiana. I am also registereed to vote in Indiana. I have bank accounts in both Indiana and Missouri. I've had a lease/utilities in my name in Missouri since April 2011, however I've been working in Missouri since August 2010. My parents, who claimed me on their 2010 taxes, live in Indiana.

Where the hell is my state residency? I have ZERO desire to become a resident of Missouri (as I'm unsure how long I actually plan to stay here. Shit is shakey).

I want to know for A) College reasons B) Unemployment reasons

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Why am I always warm? At night everyone in my apartment has been sleeping with a thin blanket and the AC on low, and I'm always sweating while they are all comfortable. Also, whenever people grab my arm or something they always comment on how warm my skin is, and ask if I'm feeling alright. Even now sitting right in front of my air conditioner, which is on full blast, I'm still hot/uncomfortable.

I'm pretty sure hydration isn't a problem (I don't even know if that would be a cause), so wtf?

DK/DC: What book are you currently reading, and would you recommend it?
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My mom just told me she has barely urinated in the last three days (a lot less than usual and in less amounts) and that her legs are more swollen than usual. I told her to go to the doctor right away but she told me to stop freaking her out and continued to watch the TV. I'm worried this has something to do with her kidneys. What can this be a symptom of?

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I am drunk. And sunburned. Will you go listen to a song by margot and the nuclear so and so's?

I like them.

What is a band that you like that has a ridiculous name?

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What creepy things have happened to you?

When I was a little kid, I would often talk to this man during recess who lived beside the school. He'd pass cookies over the fence to us until one day a teacher told us we were to stay on the playground and away from the houses. A few years later he was arrested for trying to get a small boy into his van.
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Why do cute/happy things make me sad? All it takes is some cute puppies on a package of dog food to make me cry. They're not happy tears; rather, it gives me a distinct "depression" feeling.

Does this happen to you?